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Tech guru Jaron Lanier: ‘The danger isn’t that AI destroys us. It’s that it drives us insane’

“From my perspective,” he says, “the danger isn’t that a new alien entity will speak through our technology and take over and destroy us. To me the danger is that we’ll use our technology to become mutually unintelligible or to become insane if you like, in a way that we aren’t acting with enough understanding and self-interest to survive, and we die through insanity, essentially.”

Man at Center of Jan. 6 Conspiracy Theory Demands Retraction From Fox

Letters seeking retractions and apologies are often sent when lawyers are preparing to file a defamation lawsuit. As Teter noted, Epps’ demands come as Carlson and other top figures at Fox are already under pressure from a $1.6 billion defamation suit brought by Dominion Voting Systems accusing them of amplifying lies that the voting machine company was involved in a bizarre plot to steal votes from President Donald Trump during the 2020 election.

Muhammad’s atrocity against the Qurayza Jews

In AD 627, Muhammad committed an atrocity against the last remaining major tribe of Jews in Medina: the Qurayza.

He beheaded the men and the pubescent boys and enslaved the women and children. In doing this, he wiped an entire tribe "off the map" to use the language of the President of Iran, recently.

The purpose of this article is full disclosure and straightforward analysis about early Islam. How and why did this atrocity unfold?


It is important to know contemporary Arabs believe Jews betrayed Mohammed and he was thus justified in the massacre. The ambivalent view of Muslims to Jews that they are enemies and yet need to be protected and also degraded. 

The original cause for hatred was the expectation that Jews would accept him as the prophet. And he never forgave the Jews when they rejected him. Not much different than the Christian view that Jews killed their god and failed to accept him. Nonetheless in general Muslims have been better to their inferior and degraded cousins than have been the Christians

Thursday, March 23, 2023

Alvin Bragg Breaks Silence About Trump's Potential Arrest

Bragg went on to address the letter the House Judiciary Committee previously sent to his office and said: "Your letter dated March 20, 2023, (the 'Letter'), in contrast, is an unprecedented inquiry into a pending local prosecution. The letter only came after Donald Trump created a false expectation that he would be arrested the next day and his lawyers reportedly urged you to intervene. Neither fact is a legitimate basis for congressional inquiry."

Pesach and Your No-Longer-Observant Child

Dear Friends: Six years ago this week, we launched an effort to encourage parents of no-longer-observant children to consider inviting them home for Pesach. We made and posted the 2 videos below and conducted workshops with parents and their adult children, encouraging both parties to collaboratively craft a set of "House Rules" that promote mutual respect and Shalom Bayis. With Hashem's help, many families spent Pesach together in 2017 for the first time in years. Since then, we have been reposting those 2 videos on social media each year, along with a narrative conveying the same message. This year, we are leveraging the digital platform of our Instagram pages to carry that message to a wider audience by conducting an Instagram Live @yakovhorowitz Thursday evening, March 23, at 8:00 pm Eastern. We will use this email list to disseminate the video to you. Yakov

Lawrence: Today's worst legal news for Trump didn't happen in New York

Did Stormy Daniels Admit Fabricating Donald Trump Affair?

While Daniels, in a statement in January 2018, said that she did not have an affair with Donald Trump, she later rescinded those comments, saying that she was forced to release the statement after the hush money story first came to life.

In an interview with Anderson Cooper, Daniels said she was told her life would be made "hell in many different ways" if she didn't sign the statement.

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Meet the Sulamot organization

We have to inspire the children. We need to bring the material that will be deep but will speak in their language," he explains the organization's vision, adding that by thinking out of the box, new solutions can be found to connect the youth to the Torah.

Gabai-Zada explains how the Sulamot turns the vision into a reality, "We provide programming for all different audiences. Ratzim Lemishna, for instance, which are action videos that develop the Mishna, tell the story of the Mishna, are catering to children." She explains that the videos aim to make those subjects accessible in an inspiring way that also enables the child to see the text as something that's relevant. "Relevance is all about what we do, it's about providing access and making it relevant and meaningful to our personal lives."

Persuading republicans and democrats to comply with mask wearing: An intervention tournament☆

Many people practiced COVID-19-related safety measures in the first year of the pandemic, but Republicans were less likely to engage in behaviors such as wearing masks or face coverings than Democrats, suggesting radical disparities in health practices split along political fault lines. 

Of course there Is no Arab “Palestinian” People and there never was an Arab “Palestine.”

Open an Encyclopedia pre-dating 1964, and look up “Palestine.” Identify the name of any Arab Muslim who ever was the “King of Palestine,” the “Sheikh of Palestine,” the “Emperor of Palestine,” the “Prime Minister of Palestine,” the “President of Palestine.” Name a “Palestinian” painter of note, a soccer team. There never was an Arab anything called “Palestine,” no coinage, no currency — and never an Arab people by such name. Any statement otherwise is a lie and a fraud on a society that easily can be fooled when mass media decide to partner in a Big Lie.

After 81 years, a Virginia military base sheds its Confederate name

Why the fort was first named for Pickett, a U.S. Military Academy graduate from Richmond who fought for the Confederacy and helped lead an infamous, ill-fated charge at the Battle of Gettysburg on July 3, 1863, is still something of a mystery in these parts.

Yes, masks reduce the risk of spreading COVID, despite a review saying they don’t

The review starts with an assumption that masks provide respiratory protection, which is flawed. An understanding of these differences should inform both studies and reviews of those studies.

The authors of the Cochrane Review acknowledged compliance with masking advice was poor in most studies. In the real world, we can’t force people to follow medical advice, so RCTs should be analysed on an “intention to treat” basis.

For example, people who are prescribed the active drug but who choose not to take it should not be shifted to the placebo group for the analysis. But if in a study of masking, most people don’t actually wear them, you can’t conclude that masks don’t work when the study shows no difference between the groups. You can only conclude that the mask advice didn’t work in this study.

Tucker Carlson ‘enraged’ private texts revealed; ‘I love Trump’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson said he is angry that his private text messages about former President Trump to fellow network employees were made public as part of an ongoing defamation lawsuit facing the company.

“And I think this is in the text, and those were all grabbed completely illegitimately, in my opinion um in this court case, which I guess I’m not allowed to talk about, but I’m enraged that my private texts were pulled,” Carlson said Tuesday during an appearance on WABC Radio.

House GOP uses its new power in extraordinary effort to shield Trump from indictment

The strategy of House Republicans is familiar. Trump has long launched fierce and preemptive attacks on institutions, in government or the law, that seek to hold him to account as he’s tried to blur clarity about his conduct or culpability and ignite a political storm that taints their conclusions in advance.

But the use of government power to advance political ends appears to mirror exactly the behavior Republicans, in their new subcommittee on the weaponization of the federal government, are accusing the FBI, the Justice Department and other government agencies of.

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Don't Tell: The leniency of the Rema of not revealing previously unknown mamzerim

update - limitation on non revealing the information
The issue was raised regarding the producing of mamzerim through the giving of an invalid Get. Isn't this really a non-issue since if the mamzer is not revealed - there is no prohibition of marriage and therefore everyone is presumed to be kosher?

I am presenting the Rema which is the source for this view.  It is clear that if in fact the information can definitely be concealed then there is no problem. However it seems obvious that with a growing awareness of the regularity that invalid Gittin are being given - that the chezkas kashrus of divorced people disappears. As Rav Sternbuch has noted, at some point when there is a systemic problem there will be a need to investigate each case of the offspring of a divorced couple. The only issue seems to be whether we have reached that point or will reach it in the near future. The leniency of the Rema applies when there are only isolated cases. In addition - even when in general the information can be concealed - but there will always be cases where the information is inadvertently revealed and then the problem of mamzerus spreads through the family like a nuclear chain reaction.

Shulchan Aruch (E.H. 2:5): If a family of cohanim has a definite challel amongst them then every woman of that family is prohibited until she is checked and if she marries she must be divorced. The same applies if there is a family that a sofek mamer or definite mamzer. Rema: However all of this applies only if it is definitely known to be true. However a family that has a person who is invalid for marriage – but it is not public knowledge- since he has been successfully mixed in then let him remained so. Someone who knows about this invalid person – is not allowed to reveal the information but the family members are to be left with their presumption of validity (chezkas kashrus). That is because all such families which have an unknown invalid person amongst them will be declared as fully kosher in the Messianic Era. Nevertheless is appropriate to reveal this information to those who can keep a secret (This is implied by the Ran). However this ignoring of the information is only when the invalid member is successfully mixed in and concealed from public knowledge. But as long as he is not mixed in then we reveal the invalid members and publicly announce it so that unblemished people will avoid marriage with them. See Choshen Mishpat 25 as to who is believed to testify about a families pedigree.

Edios (8:7): Rabbi Yehoshua said, I have received a tradition from Rabban Yochanon ben Zakkai who heard it from his rebbe and his rebbe heard it from his rebbe as a halacha l'Moshe m'Sinai (Tradition given from Sinai) that Eliyahu will not come to declare unclean or to pronounce clean, to put away or to bring near. But rather he will put away those brought near by force and to bring near that who have been put away by force. The family of Beis Zerephah was on the other side of the Jordan and Ben Tzion put it away by force. And there was already another family there and Ben Tziion brought it near by force. For such people Eliyahu will come to declare unclean or to pronounce clean, to put away or to bring near. Rabbi Yehuda disagreed and said Eliyahu will bring near but not put away. Rabbi Shimon said that will come to resolve disputes. The Sages disagreed and said that Eliyahu will neither come to put away nor to bring near but rather to make peace in the world. As is stated in Malachi (3), Behold I will send Eliyahu the Prophet to you... And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children and the heart of the children their fathers.

Bartenuro (Edios 8:7): It is a halacha L'Moshe m'Sinai  that G-d showed Moshe at Sinai... that Eliyahu will not come to declare unclear or clean or to make distant or bring close to clarify doubts concerning which individual are problematic who have been mixed in the family - but these doubts will be left and they will be kosher in the future. The halacha is that a family which has posul individuals successfully mixed in and unidentified- they will remain unidentified as posul. ... those families where posul individuals have been successfully mixed in and they are not know as posul individuals but are presumed kosher - Eliyahu will leave them that way.

However the following claims that the prohibition of revealing information is only when it is based on rumors - but not on the testimony of two witnesses.

Chelkas Mechokek (2:5.9): One who knows that there is a mamzer is not allowed to reveal this information – But it is stated in Shulchan Aruch (EH. 2:3) that two people had testified that a family has a mamzer or challel. How can they do this since they are violating the halacha of not revealing this information? However saying they shouldn't testify also presents a difficulty since we pasken in this sif that if there is a doubt whether there is a mamzer in a particular family that someone who marries a member of that family needs to get divorced – so why isn't it a mitzva to reveal this information because today or tomorrow witnesses will come and testify that there is a mamzer in the family and consequently the children of this family will be considered sofek mamzerim? A possible answer is that concerning the Ran on which the leniency of the Rema is based, he could be talking about a case where it is not clear that a member of the family is actually a mamzer – but merely that there is a rumor. Perhaps it is only such a case where the Ran is saying that there is no need to reveal this information except to modest people [who won't spread the information]. However when two witness know for certain that a mamzer assimilated into this family it is very difficult to claim that they should not testify since the children of this family - once the information becomes public that there is a mamzer who is mixed into this famly –will henceforth be sofek mamzerim.

There is no such thing as a Palestinian people

Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich dismissed the existence of a Palestinian people in a speech he delivered in Paris on Sunday.

“There is no such thing as Palestinians because there is no such thing as a Palestinian people,” said Smotrich who heads the Religious Zionist Party.

“Who are the [real] Palestinians? I am Palestinian,” he said.


 Shulchan Aruch (Y.D. 179:1–2): 1) It is prohibited to ask about the future from an astrologer or by using a divination technique. Rema: Because of the prohibition of be tamim with your G-d  (Beis Yosef citing Tosfos based on the Sifri) and it is surely prohibited consult with magicians and diviners of all types. 2) The accepted practice is not to start something new on Monday or Wednesday and not to get married except while the moon is increasing [i.e., first half of the month]. Rema: This is why it is customary to start the new period of Torah learning on Rosh Chodesh because even though we don’t consult divination we do utilize propitious signs. If a person knows that some activity is against mazel he should not do it and have to rely on a miracle. That is because the prohibition is only to seek out this information because of be tamim with your G-d  [but one should utilize the information if he has acquired it].

One-fifth of Fox News viewers trust network less after Dominion lawsuit revelations

Asked whether the lawsuit’s revelations have impacted their belief in the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election, 13 percent of Fox News viewers say their minds were changed and that they now do not believe the 2020 election was stolen. Fifty percent said the revelations had no effect and that they still believe the election was stolen.

Must husband be told about wife's adultery? R Y. Fischer

[ See views of Rav Pe'alim] Rav Yisroel Yaakov Fischer (Even Yisroel 8:85): Question:  A baal teshuva who had returned to Judaism a number of years ago came to me. There remained one thing that bothered him greatly about his past and that was the fact that he had a relationship with a married woman. The question that he was upset about whether he was obligated to tell the husband about his wife’s sin to save him from sinning - since she had committed adultery willingly. The dilemma was that if he told the husband that would destroy the reputation of the family since it was a distinguished family. However if he didn’t tell the husband then he would be responsible for the sins that the husband has constantly since she is now prohibited to him. Answer: This question was addressed already by the Nodah B’Yehuda (Tenina O.C. #35). He said it depended on a dispute between the Rambam  and the Rosh. The  Rambam ruled in Hilchos Kelayim (10:29) that if one sees someone wearing kelayim that is prohibited by the Torah he is required to rip it off the other person – even in the street and even if the person is his teacher who has taught him wisdom. It is clear that the opinion of the Rambam is that this must be done even if the wearing of kelayim did not do it deliberately and in fact is not aware that he is wearing kelayim. Nevertheless it must be ripped off of him without concern for the person’s dignity. The Shulchan Aruch (Y.D. 303) agrees with the Rambam. In contrast the Rosh (Nida 9:6) brings the words of the Yerushalmi)Kelayim 9:1),... The Rosh explains,”Rav Ami follows the view of the Amora who permits and it is in a case where either the kelayim is rabbinic or he holds that only in the case where a person finds kelayim in his own clothing he must rip it off because 'there is no wisdom or understanding against G‑d commands.' In contrast if a person see kelayim prohibited by the Torah on another person and that person doesn’t know about it – he should not inform him while he is in public because of human dignity since he isn’t wearing it on purpose to violate the Torah.” Rema (Y.D.#303) agrees  with the view of the Rosh and he states, “And some say that if the one wearing the kelayim is unaware of it it is not necessary to tell him in public.” Therefore the Noda B’Yehuda says that the question is dependent on this dispute. The Rambam’s view is that even if the person is unaware that he is sinning the prohibited kelayim still must be ripped off of him even in public and we are not concerned with his dignity. The Rambam would hold in our case that it is necessary to tell the husband in order that he separate from his wife who is now prohibited to him because the husband is doing an active act which is prohibited. In contrast the  view of the Rosh is that when someone is not sinning on purpose it is not necessary to tell him if this leads to him being embarrassed and degraded. Therefore in our case he would hold that it is not necessary to tell the husband since he isn’t deliberately sinning. However the Noda  B’Yehuda adds that our case  is different from that of kelayim. That is because the unaware person is not sinning just once but he will continue to sin for a long time. Consequently he asserts that even the Rosh would agree that it is necessary to inform the husband [....] Due to the various factors mentioned it is certain that there is no need to inform either the wife or the husband that they are prohibited because of adultery - because it won't result in their divorce. In addition there is the factor of human dignity. Furthermore one can say that even according to the Rambam in this case he would not require informing them since he doesn't witness that they are having prohibited relations and also it is possible that they won't be having sexual relations as is mentioned by Rav Pe'alim and other achronim agree with him.

Rav Wosner also has a tshuva on this subject and relies on Divrei Chaim not to tell husband and even if he does tell the husband they don't have to get divorced unless the husband believes him.

Rav Wosner (Shevet Halevi 8:287.1): Concerning a baal teshuva who unfortunately had a relationship with a married woman. Is there an obligation for the baal teshuva to tell the husband who is an observant Jew in order for him to separate from her since she is prohibited to him? I can’t go into detail in this matters but we typically follow the view of the Divrei Chaim (O.C. #35) who permits hims to turn a blind eye. According to this principle, even if he tells the husband, the husband is not obligated to divorce her unless the husband believes the testimony as is stated in Shuchan Aruch (E.H. 115:7). Consequently as long as he doesn’t believe her she is permitted to him according to the halacha. In such a case where he is not going to believe the testimony, it is permitted for the person not to inform the husband. Look at the Divrei Chaim itself.
Even Yisroel 8 85 Report Adultery

An Appeal to President Vladimir Putin to Try to Chill Out by Rabbi  Shalom C. Spira

 President Vladimir Putin has hijacked the democratic machinery of the Russian government, invaded Ukraine and suspended the nuclear arms control pact with the United States, as reported at <>As such, it seems as though we are faced with a development where "the Holy One, Blessed Be He, will arrange for a king with difficult decrees like Haman, and the Jewish People will repent and be improved" (Sanhedrin 97b).

      To that effect, I suggested earlier this year at <> that praying in a synagogue with a formidable partition is an effective way to send a message to President Putin to pursue peace. Interestingly, an allusion to this thesis can be gleaned from the sobering tractate currently being studied in the Daf Yomi. The Gemara, Nazir 4b, relates how Shimon ha-Tzaddik was consulted by a gentleman became seized by his evil inclination when he saw his reflection in the water, the remedy for which was for the latter to become a nazirite. Remarkably, the seemingly innocuous experience of the gentleman beholding his own face was enough to disturb his spiritual harmony. How much more so, then, is it reasonable to assume that if a gentleman would see a lady's face (which is biblically prohibited pursuant to Deut. 23:10 as elucidated by the Gemara, Avodah Zarah 20a-b), he would certainly be unable to pray, such that a properly constructed synagogue partition ought to protect worshippers from such a misadventure.
      Indeed, a prayer service that follows this standard has recently been publicized at  <>. It is the inauguration of a Torah scroll on the eve of Shavu'ot, consistent with Sfat Emet's opinion that this is the preferred timing for such an event. [See R. Yisrael David Harfenes, Teshuvot Mekadesh Yisrael (Shavu'ot), no. 55, final paragraph, available online at <>.] Especially well choreographed is the song la'asot nachat ru'ach at 28:35 into the recording, with the flute audibly playing solo in the background, inspirationally reminiscent of the Rejoicing of the Water Drawing [as per the Mishnah, Sukkah 50a, that the event was named for the flute featured prominently in its orchestra], the latter event representing a halakhic source for the obligation to construct a separate ladies' gallery in the synagogue [dutifully obeyed on this videotape].  
      The Gemara, Yoma 69a, relates how Shimon ha-Tzaddik interceded with Alexander the Great to refrain from destroying the Temple by the former greeting the latter while attired in the special robe of the High Priest. Apparently, his unique vestments impressed upon the emperor that the Temple service should inspire a global superpower to refrain from violence. While we do not have a High Priest or Temple anymore [until the messianic era], we do have a Torah scroll, which is "the reliable witness to all humanity" (Rambam, Hilkhot Sefer Torah 10:11; Shulchan Arukh Yoreh De'ah 282:1). Hence, President Putin should watch this video – filled with Jews taking care not to trample one another while dancing with the Torah scroll  and be inspired to reach a peaceful resolution to his conflict with Ukraine. [And see the Gemara, Megillah 11a, which elucidates Leviticus 26:44 as a guarantee that the Jewish People will survive all the global superpowers of history, whether it be Haman, Alexander or any future regime.] 

Rabbi Spira works as the Editor of Manuscripts and Grants at the Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research [a Pavillion of the Jewish General Hospital] in Montreal, Canada.             

Monday, March 20, 2023

Trump Supporters Plan Rally Despite Fears of Protest 'Trap'

While Trump called for protests in his Truth Social post, some other social media users have spoken about a potential protest and if it could be a "trap" that would lead to further arrests of the former president's supporters.

Astrogy and magic -Rambam

 Rambam (Letter on Astrology): I know of course that it is possible to search and find isolated opinions of some sages in the Talmud and Medrashim whose views contradict what I have said ... These statements should not trouble you because one doesn’t simply discard a clearly established halacha and revert back to the initial analysis. Similarly it is not appropriate to discard a well validated principle and simply rely on a minority opinion of the sages instead. That is because the sage is not infallible and might have erred by overlooking some important facts or hints when he stated his views. Alternatively he might have stated his view only concerning a unique situation that had been presented to him and he had not meant to state a general principle. This caution is illustrated by the fact that many verses of the Torah are not meant to be taken literally - as has been clearly established by impeccable proofs. Therefore they are explained in a way that makes sense rather than taken literally. The general rule is that a person should never easily toss aside his well considered views.. His eyes should look unflinchingly forward and not backwards..

Rambam (Hilchos Avodas Kokavim 11:16): Magic and techniques of divination are all false and deceptive and they were used to convince people that idol worship is valid. Jews who are very wise and intelligent should not be involved in this nonsense and not even to think that they might work… Whoever believes in the validity of these type of things and entertains the thought that they might be true but that he can’t use them only because the Torah prohibited them is foolish and naïve like the women and children who don’t have sophisticated minds. Wise men with straight minds know with absolute proofs that all these that the Torah prohibited are not things of intelligence but are utter nonsense that only fools pay attention to them. That is why the Torah prohibited all this nonsense be tamim with your G-d .

Chris Christie: ‘The circus continues’ on Trump calling for protests over potential arrest

“I don’t think there’s many Americans who don’t believe that Donald Trump had an affair with Stormy Daniels, and that don’t believe that he paid her money at the end of the campaign to keep it quiet. So I don’t think that the American people probably see this as a huge crime,” Christie said.

Trump’s Claim of Tuesday ‘Arrest’ Is Highly Unlikely

Trump being Trump, his social-media post calling for “PROTEST” is irresponsible. To be sure, it is completely legal — calling for protest is classic political speech protected by the First Amendment. As a matter of law, he did not call for violence and could not be deemed legally liable if his most rabid supporters interpret “PROTEST” as encouragement to riot. As a matter of common sense, though, it is shameful for Trump to speak this way after his fiery Ellipse speech was followed by a riot at the Capitol.

Maria Bartiromo breaks down the justice system double-standard with Rep James Comer, Sen Tom Cotton, and more

JOHN RATCLIFFE: Well, it's clearly a political prosecution, and that's underscored by the fact, Maria, that you have in Melvyn Bragg, the D.A. involved here, someone who on his very first day in office said we will not prosecute armed robberies in this office. And now he's saying we will prosecute a misdemeanor offense against the opposition political party who happens to be a presidential candidate, former President of the United States, despite the fact that the statute of limitations has clearly run on that misdemeanor and the fact that other state and federal prosecutors have passed on that. So. But my take on it, Maria, is this is just the latest in sort of the evolution of of what the Democrats, as they have shifted from a party, from Democrats to progressives, which is really kind of a mix of socialists and communists who don't like the American justice system. It's a continuation of an assault on that justice system and tearing down all of the pillars that make that system work so well. So just to remind your viewers, when the Mueller investigation was going, the first of the pillars to go was the bedrock principle of a presumption of innocence. Remember, Donald Trump didn't have that presumption. He had to conclusively prove his innocence. Then quickly, it shifted in the Ukraine impeachment to the suspension of the principle of due process of law. And Donald Trump became the first president never to be allowed to have legal representation throughout the House proceedings. More recently, with Mar a Lago, the next principle to go was equal protection under the law. And we saw that when the same statute was applied between Trump and Biden. Regarding classified documents, Trump's home was raided. Biden's lawyers were allowed to just casually turn over documents whenever they want. So this latest sort of tortured prosecution that is in the offing this week by by the day in New York is just sort of the latest assault on the American justice system by the Democratic Party. 

Fox Host Desperately Tries to Connect the Dots Between Biden and Trump Investigations

Rep. James Comer (R-KY) seems eager to believe a potential decision by the Manhattan District Attorney to indict Donald Trump has something to do with his quest to unearth documents tangentially related to Joe Biden’s family.

Comer appeared on Maria Baritromo’s Sunday Morning Futures, where Bartiromo led her one-person crusade on tying a House GOP memo detailing a payment made to Beau Biden’s widow Hallie to a potential indictment of Trump next week. She initially tried to play it straight, asking if Comer had a comment on a Trump indictment, before Comer helped launch right into it.

Sunday, March 19, 2023

In hush money probe, Trump’s lawyer is anything but quiet

But Andrew Weissmann, a former prosecutor who served as one of the lead attorneys on the Mueller investigation, said the claim is itself problematic. 

“That is an admission he paid $ (which he had been denying) and the $ was not for legal fees (the cover story). Because the NY criminal case reportedly focuses on the crime of making false business records — his ‘defense’ is an confession,” Weissmann wrote on Twitter.

Turmoil in Israel, trepidation in Palestine

Soon after the fascists and fanatics took the reins of power in Israel and began transforming the Jewish state into an autocratic state bordering on a theocracy, secular and liberal forces took to the streets. It was a desperate attempt to stop the new government from fast-tracking legislation that curtails the powers of the judiciary and subordinates the country’s Supreme Court to the whims of the ruling coalition’s slim majority in parliament.

Putin says Russia is in a fight for the existence of the state

Putin has framed Moscow's year-long invasion as a defensive pushback against what he sees as a hostile West bent on expanding into territories historically ruled by Russia.

"So for us this is not a geopolitical task, but a task of the survival of Russian statehood, creating conditions for the future development of the country and our children," he said during a visit to an aviation factory in Buryatia, some 4,400 km (2,750 miles) east of Moscow.

Leaving religion 8 reasons -Rav Saadiya Gaon

 Emuna ve’Deos (Introduction 7) I should add to this a list of what are, in my view, the causes of disbelief, falling into lies and a spirit of resistance to the truths of the miracles and speculation concerning religious belief. I see eight of these often. These eight are: 1) the natural burdensomeness of effort for humans 2) The stupidity of many of them. 3) Man’s instinct to fulfill his desires in terms of, food, feasting, sex and property. 4) An aversion to inquiry and an inability to listen attentively or engage in sustained thought. 5) People’s brazenness and pride which causes them to not concede there is any wisdom hidden from them nor any science that stands before him that he has yet to master. 6) Something someone heard in the name of one of the dissenters which touched his heart and worried him and he is thus stuck in worry his entire life. 7) A weak proof he heard from one of the monotheists and he thinks, therefore, that all of them are like this. 8) Someone for whom hatred exists between him and certain monotheists and this causes him to, hating their God.

Chief Rabbi: 'We need dialogue, I'm worried about civil war'

"I'm not getting involved in the details of the reform, but we have to explain to them, to convince them, to meet with them, that at least in matters of religion, there is no place for the court's involvement," he added.

The Chief Rabbi brought the example of the 2018 ruling that the ban on bringing chametz (leavened products that are forbidden on Passover) into hospitals over Passover was illegal. "For instance, when it comes to chametz. People will be afraid to be hospitalized because there is chametz in the hospital. We have to explain it to them. Love your brother as you love yourself. I don't understand other issues, and I don't talk about matters that I don't understand," Rabbi Yosef explained.

Are We Headed for Another Civil War?

But it would have to be something else to call this a “civil war.” That would indicate a willingness on the part of masses of people to engage in violence against their political enemies. That happened in the 1860s, in part because people had come to see their political opponents in extreme, even demonic, ways and found it impossible to find any middle ground. Maybe our politics and culture are moving in that direction, but I don’t see it yet.

Trump derangement syndrome - Lawyer Compares Trump to Jesus Christ Ahead of Expected Indictment

"President Trump will be arrested during Lent—a time of suffering and purification for the followers of Jesus Christ," McBride wrote on Twitter. "As Christ was crucified, and then rose again on the 3rd day, so too will [Donald Trump]. Violence is never the answer. Winning the election is. Vote for Trump!"


What is an indictment?

The way it works for felony charges in the U.S. is that a grand jury will examine all potential evidence to determine if a crime was committed. If the jury, generally made up of 16-23 people, decides there’s enough evidence that a crime occurred, an indictment will come.

Despite Trump’s claim that he will be arrested Tuesday, it’s unlikely the former president would be arrested, since Trump officials themselves told Associated Press they would “ follow the normal procedures” if an indictment does come down. An arrest would only happen in the event an indicted person doesn’t surrender, according to AP.

Saturday, March 18, 2023

Baldness and heresy

 Netziv (Vayikra 13:41): The verse states karachas which is the baldness on the back of the head prior to gebachas which is the baldness on the front of the head. Why did the verse distinguish between them? ...We can explain this according to the view that the baldness is a sign of the sin of errors in theology. There are in fact two types of error. The first type is errors that result from philosophical analysis. The second type results from lack of belief that does not result from philosophy. It is known that the back of the brain deals with decisions that a person makes Intellectual analysis occurs in the front of the brain. The fact is that errors in emuna are much more common and worse than mistakes that result from the intellectual analysis. That is why there are two types of baldness and why the one associated with errors without philosophy is stated first in the verse. 

Good and bad tzadikim

 Netziv (Introduction to Bereishis): Bereishis was called Sefer HaYoshor (the Book of the Upright) by the prophets. The praise of Uprightness is to reinforce G‑d’s judgment in destroying the Second Temple which as a generation of tzadikim and chassidim and those devoted to learning Torah - however they were not Upright in the mundane world. Therefore, because of the baseless hatred in their hearts to each other, they suspected that whomever they saw who did not conduct himself according to their opinion in Yiras Shamayim - must be a heretic. Consequently, this led to much killing and all the evils in the world until the Temple was destroyed. Thus, there was an acknowledgement of the Uprightness of G‑d’s judgment in that He would not tolerate tzadikim like these. Rather He wanted tzadikim who were upright in the world. Because even if the non‑upright tzadikim were motivated by religious consideration - such conduct destroys the world.

Friday, March 17, 2023

Prophet vs astrologer

 Rambam (Introduction to Mishna) One should not think, "Since a prophet proves he is genuine by the fact that his predictions come true, then all fortunetellers, astrologers and mind readers can claim to be prophets, because we see with our own eyes that they predict the future every day!"…I want to put it this way: Fortunetellers, astrologers and all others in this category do indeed predict future events, but their predictions are only partially true, while the remainder inevitably turns out to be false. We see this happen all the time, and even the fortunetellers themselves do not deny this. The only way that one fortuneteller is better than the next is that he told fewer lies than his colleague did. But that all of a fortuneteller's predictions should come true is simply impossible. These crystal gazer do not even pretend or boast that their predictions will come true in all details. One fortuneteller might say, "This year there will be a drought; there will be no rainfall at all this year," when in fact a small amount of rain will fall. Or another might say, "Tomorrow it will rain", while it actually will rain on the day after. And even such a near miss will happen only to an eminent expert in the art of the occult, one of the authorities who are quoted in books. Yeshayah spoke about these diviners when he challenged Babylonia, "You are helpless despite all your art. Let them stand up and help you no, the astrologers, the stargazers, who predict parts of the months' events, whatever will come upon you. Our Rabbis  commented that Yeshaya stated, "who predict parts of the events", and the he did not state "who predict those events in their entirety". The testimonies and predictions of the prophets however, are altogether different. All their prophesies come true word for word and letter for letter, and not even the slightest detail of anything they say in the name of HaShem remains unfulfilled… This is what Yirmiyah had in mind when he said that the visions of people who claim to have prophetic power must be proven to be correct in every detail. He would discredit the false prophets and demolish their claims to prophecy, saying, "Let the prophet who has a dream tell the dream; and let him who has received My word report My word faithfully! How can straw be compared to grain?" says HaShem (Yirmyah 23:28). The Sages explain this to mean that prophecy is crystal clear without any elements of falsehood blended in, just as grain kernels are separate from straw. The dream and similar things that are based on interpretations are mixed with untruths just as straw that contains kernels of wheat. "Just as it is impossible to have grain without straw, so too it is impossible [for an ordinary person] to have a dream without senseless matters" 

Rejecting Agada is not heresy - R SR Hirsch

 Rav S. R. Hirsch (Letter on Agada): Without doubt the greatness and loftiness of the wisdom and ethics of our Sages found in their Agada and Medrash is beyond measure. It is certain that they planted in their orchards of wisdom the knowledge and understanding that their pure spirits drew from the springs of Torah and mitzvos. That is why they glorified and praised the words of Agada which draws a person’s heart and brings him to love his Father in Heaven. In addition, since even the ordinary conversation of a Torah scholar needs to be studied, so surely this is true of the statements our Sages made with the intent of teaching and improving us. There is nothing in Agada which is meaningless and if it seems that way it is entirely because of our inability to comprehend. Nevertheless, our Sages put a great barrier between Agada and Halacha by stating that one does not learn Halacha from Agada and that Agadic statements do not have to be consistent with each other. This makes sense in my opinion since Agadic statements are not built upon Tradition from Sinai which is the basis for the covenant that was created there. They are in fact based entirely upon the individual human reasoning of wise men. It is quite obvious that any genuinely intelligent person will readily submit to each and every one of our Sages even for matters that are not from Tradition but concerning human reasoning. Furthermore, each one of our Sages is greater than all of us put together and that we are like grasshoppers in relationship to their greatness. Nevertheless, Agada is not part of our obligation to accept as Jews. Therefore, if a person’s reasoning leads him to reject any statement of Agada he is not considered as a heretic. This is especially true since the Sages themselves differ on so many issues and there is no rule whose view is authoritative as there is concerning halacha.

Inadverdant heresy

 Rav Elchonon Wasserman (Explanations of Agados #2): The view of the Rambam is that a person who believes G d is physical is a heretic. The Raavad commented: “There are greater and better people than the Rambam who erred in this issue because of mistakenly accepting the literal meaning of verses and agada.” I heard in the name of Rav Chaim Brisker that the Rambam views that there is no such thing as inadvertent heresy. Irrespective of how a person arrives at a mistaken belief, the fact is that he believes something which is heretical. Furthermore, it is impossible to be a member of the Jewish people without proper faith. Rav Chaim used to say that “a nebach apikorus (mistaken heretic) is also a heretic.” It would appear that he must be correct since all heretic and idol worshippers are mistaken. Obviously there is no one more mistaken than one who sacrifices his son for idol worship and yet he is subject to capital punishment. However, this approach is problematic since a baby also doesn’t have proper faith and yet he is part of the Jewish people. Furthermore, a person who was denied proper education (tinok shenishbah) is allowed to bring a sacrifice to atone  -  without being labeled as a heretic. Thus from these two cases it would seem that the Torah exempts an unwitting error also in the realm of beliefs? This can be answered by what we mentioned previously  -  the foundation principles of faith are obvious and no intelligent person could accept heretical beliefs. It is only because a person wants to reject his obligations to G d that he rationalizes that religious beliefs are not correct. Therefore, there is no such thing as an inadvertent heretical belief. On the other hand, if a person doesn’t intend to rebel against religion but mistakenly thinks something sinful is permitted by the Torah  -  then this is truly inadvertent. Perhaps this is what the Raavad meant that the person erred “because of misunderstanding verses and agada.” In other words, the person erred not because he wanted to reject religion but because he mistakenly accepted the literal meaning of religious texts. Thus, the Raavad would classify him as someone who mistakenly says a sin is permitted according to the Torah and therefore inadvertent heresy does exist… The Rambam on the other hand seems to feel that one could not err in thinking that G d has a body and that if he was serious about his religion it would be obvious to him that the texts cannot be taken literally…

Secular studies

 Rashbatz (Magen Avos 2:19): Know how to reply to the heretic. This is the justification of our practice to learn secular knowledge in order that we can reply to them and tell them that they have no proofs that contradict the Torah and Prophets. This is not a violation of the prohibition of learning books not included in the Bible - that applies only to books like Ben Sira which are part of the ancient Wisdom Literature or books written by heretics which lack wisdom and are just a waste of time. Furthermore, the prohibition of learning Greek Wisdom… does not apply to wisdom which is learned through intellectual analysis but refers to a skill that existed in Talmudic times for communicating by hints and allusions… In fact, this skill is not inherently prohibited but was prohibited because of its role in a particular event in the Destruction of the Temple…. The apparently prohibition to keep your children away for higayon - but higayon is not logic or rhetoric. Rashi says it refers to idle chatter… In sum, those books which are based upon intellectual analysis are not prohibited and someone who reads them should accept that which is true and will learn to reply to their claims which are against the Torah. We find this with R’ Meir whose teacher was a heretic and would accept the truth and discard the falsehoods… Furthermore Chagiga (11b) states that one can investigate anything concerning this world but not which above or below it and not which is before and after it. Therefore, it is permitted to investigate scientifically anything connected with this world. We are only prohibited to read those books which don’t contain knowledge concerning reality.

Personal perfection and spirituality

 Rambam(Shemonah Perakim #7): You should know that every prophet only experienced prophecy after he has acquired all the appropriate personality traits… Chazal indicated this by saying that “Prophecy only manifests itself in one who is wise, strong and rich.” … Strength here is referring to moral strength not physical strength  However prophecy is not conditional on these personality traits being perfect. We see that even though Shlomo HaMelech was a prophet nevertheless he possessed imperfections as we see by his desires i.e., his many wives… We also see that David HaMelech was a prophet in spite of acting cruelly. Even though this cruelty was only manifested against idol worship and heretics and he was merciful with Jews, nevertheless G‑d said that because of this imperfection he was not allowed to build the Temple. We find that Eliyahu had a problem with anger - even though it was directed entirely to heretics - our Sages tells us that he was consequently not fit to be a leader nor was his zealotry appropriate for others to emulate. We find Shmuel also manifested failings in his fear of Shaul and Yaakov in his fear of Esav. These type of improper attributes are a barrier against a prophet getting close to G‑d. The more imperfection the greater distance is created. Consequently the imperfection can diminish the quality of prophecy or eliminate it altogether…

Teaching fundamental principles of religion

 Rambam (Treatise on Resurrection): … I came to the realization that it was not correct to deal with issues in religion without also explaining and justifying the fundamental principles underlying these issues. This became especially obvious after meeting a person who considered himself one of the great Torah scholars - he was in truth very competent in Jewish law. Nevertheless he was in doubt as to whether G d was physical having eyes, hands, feet and guts as described in Biblical verses. In fact, I have met others from various lands who are very certain that G d is physical and they consider anyone who disagrees with this view as a denier and heretic. They understand literally the many Talmudic stories that describe G d in physical terms. I have heard similar reports about other people that I have not personally met. When I learned about these totally lost souls and disgusting people who think they are amongst the great Jewish sages. They are foolish men who are more disoriented than animals  -  their minds filled with the nonsensical thoughts of old women and the useless fantasies of children and women. Therefore I realized that it was necessary to explain the fundamental Torah principles in my writings on Jewish law... 

Thursday, March 16, 2023

Secular knowledge permitted?

 Maharal(Nesivos HaTorah 1:14):.... However, a practical problem arises in learning secular knowledge. It is prohibited to learn from a teacher who is not fit. However, this is not a valid objection since the prohibition applies only to learning from a heretic in person. It is only close personal contact that is prohibited and thus reading a book composed by a heretic would not present this problem. Nevertheless the question remains whether it is permitted to study their books when they contain attacks against the Torah concerning such thing as the Creation of the world, G d’s knowledge, survival of the soul after death and whether the World to Come exists. Perhaps they should be prohibited because they might be a harmful influence? ... However Avos says that one must know how to respond to heretical views and if one has not been exposed to heresy how would it be possible to respond to these views? Obviously, it is necessary to be aware of the views of heretics. However, this is obviously permitted only if the intent is to learn their views in order to be able to refute them.

Wednesday, March 15, 2023


 Kuzari (01:14) Al Khazari: Exactly so; but the human mind cannot believe that God has intercourse with man, except by a miracle which changes the nature of things. He then recognizes that to do so He alone is capable who created them from nought. It must also have taken place in the presence of great multitudes, who saw it distinctly, and did not learn it from reports and traditions. Even then they must examine the matter carefully and repeatedly, so that no suspicion of imagination or magic can enter their minds. Then it is possible that the mind may grasp this extraordinary matter, viz. that the Creator of this world and the next, of the heavens and lights, should hold intercourse with this contemptible piece of clay, I mean man, speak to him, and fulfill his wishes and desires. 

'Preposterous': Chris Hayes rips GOP for blaming SVB collapse on 'wokeness'

"Like negotiating with terrorists”: Ex-Fox producer worried accurate reporting may “insult” audience

"It is so insane but our viewers believe it so addressing again how her stupid Venezuela affidavit isn't proof might insult them," Pfeiffer replied. 

Shah suggested that Carlson describe the affidavit as "not new info, not proof" but then quickly "pivot to being deferential."

Pfeiffer, who has since left the network, responded by trashing Fox viewers.

"Like negotiating with terrorists," Pfeiffer wrote. "But especially dumb ones. 

Former Fox producer for Tucker Carlson feared truth telling would insult 'dumb' audience

In the course of the $1.6 billion defamation lawsuit filed by Dominion Voting Systems against Fox News, legal documents reveal new text messages between a Fox executive and Tucker Carlson's former producer have come to light, revealing how they corresponded about Donald Trump's election lies.

Netanyahu to ministers: No meetings with US officials until PM is invited to White House

Three months have passed since the current government was established, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has yet to receive an invitation to the White House to meet with U.S. President Joe Biden.

On Tuesday, after receiving the requests of several government ministers to travel to the United States, Netanyahu allegedly issued a response clarifying that they were not to make the trip until he himself has received an official invitation.

Israeli leaders must step up to the plate to stop the madness

The silent, moderate, and mature majority knows that we have reached a point we are talking past each other. Leaders of the protests are angling for either anarchy or elections. Thus, it would be wise to deny them this pleasure by pre-empting things.

Israelis Are Now Openly Talking About the ‘Total Destruction’ of the Jewish State

For most Israelis, there are no words to describe the consuming fear that, as former Mossad director Tamir Pardo puts it, the country is “on the verge of collapse.” He says his fellow citizens stand at the very precipice of “the total destruction of the state of Israel.” 

He is not alone. Former PM Ehud Barak calls Netanyahu’s project “the assassination of the Declaration of Independence, which will turn Israel into a dictatorship.” If a government uses the tools of democratic rule to “destroy it from within,” Barak says, Israelis must prepare to resist. “It is not just the right of citizens; it is, in my judgment, the obligation of citizens to turn unfortunately toward civil disobedience.”

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Tradition meets technology with UK app for halachic questions

There is now a team of nine rabbis on payroll working full-time fielding questions, which can number as many as 250 a day before major holidays and between 40 and 60 on any given day, via a back-end app – a necessary addition, as the office employee was quickly overwhelmed by the volume of questions.

Override Clause approved in first reading in Knesset

Proposal approved by a majority of 61 to 52. The bill stipulates that laws struck down by the Supreme Court can be re-enacted by the Knesset with a majority of 61 MKs.

A Group of Scientists Suggest that Plants Feel Pain

For years, scientists are baffled by the question of whether plants can feel pain or not. A team of scientists from Tel Aviv University may have the answer to that question, as they discovered that some plants can emit a high-frequency distress sound when in environmental stress. 


"There are concerns that the proliferation of robots might lead to greater numbers of people leaving religious practice as temples begin to rely more on automation than on practitioners to care for their deities," Waters writes, citing research that has found that younger people are, indeed, going to church less.

Judaism and Vegetarianism

The sages declared that an empty-minded person has no right to eat meat.9 They also taught never to eat meat out of hunger; first satisfy your hunger with bread.10 (On an empty stomach, it is very difficult to keep focus on anything other than stuffing your face.) Only when “eating mindfully,” focusing on our divine mission, are we doing more for the animal than the animal is doing for us.

According to this approach, it may be cruel to not eat meat, because doing so robs the animal of its chance to serve a higher purpose.

Don’t be scared off. Get your act together and focus; the completion of G‑d’s universal plan is at “steak.”

Monday, March 13, 2023

West Bank teacher arrested for sexually assaulting students

According to the survey, the rate of victims in the welfare services following sexual abuse is higher among the students of the religious public school stream, who mainly represent people who identify themselves as religious-Zionist. For every 1,000 students in the stream, there are 2.39 students who were treated in welfare services as a result of sexual abuse, higher than in ultra-Orthodox education (1.98), and more than double the amount in the secular public school stream (1.04).

Human-dinosaur coexistence

The notion that non-avian dinosaurs and humans actually coexisted at some time in the past or still coexist in the present is a pseudoscientific and pseudohistorical belief common among Young Earth creationists, cryptozoologists, and some other groups. This belief often contradicts the scientific understanding of the fossil record and known geological events. Supposed evidence presented for the idea that non-avian dinosaurs persisted to modern times has often been determined to have been hoaxed.[2] Some proponents have tried to identify depictions of dinosaurs among ancient artwork or descriptions of cryptids, though such identifications are often based on outdated or incorrect ideas about dinosaur biology and life appearance[3][4] and often ignores the cultural/artistic context.[2]

Israel Needs Judicial Reform—but How?

Shrewd thinkers on Israel’s right understand that compromise is needed to lower the stakes, regain the public’s confidence and pass something durable. The opposition, however, sees Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu standing on a ledge and has no desire to let him off lightly. The coalition will have to moderate its own proposal and settle for partial victory, even though the true believers won’t like it.

Wall Street Journal: Only Bibi can achieve compromise, but the A-G won't let him

Despite the growing chaos on the streets, the article continues, "Most Israelis accept today that the judicial system needs to be reformed, which is a great achievement by the right-wing. But the Netanyahu government has not convinced Israelis that their reform plan is the right one." Furthermore, the way in which they have responded to the challenges of the opposition have hardened the positions of all involved and made it far harder for them to approach the negotiation table.

Origin of Oral Law - Malbim

 Malbim (Introduction Toras Cohanim): There has been much confusion and concern of scholars throughout the generations about the origin of what we call the Oral Torah. It is clear to all who are familiar with the Jewish texts that the Oral Torah is constantly connected with verses and interpretation from verses. This is the obvious pattern that is found in such works as the Sifre, Sifra and Mechilta as well as the Babylonian Talmud and the Yerushalmi Talmud. However when the meaning of the verses are examined and compared to the lessons that are drawn from them it often seems as if there is no clear and necessary connection between the two. In fact we find in most cases that not only is there no obvious justification for the halachic interpretation which is learned from the verse but that there are times when the verse actually contradicts and opposes the halachic conclusion. In addition in most cases we find strong and sweeping conclusions built upon minor and far-fetched justification. Thus we find major halachic concepts which are established because of a single word or even a single letter – which despite great effort and thorough analysis no necessary justification for these conclusions can be found. And even if you accept that the word or letter is the basis for the halachic understanding, the question arises why other instances of the word or letter are not viewed as having the same significance for other Halachos? In addition we find at times that a particular analysis of a verse is done in one place but in other places that the word is interpreted to imply just the opposite. Thus it seems to be that the interpretations are totally dependent on the whim of the moment and that matters of substance are justified by trivialities. When we ask how this issue was understood by the scholars of the ancient times we see that they said that the words of the verse which are brought as proof for the halacha are simply arbitrary signs and mnemonic devices which were selected in order to aid recall of the halacha. In fact these ancient Torah scholars claimed that halacha was not learned from textual analyses but were known from oral tradition. However this answer seems very far-fetched because we see that Chazal were always asking where a particular halacha was learned from and they always answered with specific Torah verses. And there often was a dispute with one saying that verse was incorrect and a different one was the source. The typical interchange involved attempts by all parties to justify their verse and to show that the verse and proofs chosen by others was wrong. It makes no sense that Chazal would engage in such intensive arguments concerning something which was merely an allusion or mnemonic device!.. It is clear therefore that the verses are in fact the sources of the halacha and are not mere mnemonic devices. In fact the Rambam (Introduction to Mishna) distinguishes between those Halachos which are not derived from verses which he calls Halacha LeMoshe and between those halacha which are derived from verses. These two categories are different from each other for a number of reasons… The Rambam counts the halachos which are Halacha LeMoshe and shows that they are few. The vast majority of Halachos are in fact learned from Torah verses and grounded in them. Thus these two explanations of halacha being learned from Tradition and being learned from verses are simply incompatible. This matter is not only astonishing to the masses but Jewish heretics utilize this contradiction to cause difficulties and to undermine the validity of our Tradition. However even amongst scholars it causes severe difficulties because they end up with two opposing paradigms which they are constantly switching between. Sometimes they focus on the language of the verses and the interpretation of drash is viewed as external and artificial. But other times they are drawn after the drash and Tradition and argue with those who focus on the rules of syntax and understanding of the verses. Thus there is a constant fight of the brothers - the meaning of the verse and the drash. Both sides murmur in their tents and there is no reconciliation….

Sunday, March 12, 2023

Israelis fighting Israelis on how to kill Palestinians

The "Israeli Supreme Court" that Netanyahu is going after has been portrayed by all the pro-Zionist supporters as some kind of democratic institution. 

But this is the same "Supreme Court" that legitimized all the crimes against humanity that have been taking place against Palestinians since Netanyahu's cabinet took power in January 2023 and long before Netanyahu's new cabinet.

Over the decades, the shoot-to-kill policy, collective punishment, detention of minors, the so-called administrative detention and all the other crimes that are considered illegal under international laws, were authorized and legitimatized by the Israeli judiciary at the highest level.

From a Palestinian perspective, this is a wide-scale protest movement within the Zionist entity. The Israelis, including settlers, don’t want to be governed by a Netanyahu dictatorship.

Israel’s Long-awaited Secular Uprising Is Finally Here

For decades, many Israelis have been waiting for the secular uprising. The moment when the majority of Israelis who are not ultra-Orthodox, who serve and send their children to serve in the army, and who are opposed to the state funding Torah students who neither serve nor work, rise up. That moment is now here – though no one is calling it that.

Netanyahu: Opposition is interested in anarchy not democracy

“There is no conditional Zionism."

In a democracy, the elected government is responsible for the army, the policy and the security agencies, Netanyahu explained.

This principle is not just “anchored in law, it is anchored in common sense,’ he added. No one else should “determine who will command these bodies, who will lead them, and how they will be led,” Netanyahu said.

“This is the basis of every democracy and every reformed society, and if you undermine it, you undermine the very existence of democracy,” Netanyahu added.

Blessings of tzadikkim

 Ruth Rabbah (06:02) One should never keep back from going to an elder to be blessed. Boaz was eighty years of age, and had not been vouchsafed children. But when that righteous woman prayed for him, he was immediately vouchsafed, as it is said, And Naomi said unto her daughter-in-law: Blessed be he of the Lord  . Resh Lakish said: Ruth was forty years of age and had not yet been vouchsafed children as long as she was married to Mahlon. But as soon as that righteous man prayed for her, she was vouchsafed, as it is said, BLESSED BE THOU OF THE LORD, MY DAUGHTER. The Rabbis, however, say: Both of them were vouchsafed children only as a result of the blessings of righteous people

Rupert Murdoch appears to confirm that Kimberly Guilfoyle left Fox News due to 'inappropriate' behavior,

In 2020, both Huffpost and The New Yorker reported that Guilfoyle, who worked for Fox from 2006 to 2018, was forced out after she faced a sexual harassment accusation from a female assistant

'History will hold Donald Trump accountable' for Jan. 6, Pence says

"What happened that day was a disgrace," he said. "And it mocks decency to portray it any other way. For as long as I live, I will never, ever diminish the injuries sustained, the lives lost, or the heroism of law enforcement on that tragic day."

Florida Surgeon General Joe Ladapo investigated for allegedly falsifying Covid report

The Florida Department of Health’s inspector general last fall investigated Joseph Ladapo, the state’s surgeon general, after the agency received an anonymous complaint alleging he falsified a report focusing on the safety of Covid-19 vaccines for young men.

Among other things, the complainant alleged Ladapo committed “scientific fraud” and “manipulated data” in a report that Ladapo later used to claim that the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna Covid-19 vaccines could increase the risk of cardiac death among young men, according to the complaint. Both brands use mRNA technology, which Ladapo contends was rushed to the market by the urgency of the pandemic without the proper testing.

Probe into Conservative Jewish youth group finds ‘hypersexualized culture’

An investigation commissioned by an umbrella group for Conservative Judaism to investigate the handling of alleged mistreatment of minors by the movement’s flagship youth organization in the US found it harbored an “overly sexualized culture,” after collecting dozens of accounts of abuse, misconduct, or boundary crossing behaviors.

However, the inquiry into the United Synagogue Youth (USY) movement also concluded that there was no systemic wrongdoing and that just a handful of people were responsible for almost all cases of misconduc

Think your breakup was bad? Check out the Museum of Broken Relationships

People often long for closure at the termination of a relationship. Some psychologists say that’s because the brain needs a narrative to make sense of what happened and prevent us from repeating the same faulty relationship patterns in the future. Therein lies the premise of the museum: In addition to curating romantic pasts, it also wants to help us reckon with them emotionally.

Nikki Haley just handed Joe Biden a major gift

As Republicans continue to wade into this issue, they are poised to hand Biden and the Democrats a big win. Biden understands this, as he demonstrated during his State of the Union address, when he backed Republicans into a corner on Social Security and Medicare. It is for this reason that he is forcing Republicans to have a conversation, with specifics, about what they mean when they attack the government and federal spending.

For it is one thing to tell Americans that Washington is broken and another to say they will slash the federal benefits upon which so many of them have come to depend on.

Inside the Horrific (Contested) Abuse Story That Ignited the Satanic Panic

Beyond the immediate ramifications of the satanic panic, which sent dozens to prison on later debunked accusations, Satan Wants You explores the parallels between that conspiracy theory and more modern bouts of paranoia, like QAnon and Pizzagate. Many of the parallels, laid out in multiple pieces in the past few years, are somewhat obvious: both involve a moral panic centered around the supposed corruption of American youth by a cabal of secretive, terribly powerful cultists, and both proliferated thanks to a dearth of official information debunking their foundational claims.

Saturday, March 11, 2023


It’s no secret that the State of Israel is in crisis.

Israel is on the verge of a societal breakdown, and we should all be losing sleep over the possibility of bloodshed — especially as there is no small number of people thirsting for violence, going so far as to write or speak publicly along those lines.

The demonstrators in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem may shout “democracy,” but the true cry emerging from their throats is actually “demography.” They are watching the demographic trends in the State of Israel with fear. They see the chareidi sector growing steadily, and the “chardali” (chareidi dati-leumi) gaining numbers and strength as well. In 1980, chareidim were just four percent of the population in Israel; today that number is more than 13 percent, and it continues to rise.

Yellen’s Global Minimum Tax Is a Boon for Beijing

The U.S. Constitution specifies that Congress, not unelected bureaucrats or foreign adversaries, is in charge of crafting our nation’s tax laws. As the American people awaken to the geopolitical and economic threats posed by the Chinese Communist Party, that protection makes more strategic sense than ever. Yet Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is turning this bedrock principle on its head by writing a global tax code with the help of European bureaucrats that would redound to the benefit of Beijing. If enacted, the new rules would violate international law and harm U.S. security.

Friday, March 10, 2023

I Was a Jan. 6 Committee Aide. Here’s Why Tucker Carlson Failed.

Tucker Carlson tried to rewrite the history of Jan. 6, 2021, and utterly failed.

Speaker Kevin McCarthy gave the Fox News host and his producers exclusive media access to more than 40,000 hours of security footage recorded by the U.S. Capitol Police. Carlson promised viewers that his reveal of this massive tranche of video would dramatically alter our collective understanding of the events. It did not.