Monday, December 27, 2021

Bill Gates: ‘Conspiracy theories that unfortunately involve me’ are keeping many Americans from the Covid vaccines

Since the start of the pandemic, billionaire health philanthropist Bill Gates has been a target for bizarre Covid conspiracy theories.
Now, Gates says, those rumors and pieces of disinformation are keeping many Americans from getting vaccinated against Covid — and delaying the end of the pandemic by doing so.
In a blog post last week, Gates wrote that “conspiracy theories that unfortunately involve me” have impacted Covid vaccine uptake in the United States, adding that he expected vaccination rates to be much higher by now. To date, 61% of the U.S. population is fully vaccinated against Covid, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


  1. About a year or 2 ago, I mentioned one of the attacks on R Riskin was regarding an article he wrote where he said that Moshe rabbeinu was not a great politician.

    I was challenged to support my claim. The author

    Alan J. Yuter

    Jewish Political Studies Review

    Vol. 8, No. 1/2, Judaism and Modernity (Spring 1996), pp. 127-188 (62 pages) also mentions this, amongst other controversies.

    the attack, is cited as being in J-wish Observer 27:8 1994 , 43, by someone named Teitelbaum.

    In any case, saying a Navi was not a great politician, is just as offensive as saying they were not a great baseball player - nowhere in the Torah does it say they were!

  2. No good deeds go unpunished. Gates is the ideal capitalist. He used his smarts to make a ton of money. Now he donates much of that to help others. And for this he becomes the butt of people's hatred.

  3. The Riskin article was in Jerusalem Post , 10th June 1994.
    I don't have sight of the original article, but in the 90s i was a supporter of R Riskin. In a way , it is compliment, since politicians are not meek, or honest, - Moshe Rabbeinu was the humblest person on Earth.


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