Saturday, December 25, 2021

Rabbi Rakeffet misunderstands the Epstein-Friedman annullment

listen at about 40 minutes 

left the following on the webpage

 listened to your misunderstanding of the Epstein Friedman case
i would suggest you read the relevant documents including the many halachic analyses- especially Rav Feldman

your understanding is contrary to the common understanding including that expressed by Rav Kaminetsky himself 

 Rabbi Rakkefet-Rothkoff is mistaken in comparing Mr. Friedman to the insane husband described by Iggerot Mosheh, Even ha-Ezer I, no. 80. In the case adjudicated by Iggerot Mosheh, there was a confirmed psychiatric report - published by known psychiatrists at an accredited hospital (already established in 1919; see here: ) - that the husband was insane even before the marriage, so insane in fact that the husband was unable to find employment or live with his wife. This report was investigated by the Baltimore Beth Din of the time, and it merely asked R. Moshe Feinstein to confirm its conclusion of mekach ta'ut, which R. Moshe Feinstein did. By contradistinction, in the case of Mr. Friedman, (a) nobody knows who has written the psychiatric report on Mr. Friedman, a report which is incongruous with Mr. Friedman's continued employment in Congress; (b) the husband was capable of living with his wife after marriage (-the daughter born to Ms. Epstein was not conceived in a mikveh), and even as of today would be delighted to return to shelom bayit with her, and (c) the Baltimore Beth Din has clearly ruled on multiple occasions that Mr. Friedman is the husband of Ms. Epstein.

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