Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Rabbi Shlomo Aviner: At Present, Walder’s Books Are Permitted To Be Read


Whatever is written further about Chaim Walder is based on the current level of knowledge we have. If there will be new revelations, we will have to reopen the issue.
Every person is presumed innocent until otherwise proven. This is known in secular law as the presumption of innocence. He is not a rasha who needs to prove that he has not sinned. Nothing is yet proven.
Proof must take place not in the media or social media but in Beis Din which investigates and probes, meaning that the investigation is adversarial and takes place in the presence of both sides as the Torah says “Hear disputes between your brothers” (Devarim 1:16)
Up to this point the complaints from women were not investigated in this adversarial manner.

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