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He’s Israel’s ‘prince of Torah.’ But to some, he’s the king of Covid.

The backlash exaggerates both the rabbi’s role and that of the ultra-Orthodox in general. Ultra-Orthodox society is not monolithic, and other prominent leaders were far quicker to comply with antivirus regulations.

Ultra-Orthodox leaders say most of their followers have obeyed the rules, although their typically large families, living in tight quarters under what is now the third national lockdown, have inevitably contributed to the spread of the contagion.

Rabbi Kanievsky’s position has also been more nuanced than sometimes portrayed. But he has nonetheless contributed to one of the biggest-ever showdowns between the Israeli mainstream and the ultra-Orthodox.

Burnett: This is the kind of thinking the GOP is embracing

Friday, January 29, 2021

Why Republicans Can’t Win on QAnon-Supporting Marjorie Taylor Greene

But now Greene is in Washington, one of 435 voting members of the U.S. House and a pin-wearing member of the Republican conference. She arrived under heightened scrutiny and has done little to calm the nerves of her fellow Republicans. She wore a “Trump Won” facemask on her first day in office, sported a “censored” mask on the day she tried to derail the counting of the Electoral College and then refused to wear one at all as she and colleagues hid from the insurrectionists who stormed the Capitol. We’ve since learned, via CNN’s reporting, that she once seemed to lend support to executing prominent Democrats before she herself was an elected official. Last night, a reporter at a town hall in Georgia tried to ask her about her past social media posts. The reporter was threatened with arrest.


Marjorie Taylor Greene blamed deadly forest fire on Rothschilds and space lasers

 Multiple Democrats are seeking to expel Greene from Congress, citing her expression of conspiracy theories and past social media posts threatening violence against lawmakers. They include Representative Lois Frankel of Florida who said, “Many members of Congress are afraid to be in the building with her.” But a two-thirds majority of Congress would need to approve for that to happen.

 Republican leaders have appointed Greene to the House Education Committee.

Joe Scarborough: This Is What Republicans In The Senate Want You To Forget | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Pakistan's top court frees men convicted of kidnapping and murdering Daniel Pearl

Pakistan's Supreme Court has ruled that four men convicted of kidnapping and murdering American journalist Daniel Pearl should go free.

The court said the men had "suffered irreparable harm and extreme prejudice" after spending 18 years behind bars prior, and in December ordered all four to be set free, but both the Pearl family and the Pakistani authorities appealed to the country's Supreme Court, which on Thursday ruled against them.



לאחר חתונה המונית: עשרות נדבקו בקורונה

שבוע לאחר השמחה הגדולה בחצר חסידות באבוב בארצות הברית - בהשתתפות המונים, החלה התפרצות קורונה בקרב עשרות חסידים • הודעה דחופה נשלחה לכלל החסידים


Malka Leifer silent in first Melbourne court appearance on 74 charges of child sexual abuse

Malka Leifer has not applied for bail during a hearing at a Victorian court less than a day after landing in Melbourne following her extradition from Israel, and almost 13 years after she left Australia amid allegations of child sexual abuse.

Appearing before the Melbourne magistrates court via video link on Thursday morning, Leifer did not speak when asked if she could hear the magistrate, despite police confirming the technology was working.

On Wednesday, the principal of the Adass Israel School, Aaron Strasser, announced it would offer an evening of counselling to current and former students, parents and staff, while warning the community not to make any comments to journalists in light of the significant media attention the case has drawn.

“We recognise that Mrs Leifer’s presence in Australia may evoke a range of reactions for our school community, including our staff, students and parent body, and you may be asked questions about the matter in the coming days,” he said.

“We want to assure you that Adass Israel School fully supports the legal process in place and will do all that is requested by the authorities to assist in the processing of this case,” Strasser said.

US suspends $23 billion sale of F-35s to UAE that followed Abraham Accords

The Biden administration has put a temporary hold on several major foreign arms sales initiated by former US president Donald Trump, including the deal to provide 50 F-35 advanced fighter jets to the United Arab Emirates, which was fast-tracked by Washington after Abu Dhabi agreed to normalize relations with Israel. In addition to the massive $23 billion transfer of stealth F-35 fighters to the United Arab Emirates, another deal being paused is the planned major sale of munitions to Saudi Arabia. Both sales were harshly criticized by Democrats in Congress. 


Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Enfeebled and enraged, Haredi society feels forsaken on all sides

Monday afternoon in the Knesset. MK Moshe Gafni of United Torah Judaism heads to the dais to speak about a bill advancing through parliament that will allow police to slap steep fines on schools that violate virus restrictions and even to close them by force.

He’s visibly angry; his comments are short and to the point. 

“You’re only bringing this bill to vilify the Haredi public!” he declares.

Then he adds, in comments that would later go viral on Israeli social media, “It’s not our fault! You, who sent us to live in such crowded conditions, it’s your fault!”



Yulia Navalnaya's husband was poisoned and detained. Now she is piling pressure on Vladimir Putin

But in late August, her husband was poisoned with nerve agent Novichok. As he lay comatose in a clinic in Omsk, Navalnaya suddenly stepped into the center stage of a battle with the Russian state -- and her image of a stoic, calm, and collected woman became a story in its own.

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

IDF Persecuting Epileptic Religious Ethiopian Girl



Reported Israeli Army Persecution of an Epileptic Religious Ethiopian Girl 

13 Shvat, 5780 °°  Parshas Beshalach  °° Jan. 26, '21

By Binyomin Feinberg

Our readers may have seen our recent post about the plight of a religious girl recently imprisoned in Military Prison over her refusal to submit to the Israeli Army female draft ( B"H, she obtained military draft exemption and was released shortly after that post.  However, today, we've received credible information that, right now, a mitzvah-observant, 24 year-old young woman with epilepsy is suffering in Military Prison Six, in Northern Israel, for her refusal to submit to the female military draft. Tadalah bas Mantjavush hails from a religious Ethiopian Jewish family in central Israel. She was recently imprisoned for her steadfast refusal to compromise her Jewish faith or her personal purity.

About six years ago, shortly after being drafted into the IDF,
Tadalah fled the promiscuous Army environment, after witnessing  first-hand the exploitive Army hefkeirus, which, many argue, renders the Army wholly unfit for any woman. Just recently, Tadalah was caught by the government in the course of an unrelated interaction with a law enforcement officer. After identifying her, they flagged her for being absent from the Army, for a period of approximately six years.

The Israeli government ensures that religious objectors suffer deprivation and indignities in Military Prison. What compounds the difficulty for Tadalah is that she reportedly has epilepsy, which is potentially life-threatening.  Thus she needs constant supervision - not reliably being provided in jail.  Consequently, this is piku'ach nefesh, even more so than the average case of girls incarcerated in Military Prison.

Why the formidable Israeli military needs an epileptic soldier remains somewhat of a mystery.  This case  is also reminiscent of the past (antireligious) persecution of individual girls and women, which, throughout history, has a demonstrated capacity to bring on awesome Divine Retribution. For example, the Pirkei DeRebbi Eliezer, ch. 48, relates how the Egyptian persecution of one Jewish mother triggered the downfall of the mighty Egyptian empire via the Exodus (quoted by Rav Meshulum Dovid Soloveichik Shlit"a, Droshos, end; cf. Radal ibid., 93, 99).

Tadalah faces a hearing tommorow, Wednesday Jan. 27, reliant on a government lawyer. If, Chas VeSholom, her case doesn't fare well, she could be facing grueling months in Military Prison  for her "absence" from the Army.

Tadalah is just one of multiple religious Ethiopian girls imprisoned in recent months and years over their principled resistance to the military draft. Another heartbreaking case we covered in The Jewish Press and online is that of Ziva bas Mazal M.,,,

The antireligious secularist Israeli Establishment has exhibited a  penchant for racism against Ethiopian Jews - and other Jews of color - commensurate with it's well-demonstrated anti-Torah, anti-Jewish animus. Ethiopian Jews suffer incarceration in Israeli Military Prison in disproportionate numbers. Because they are naturally refined, they don't take well to the very un-Jewish, coarse mistreatment rampant in the Army. Many even commit suicide, R"L, under the abusive mistreatment they endure under the pervasive secularist military regimen.

»» The tzibbur is requested to please take a few seconds to daven for Tadalah bas Mantjavush.

»» For more information, please text or call  845.642.1679.  

»» A 24-hour Israeli Hotline for any female, independent of religious background, who encounters problems with the Draft Offices, or who has encountered sexual mistreatment in or by the Israeli Army, is 03.721.3337.

"... And if someone, like Pinchos, is one among a multitude, and every man is against him when he dares to speak out for truth and to fight for the Law -- the more lonely his stand, the greater the number of his adversaries, the more powerful is his word, the mightier his deed."

--  Rav Shamshon Raphael Hirsch OB"M (1808-1888), (in "Judaism Eternal," vol. 2, p. 293)

Marriage - Pele Yo'etz


Pele Yoetz (Love between husband and wife):The love between a man and his wife is something that of necessity must be strong. We will start with the love that a man should have for his wife because the statement of our Sages(62a)is well known that a man is obligated to love her as he loves himself and to honor her more than himself. . This seems unnecessary to say because he will not withhold his love for her in his service of G-d. Our Sages (Avos 1:5) also cautioned us. Don’t have a lot of superficial chatter with women and they said this about one’s wife. Because whoever has excessive chatter with women causes evil to himself and is idle from the study of Torah and will result in going to Hell. Our Sages (Bava Metzia 59a) also said, One who follows the advice of his wife will fall into Hell. Consequently all intelligent men should develop a balance as they says (Sanhedrin 107b) also say that it should be that the weak left hand pushes away while the stronger right pulls closer. The main love is spiritual love and therefore he has the responsibility to direct her gently and pleasantly regarding proper modesty and keep her away from lashon harah and anger and cursing as well as saying G-d’s name in vain. the finer details of mitzvos, prayers and berachos, Shabbos observing. and other similar things. It would also be a nice idea to teach her mussar and statements of our Sages that are relevant to her. If this is done she will develop a sensitivity to these things greater than that of a man It is unnecessary to say that someone who has an intelligent wife, a gift from G-d, has a good wife. Certainly a thread of grace is upon her and she is beloved to her husband. In contrast a man with a bad wife needs to be very careful. He needs to see this as a Divine test and he needs to strengthen his resolve to deal with her peacefully and with friendship to respect the Divine Presence. These are subjects of ancient wisdom. A person should be aware that even among eminent men the "fire has fallen". To the extent that our Sages noted (Yevamot 63a), "… It is enough that they save us from iniquity and raise our children to Torah." A person should also be aware of the saying of our Sages (Shabbos 33b), "The minds of woman are light." People say, "A woman's hair is long and her mind is short." Therefore, intelligence must originate with him. If she violates his will and angers him, he must control his emotions so that he does not become angry with her, and it need not be said to shame, curse, or strike her, G-d forbid!  This is the practice of boors and frivolous and rash individuals – in actuality he hurts himself! Only chastise her with sweet and gentle words. In any case he should bear the yoke and be insulted rather than insulting, and accept upon himself the judgment of Heaven with joy – because each woman is sent to a man from G-d. According to what our Sages (Eruvin 41b) say, "Someone who has a bad wife will not see Hell", therefore it is even proper to want to have a bad wife, if he can withstand the test to avoid the severe judgment of Hell. If he passes the test, then he will not inherit two Gehinoms (one in this world and one in the World to Come)! Rather he should accept her with love and he will receive a good reward for his efforts. He also needs to arouse and strengthen his love for her in order that their children not be one of the nine categories "children of a hated one", Heaven forbid, and according to his efforts will be his gain.  One of the ways to prevent arguments in his house is not to be so seriously concerned with every penny of household expenditures because harsh as the grave is the jealousy of one woman to another. Therefore, each man according to his material blessing must increase the honor of his home at the proper time, and by doing so, appease his wife. For blessing does not reside in a man's home except for the sake of his wife (Baba Metzia 59a). So great is domestic peace that the holy name of G-d was allowed to be erased for it (Nedarim 66b). Therefore, even by sheer force must a man stand up to and remove evil from his house so that the Divine Presence will rest upon his home. Included in this love is that a man should not frequently travel far away.[..] How great is the obligation of a wife to love her husband, to honor him as a king to fear him, and to fulfill his will and desire with all of her strength. […]. Besides the need for a woman to be modest – “All the honor of the daughter of the king is within herself (Tehilim 45:14) – she must not cause men to sin with her eye and her heart. She needs to beautify herself for her husband and be cautious in regards to cleanliness, purity, and financial expenses, so that her husband does not go astray and place his eyes upon another woman. […] Just as a woman is careful in regards to Nidda, challah, and the lighting of candles, so too she must be diligent in regards to respect for her husband, as such is the command of the King unto her. Our Sages said, “There is no finer wife than the one who does the will of her husband.”[…] Therefore, all women should respect their husbands, be they great or small. There are senseless women who make issue with their husbands over their inability to provide for the needs of the house. It is tremendous folly in any case! If the husband is truly poor and he does not have adequate means, his pain, depression, shame, and embarrassment at having to reveal to his wife his deficiency is clearly sufficient anguish. The woman needs to be wise and should not add grief to his pain.[..]  Likewise, a woman needs to consider that when her husband gets angry at her for seemingly no reason, perhaps he suffered some disappointment in the marketplace, and in his overwhelming frustration and anger he spoke to her unbecomingly. As people are wont to say, “Whether he is able or not, a man will quarrel with his wife”. She needs to forbear, not to anger him, or cause him any more grief. This is a general rule – when there is an argument between people or between husband and wife, and one of them initiated the conflict by stepping out of bounds and opening his mouth without justification, the other individual must be strong enough not to respond at all – neither good nor bad – in the time of his anger. She must wait until his antagonism has passed, and, after a day or two, reprove him gently with soft speech. She should say to him, “Why did you do that to me? What are my crime and my wrongdoing that you pursue me with exceeding rage for no apparent reason? [..] A woman who has fallen in her lot unto an evil man – one who hits, curses, tramples, and violates her privacy, should accept upon herself the judgment of Heaven and suffer, never tiring of atoning for her soul, since great will be her reward in the World to Come. A woman of valor and profound intelligence will not reveal to others the disgrace of her husband, his bad character and nature, and her cry will not be heard. She thus saves her husband from disgrace, and he will not hate her more for having exposed his shame. Otherwise, his anger would smolder and his wrath would burn within him. He would strike her even more harshly than before. All the more so, she should not reveal to her father, mother, or siblings anything of her pain, oppression, and plight. [..] Therefore, if her father, mother, and relatives possess intelligence and understanding, even if her very difficult situation was told to them, they should pretend that they know nothing and greet him with a pleasant countenance for her good. Even if they want to voice their objection and to admonish him, they must seek a strategy to make it seem as if their information came from the neighbors who heard it by the window, etc. The best thing is that she should not reveal it at all, as we said, in order not to pain them and so that they will not hate him in their heart.[…] She should tell them that all is well in her home. It will be considered a meritorious act, for she will gladden her father’s, mother’s, and relatives’ hearts and she will be deserving of the ultimate good. It would be even better if she, herself reproved her husband at a favorable time with a pleasant, congenial, and kind voice. It will surely yield positive results, because, in truth, “Soft speech can break a bone” (Mishlei 25:15). She should pour out her soul before G-d day after day. Perhaps G-d will be gracious and answer her prayer to return her husband to the good path; and she, too, will find peace. Included in the love of a woman for her husband is that she should pray on his behalf to G-d. Since the heart of a woman is sensitive and her tears are near, if she prays to G-d from the innermost part of her heart, certainly her prayer will have an effect. A woman must also pray for her children, because in the well-being of her husband and children she will find peace. Who will have pity on them more than she?[…] A woman must be careful and vigilant not to cause Heavenly prosecution of her husband or to cry tears because of him. Granted that he is supposed to be more sensitive than she, as our Sages said (Baba Metzia 59a), “A husband must always be cautious in regards to hurting his wife, because since her tears are near, so is her pain. Quick is retribution to come upon one who causes her anguish and sorrow. ” Nevertheless, she too must consider that if evil befalls her husband, G-d forbid, she shares a primary responsibility and it is her life that is at stake.[…]She should be very careful in regard to the honor of her husband, father-in-law, mother-in-law, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, and cousins for the honor of G-d who commanded her to be attentive to the honor of her husband. To the extent that she is respectful towards her husband’s relatives, she provides contentment to her husband and will find favor in his eyes: It will be considered a mitzvah for her.[...]

Rioters are bums (full text)


Rioters are bums - Rav Chaim Kanievsky


Rioters are bums


ט"ו בשבט הגיע: כך תמנעו מאכילת תולעים

 מנהג ישראל בט"ו בשבט, ראש השנה לאילנות, שיחול מחר - יום רביעי, בערב, לאכול פירות שנשתבחה בהם ארץ ישראל, ורובנו אוכלים פירות יבשים; כיצד נזהה אם הפרי נגוע ואיך נמנע מאכילת תולעים?!

Increased child infection rates cast doubt on school reopenings

 According to figures presented by Gallant this week during a meeting with local government heads on the potential reopening of the education system, 54% of the students diagnosed with the coronavirus are ultra-Orthodox.

Malka Leifer, alleged sexual predator, finally extradited to Australia

 Extradited. That is what the case was about, not convicting her of crimes or litigating her actual case, just a routine extradition to Australia where she is wanted on 74 counts of sexual abuse against minors.

Monday, January 25, 2021

Why do I have to be scared to publish this?

And I ask, who are we fooling? Yes, of course, the average Charedi on the street probably isn’t participating in the demonstrations. I would imagine that many of them aren’t the greatest supporters of them. But is it really a fringe phenomenon?

Where they burn buses: What the press is saying about Haredi unrest, more deaths

  • Israel Hayom, which is closely aligned with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, runs a column by David Zildon urging the Haredi leadership to thank, not spank, the cops, and certainly not keep silent: “While cops are risking their lives to protect you and keep the virus from taking your lives, you are keeping a loud silence and not condemning the attacks on the cops, and thus are full participants in the [violence.]”

גדולי הרבנים: לא לריב עם שוטרים - גם בעת אכיפת הנחיות

בב"ב חותמים כעת גדולי הרבנים על מכתב, בו הם קוראים לתושבים להימנע מכל מריבה עם שוטרים, גם כשהם אוכפים הנחיות; הקצינים הבטיחו: ננהג באיפוק • זו התכנית להשקטת עיר התורה



Anarchy in Bnei Brak as ultra-Orthodox vandals run riot

Violent riots continued late into the night in Bnei Brak against the background of police enforcing COVID-19 regulations in the ultra-Orthodox city and the intense opposition to such measures by radical elements in the community. 

A bus driver was assaulted and chased off his bus, which was then set on fire and went up in flames in the middle of the city, causing damage to the apartment buildings adjacent to the conflagration. 

Ultra-Orthodox politicians condemn police response.

Chief rabbi condemns ‘delinquent’ Haredi rioters for ‘desecrating God’s name’

After series of violent incidents, including torching of bus in Bnei Brak, Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef says perpetrators are a minority ‘tarnishing the name of the entire Haredi public’

Health officials: UK variant running wild, hitting children at a worrying rate

The government’s coronavirus czar said Monday that mutated COVID-19 strains brought into the country by returning travelers are hampering efforts to contain the disease outbreak.

Nachman Ash told Radio 103FM that over the past couple of days information from the UK, where the so-called British variant was first detected, has indicated that the strain causes serious symptoms at a 30 percent higher rate.

13 years after bolting, 6 since arrest, Malka Leifer extradited to Australia 

Israeli authorities extradited alleged sex abuser Malka Leifer to Australia early Monday morning, nearly 13 years after she fled Melbourne as allegations against her were coming to light and after a six-year legal process during which a court determined that she had feigned mental illness in order to avoid facing justice.

Not unlike the manner in which the former school principal was ushered out of Melbourne by board members of the Adass Israel Haredi girls’ school in 2008, the Israel Prisons Service operation that transferred her from Neve Tirza women’s prison to Ben Gurion Airport took place in the middle of the night.


Galus even when Jews live in Israel

אמת ליעקב שמות פרק יב פסוק ב
(ב) החדש הזה לכם ראש חדשים.
פירש"י וז"ל: הראהו לבנה בחדושה ואמר לו כשהירח מתחדש יהיה לך ראש חדש עכ"ל. אמנם הרמב"ם [פ"א מהלכות קידוש החודש הל"א] כתב בזה"ל: ונאמר החדש הזה לכם ראש חדשים כך אמרו חכמים הראה לו הקדוש ברוך הוא למשה במראה הנבואה דמות לבנה ואמר לו כזה ראה וקדש עכ"ל. לכאורה היה אפשר לומר כפשוטו, דכיון שהיה בר"ח עצמו כדמוכח במסכת שבת [דף פ"ו ע"ב]11, א"כ אפשר שהראהו הלבנה בחידושה ממש12. ועיין בלשון הפירוש [על הרמב"ם שם] שכתב וז"ל: באמרו הזה רמז על מה שהעתיקו רז"ל שהקב"ה הראה למשה בסיני במראה הנבואה דמות לבנה בהתחדשותה ואמר לו כזה ראה וקדש עכ"ל. והנה [תיבת "בסיני"] ודאי היא כינוי לקבלת נבואה, כמו שאמרינן [מכות דף כ"ג ע"ב]: תרי"ג מצוות נאמרו למשה בסיני13, אף על פי שהרבה מהם נאמרו בערבות מואב14. ואפשר שכוונתו [בתיבת "בסיני"] ששם ראה את הלבנה בעמדו במצרים, אבל לענין זה מה נשתנה סיני משאר מקומות. ועוד, הא בשעת המולד רואים אותה במערב, ואין סיני במערבה של מצרים, אלא ודאי דכוונתו ל"מראה הנבואה" שכתב הרמב"ם, וא"כ שוב קשה אמאי לא נפרש כפשוטו, וצ"ע..
החדש הזה לכם ראש חדשים15.
כתב הרמב"ן וז"ל: וכבר הזכירו רבותינו [ירושלמי ר"ה פרק א' הלכה ב'] זה הענין ואמרו שמות חדשים עלו עמנו מבבל כי מתחלה לא היו להם שמות אצלנו כו' אבל כאשר עלינו מבבל כו' חזרנו לקרוא החדשים שנקראים בארץ בבל להזכיר כי שם עמדנו ומשם העלנו הש"י כי אלה השמות ניסן אייר וזולתם שמות פרסיים ולא ימצא רק בספרי נביאי בבל ובמגלת אסתר וכו' עכ"ל. והנה יש לתמוה, מדוע באמת עזבו לשון התורה ונקטו לשון פרס, ובפרט בשמות החדשים שיש בהם שמות ע"ז כגון תמוז. ובאמת מצינו שבימי בית שני היתה השפה המדוברת בישראל לשון ארמי, ורק דברי תורה כתבו בלשון הקודש, והלוא במצרים היו משבחים אותם שלא שינו את לשונם16?
והנראה בזה, בהקדם מה שיש להבין הא דאיתא ביומא [דף כ"א ע"ב] שבבית שני חסרו חמשה דברים, והראשון מהם הוא הארון אשר נגנז בימי יאשיהו המלך. ולכאורה משמע דהטעם שחסר הארון בבית שני הוא משום שנתעלם מן העין. אך לא כן משמע במסכת שקלים [פרק ו' משנה א'], דאיתא התם: מעשה בכהן אחד שהיה מתעסק וראה את הרצפה שהיא משונה מחברותיה בא ואמר לחבירו לא הספיק לגמור הדבר עד שיצתה נשמתו וידעו ביחוד ששם הארון נגנז עכ"ל המשנה, הרי אף שידעו איפה הארון נגנז אעפ"כ לא העלוהו למקומו בבית קדשי הקדשים, ובהכרח שהיתה סיבה מיוחדת שבבית שני לא יהיה הארון במקומו. מדוע?
נראה שעולי בבל, שבנו את הבית השני, ידעו כי לא זה הבנין אשר יעמוד לעולמים, ואין חזרתם לארץ ישראל בתקופה זו הגאולה השלמה. דעתם היתה כי בנין הבית בתקופה הזאת לא נועד אלא להכין את העם לתקופת הגלות הארוכה. על פי שורת הדין היו הם צריכים לישאר בבבל עוד זמן רב, אלא שראתה ההשגחה שכבר לאחר שבעים שנה של גלות בבל כבר נטמע ונתערב רוב העם עם הגויים, וברור כשמש היה כי אם יתעכבו בני ישראל בגלות מאות ואלפי שנים שאז בודאי לא יצליח העם להשאר בזהותו המיוחדת ושוב לא יהיה את מי לגאול, ולכן חמל ה' על עמו והוציאם מבבל והחזירם, באופן זמני, לארץ ישראל, ובנה להם את בית הבחירה, והכל בכדי שישובו ויתחזקו ביסודות האמונה ויהיו מחוסנים לקראת תקופת הגלות המרה17. בכדי להדגיש ולהמחיש לעם שעדיין הם לא נגאלו וכי בעצם עדיין הם בגלות, לא העלו את הארון, מקור הקדושה בבית הראשון, ממקום שנגנז והשאירוהו במקומו, כי עדיין אין הגאולה שלמה18.
מחמת הכרתם זו, שעדיין לא הגיעה הגאולה השלמה, הנהיגו עולי בבל כמה וכמה ענינים שיהיו עושים כמו שהיו נוהגים בתקופת הגלות, להראות שבאמת תקופת גלות בבל עדיין נמשכת והבנין הנבנה אינו אלא ארעי ועתיד להחרב. מחמת זה כשעלו מבבל חזרו לקרוא את שמות החדשים בשם שנקראו בבבל, וכמו שכתב הרמב"ן: "להזכיר כי שם עמדנו ומשם העלנו הש"י", כלומר, כדי לזכור שבאמת לא נגאלו באופן מושלם. ולכן גם לשונם נשאר בלשון הגלות - לשון ארמי, ולא חזרו לדבר בלשון הקודש, מה שהיה מראה כאילו הם נגאלו באופן סופי19. ונראה שזה גם הטעם מדוע נכתב התלמוד הירושלמי בארמית, דבשלמא הבבלי שנכתב בבבל נכתב בשפת המדינה, אבל הירושלמי שנכתב בארץ ישראל מדוע נכתב בארמית, אבל לדברינו נעשה זה מהטעם הנ"ל.
[ועיין לעיל בפרשת ויחי [מ"ט פ"י] שביארתי לפ"ז מדוע באמת לא קם מלך ממלכות בית דוד בתקופה זו, כי להעמיד מלך מזרע המלוכה היתה באותה שעה כנגד רוח המקום, כי המלכת מלך ממשפחת דוד המלך היתה מתפרשת כאילו הגיעו קץ הימים והגאולה העתידה, ולכן לא העירו חכמי ישראל לבית חשמונאים על שהמליכו עצמם אף שהיה זה באיסור וכמש"כ הרמב"ן שם, ועיי"ש.]
לאור זה נבין דבר תמוה בסדר הנביאים, שהרי נבואת חגי, המתייחסת ברובה על בנין בית שני, נאמרה לאחר נבואת יחזקאל המבשרת לנו על אודות בנין הבית השלישי, ואדרבה עיקר שליחותו של חגי היתה לצוות לראשי יהודה לא לצפות ולהמתין לאחרית הימים אלא לבנות בינתיים מקדש שני. אבל זה צריך ביאור, מדוע נצטווה יחזקאל על הבית השלישי קודם שנצטווה חגי על הבית השני, לאיזה צורך הקדימו את המאוחר? אמנם לפמש"כ שפיר ניחא, דנבואת יחזקאל אודות הבית השלישי בהכרח היתה צריכה להיות מוקדמת, כי זהו הבית שסימן את גאולת ישראל השלמה, ולנבואה זו ציפו בני ישראל מעת חורבן הבית הראשון - לגאולה העתידה, משא"כ חגי נצטווה על בית שני שהיה ארעי ובא בזמן גלות חלקית, ולכן נבואתו באה באחרונה, ודו"ק היטב בכל זה20.
ולפי דברינו אלו יש לנו לבאר הפסוק להלן בפרשת בשלח [ט"ו פט"ז]: עד יעבר עמך ה' עד יעבר עם זו קנית, ובגמרא ברכות [דף ד' ע"א] איתא: עד יעבר עמך ה' זו ביאה ראשונה עד יעבר עם זו קנית זו ביאה שניה כו' אלא שגרם החטא, ועיי"ש, והיינו שבאמת היו צריכים רק לשני ביאות, היינו בנין בית ראשון בימי שלמה ובנין בית שלישי בימי המשיח, אבל גרם החטא שנתערבבו ונתבוללו בין הגויים והוצרך הקדוש ברוך הוא לגאלם באופן ארעי ולבנות בית שני כדי שלא ישתקעו באומות, ודו"ק.

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Who were the rashoim who died during the darkness in Egypt?

 אמת ליעקב שמות פרק י פסוק כב
(כב) ויהי חשך אפלה בכל ארץ מצרים1.
פירש"י וז"ל: ולמה הביא עליהם חשך שהיו בישראל באותו הדור רשעים ולא היו רוצים לצאת ומתו בשלשת ימי אפלה וכו'. הנה אף שבאמת כל בני הדור ההוא לא היו נחשבים כצדיקים, שהרי מצינו שטענו מלאכי השרת הללו עובדי עבודה זרה והללו עבודה זרה, הרי שהמלאכים לא היו יכולים לראות שום הבדל בין ישראל למצרים, וא"כ מדוע מתו דוקא רשעים אלו ולא כל הרשעים. ונראה משום שאלו היו רוצים לעכב בידיהם של האחרים מלצאת, דהם סברו שמכיון שקבלה בידם שישתעבדו ד' מאות שנה א"כ עדיין לא הגיע זמן הקץ, ופחדו שאם יצאו קודם הזמן אז יארע להם כמו שיארע לבני אפרים שיצאו קודם הזמן, ולא האמינו לדברי משה והזקנים שחישב ה' את הקץ בזכות האבות, ולכן המיתן הקדוש ברוך הוא. אבל הכלל כולו, אף שבעיני המלאכים היו בגדר עובדי עבודה זרה, אבל רק הקדוש ברוך הוא יש לו את הראייה למרחוק להבין שאומה זו שעכשיו הם עובדי עבודה זרה יהיו בעוד שבעה שבועות מוכנים לעמוד בהר סיני ולומר "נעשה ונשמע", ופנימיות כזו גם המלאכים אין מרגישים בה, עד שהוצרך הקדוש ברוך הוא להוכיח את זה למדת הדין על ידי מה שהראה להם ארונו של יוסף [בראשית רבה פרשה פ"ז אות ח'], והיינו שהוכיח להם שאומה זו תוך תוכם ממקור אחר נחצב, וביארתי זה היטב להלן בדברינו ריש פרשת בשלח [י"ג פי"ט], עיין שם.
ונצייר נא לעצמנו מה היתה הרגשתם של בני ישראל במשך ימי מכת חושך, שהרי רואים הם שישראל לוקין יותר מן המצרים, שבמשך ג' ימים מתו יותר מב' מליונים גברים לבד מטף וזקנים ונשים, והלא לא ידעו טעם מכה זו, ובודאי שהיו ישראל תמהין ואומרין מה זה עשה ד' לנו. וזוהי נחמתנו במצב זה2 שאנו מתרעמין כביכול על הנהגת השי"ת בנוגע לכלל ישראל, אבל לפ"ז משמע שאנו קרובין לגאולה..

'Fat but fit' is a myth when it comes to heart health, new study shows

"While the controversy about the precise contribution of weight versus exercise to cardiovascular health will likely continue, to optimize health and minimize the risk of cardiovascular disease, patients should pay attention to both: maintaining a healthy weight and being physically active," said Dr. Anthony Rosenzweig, chief of the cardiology division at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston and a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School.


Hundreds of shuttles seen unloading children at Haredi schools in Beit Shemesh

Hundreds of private shuttles were seen on Thursday morning unloading children at ultra-Orthodox schools in the predominantly Haredi city of Beit Shemesh. 
Police vehicles around the schools were observed watching the students get off the shuttles but appeared to have ignored clear violations of the nationwide coronavirus lockdown that prohibits the reopening of the education system.