Monday, December 27, 2021

המדען לשעבר הרב יואב אלון בראיון לתקשורת על סכנת החיסונים והמזימה המסוכנת של ביל גייטס והסדר העולמי


  1. Nut job
    בעברו שימש מדען התעשייה הביטחונית, ודוקטור לפיזיקת חלקיקים ב'מכון וויצמן'. הרב אלון שמחזיק בתארים נוספים בתחום הפיזיקה והמתמטיקה, הקדיש את חייו מאז חזרתו בתשובה ללימוד תורה והרבצתה בעיר רחובות. מאז פרוץ משבר הקורונה, נעמד הרב אלון כמתריע בשער, ומזהיר את הציבור פעם אחר פעם על הסכנות האורבות ליהדות כולה בעקבות מזימות קשות המאיימות לכלות הכל..

  2. He was a military physicist, knows nothing about diseases or medicine.
    He is also an apikores, mocking gedolei Torah.

  3. It is important to be very careful about what certain people say about science, especially those with a little knowledge. But this guy goes further, he is a "BT" , and unfortunately, the BT factories a) may take in unstable or people with psychological issues and b) they produce BTs who reject everything about the secular world - including methods of finding truth, science etc. A good example is Prof Rabbi Gottlieb's lectures on science - a total shambles packed with falsehood and misleading information. Regular Hareidis have a grudge against secular knowledge. Hareidi BTs are often the same but on steroids.

    Many Israeli BTs become anti-State, because of grudges held by their experiences - eg poverty, discrimination, wars etc.

    This Yoav Elon is conspiracy theorist talking about "world order". he has no training in life sciences, medicine, or pharmacology. And he clearly has an agenda. The fact that he is "frum" or has semicha is totally irrellevant.

  4. The discussion here is a fascinating window into haredi thinking. Rather than critically probe Alon as to his "New World Order" conspiracy led by Bill Gates, it's all about appeals to authority and Da'as Torah, regarding how it would be possible for Alon to know something that the Gedolim do not.

    The Bill Gates New World Order and covert efforts at mass sterilization in Kenya conspiracies are very easily countered with fact-checks easily found through Google.

  5. the interviewere is actually trying to take him apart, but based on Gedolim, not science or reason.
    Wheni was a kid, we were told about the new testament, that one day they started publishing a new story and handing out , just calling it the new bible.
    This character is unknown, he is a nobody. he was most likely a failure scientist or someone with psychiatric problems.
    Suddenly they introduce an unkknown and call him a Gaon. He is clearly a deluded conspiracy theorist. Just like in the general population there is eery type of crackpot and metnally sick person, the same is also true in the hareidi population. The problem is, theat virtually all Hareidim are somehow rabbis as well. Hence we expect them to be good people. Even the molestors and menuvalim are also rabbis.

  6. Yes, that's my point.
    It's just a my authorities vs you authority argument, rather than evidence or reason. You might need some education to understand the science, but you don't need an education to understand the baselessness of the conspiracies he's spouting.

  7. Haha
    Yes that is the case. But in the chareidi world , the ultimate say is by the gedolim.
    The audience of this magazine is going to rely on major poskim.
    Any other publication, even a modern orthodox one, would bring scientific and empirical evidence.

  8. What modern Orthodox publication has written about this in this manner?

  9. I am suggesting that would be the case, as was done for smoking. However, rav bleich originally did a fuzzy article leaning towards rav Moshe's teshuva, arguing there is no halachic cause and effect of smoking and ill health.


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