Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Rabbi Gershon Edelstein: ‘No Leniency In Lashon Hara Permits People To Spill Blood And Murder A Jew’


In a discussion with Chareidi educators including Yad Aharon Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Yehoshua Eichenstein published by the Kan and Mako news outlets, Rabbi Edelstein quoted the gemara in Sanhedrin which says that “one who has relations with a married woman has a portion in the World to Come but one who publicly shames his friend has no portion in the World to Come.” He added that “even if according to halacha we need to beware of someone, there is no leniency or even hint of leniency allowing people to spill blood and murder a Jew. It is obvious that this is deemed murdering him and it is obvious that the murderer has no portion in the World to Come. It is clear that the great pressure he was under led him to lose his sanity and kill himself. This is called murder.”



  1. Lawless hareidi society. Sdom I
    Bnei brake

  2. Didn't rav elyashiv disagree? Doesn't rav shternbuch shlita disagree?
    Or is it that "our abusers " are protected, and a Zionist beit din has no authority to judge on matters beyond chicken and eggs?

  3. what nonsense is that, you have been openly saying that loshion hara does not apply to child abuse. They did not go to secular police but to a beit din.

  4. https://daattorah.blogspot.com/2013/07/halachic-synopsis-for-child-domestic.html?m=1

  5. On what basis are you claiming this
    Someone violated Torah or secular law
    Or maybe it is your hatred of anyone who doesn't think like you!

  6. This is who he was

  7. He is saying that such matters, allegations cannot be investigated, as suicide is clearly murder.
    It is not a rational statement. There is too much emotion involved for anyone to think rationally.

  8. BTW, a rodef or laws of rodef also apply to rapists.
    So you think your people are infallible. Obviously.

  9. Whose"they"
    It is not lashon harah tor report to police or anyone who has the ability to stop the abuse.

    It all started as an article in Haaretz - are you condemning Haretz for writing the article and not simply have their sources go to the police and wait for a police investigation and trial?

  10. Nonsense=
    you clearly don't understand what I post

  11. And again you are simply wrong and confused

  12. You missed out what happened in the intervening weeks, a bet din was formed, took testimonies of dozens of victims, invited the accused to defend himself, and he refused to come forward.
    Epstein also killed himself, do you blame the accusers for that too?

  13. They - victims - went to the Eliyahu /silman BD

  14. Someone was accused of abusing many kids. That violates secular law. You have also fought for recognition that it violates Torah Law.

    Also, re rav Gershon 'S statement about adultery (which was also accused in the BD), why then do chareidim say loshon hara about rav S kamen, r greenblatt, r rackman, r kraus etc? After all, worst case is they allowed adultery, but saying ĺ h about them leaves you no place in the next...

  15. Read Rav Aviners's letter -he addresses the issues that you find difficult to understand

  16. Publiciing helps protect about future problems-this has been discussed a number of times already

  17. This is a horrible tragedy. Dozens of women were molested and possibly raped but who's the real victim? The perpetrator!

  18. He claims, however, he was not part of the BD. RAV elyahu contradicts aviners claims. Aviner has a history of trying to conceal abuse.

  19. Nope, Aviner it telling plenty of lies.

    See below, a quote from Rav Eliyahu:

    When asked about the line in Walder’s suicide note saying that he

    would take Rav Eliyahu to din Torah in Shamayim, the Rav replied,”In

    this world he wore a disguise, but now he is in the Olam Haemes where

    the truth is revealed. He will not reach Shamayim, people like him do

    not reach Shamayim.”

    Ms. Perez went through the shocking list of victims, both adults and

    children. Rav Eliyahu’s Bais Din heard 22 testimonies, including a 9

    year old girl, many teenage victims, even a mother who brought her son

    in for counseling.

    The Rav replied that he shed many tears over the horrific stories,

    adding, “The severity of what he did is equal to murder. You look at the

    eyes of the victims and you can see it.”

    He said that it’s important to emphasize to victims that they did nothing wrong, they are completely innocent and pure.

    The Rav described Walder’s tactics, saying “This man was a genius, he

    knew how to impact people and excite people and that is how he

    developed connections. He was very helpful and supportive. In the end

    people would fall into his cobwebs.”

    The Rav said that he spoke with Walder and urged him to do teshuva.

    He also praised the Rabbonim in Bnei Brak, saying that they were

    extremely supportive of the Bais Din and tried to get Walder to



  20. It is not only Emanuel Goldstein who lives in this society, it is also Double speak, thought crimes, and INGSOC, or BneiBrakSoc

  21. Irrelevant - He has no authority to act as a prophet

  22. So he has proof -or is he just spouting off?

  23. https://daattorah.blogspot.com/2013/09/child-abuse-how-do-we-speed-up-progress.html

    Wednesday, September 11, 2013
    Child Abuse - How do we speed up progress?

    Right now, it is being slowed down or reversed!

  24. Nope!
    You can become hysterical and call people names -but that irrelevant

  25. Read the full statement by Rav eliyahu, it may help lift the veil in front of your mind

  26. What you really mean is that your daas T in bnei B is prophecy - so nobody has authority to challenge it.

  27. seems you don't always believe what you post ;)

  28. no hysteria, and no name calling ,

    the issue is abuse. You are the one who is trying to conceal the reality that a proper BD has found plenty of testimony / evidence against the accused.

    You have previously relied on Rav Silman's psakim, are you now saying he is chas v'shalom phoney?


  29. Seems you have a major comprehension problem!

  30. One that is not afraid of what people , and is not co ncerned with sales revenue of associated goods.

  31. Youjust made that up - wow!
    wherein shulchan aruch or rambam?

  32. Did I?

    the Gemara (Sanhedrin 6b) in explanation of this phrase:

    - Reish Lakish says: … But once you hear their statements and you know where the judgment is leaning, you may not say to them: I will not submit to your request to judge you, as it is stated: “You shall not be afraid before any man” (Devarim 1:17).

    - Rabbi Yehoshua ben Korḥa says: From where is it derived that a student who is sitting before his teacher and he sees a point of merit for a poor person or liability for a wealthy person, from where is it derived that he should not be silent? As it is stated: “You shall not be afraid before any man”; he should fear neither his teacher nor the wealthy litigant.

    - Rabbi Ḥanin says: The verse intimates: Do not suppress your statement before any man.

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    You shall not accept a bribe - Rashi: Even in order to judge justly.

  34. the gemorah says beis din must hear both sides before making a judgment

  35. And if one side refuses to show up?

  36. The book business is a multi million dollars enterprise and cash cow for bnei brak and this suggests financial interest.

  37. If it is a self appointed court- tough luck for the court

  38. more nonsense1
    Since you have no real evidence-you make
    it up

  39. Nope, the court spoke to the complainants

  40. Money sways even the tzaddikim. I didn't make that up either.

  41. the statement by Rav Edelstein is not clear about who he is attacking. is it the secular paper? Is if the orthodox BD of Sfat?
    Perhaps he has not thought through issues of abuse, and still has old world views on it. Even Druckman held that view - it is not about Modern vs Hareidi, since Modern , eg Norman Lamm also suppressed information when he was running YU.

    Is hareidi world viewing eishes ish a lite matter nowdays? The statement is talking about olam haba, but in olam hazeh adultery is not exactly a minhag or lite gezeira that you can lift with a heter.

  42. why is Rav Moshe's case any different, in terms of lo tzais dino? That is not a good letter to have on one's record.

    In any case we are not getting anywhere-
    in this case, what do you suggest should have been done?

    Are you basically saying what happens in Bnei Brak, stays in Bnei Brak, and outsiders should not get involved?

  43. The complaints should go to the police and let them investigate and decide whether to file charges - not really complicated

  44. Agreed.
    It was the zchus of the haaretz article that brought the matter to light. I don't know the procedure in Israel for such matters, and why they are often dealt with in Beis din. Plus, rav Aviner was suggesting it goes through din Torah.


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