Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Kiruv Guidelines for Geirus

R' Daniel,

As always the proverbial devil is in the details.

· - Do Kiruv Orgs have an Achrayus to reach out specifically to intermarried people who show no interest? If they do not do so because they feel that their time is better served addressing other issues are they to be criticized?

· - If an intermarried couple does get involved with a Kiruv org or shul and is turned down by a beis din should compassion lead us to question the beis Din’s approach and should we then shop around for them?

· - Can we allow such people to be included in Kiruv efforts when there is a possibility of intermarriage or even countenancing it?

· - Even assuming all of that what is the posture we take towards these people? How positive and welcoming should we be?

Frankly, that is the issue at hand. There is an effort to “normalize” geirus to the point where we should be treating these people just like rechokim. It may be emes but it is certainly not yet a consensus……

There indeed are some pretty strong feelings out there. Our policy is that we do not sponsor geirus as a Kiruv oriented organization and we will work with a beis din unquestionably or a community rabbi to help in their education efforts. All prospective converts are told that we are happy to get them together with a beis din and that the expectation is shemiras Torah umitzvos right up front.

I hope this sheds some light

Kesivva vachasima tovah

Rabbi N. T.