Thursday, June 14, 2018

lakewood abuse proclamation - old

lt is clear that no one in the world has the authority to establish guilt סח anyone without both [the accuser and accused] coming to an accepted bais din for the matter to be heard amongst "brothers." lf one does this [establishes guilt without a determination of a bais din] even if he is "as tall as a cedar treeיי [a great scholar] he has made an absolute error. And more so he [the accuser] may not take any damaging action against the accused and even more so may not bring any accusation to the secular authorities. Such actions [reporting made to the secular authorities] are elucidated in [Shulchan Aruch - Jewish code of law compiled in the 16th century] Choshen Mishpat chapter 388 [which discusses the penalties for "mesira" reporting to the secular authorities]. And there can be no [Jewish law] lawful and righteous means [to report to the secular authorities] other than to first show that one has in their possession a clear detailed ruling in writing from an expert bais din that includes specifics of the matter. And if one violates this ruling and commits the deed of reporting to the secular authorities it is incumbent upon him to rectify this misdeed and do everything possible to clear the accused of any trace of allegations with the secular authorities. And it does not need to be said that it is prohibited to assist and participate with them [the secular authorities] in their efforts to persecute a Jew. 

Avrohom Spitzer Tzvi Yosef Burstien 

Dayan - Skver Rosh Yeshiva of Mesivta of Lakewood 

Eliyahu Levine Shlomo Gisinger 

Rosh Kolle/ of Kollel Choshen Mishpat Rabbi of Cong Zichron Yaakov 

Chaim Ginsberg Shmuel Mayer Katz 

Rosh Chabura - Beth Medrash Gevoha Dayan - Beth Medrash Gevoha 

Yosef Zimbal Simcha Bunim Cohen 

Rabbi - Congregation Westgate Rabbi - Congregation Ateres Yeshaya 

Meir Reuvein Berkowitz 

Rabbi - Congregation Whispering Pines Sefard 


  1. It's Dovid Cohen of no gvul v authentic posekim shlita. Dovid is the Rabbi of choice for heterim seekers such as sister to sister and other organizations.

  2. The Hebrew proclamation in the image has a completely different set of signatories than the translated English above. What gives?

  3. This letter from the Gedolim deals with arkaos and not the abuse issue the title on this post states.


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