Sunday, December 19, 2021

How did Dr. Schlesinger explain himself to the medical Board?

The purpose of the medical board is to protect the public’s safety. Certain misdemeanors can imply that you may have experienced impaired judgement, substance or alcohol abuse or even financial negligence. Medical boards ask questions about past crimes because they want to know if there is something about your personality or character that could pose a public safety risk. The relationship between a doctor and patient is personal, sacred and built on implicit trust, so the medical board is simply trying to advocate for your future patients by asking about any misdemeanors. 

The good doctor - falsely claimed he was a psychiatrist and tried to have his wife committed - even though she wasn't crazy. He apparently was never disciplined for this.

The law changed in the 1960s under the “Lanterman-Petrus-Short” Act which prohibits non-professionals (family, friends) from having another person committed based on their say so. Before the 1960s it was easier to use false accusations to get someone into the system. Presently, involuntary hospitalization must meet a strict criteria of danger to others, self, or gravely disabled (unable to make decisions about self care, resulting in danger to self). The local police are authorized to make an assessment for a “5150” if what they see directly constitutes a danger to self, others, or grave disab

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