Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Rabbi Shlomo Aviner: At Present, Walder’s Books Are Permitted To Be Read


Whatever is written further about Chaim Walder is based on the current level of knowledge we have. If there will be new revelations, we will have to reopen the issue.
Every person is presumed innocent until otherwise proven. This is known in secular law as the presumption of innocence. He is not a rasha who needs to prove that he has not sinned. Nothing is yet proven.
Proof must take place not in the media or social media but in Beis Din which investigates and probes, meaning that the investigation is adversarial and takes place in the presence of both sides as the Torah says “Hear disputes between your brothers” (Devarim 1:16)
Up to this point the complaints from women were not investigated in this adversarial manner.


  1. Amazing. Someone spreads a rumour about you having internet in your home without a proper filter and your kids gets thrown out of yeshiva and told they'll never qualify for a good shidduch. You lose your seat in shul and forget an aliyah when you have a yarhzeit.
    But dozens of women claim you're a molester and suddenly you're the tzadik hador.

  2. https://daattorah.blogspot.com/2015/02/royal-commission-sydney-rabbi-did-not.html

    "Rabbi Yosef Feldman declares himself a 'sacrificial lamb' and will sue"

    seems that line has been rehashed recently

  3. Actually, the abuse that was going on at Mercaz harav 20 years ago,
    a gay rabbi was abusing boys - those who complained were threatened that they would not find jobs, or get shidduchim.
    These were standard tactics in S'dom and Amarah

  4. again the fact that there is a dispute regarding facts and who is the real victim is nothing new

  5. And that is charedim and bnei brak?!

  6. Nope, and I blasted the management at that yeshiva many times, and said it no longer has the prestige of the founder.

  7. here is a bit of background on Aviner, an old case


    But even nothwithstanding that, his comments seem problematic:

    In fact, the comments do not appear to be up to date or could be a mish mash of various comments he has made. His first comment sounds like it was early on, and is addressing the rather pedantic question of whether his books can be read.

    Children have been sexually abused, a woman has committed adultery, and the fuss is whether to read kids books or not? It shows hwo petty minded people can be.

    "Proof must take place not in the media or social media but in Beis Din

    which investigates and probes, meaning that the investigation is

    adversarial and takes place in the presence of both sides as the Torah

    says “Hear disputes between your brothers” (Devarim 1:16)"

    A beis din of Rav Eliyahu and yehuda Silman, has investigaged 22 witnesses.

    The same BD invited al pi halacha Mr Walder to appear. But he refused.

    Aviner is talking about BD in Bnei Brak, not even mentioning the one in Safed which did investigate . This sugegsts his comments are taken from a statemnt he made a month ago which was regadring the books. Nobody cares about the books now, there is 1 dead body, at least 22 victims, and all they can talk about is books? Reminds me of the story of Cohanim in the 2nd temple - who raced to be the first to offer a sacrifice. One of the men stabbed his son to death, but all he could worry about was whether the knife was kosher!

    "Even if a person has sinned and committed crimes, this is not a reason

    for a public lynching and widespread defamation which obviously also

    harms his family"

    Rabbi Eidensohn has long been arguing the opposite, we must publicise in order to prevent future harm.

    There was no lynch, he took his own life - a matter of free choice. The media was relatively silent for a month since the initial story broke - and the matter was taken to a respected BD, Rav Elyahu previously dealt with Motti Elon (and Aviner tried to cover it up).

    see also https://www.timesofisrael.com/top-rabbi-blows-lid-off-rabbinic-scandal-rocking-national-religious-public/

    Rav Eliyahu is very much a modern day Rav Yaakov Emden , fighting sex abuse in place of sabbateanism.

  8. here is the other thing - , a few years ago, a Tzaddik and gaon, the son of Reb Yaakov ztl, wrote a book of information, much of which he heard from his saintly father. The chareidi leadership baned hsi book, and the edited version, and many badmouthed him, and made his life a hell - this was Tzaddik who never harmed a soul. His books were banned.

    Here we have a menuval, who -accoding to testimony, not only did esihes ish, but also destroyed many young live with his predatory behaviour - basically a Zimri , wanting the rewards of Pinchas. And the same ilk , in the chareidi /aviner world, are finding heteirrim for his books. No even weights or measures. Funny that, the Gra wrote a famous book called Even shleimah - something his supposed followers just can't understand.

  9. you are wrong about the way lynch is used -it doesn't require murdering someone
    your dredging up dirt on Rav Aviner is also irrelevant. His words are correct - and not because of his authority or his righteousness - so stop the ad hominem arguments

  10. This was a brilliant comment.
    Remember way back, when Rav soloveitchik ztl was niftar. The agudah observer magazine wrote a 1 page Memorial about him and only awarded him a zl, which a regular baal habayit would get. Soloveitchik being the greatest Talmudic gaon of that era.
    Here, a local bnei brak menuval, ponovezh graduate, commits eishes ish with multiple women, abuses boys and girls, and blows his head away when he's caught. He gets an honorific funeral and a ztl in his honor.
    That's how topsy turvy and morally depraved ponovezh , Yated and bnei brak have become.
    Once, Rav Goren ztl was at a funeral and he was attacked by ponovezh bochrim, putting his driver in the hospital.


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