Wednesday, September 29, 2021

High Court grants further delay in razing of West Bank Bedouin village

In 2018, the Supreme Court approved the demolition of the village, which is located not far from Ma’ale Adumim and is believed to be home to fewer than 200 Bedouin residents. Since 2018, the government led by then-prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has requested a series of delays in the demolition, the latest of which came in November 2020 in response to the Regavim petition.

US government will run out of money by October 18, Treasury secretary says

 Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warned lawmakers that the federal government will likely run out of cash and extraordinary measures by October 18 unless Congress raises the debt ceiling.

The new estimate from Yellen raises the risk that the United States could default on its debt in a matter of weeks if Washington fails to act. A default would likely be catastrophic, tanking markets and the economy, and delaying payments to millions of Americans.
"It is uncertain whether we could continue to meet all the nation's commitments after that date," Yellen wrote in a letter, adding the projection is based on estimated tax payments.

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Trump lies again says Biden “didn’t win in Arizona. He lost in Arizona based on the forensic audit.”

 Arizona state Senate Republicans ordered a review of 2 million ballots in Maricopa County. The review found that Joe Biden beat Donald Trump in Maricopa County by about 45,000 votes. That number was virtually the same as the county’s official canvass.

'No major incidents of illegal activity': DHS told Pentagon as pro-Trump mob breached Capitol 

 On Jan. 6, more than 30 minutes after the first attackers breached barricades erected to protect the Capitol, the Department of Homeland Security sent an incongruous update to the Pentagon.

“There are no major incidents of illegal activity at this time," read an internal Army email sent to senior leaders at 1:40 p.m. that day, referring to an update the service had just received from DHS’s National Operations Center (NOC).


Kiddush Club Is Not the Problem

 How are we still discussing banning alcohol when edibles are getting hechshers? A communal event without alcohol is unheard of. Rabbis ply congregants with alcohol, high school rebbeim knowingly look the other way (at best) as their students drink and vape. Can we afford not to counter these confusing messages in our communal spaces?

Sunday, September 26, 2021

(Tuesdays with) Morrie Schwartz: Lessons on Living, Ted Koppel Nightline Interview

Can Angels Sin?

 At first glance the answer seems simple enough. After all, did we not receive the Torah precisely because angels cannot sin? As Moses retorted in his winning argument to the angels during his epic debate in heaven over who should receive the Torah. "It is written in the Torah 'Thou shall not murder,' 'Thou shall not commit adultery,' 'Thou shall not steal.'" Moses said. "Is there jealousy among you!? Do you have an evil inclination!? Obviously the Torah is not meant for you."

Bereishis Rabbah (50:9) 9. AND THE MEN SAID TO LOT... FOR WE WILL DESTROY THIS PLACE (XIX, 13). R. Levi said in R. Nahman's name: Because the ministering angels revealed God's secret, they were banished from their precincts a hundred and thirty-eight years. R. Tanhuma expressed it in the word .kelah. R. Hama b. Hanina said: [They were punished] because they expressed themselves boastfully,


Behind Tucker Carlson’s white replacement rhetoric, a frightening antisemitic history

 That prompted Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of the Anti-Defamation League, to take the rare step of calling for Carlson’s removal in a letter to Fox News Media CEO Suzanne Scott.

“At ADL, we believe in dialogue and giving people a chance to redeem themselves, but Carlson’s full-on embrace of the white supremacist replacement theory on yesterday’s show and his repeated allusions to racist themes in past segments are a bridge too far,” Greenblatt wrote.

Carlson’s comments are far from original. His invocation of “importing a brand-new electorate” was originally “le grand remplacement,” the title of a 2011 book by Renaud Camus—no relation to Albert Camus.

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Making of a Godol

 Is  anyone interested in purchasing a genuine new copy of  2 volume set - Making of a Godol for a reasonable price? Only restriction is it can only be obtained in Jerusalem - there is at present no shipping and supplies are limited. contact me by email


At present it is being sold on Amazon for $1200!  $3500 on ebay

Friday, September 24, 2021

Number of intubated coronavirus patients tops 200

Children under 11 years of age constituted 40% of this week's new coronavirus cases, and on Thursday it was reported that the positivity rate among students is 6.1% - higher than that of the general population.

COVID: Overcrowded and short on ECMOs, Israeli hospitals are in crisis

 The majority (about 40) of the country’s “heart-lung machines” are being used by unvaccinated COVID-19 patients. According to hospital staff, when about six or seven more patients are put on ECMO machines, hospitals will be forced to turn away others who need them.

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Battle for cable car crash survivor reaches court

First hearing on guardianship of Eitan Biran, sole survivor of Italy cable car crash, held in Tel Aviv court on Thursday.


But it is especially Samḥazai and Azael of whom the fall is narrated. In Targ. Pseudo-Jonathan to Gen. vi. 4 they appear as the "nefilim" (A. V. "giants"), undoubtedly in consequence of an incorrect interpretation of this word as "those that fell from heaven." The story of these two angels is found in brief form in Yalḳ., Gen. 44; it has been published by Jellinek ("B. H." iv. 127; originally in Midrash Abkir; comp. Rashi, Yoma 67b; Geiger, "Was Hat Mohammed aus dem Judenthume Aufgenommen?" p. 107).


Angels lack free will

 Rambam 13 Principles

The fifth principle That He is the One that is fitting to serve and to exalt and to make His greatness known and to do His commandments; and not to do this to that which is below Him in existence - from the angels and the stars and the spheres and the elements and what which is composed of them. As they are all designed and there is no judgement and no free choice in their actions - only to Him, may He be blessed. And so [too], it is not fitting to serve them in order that they be intermediaries to bring them closer to Him, but rather to Him alone should they direct their thoughts and leave everything besides Him. And this fifth principle is that idolatry (worship of others) is prohibited, and most of the Torah prohibits this.

Declare that all Rabbinic mitzvos are really Torah Mitzvos


Chasam Sofer[i](Kovetz Teshuvos #58): I wrote to you previously that “Innovation is prohibited by the Torah.” [chadash assur] I did not write that Orlah or Kelayim…but innovation. That is because I understood from our Sages that it is required to be one who preserves the Torah. They warned against those who provide an opening and seek leniencies for the radicals of our people who desire them. If these radicals find a minute crack, they will greatly expand it into a breach…. Therefore, it is best to elevate and exaggerate the nature of the prohibition [and say that Rabbinic prohibitions are Torah prohibitions]… That is because due to our many sins there is a great increase today of people who say they have no concern with Rabbinic prohibitions since G‑d did not command them… We find the wicked writing on Shabbos because they claim it is only a Rabbinic prohibition. They have no concern with anything which has been commanded only by our Sages and not by G‑d Himself…

[i]  חתם סופר (קובץ תשובות סימן נח): על מה שכתבתי במכתבי הקודם החדש אסור מן התורה הנה לא כתבתי ערלה וכלאים ופגול לא ירצה, כי אם החדש, כי מזקנים אתבונן שראוי להיות ממקימי התורה, ונזהרו מלפתוח פתח ולחפש קולות לפריצי עמינו, אשר אותם הם מבקשים, ואם ימצאו סדק כמחט של סדקית, יפרצו פרץ על פני פרץ,... וטוב להעלות האיסור.... כי בעוה"ר רבו אלו בזמנינו עד שיאמרו אין אנו חוששין לדברי רבנן ה' לא צוה... והרשעים כותבים בשבת על דעת שהוא דרבנן, והם אינם חוששין לאיסור דרבנן ה' לא צוה...

Alarmed by COVID spike, Orthodox move to make the sukkah safer

A sukkah is something of a paradox.

It’s a symbol of safety. In prayer, the word is literally translated as shelter — often, a shelter of God’s peace, spread over the supplicant.

Yet its occupants are also not supposed to feel too safe. The roof of a sukkah must be sparse enough to see the stars, and it must be a temporary structure. In this way, it’s a reminder of the fragility of life, and the human need to rely on the Almighty.

Indeed, a sukkah usually has such an airy feel that Orthodox Jews thinking about sitting in one during a pandemic might have reasonably thought that it would be safer than sitting in synagogue. But they would have been wrong.

To Save a Stranger’s Life

 Kidney donations are on the rise among Orthodox Israelis

 One day more than a decade ago, Rabbi Yeshayahu Heber, an Israeli school principal and yeshiva teacher, suddenly felt too weak to walk up the stairs. He went to his doctor, who sent him to the hospital, where he soon learned that both of his kidneys had stopped working. He began dialysis, a time-consuming and painful process that was brightened only by his roommate, a teenage yeshiva student named Pinchas Turgeman. After about a year on dialysis, Heber received a kidney from a friend. Then, as he recovered, he helped locate a willing donor and match for Turgeman, who had also lost his brother in Israel’s Second Lebanon War in 2006. But Turgeman passed away a few weeks before the scheduled transplant. The loss hit Heber hard.

“I decided I needed to do something,” he recalled, and he thought up the idea of forming an organization to help encourage and facilitate live kidney donation. “So the day that Turgeman died is also the day Matnat Chaim was born.”

Covid disbelief amongst Chareidim

 I heard an eyewitness that Hadassah hospital is filled with young unvaccinated Chareidim with Covid. The minyanim have very few who wear masks. The following was recentlty published in Family First of Mishpacha magazine - no mention of masks or vaccination


Against minhag of Arizal Rav Moshe Feinstein

 שו"ת אגרות משה אורח חיים חלק ד סימן צט

וגם בלולב שנוהגין הרבה מדקדקין לברך קודם התפלה, תמיהני מהא דתדיר קודם, ואולי טעמם הוא מהא דהביא המג"א בסימן תרנ"ב סק"ג דהשל"ה כתב שינענע בסוכה וכשיחכו עד אחר חזרת הש"צ דשחרית יהיה טירחא דצבורא גדול לצאת מביהכ"נ להסוכה ולברך שם, שלכן דחו מעלת תדיר מפני מעלה זו, אבל תמוה לדחות מעלה המפורשת במתני' וילפינן מקרא, מפני מעלה זו דלא תניא במתני' ובשני התלמודים. אך אולי כיון שיש מעלה לאחוז הלולב כל היום שזה הוזכר בגמ' סוכה דף מ"א ע"ב שאר"א בר' צדוק מנהגן של אנשי ירושלים, והרמ"א כתב בסעי' א' שהוא גם לאחוז הלולב כשנכנס מביתו לביהכ"נ וגם בשעת התפלה, שודאי הוא כוונה לאחוז כל הד' מינים כאופן קיום המצוה, וממילא מוכרח לברך קודם לעשייתן, שבשביל זה לא קשה מתדיר קודם, שדין הקדימה הא פשוט שאינו למנוע מעשיית מצוה שהוא בכל היום אף שהוא רק מעלה בעלמא ולא לחיובא, אלא להקדים למצוה שג"ז נעשית רק פעם אחת ביום אף שהיא דאורייתא, שבתדיר איכא רק ענין קדימה ולא בטול בשביל זה אף מזמן קטן למצוה אחרת שאינה תדירה שנוהגת כל היום. אבל א"כ בזמננו שאף המדקדקים במצות אין נוהגין במעלה זו של אנשי ירושלים לבד יחידי סגולה הרי יש לאלו שאין נוהגין במעלה זו לברך על הלולב אחר חזרת הש"צ קודם ההלל מדין גמור דתדיר קודם, ואולי זהו כוונת המחבר שכתב ועיקר מצותו בשעת ההלל
To appreciate this properly it is important to know that Rav 
Moshe apparently held the view if the Gra that the Arizal was not Divrei Kabbalah as opposed to the Bal HaTanya

Dedication of Hebrew Yad Yisroel


Sunday, September 19, 2021

Rabbinic Halacha - Consequence of violating or ignoring?

 Recently was asked whether aside from Rabbinic lashes there are consequences for violating or ignoring Rabbinic halacha. For example not keeping the 2nd day of Rosh HaShanna or a gambler serving as a judge or witness

Friday, September 17, 2021

Israeli study:3rd shot gives 10 times more antibodies protection

A serological study carried out at Sheba Medical Center in Ramat Gan has found that the antibodies levels in people who have received the third dose of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine are ten times higher than in people who received the second dose.

The study was conducted by the Weizmann Institute of Science, the Ministry of Health, the Technion, the Hebrew University, the Gartner Institute at Sheba Medical Center and the KI Institute, and measured antibody levels a week after the administration of the vaccine.

The findings were published today (Thursday) in The New England Journal of Medicine.

 According to the study, the third dose restores the vaccines effectiveness against the coronavirus to 95% after the level of protection drops in the months following the administration of the second vaccine dose.

Cyprus appeal opens for Briton convicted of falsely claiming Israelis raped her

 A Cypriot court’s conviction of a young British woman for lying about being gang-raped by Israeli tourists was a miscarriage of justice, lawyers appealing the ruling said on Thursday.

The unnamed woman, who was 18 at the time of her arrest, alleged that she was raped by up to 12 Israelis in a hotel room in the seaside holiday resort of Ayia Napa in July 2019.

She has accused Cypriot police of having forced her to sign a retraction statement, after which the Israeli suspects were released.

There’s no vaccine for hypocrisy: On Republicans’ opposition to COVID-19 vax passports

Despite the conservative outrage, there is nothing new about government mandates requiring proof of vaccination. All 50 states currently require some form of compulsory vaccination for children attending K-12 schools, and various states also mandate vaccination for college students, as well as employees in nursing homes and health-care facilities. There are also branches of local government that have already announced they will mandate the COVID-19 vaccine in certain venues, and more are likely to follow. For example, Erie Country N.Y. Executive Mark Poloncarz announced that starting in the fall all fans and staff attending home games of the Buffalo Bills and Sabres must be vaccinated. Some conservatives oppose already existing vaccine mandates, and it is logically consistent that they would similarly oppose government-mandated proof of COVID-19 vaccination in the same or similar contexts.

Eitan Biran’s grandfather questioned, sent to 5 days of house arrest

 Shmuel Peleg, the maternal grandfather of the six-year-old boy who was the sole survivor of a cable car crash in Northern Italy in May, was questioned by the police on Tuesday and sent home to five days of house arrest after he illegally took the grandchild to Israel, The Jerusalem Post has confirmed.

Earlier in the day, the boy’s paternal relatives, who were assigned the custody of the child, petitioned a family court in Tel Aviv to ask for his return.
Eitan Biran was picked up on Saturday at his Pavia, Italy, home for a routine visit by his grandfather, but it later emerged that the boy had been illegally brought to Israel on a private flight.

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Perceiving the reality of G-d only by prophets and the holy tzadikim

 ספר מאור ושמש - פרשת חוקת

והנראה בזה דהנה מתחילת הבריאה עד עולם אי אפשר להשיג מציאות ה' יתברך כי אם על ידי עבדיו הנביאים והצדיקים הקדושים אשר על ידיהם נפעל נסים ונפלאות ומשדדים המערכת, על ידם רואים כל אפסי ארץ כי יש אלהים בישראל כמו שמצינו בכל תנ"ך ובגמרא כמה מעשיות שעל ידי הנפלאות שעשו הצדיקים נתקדש שמו יתברך שמו וכל הגוים הודו שאין אלהים כי אם בישראל:

The claim: Almost 45,000 people who got the COVID-19 vaccinations died in 72 hours

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the agency tasked with tracking and preventing outbreaks, has not reported 45,000 vaccine-related deaths on any of its reporting systems.

Martha Sharan, a spokesperson for the agency’s vaccine task force, told USA TODAY the claim that 45,000 died has no merit.

Fact Check-There is no evidence to suggest COVID-19 vaccines will kill people by causing antibody- dependent enhancement, current evidence demonstrates the opposite


False. Reuters was unable to find any instance of Montagnier saying the cited quote. His actual comment about ADE is inaccurate and does not reflect real-world evidence.


Vaccine designed to kill?!

 Recently overheard on a Jerusalem bus from  English speaking Chareidi woman talking on her cell phone.

"The vaccine was made to kill people but not immediately. It comes in color coded bottles that indicate whether it kills after 2, 3 or 5 years."

Study does not determine COVID vaccines kill 2 for every 3 they save

 The study, "The Safety of COVID-19 Vaccinations — We Should Rethink the Policy," was done by three European researchers, led by Harald Walach, professor at Poznan University of Medical Sciences in Poland. The study used data from an Israeli field study which calculates the number of people who needed to be vaccinated to prevent one death. The study authors then used that number to contrast with a number they calculated from the Adverse Drug Reactions database. The data on adverse reactions can’t be used on its own to conclude whether a vaccine caused death. The Adverse Drug Reactions database explicitly says the data counts "suspected side effects" and they are not necessarily related to or caused by the medicine. Even the European Medicines Agency, which manages the Adverse Drug Reactions database, warns that its data on adverse reactions can’t be used on its own to conclude whether a vaccine caused death.

Defiant to the end, prominent anti-vaxx activist dies of COVID

A vocal opponent of vaccines against the coronavirus died Monday, days after he was hospitalized in serious condition with COVID-19.

Hai Shoulian, 57, remained defiantly opposed to vaccines until his death, urging fellow anti-vaxxers “to continue fighting” in a Facebook post Saturday that included a photo of him hooked up to an oxygen concentrator.

“The situation is most critical. I’m incapable of speaking or responding to people. I have no oxygen and am unable to stabilize,” he wrote.

Mikve Rein discussion on Torah Forum

מקוה-טק Mikve Rein

קיצונים תקפו מו"צ של "העדה החרדית" - וגזזו חלק מזקנו

 קנאים תקפו את הגאון רבי אברהם דב ליטמנוביץ, מו"צ בבית הדין של 'העדה החרדית' ומחשובי רבני ירושלים, בשל מאבקם נגד מכשיר ה'מקווה ריין'; לפני יומיים שפכו דגים בואשים בפתח ביתו


Monday, September 13, 2021

Defend, Don't Draft Our Daughters

Defend, Don't Draft Or Debase  Our Daughters

7 Tishrei, 5782 / Sept. 14, '21 

by Rabbi Noson Shmuel Leiter, Executive Director of Help Rescue Our Children

On September 1, both the Senate and House Armed Services Committees voted to require women to register for the Selective Service. That means that, in event of a draft, G-d forbid, for ANY reason or pretext (global warming?), women - of age 18 to 25 - would be forced to serve in the [increasingly "Woke"] military. That also means young female conscripts will be forced to endure the Military's zero-tolerance for dissent, including non-compliance with its degressive "Equality" dogma. Take a minute or two to think about what exactly that means for your daughters, sisters, or granddaughters in very real terms, given all the godless dregs with whom they will be in close proximity, particularly overnight, especially in jungles, or other isolated areas, or in enemy captivity, G-d forbid.

Moreover, even if somehow we hypothetically knew from Eliyahu HaNovi that there would never be a draft in America - military, national service, or otherwise - the passage of proposed "Draft Our Daughters" amendments to the NDAA22 - that would require women to register for Selective Service - would ultimately have a corrosive if not devastating impact on the military. 

1. Eventually, the integration of women into military units, including combat units, would accelerate - rendering an already really bad situation alot worse.

2. With that, unwanted pregnancy and abortions would rise (although obvious to many, evidence of this has been addressed elsewhere).

3. Furthermore, that antimoral Armed Forces paradigm-shift would metastasize into a broader cultural shift, accelerating and exacerbating what's already happening in the remnants of American civilization.

4. This is in addition to the deleterious impact such Congressional legislation would immediately have by encouraging and boosting the ongoing escalation of the female draft in Israel - where the irreligious Establishment is, according to, actually pushing the female military draft (revealingly, at the expense of the female national service, "Sheirut Leumi").
Now, if you're not already involved in combating this epic threat, would you please join? Please see below, and contact us if need be.  We have precious little time to stop this state-sanctioned abuse of women. 

But it can be stopped.

The key to success is focus. Decent people cannot afford to continue to be incessantly duped and distracted by diversionary tactics, as real as some of those diversionary dangers may be (as Mrs. Engel so succinctly observes in her email, appended below).


Organization of this Presentation:

This presentation is divided into five [sections, not books]:

1] action items for individuals,

2] a section for activist leaders, 

3] a list of tips and background information and explanation,

4] supplemental information and a sample letter to a "Equality" proponent (and military vet),

5] a useful sample alert sent out by a leading activist involved in this matter


1) Please urge the public that it's truly urgent for each potential voter, and especially girls and young women, to do the following, ASAP:

a) Spread the word about this threat (see email and links copied below).

b) Each person, especially women and girls, should contact their own representatives in both houses of Congress, with the unequivocally strident message: 

"Don't draft our daughters - ever - for any type of "service" - for any reason, period." 

The Congressional Switchboard is 202-224-3121 [the switchboard operates 24 hours, but offices are only open during day hours, 9 to 5 or 6].

Please share this Action Center link of Concerned Women for America for individuals to easily contact their representatives about this issue:


° There is a fact sheet from CWA, for background information (although I've not been able to review it myself).

° Callers may want to add:

'No "if"s, "but"s, or "and"s -- Drafting women is Exploitation.'

° Do not take no for an answer. If the staffer obfuscates, consider replying "Precisely WHICH words didn't you understand?  Don't draft women to anything, period." 

° Those legislators who provide the excuse/pretext of "Equality" should be told (something along the lines of the powerful argument in section 4) this:

'Forcing women into combat is the worst form of Inequality: It puts them at risk of capture by enemies - who would certainly treat them with the worst forms of "inequality." '  It also exposes women to being targeted first by enemy forces (see at 1:13:58, Ms. Jude Eden, Thomas P. Kilgannon).

This is not rocket science. The offending legislators generally are aware of some of this, unless they're incredibly dumb. We need to put them on defense - that we know that they know it, and that they just don't care.

° If, despite rational arguments, a staffer or your Congressman argues that "Equality" trumps our concerns, you may want to consider being a bit clearer, by replying along the lines of:

"Why should we/ our daughters get molested by a six-foot brute with AIDS - just for your "DEquality"?

° Some staffers may try to throw callers off balance by sidetracking them, by mention of the Congressional ("Heck") Commission. Reply: "Don't sidetrack," and repeat your demands that women never be forced to serve in any national service, for any reason or pretext, period.

FYI, that 11-person panel wasted 45 million dollars over three years to encourage expanding national and military service to women for no good reason. Mention of the Commission is probably a diversionary tactic. One need not know anything about that Commission to know that their unhinged [and apparently predetermined] conclusion of drafting women - to any type of national service - especially in "Woke" America in 2021 - is a disaster of grave proportions. No foreign enemies could have perpetrated this against the United States, without the help of so many eager adversaries within.

c) It's important to please share feedback, i.e. responses of legislators, with us, CMR, CWA,

1) Leaders, in addition to urging your followers to do the aforementioned, also please contact every Republican member, and the less radical Democratic members of the Armed Services Committees in BOTH houses (preferably considering how they voted on Draft Our Daughters in committee; please see futher in Supplement below). 

»» Urge them to submit legislation to remove ALL "Draft Our Daughters" language, including language redefining Selective Service, in the NDAA (the massive Defense legislation coming to a full floor vote very soon, perhaps the week of Sept. 20th!). The deadline for the House is this  Tuesday Sept. 14th. 

Unfortunately, we don't have the Senate deadline yet, because they've not published their schedule. It seems that working on legislation in the House is the priority, at the moment.  Congress resumes this week, but thankfully they have other business to attend to as well. That means that we must work as if we have almost no time, but plan as if we may possibly have more time.

2)  Please clarify to the legislators why it's so vital that they submit language that blocks the recent attempt - inspired by the aptly-named "Heck Commission" - to redefine Selective Service, to create other types of mandatory national service, and to draft women into those. Additionally, by creating other forms of national service, they aim to dodge grassroots objections to the abject lunacy of drafting women into combat units, by making it appear as if the entire Selective Service inclusion of women has nothing to do with combat (not that that would avoid our objections either).

3)  Thirdly, please spread the word as rapidly as feasible. We need to wake up the heavily-distracted public, and save them from the relentless diversionary tactics of the Left, be they Corona-related restrictions [arguably geared to evoke our distraction from culture-killing legislation like this], or otherwise.

4) Organize women's demonstrations, ASAP. That will get attention, and convey the gravity of the threat. 

5) Alert receptive Catholic organizations and activists to the threat, especially noting how a female draft would increase unwanted pregnancy and abortion (ask for our fact sheet on that). 

It's vital to immediately nurture a bipartisan tsunami of national outrage against drafting young women - for anything.

° Timing:

We especially need this massive awareness campaign NOW, in order to have civil outrage on social media before Tuesday, for two reasons: 

a) One is to ensure support to expedite the aforementioned legislation to stop Draft Our Daughters.

b) The second is to deter the Rules Committee from vetoing that vitally needed proposed legislation.

°°° For more information: °°°

Please see the letter and links below, and the websites of the Center for Military Readiness, and Concerned Women of America.
3] Background Explanation:
° What's at Stake?

By nature, having women in the Military generally involves monumental harassment, exploitation, and abuse, as the Israeli experience so tragically testifies.

Some reasonable people may hypothetically subscribe to the notion that government has the right to draft women in extreme circumstances. However, we all would have to agree that in modern "Woke" America, it would be an absolute disaster, from a moral, religious, and human perspective. Forcing women into national service would ultimately devolve into legalized human trafficking, even if it perchance would not start off with that intent. Whatever possibilities that the federal government may have been able to mitigate the dangers of drafting young women have long been eradicated by the faux "Equality" movement, including it's horrific transgender agenda.

° This all applies to NON-combat positions. Combat positions elevate the threats to women to an entirely different plateau of lunacy, as explained previously, regarding the threat of capture by enemy forces not particularly interested in equal-rights protocols.

° Targeting Religious Values:

These dangers stand in addition to religious objections, which themselves introduce an additional set of monumental concerns, particularly for Jewish women. 

° Realize that the religious exemptions instituted in Israel, with good intentions on the part of Rabbinic leaders, are currently being (systematically) eroded, incrementally. In fact, the very same religious exemptions that were initially demanded to protect religious women are now being exploited to deny them their legal rights to automatic military service exemptions, as recently indicated by an Israeli member of Knesset:

"During the course of the Knesset debate, MK Betzalel Smotrich (leader of the Religious Zionism party) said that the requirement for females to serve in the army should be abolished altogether and should be on a voluntary basis. Smotrich added that the “procedure which girls who declare religiosity have to go through to receive their exemption in the last few years is humiliating and shameful. The army employs private investigators who track the private lifestyles of the girls including spying on their Facebook pages and pictures and creating an illogical barometer for religiosity.” ' {end of VIN News quote, } "

Moreover, the world-revered "Brisker Rov," Rav Yitzchak Zev Soloveichik OB"M, was adamant against compromising on allowing the drafting of ANY girls, religious or not. In fact, he was even more opposed to the drafting of irreligious girls, inasmuch as they would fall spiritually further and faster than religious girls would fall in the morally corrosive military milieu (see "Yeled Sha'ashuim," Rav Aharon Soloveichik, p. 348-350, starting from the quote of Rav Michel Feinstein). If Israel would have followed his Torah directives, we would be spared so many horror stories we hear from Israeli girls and young women, both those caught in the Army and those religious resistors braving the specter of arrest and incarceration in military prison - to preserve their fidelity to the Torah and their personal purity (e.g. regarding the case of Orah Chaya and Moriah Leah R., Bnos Beruria (in the Summer of 5779) see ).

Avoiding Replaying the Israeli Catastrophe:

We don't want to give any female draft proponent the backing of feeling that if drafting women is "good enough" for Israel, it's good enough for America. However, it's no secret that some female draft proponents like to raise the Israeli female military draft as a paradigm to emulate. You may recall the observation attributed to Einstein about the sign of an idiot being repeating the same actions -all while expecting different results.

Firstly, the ongoing, disastrous female draft policy in Israel has been perpetrated in flagrant violation of Torah Law. There is nothing whatsoever Jewish about it. Secondly, from a practical perspective, that female draft policy is actually all the more reason to ban the drafting of women, religious or otherwise.  For a sampling of reasons not to emulate the Israeli experience, see the wealth of information accumulated by an Israeli organization (one of an indisputable Zionist orientation), called "Chotam."

° For one telling sample of many, here's an excerpt of an eye-opening post that demonstrates how ripe for abuse the female draft is in Israel, despite it's genuflection to "religious rights." It reminds one of the saying, "be careful about you ask for - you might actually get it."

"The following is a link to a  Guidebook provided by the pro-Israel organization "Chotam." It's an English guide for religious girls to avoid enlistment in the IDF: 

This very publication is a stinging indictment of the Israeli Army Draft Office, and the antireligious Establishment behind its escalating crusade to rob religious and traditional girls of their legal entitlement to a religious exemption from military service. The very need to publish such a guide speaks volumes of the danger posed to the next generation of Jewish mothers by "fellow Jews." The professional, psychological warfare techniques that these 16- and 17-year-old girls need to be trained to defend against, all alone - without even legal counsel or a family member - are almost as outrageous as they are anti-Torah. These techniques indicate how intent the Israeli military is on drafting increasing numbers of religious girls, and to what depths they're willing to stoop to do so. ..." 

It's noteworthy that the only way the antireligious Israeli Establishment avoided a civil war with swaths of decency-minded Jewish residents was to allow broad (automatic) religious draft exemptions for traditional and religious women. It should also be remembered that the only thing that stopped the antireligious social engineers of the Israeli Establishment from drafting ALL girls into their notoriously promiscuous Army was the very real promise of a civil war. That prospect was a corollary of the  obligation under Torah Law for girls to avoiding enlistment in the exploitive, abusive IDF even on pain of sacrifice of one's life (as per the directive articulated by leading Torah Sages, commonly known as "Yai'horaig Ve'al Ya'avor"). What stopped the powerful leftist government was the realization that many Jews recognized that there are certain core Torah values worth dying for, as directed by the Torah itself. A lesson that the Jewish People carry throughout history is that antireligious regimes and their despots ultimately cannot compete with properly applied self-sacrifice, "Mesiras Nefesh." 
For some historical perspective:

Drafting women into the military is a policy that's generally been rejected on practical grounds, for thousands of years, even by governments led by very evil leaders.  Although some congressional representatives apparently have been misled, in fact they're serving as useful idiots for those who seek to sacrifice the personal purity, modesty, safety, and wellbeing of young females, along with American military readiness, on the altar of faux Equality.
° Prospects for Success:

This is a war we can win, G-d willing, and one we cannot afford to lose. It's a war for the very soul of future generations.  It's a war that can be won with bulletins rather than bullets.
Thank you! May the merit of taking a stand against the drafting of women stand in our merit. May we especially merit protection from that which the Prophets of the Bible prophesy about, regarding the great war of Gog and Magog. Many religious Jews read about this war on the upcoming Sukkos holidays, on Day One, from  Zechariah 14 [see verse 2 regarding the violation of women (cf. Radak, Metzudas Dovid regarding Gog)].  A few days later, on Shabbos, we read from Yechezkel (Ez. 38:18 and on).*  If we allow this type of depravity to be perpetrated against women now - what merit do we have to be saved then, when Divine Justice arrives in force? (See Radak on Zechariah 14:2,3.)
(*The Mishneh Bererah (664:10) mentions what we know from earlier sources, in regard to the timing of reading from Yechezkel, namely, that (part of?) the war of Gog and Magog is to occur in the Hebrew month of Tishrei. This year, Tishrei ends Oct. 6. (The U.S. war against Afghanistan was launched 20 years ago in Tishrei.))

Help Rescue Our Children

Rabbi Noson Shmuel Leiter,

Executive Director / public account / personal account

USA: 845-642-1679 «» 

Israeli Helpline: 03-721-3337

4] Supplemental Information:
A perspective from a lucid Congressman:

‘Go straight to hell’: Texas Republican blasts both parties after amendment to draft our daughters passes committee:

Armed Services Committee:  Who voted for Selective Service, from a very well informed source on top of this issue:

Most news reports were not accurate in reporting the House Armed Services Committee vote on the NDAA (HR 4350)  for 2022, which took place on September 1. 

Markup of H.R. 4350 - National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2022 | Committee Repository | U.S. House of Representatives

As shown in this roll-call record (Log 835), the ("draft our daughters") Houlihan amendment to HR 4350 passed 35-24.  Five (not four) Republicans unfortunately voted Yes:

1. Jack Bergman, a retired Marine Lt. General from Michigan, 

2. Mike Waltz, who has been on the wrong side of the national service issue for some time, 

3. Liz Cheney who is out of step on almost everything, 

4. Pat Fallon, who has a little AF experience and bills himself as a “conservative Republican,” and 

5. Rep. Scott Franklin of Florida.  Franklin boasted of his votes on the NDAA, but didn’t mention his vote to “Draft Our Daughters.”

Franklin Secures Key Amendments in 2021 National Defense Authorization Act | Representative Scott Franklin (

Thankfully, one Democrat voted against the Houlihan amendment: Congressman Andy Kim of New Jersey:

About | Representative Andy Kim (

On the Senate side, Republicans voting to Draft Our Daughters in S. 4049 included:

1. Senators Deb Fischer,

2. (self-described "combat vet") Joni Ernst, 

3. Thom Tillis, 

4. Dan Sullivan, 

5. Kevin Cramer, 

6. Rick Scott, 

7. Tommy Tuberville, and

8. (surprisingly) Marsha Blackburn.  

These Republicans need to feel some heat, especially in their district offices while they are not in session. Information on how to contact each one is here:

Find Your Members in the U.S. Congress | | Library of Congress  or here: List of Representatives and Senators -



Here are some suggested slogans to brand this campaign, and a few talking points or slogans for banners, etc.

Defend Our Daughters from Incremental Conscription

Defend, Don't Debase Our Daughters

Never Traffick American Women, Congress HATES Competition

Going Straight to Hell won't be necessary - Hell will be HERE, shortly - a bipartisan effort.

Uncle Sandusky Wants YOU

The Founders went to war against the English Superpower over far less than the mass-trafficking of women into the Army.

What would George Washington & his freedom fighters do to those who voted to draft women into the co-ed Military?

Sample Letter to an "Equality" Proponent: (defeating them on their own turf)

"... Please recalibrate any previous considerations, and please vote against ANY measure that would require women or girls to register for the Selective Service - regardless of any redefinition - or De-definition - of "Selective Service."

Any such requirement on women threatens - in the long term, if not in the intermediate term - to subject women to the ultimate IN-equality: brutal abuse by enemy forces, if captured in battle.

In other words, to rob a woman of her "right to choose" to risk her own life and personal wellbeing to serve in the Armed Forces is antithetical to the very principle of "Equality" invoked by many proponents of the female military draft. That's because, for one - as you know perhaps as much as anyone in Congress - women captured by enemy forces are disproportionately likely to be subjected to sexual assault, far more so than male servicemen. 

Moreover, forcible enlistment of females in any way that would ultimately lead to military combat conscription unequally subjects them to the intolerable risk of that terrible aforementioned indignity. That's the worst form of Inequality -- one masquerading as Equality.

It's quite simple: America cannot guarantee "equality" of treatment when it's enemy armies calling the shots on how American POWs are treated, or, in this case, abused.

[Furthermore, in light of the tragic sacrifice made by 23-year-old Marine Sgt. Nicole Gee - captured in a photo cooing over a rescued Afghan infant last week - and subsequently slaughtered in Thursday's terror attack in Kabul, one need ask: are these the types of dangers which all draft-age women should ever in the future be FORCED to face?]

Now, one may argue that these combat-specific concerns aren't relevant if the Selective Service is redefined to - temporarily - exclude combat positions. However, that's not true.

Redefinition of Selective Service in effect helps circumvent public outrage over putting women into dangerous combat situations. Thus, it is incrementalism at its worst.  As one leader put it, "incrementalism plus consistency equals radical change."

Redefinition of S.S. would invariably be temporary, enabling the forces pushing for radical change to advance their full agenda on their terms (NOT ours) - whenever the dumbed-down or distracted public will more open to forcing women into combat.

Let's be honest and put it on the table. Radical elements want to force women into combat - when they can get away with it. We cannot allow them to play us, and trap us into enabling their long- term goals - by concealing those aims behind redefinition of terms.

There are multiple and formidable additional objections to redefining S.S. - above and beyond the specter of eventually drafting women into combat roles. However, this one objection should more than suffice to actively oppose it with all of one's might."
5] A Helpful Alert from Mrs. Randy Engel:

From: Randy Engel, A U.S. Coalition for Life - National Alert

To: American Pro-Family Advocates

Re: Stop Congress from Requiring Young Women to Register for the Draft

Dear Friends,


The enemies of God, family and country never sleep.


While Americans are preoccupied and distracted by the Covid-19 Plandemic, Congressional bills  HR 4350 and S. 4049  (the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), are heading for a full vote in the House and Senate.  


Both the House and Senate bills carry a dangerous amendment to the Military Selective Service Act to require young women to register for the Selective Service System (SSS) Draft. Incredibly, this measure has attracted much bipartisan support. 

Like the proverbial camel’s nose under the tent, if this measure is allowed to pass, the way is open for drafting women into combat roles.


Proponents of the NDAA/Defense Budget bill argue that the current Selective Service ruling that legally requires only men (males) ages 18 to 25, to registered for the draft is “discriminatory,” and “unconstitutional.”  All references to men or males have been stricken in the amended version of the House and Senate bills and replaced with androgenous terms, aka, “persons,” “citizens,” “enlisted members, etc.

Republican Chip Roy of Texas, a member of the House Armed Services Committee who has a little girl, blasted his colleagues after they passed a mandate to require women to register for the draft. “All of D.C. – all of it- can go straight to hell!”  

The DOD ordered the Armed Services to lift the ban on women serving in combat roles in January 2013. In December 2015 the DOD announced that the  military would be opening all “remaining occupations and positions to women,” with “no exceptions,” effective January 2016. Joe Biden supports the draft mandate for women. If Congress now approves the draft for women, that will be the last nail in the American coffin.

PLEASE Act NOW. Contact your Congressman and Senators at their district/state offices or their Washington. D.C. office to express your opposition to any bill/amendment, including H.R. 4350 and S. 4049, that requires women to register for Selective Service. Be exact – NO DRAFT for WOMEN - INTO ANYTHING {-NSL} - NOT NOW – NOT TOMORROW – NEVER!

Please note that both the U.S. House and Senate are not currently in session. House members will be in session on September  20-24; 27-30. Senate members will be in session September 13-15; 20-24, 27-30.

This means that you can contact your Congressman and Senators at their district or state-wide offices now! Or you can leave a phone message or send an email to them at their Washington D.C. office where their staff will likely pick up the phone or see that your email reaches your Congressman or Senators.  

If you don’t know how to contact your Congressman or Senator in D.C. or at his district or home office, go to List of Representatives and Senators - When you fill in the state slot on the left side of the page  the list of  your state’s Congressmen and Senators will come up alphabetically. Click the name and it will bring you to your representative’s official website and give you all the information you need on his or her home offices, email address, etc.

Whichever method of contact you choose, please act now or as soon as possible as the NDAA will be coming to the House and Senate floor for a vote anytime after the House and Senate members return to Washington.

Please also send this mailing to all your email contacts, especially those who have young daughters. A letter or email from a young girl or young woman to their Congressman and Senators opposing the draft for women will probably be the most effective weapon we have in our profamily and prolife arsenal opposing the registration of women to the military draft.

Thank you for your help and cooperation.

Randy Engel, U.S. Coalition for Life 


The text of the House version of the NDAA  is available at Text - H.R.4350 - 117th Congress (2021-2022): National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2022 | | Library of Congress

Please send any feedback you receive from your Congressman and Senators to Randy Engel, the U.S. Coalition for Life at