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James Comey helped save democracy when he wrote his memos

Okay, so former FBI director James B. Comey failed to dot his i’s and cross his t’s in creating and retaining memos detailing his private conversations with President Trump during the months between Trump’s inauguration and his sacking of Comey on May 9, 2017.

The report issued on Thursday by Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz found that Comey broke no laws and did not release any classified information.

But Horowitz took Comey to task for retaining the memos rather than leaving them with the FBI when he departed. The inspector general concluded that the memos were “public records,” not personal documents, as Comey had argued.

Horowitz also larded his report with civics lessons on the rule of law and the “dangerous example” in Comey’s failure to strictly follow FBI guidelines concerning the handling of government records. There is a strong sensation of outrage in the Horowitz report, which the New York Times characterized as “blistering.”

New IG report rebukes Comey — and debunks Trump's lies

But the report also discloses that the FBI has declined to prosecute Comey for these violations, and — notably — it says there is “no evidence” that he or his attorneys leaked classified information.

That last point is key, because Trump has accused Comey of exactly that, and repeatedly — at least 10 times over two years, according to a review of Trump’s comments.

“James Comey leaked CLASSIFIED INFORMATION to the media,” Trump tweeted July 10, 2017, shortly after news broke of the leak. “That is so illegal!”

New: Translation of Vayoel Moshe!

In connection with the yahrtzeit
of the Satmar Rebbe zy"a this week
we are sending around
this new English translation
of the Hakdama to Vayoel Moshe.
(The translation of the whole sefer
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To contribute and take part in the mitzvah
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NY county’s Republican ad warns of a Hasidic ‘takeover’

 Facebook campaign ad from a US Republican branch has been slammed as anti-Semitic and “deeply disturbing.”
Titled “A storm is brewing in Rockland,” the video by an upstate New York county’s Republican Party took aim at the large and growing Hasidic Jewish community in the county, the specter of “overdevelopment” and a proposed yeshiva campus.
The video, which appeared to have been removed on Thursday morning, features menacing music, the slogan “If They Win, We Lose” and a warning that “they” will “change our way of life.”

Trump’s Steel Industry Claims

To hear President Donald Trump tell the story of the U.S. steel industry, it went from “dead” or “going out of business” to “thriving” all because of the 25% tariffs on imported steel he instituted in March 2018. While the tariffs have benefited U.S. steel producers, the reality of the impact isn’t that stark.
Domestic prices went up, for instance, but are now back down below the level they were when Trump was inaugurated. Production has gone up, too, but has been higher as recently as 2014. While the industry has announced several new investments, it’s simply not true that a new mill hadn’t been built in “30 years,” as the president wrongly claimed. Steel and iron mill jobs have increased, but they’re below the pre-Great Recession level. And technology has been a major factor affecting the long-term jobs decline.
Below, we’ll look at several claims Trump has made about the steel industry in recent months and how they measure up to the facts.
In late March 2018, Trump instituted the 25% tariffs on imported steel, and 10% tariffs on aluminum, with temporary exemptions for some countries, using his authority under Section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act. As required by the act, the Commerce Department had determined that the imports threatened national security. Two months later, he permanently exempted Argentina, Brazil and South Korea from the steel tariffs, with quotas on imports instead. Australia was also exempted, without a quota. In August 2018, Trump increased the tariff on steel from Turkey to 50%.
This year, in May, Trump lifted the tariffs on Canada and Mexico, and lowered the tariff on Turkey back to 25%. U.S. companies also have received exclusions on certain imports.

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Trump Reacts To Justice Department Finding James Comey Violated FBI Policy

President Donald Trump on Thursday welcomed parts of a report by the Justice Department’s inspector general that concluded former FBI Director James Comey had violated FBI policies in his handling of certain memos regarding his interactions with the president.

While ignoring parts of the report that refute his own repeated claims, Trump said the IG’s findings leave Comey “thoroughly disgraced and excoriated”:

How Sherlock Holmes’ Creator Saved the ‘Scottish Dreyfus’

Oscar Slater had all the characteristics needed to become a “suspect” of a heinous crime. He was Jewish, German, an immigrant and a gambler. His police file included complaints about assault under aggravated circumstances, he changed his name several times and hung around with dubious underworld characters. There were also rumors that he was a pimp.


Fox News anchor Shepard Smith on Wednesday called out Donald Trump's false claims about the southern U.S.-Mexico border wall and Puerto Rico after the president lashed out at the network.

During a segment on Shepard Smith Reporting on Wednesday afternoon, the Fox News host fact-checked Trump's recent claims about Puerto Rico. "President Trump is calling the island one of the most corrupt places on earth. He added [on Twitter] that 'by the way, I'm the best thing that's ever happened to Puerto Rico.' Those are opinions as opposed to facts," he said.

Smith went on to declare that Trump also "repeated his false claims" about the $92 billion aid that Puerto Rico has received, citing a tweet the president posted yesterday.

"That is decidedly not true," Smith said in response. "We checked with sources including the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA. The latest numbers show that as of the end of June, the federal government has allocated $42.7 billion for Puerto Rico... About $21 billion is binding. In other words, Congress has to pay it. Of that, Puerto Rico has received less than $14 billion. So $14 billion or less. Not $92 billion."

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ALH Report #2 (28 Aug.)"Violating the Vineyard?

BS"D  "Violating the Vineyard?"

27 Menachem Av, 5779  °° Wednesday, Aug. 28, '19 

Parshas Re'aih, "Lo sish'mah ... kee m'naseh HaShem Elokaichem Es'chem laDa'as haYish'chem Ohahavim es HaShem Elokaichem b'Chol levav'chem u'v'chol naf'shechem." (Devarim 13:4)

By Binyomin Feinberg, Jewish Press contributor*

* Opinions and perspectives expressed herein do not necessarily reflect those of the ownership or management of The Jewish Press.

"I will violate (or "desecrate" / "profane" - "A'challail") the Vineyard - and I'll start with your daughter."

Venture to guess who made that statement - to an Orthodox Jewish mother -  about her devoutly religious, and precocious 17-year-old daughter. A Cossack band leader? An SS Lieutenant?  A member of the Soviet Politburo?  No; reportedly, it was Keren L., an officer in the Israeli military Draft Office, in February of this year.

Keren evidently made that statement in response to the refusal of the girl's mother to allow her daughter, Avigail, to submit to the IDF's female draft. Female enlistment into the IDF is forbidden by all leading Torah authorities across the spectrum. Avigail's mother, Mrs. Ester R. H., is herself a baalas teshuva - and former Israeli Air Force captain. Now she finds herself  simultaneously fighting two epic battles. For over six years, she's been fighting daily for her own life, against a formidable medical condition. Now, she's also fighting for the life (spiritual, at the very least) of her only daughter, Avigail Leah, to save her from a military persecuting her for simply following the Torah.

We first reported on this shocking story yesterday (see ). However, revealing details continue to emerge in this ongoing saga. Their struggle to resist the female draft extended over most of the past year. Avigail successfully applied for her religious certification documentation in mid-November '18.  The government's resistance to providing Avigail her religious exemption - to which religious girls are entitled to by  law (and status quo) - became apparent this past February, when her mother had a phone conversation with the aforementioned draft officer.  In response to the Draft official's insistence that Avigail enlist, her mother explained that her daughter is fully religious and entitled to a religious exemption no less than any other religious girl. 

In the face of the mother's resolute stand, the aforementioned officer retorted:

     "Achallel et haKerem" ("I will violate/ desecrate/ profane The Vineyard") "-- and I will start with your daughter."

Thereby, in addition to revealing her intransigence, she exposed her true motivations.

That statement, on its very face  reveals three things, for starters: 

(1) a shocking sense of entitlement;

(2)  a clear social-engineering agenda; and

(3) the unmitigated chutzpa to utter such terrible words.

In reality, many officials within the Israeli government make no secret of the fact that they have an agenda of drafting religious girls, and - quite apparently - especially religious girls. Moreover, as many individual cases of attempted drafting of religious girls reveal, many officials also feel entitled to act on that agenda, drafting religious girls at whim, even in blatant violation of Israeli law and the status quo.

This targeting of religious girls is actually reflected in a declared military policy shift about six years ago, when the Israeli government openly declared increasing the drafting of religious girls to be an official objective. That itself was no less than a declaration of war against the religious community.  Concurrently, the funding of key religious institutions and community services has played a vital role in helping keep strategic individuals in positions in which they can partially blunt communal religious reaction to the ongoing crusade against Kedushas Bnos Yisroel.

We could delve into the deeper meanings of the aforementioned statement, but that isn't necessary at the moment. Suffice it to look at the tangible actions of the draft officials against religious girls, in this case, as well as many others, including those cases briefly reported on in the Jewish Press  ever since Rinas bas Chedva was tormented for 39 days for fleeing her abusers in the IDF, and for her refusal to return to her abusers, and enablers, in the IDF.

It is also noteworthy that Keren used the term "Kerem," vineyard. In Tanach, the Jewish People are  referred to as a grapevine (e.g. in Tehillim 80), as well as a vineyard ("Kerem"), e.g. Yeshayah 5:7.  Violation of The Vineyard is an apt description of what drafting girls- especially religious girls - is all about. They take 18 year-old girls - just about ready to marry and start a family, and tear them away from their families, and out of their natural spiritual growth trajectory. Far worse, they place these girls into an environment that overall is secularist-dominated, highly promiscuous, and exploitative*. This is not to mention the escalated physical dangers of women being in a military environment, especially in the female - and even mixed (yes) -combat units. If that's not a "violation of the Vineyard," what is?

Please daven for Avigail Leah bas Ester Rus Leemor, and for her seriously ill mother, Ester Rus Leemo bas Tzippora. Avigail is facing the threat of imminent arrest anytime now, while her mother's condition has recently deteriorated.

The time to speak out against this unmitigated rishus is now.  Our federal elected officials need to hear from us, in America and beyond. We are judged by how we stand by those in precisely this type of danger.


* For further research, linked below are a few sample articles: (Warning: Some or all of these articles include text and/or images that are too explicit for unfiltered access for many of our readers.)

Promiscuity & Abortion in the IDF:

Trump's Instability Threatens To Deprive Him Of One Of His Arguments Re-Election | Deadline | MSNBC

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פסק הלכה ובירור מציאות הדברים מאת מגן חינוך הטהור בארה״ב ומגדולי הפוסקים ויושב ראש התאחדות הרבנים דארצות הברית וקנאדא

Another Religious Girl - and her IDF Vet mother -Targeted by the IDF

17 y/o Chabad Teen Threatened with Arrest if She Doesn't Comply with Draft Orders

This Sunday, Aug. 25th, Avigail Leah H., a demonstrably very religious 17 y/o teenage girl from Rechovos, was threatened with arrest, if she refuses to comply with IDF Draft Office orders to show up this Wednesday at the Draft Office. According to Jewish Law, it's absolutely prohibited for girls to serve in the military. In fact, leading Rabbis have declared it "yai'horaig ve'al ya'avor," a prohibition requiring giving up our lives to prevent. One primary reason for this is the rampant immorality and exploitation pervasive throughout the IDF.

Therefore, according to leading Rabbis, an act that could result in a girl enlisting is likewise prohibited, including submitting to a Rayon Dat. A Rayon Dat is a "religious test" often assuming the character of a belligerent military interrogation. Underage girls are often ordered to appear unrepresented and alone at these intimidating sessions, facing a battery of seasoned military officers. Quite apparently, they're well-trained in how to psychologically break girls down. Many religious girls are tripped up on by carefully selected questions, which many frum girls won't necessarily know how to answer. (See

The family's Rabbinic guidance was unequivocally adamant against submitting to a Rayon Dat, despite repeatedly being harassed by the IDF to do so. And, as faithful frum Jews, the family has been steadfast in their adherence to their halachic guidance. And it is precisely for their very fidelity to Torah that Avigail is being denied her religious exemption, under the veneer of being uncooperative with her IDF persecution. (George Orwell: step aside.)

Avigail's parents are baalei teshuva. Their family is demonstrably religious. She even has letters from Chiloni friends testifying to her religious observance, in addition to the Tatzhir Dat, which she submitted properly. Ironically, her brother risked his life in an elite (religious) combat unit under the K'fir division (akin to the Marines), often working with the Shabak (internal security service) in apprehending and neutralizing terrorists.

Moreover, Avigayil's mother, prior to rediscovering her Jewish heritage, actually had been an officer in the Israeli Air Force. Additionally, her mother has been suffering for years from a severe medical condition. The relentless IDF pursuit of her daughter, now extending for about a year, has been taking a real toll on her health. Nevertheless, none of the above deters the government. That uncomplementary picture itself says more than ten thousand words. The Brisker Rov ZTL is quoted as saying that while one who has bad character traits is a flawed person, an ingrate isn't truly a person at all.

דיין בכיר מארה"ב נגד בית הדין בישראל: האשה אינה עגונה

מבוכה בבתי הדין הרבניים: בית הדין האזורי בתל אביב קבע שחרדי, תושב ארה"ב, מעגן את רעייתו מספר שנים. נגד אביו, 'נגיד' בחסידות גדולה, הוצא צו איסור יציאה מהארץ עד שבג"צ התערב וביקש שבני הזוג ינהלו משא ומתן ישיר, אך כעת דיין בכיר מארה"ב - המוכר על ידי הרבנות - קובע: האשה לא עגונה.

הסיפור החל לאחר שבית הדין בתל אביב קבע כי חרדי מארה"ב שנישא לרעייתו לפני 19 שנה, ובמהלך השנים היא לקתה באירוע מוחי בישראל ונאלצה להישאר בארץ בעוד הוא חזר לארה"ב, מעגן את אישתו.

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British court orders businessman pay wife maintenance until he gives her a ‘get’

A British businessman must continue to pay his wife maintenance payments until he gives her a religious divorce, or get, a British appeals court ruled.

Alan Moher of Manchester was ordered last year by a High Court judge to pay his wife maintenance as well as about $1.7 million in a lump sum by the completion of their civil divorce in May 2018, and then pay interest on any outstanding sum of the lump payment and an additional yearly payment until he gave her the get.

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Trump Accidentally Said the Anti-Semitic Part Out Loud


At least 38 former students of Yeshiva University High School for Boys filed a civil lawsuit for sexual abuse on Thursday in the New York Supreme Court.

One of the group’s lawyers, Kevin Mulhearn, said that the victims were sexually abused at YUHSB (also known as MTA: the Manhattan Talmudical Academy) by a teacher and a principal from the 1970’s through the 80’s.


The Israeli president released a statement saying he had communicated to Pelosi that "the relationship between the State of Israel and the United States is a link between peoples, which relies on historical ties, deep and strong friendships and shared values that are not dependent on the relationship with one particular party," The Times of Israel reported. Although the statement did not specifically mention President Donald Trump, it said the call came "against the backdrop of recent events."

Rivlin called Pelosi after Trump's controversial comments on Tuesday in which he said that "any Jewish people that vote for a Democrat — I think it shows either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty." Many Jewish leaders and Jewish groups in the U.S. were quick to condemn the comment as not only inaccurate, but also anti-Semitic in that it nodded to the "dual loyalty" trope that has long been used to demonize the Jewish community.
Despite significant criticism, Trump doubled down on the remark in Wednesday comments to reporters.

"In my opinion, if you vote for a Democrat you're being very disloyal to Jewish people and you're being very disloyal to Israel. And only weak people would say anything other than that," the president said.

"The Democrats have gone very far away from Israel," he added.

Despite Trump's assessment, Israel's president and other Israeli leaders disagreed, with some even calling out Trump's remarks as anti-Semitic. But, Israel's right-wing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has developed a close relationship with Trump, has thus far avoided addressing the remarks.

Ivanka and Jared publicly missing in action again amid Trump's 'disloyal' claim

The President's daughter and son-in-law -- who are Modern Orthodox Jews -- stayed silent publicly as Trump caused a firestorm by questioning the loyalty of some Jewish Americans to Israel. Trump has recently decided that branding the Democratic Party as anti-Semitic would be savvy political strategy -- and aides have largely supported the fight, but when he questioned the intelligence and loyalty of Jewish people who support Democrats, some inside the West Wing privately conceded to CNN he had gone too far. The comments prompted criticism from many groups that what he said was anti-Semitic, but Trump dug in during the days that followed.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

If President Donald Trump Is The 'Chosen One,' ‘The Gods Must Be Crazy’ | Morning Joe

Trump is either trolling everyone or thinks he's like a god

There's been a change in President Donald Trump. He used to say he had accomplished more than any other President, a debatable claim. But now he's using messianic language about himself.

"I'm the chosen one," he said Wednesday about what he claims is a singular, and still only hoped-for, trade deal with China.
That was after he quoted a conspiracy theorist who described him, literally, as being like the King of Israel and said Jews "love him like the second coming of God" - -- also known as the Messiah.
Then Trump joked in front of a group of veterans about giving himself the Medal of Honor -- an award that recognizes the highest levels of military valor.

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in opposition to NYS Educational Equivalency Regulations


20 Menachem Av, 5779 °°° Aug. 21, '19

By Binyomin Feinberg

As the September 2nd deadline for submitting comments against the proposed Regulations for NYS Educational Equivalency approaches, we offer a sample letter that addresses the key issues. NY residents, you may use this to write your own letter to the NYS Board of Regents. We emphasize the need to ensure that any letter sent is properly edited, especially given the issue at hand.


Here is some important contact information:

New York State Education Department 89 Washington Avenue Albany, New York 12234 Phone: 518-474-5889 E-mail:

Send your letter (email) to all of the following: Christina Coughlin, NYSED NYSAIS will keep a record of all comments Regent for the county where our school is Regent at Large who will vote on the regulations Regent at Large who will vote on the regulations Regent at Large who will vote on the regulations Regent at Large who will vote on the regulations



With G-d’s help, I would like to bring to your attention my deep concern over the new proposed Regulations released on July 3, 2019 by NYSED, known as “Substantially Equivalent Instruction for Nonpublic School Students” (7/3/19 St. Reg. EDU-27-19-00010-P).

The majority of the founders of the Orthodox Jewish communities emigrated to this country in pursuit of religious freedom, fleeing religious persecution in their countries of origin. Our parents taught us to appreciate this country for the Constitutional liberties it guarantees. We immigrated to this country to live a life of Torah, and pass it on to our children and all future generations, just as our ancestors have done for thousands of years, ever since G-d gave us His Torah on Mt. Sinai. This is because Judaism obligates us to transmit to our children that which was transmitted to us by our parents.

Specifically, every Jew is commanded by G-d in His Torah to transmit our Faith to our children. We are obligated to instill in our children an unwavering belief in the absolute, objective truth of the entirety of Torah, starting with the existence of our Creator, Who created the universe and fully controls it. We are further obligated to teach G-d's commandments, and our obligation to observe them, as it states: “Only take heed and guard your soul exceedingly so that you do not forget the facts that your eyes have seen and that they do not depart from your heart all the days of your life: and make them known to your children and your children’s children; the day that you stood before G-d your G-d, at Horeb (Mt. Sinai) when G-d said to me ‘Assemble this people for me; I will let them hear My words so that they may learn to fear Me all the days that they live on earth and teach their children accordingly’” (Deuteronomy 4:9,10).

Thus, in Judaism, Education is not just about teaching information. We are commanded to have children in order to raise them to grow to become servants of the Almighty. We are obligated to train to fulfill His commandments, and to abstain from what He prohibited. For us education is not just a part of life; it is the purpose of our life.

Additionally, it is specifically prohibited by Jewish law to expose ourselves or others to ideology that runs contrary to the ideology of our Holy Torah (e.g., see Maimonides, Mishneh Torah, Laws of Idolatry 2:2-3; Sefer HaChinuch 387; Bi'ur Halacha 1:1). It is absolutely prohibited to expose ourselves or others to studies of immoral lifestyles. Therefore, to study or teach the theory of Evolution - or immorality - violates core Torah prohibitions, and would entirely jeopardize our Education.
It is prohibited by Jewish law to expose ourselves

Even worse, in a sense, is teaching that LGBT-advocated conduct - the most evil of "lifestyles" (explicitly branded an "abomination" in VaYikra/ Leviticus 18:22) - is acceptable, much less to be "respected." Yet, in 2010, the N.Y.State Legislature passed the "Dignity for All Students Act," which mandated precisely that type of LGBT indoctrination.

That law modified section 801a of NY State's Education Law, to require schools to teach children to respect flagrant displays of immoral conduct that the Torah unequivocally commands us to abominate (Lev.18:22). Many of us were unaware of this legislation at the time, and only were alerted to it in the wake of the recently-revoked Guidelines of the Department of Education.

Last November, shortly after the elections, Dept. of Education Commissioner Elia - not surprisingly - publicly reinterpreted the aforementioned law. She applied it to religious schools as well. Thereby, she enabled the extension of the anti-Jewish LGBT assault on public school children to the large majority of Orthodox children, studying in religious schools.

[Please be aware that even if we were confident that the LGBTQ propaganda law would never be applied beyond public schools, we would still oppose this reprehensible policy, even if tolerance of such a policy would somehow procure "benefits" for our schools.
Sacrificing public school children for other children is anathema, and antithetical to everything Judaism stands for.]

After a judge subsequently dismissed those NYS DOE Guidelines as procedurally flawed, NY State proceeded to promulgate the same agenda, but this time in a procedurally correct - and tactically far more effective - manner. The recently issued Regulations carefully and predictably omitted explicit reference to the ultimate goals of LGBT indoctrination, and other red-flag policies. Yet, those Regulations emphatically allow the forthcoming Guidelines to cleverly include the most objectionable policies - AFTER passage of the public comment period.

This is absolutely unacceptable. Such policies are anti-Torah, as well as anti-Jewish, un-American, and unconstitutional. It is imperative to vote down any Regulations that even passively allow adoption of Guidelines mandating LGBT indoctrination.

Furthermore, please understand that the integrity of Torah institutions is only possible when complete control of what is acceptable in our curriculum is decided by qualified Rabbis and religious leaders. Please realize that government oversight influencing how Orthodox Jews operate their Yeshivas undermines the very purpose for which those institutions were founded. The curriculum of our schools, calibrated to enable our children to secure appropriate vocational employment, has been established by our Rabbis, and is not up for discussion. Our schools have enviably produced multiple generations of peaceful, law-abiding communities, blessed with successful businessmen and philanthropists. The past seventy plus years testify to the success of the Torah education system, producing tens of thousands of caring, responsible, moral and upstanding families who contribute considerably to society and the economy. Communally, we have the lowest rates of violent crime in the state. Any tampering with our curriculum is bound to ultimately increase crime in the state, by decimation (incremental or otherwise) of our religious values. If we can't unequivocally teach - without any exception - that everything the Bible forbids is objectively wrong and must not be committed, or tolerated, then, by definition, other prohibitions like murder, theft etc. will ultimately be neglected too. If the Divine origin of any part of the Torah is rejected - an evil in its own right - then adherence to all other commandments is also at risk, to the detriment of society at large.

Torah observant Jews have proudly lived as G-d-fearing Jews throughout history, and have sacrificed our wealth and even lives to secure the ability to live a Torah-true way of life. It is our sacred duty to further transmit pure Torah-true Judaism exactly as it has been passed down to us from generation to generation from Sinai. And that is exactly how we intend to educate our generations forever, whatever the price may be, be it fines, prison or even our lives.

Additionally, what good is government funding if that interferes with what is most precious in our lives – pure Torah education? Any governmental oversight, reform or slightest interference in the curriculum, subjects, etc. constitutes persecution on the basis of our religious beliefs and way of life, and therefore cannot be tolerated. We came to this country for religious freedom; please don't impose on us to flee this country due to a form of religious persecution even worse than that of Czarist Russia.

We humbly plead with you, please reject any and all Regulations or forthcoming Guidelines that would infringe upon our Religious Liberties, ensconced in the Bill of Rights. Please stand up for the values upon which the Founding Fathers have established this Republic. No American should collaborate in undermining these Religious Liberties, so foundational to our Constitutional Republican form of government. Please abolish the proposed regulations, and shun complicity in anti-constitutional policies with which tens of thousands of New York citizens will be unable to comply.

Thank you kindly,



President Donald Trump has spent nearly a third of his presidency visiting his business properties at taxpayer expense, according to a new report by the government watchdog group Citizens for Ethics and Responsibility in Washington.

CREW has found over 2,300 conflicts of interest resulting from Trump's decision not to divest ownership of his global business empire upon entering office. The group used social media, news reports, Freedom of Information Act responses and other sources of information to tally these instances. The nonprofit added that there are likely more conflicts of interest than the ones they have been able to identify.

"This corrupt relationship between the Trump Organization and the White House leaves the American public in the dark about whether presidential decisions and policy are being made in the best interest of the country or in the best interest of the president's own bottom line," Noah Bookbinder, CREW's executive director, told Newsweek.


President Donald Trump on Tuesday accused Jewish-Americans who vote for Democrats of showing "great disloyalty."

"Any Jewish people that vote for a Democrat — I think it shows either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty," Trump told reporters at the White House as he discussed a Monday press conference by Democratic Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, in which they criticized Israeli leaders for barring them from entering the Mediterranean nation.

 Showing a fresh willingness to play politics along religious and racial lines, President Donald Trump said Tuesday that American Jewish people who vote for Democrats show “either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty.”
Trump’s claim triggered a quick uproar from critics who said the president was trading in anti-Semitic stereotypes. It came amid his ongoing feud with Democratic congresswomen Ilhan Omar of Minnesota and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan, both Muslim.

As soon as Trump completed his interview, a storm of comments surfaced on social media and in press releases. 
Halie Soifer, executive director of Jewish Democratic Council of America, called the president's remarks "yet another example of  Donald Trump continuing to weaponize and politicize antisemitism. 

:At a time when antisemitic incidents have increased -- due to the president's emboldening of white nationalism -- Trump is repeating an antisemitic trope," Soifer said in a statement. "If this is about Israel, then Trump is repeating a dual loyalty claim, which is a form of antisemitism. If this is about Jews being 'loyal' to him, then Trump needs a reality check. We live in a democracy, and Jewish support for the Republican Party has been halved in the past four years."

The American Jewish Committee (AJC) likewise sharply criticized Trump's remarks. 

"Enough, Mr. President," the organization tweeted. "American Jews – like all Americans – have a range of political views. Your assessment of their knowledge or loyalty, based on their party preference, is divisive, disrespectful, and unwelcome. Please stop. "

AJC's CEO, David Harris, added that "for the President to assert that Jews who vote Democratic show 'disloyalty' is outrageous. This is a free country. Jews aren’t a monolithic bloc, nor single-issue voters/ Some will vote Democratic, others Republican. As Americans, that’s their right. Please keep loyalty out of it." 

Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of the Anti-Defamation League, joined the criticism. He tweeted, "It’s unclear who the president is claiming Jews would be 'disloyal' to, but charges of disloyalty have long been used to attack Jews. 

"As we’ve said before, it's possible to engage in the democratic process without these claims. It's long overdue to stop using Jews as a political football."

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הלווית אישה נעצרה - בגלל בנה סרבן הגט rabbi errs and tries pressuring son to give get by interfering with mother's funeral

נשיא בית הדין, הגאון רבי דוד לאו, הורה לחברא קדישא שלא לקיים הלוויה לאשה שבנה, תושב ארה"ב, מעגן את רעייתו למעלה מעשור, וזה בכדי להביא לשחרור העגונה 

נשיא בית הדין הגדול, הרב רהאשי הגאון רבי דוד לאו, הורה לחברא קדישא בירושלים שלא לקיים הלוויה לאשה שבנה, תושב ארצות הברית, מעגן את רעייתו כ-16 שנים.
ההחלטה של הגר"ד לאו הגיעה בתיאום עם בית הדין בארצות הברית וזה בכדי ללחוץ על בנה לשחרר את רעייתו מהעגינות, שכאמור נמשכת למעלה מעשור וחצי.
"Meir deposited a GET in 2008 at his Bais Din but Lonna has not come to his Bais Din. Meir remarries with a Heter from 100 rabbis..."

Meyer Kinn's mother passed away in Israel, and Lonna is apparently seeking to prevent her from coming to kever Yisrael, until Meyer gives her a Get. 
The problem is, that Meyer apparently got a Hetter 100 Rabbanim to remarry, and had a Get written for her in 2008, which was deposited at a Beis Din in Monesy. 
All Lonna has to do, is go and pick it up. 
We call that a FAKEgunah.
Israel’s Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi David Lau on Tuesday ordered the Jerusalem burial of a woman put on hold until her son agreed to grant his estranged wife a religious divorce.
Hours later, the man in question expressed his willingness to grant the get, and the funeral of his mother was set to proceed, reports said.
The woman, whose body was flown to Israel from the US, was due to be buried in the Mount of Olives cemetery Tuesday morning but Lau instructed the burial society to stop the proceedings until her US-based son delivers the divorce papers, known as a get, to a rabbinic court.

Fact check: Trump falsely claims Google 'manipulated' millions of 2016 votes

Facts FirstEpstein himself says Trump was wrong about his findings. Epstein did find "bias" in Google search results, but he says there is no evidence Google "manipulated" the results to favor Clinton. Also, critics of the study note that there is no definitive link between search results and voting behavior in presidential elections.

First let's address what Epstein says Trump got wrong. Then we'll delve into Epstein's research.Trump's words and numbers were inaccurate

Epstein, who testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee in July, found what he alleges was a pro-Clinton bias in Google's search results.
In an interview with CNN on Monday, Epstein said the pro-Clinton bias was "sufficient to have shifted between 2.6 and 10.4 million votes" to Clinton.
There is no basis in Epstein's research for Trump's claim that the alleged bias might have affected "16 million" votes. Epstein did testify in July that big tech companies in general could potentially shift "upwards of 15 million votes" in the 2020 election, but he didn't claim that this happened in 2016.
In the Monday interview, Epstein rejected Trump's claim that Googl

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Omar and Tlaib rightly blocked from visiting ‘non-existent’ country Palestine
At first blush, Israel’s decision to bar Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib looked like a mistake. My gut reaction was that the move would simultaneously make Israel appear weak and allow critics to claim the incident proves the Jewish state has no interest in peace with the Palestinians.

It didn’t help that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had initially signaled the two Democrats could visit despite their support for the BDS movement, which Israel has outlawed. When it became clear that Net­anyahu reversed his decision at President Trump’s urging, the situation appeared to go from bad to worse.

Both the United States and Israel looked to have blundered. Or so I thought.

Then facts and history had their say. Now, I believe Trump and Netanyahu made the right move.

They had no good options and chose the lesser of two evils.

Trump Fat-Shames His Own Supporter

Friday, August 16, 2019

Ben Shapiro: Israel made a 'big mistake' barring Omar and Tlaib from visiting

Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro claimed Thursday that Israel made an error in judgment by barring Rep. Ilhan Omar D-Minn., and Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., from visiting the Jewish state and said the Israeli government played right into the lawmakers' hands.

"Is this a smart move by Israel? No. It is a very not smart move by Israel," Shapiro said on his eponymous radio program Thursday.

"If Omar and Tlaib had just gone to Israel and then they had done their little propaganda tour about how Israel is evil and shouldn't exist -- then their ten fans would cheer and everybody else would sigh and roll their eyes," Shapiro said. "This is actually giving Omar and Tlaib what they want in terms of PR so they can falsely claim that Israel doesn't tolerate dissent."

How Trump Bullied Israel Into Punishing His Political Opponents, to the Jewish State’s Great Detriment

On July 19, Israel’s ambassador to the United States, Ron Dermer, announced that Israel would permit entry to U.S. Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, despite their support for boycotting the Jewish state: “Out of respect for the U.S. Congress and the great alliance between Israel and America, we would not deny entry to any member of Congress into Israel.” Dermer, Netanyahu’s closest confidant and colloquially known as “Bibi’s Brain,” had reportedly recommended this course to his boss. As Haaretz correspondent Amir Tibon later reported, the decision was made to focus on this past week’s pro-Israel visit of 41 Democratic representatives, led by House Whip Steny Hoyer, rather than give more oxygen to an anti-Israel trip by just two Democratic congresswomen.
That entire plan, however, was detonated by Donald Trump for his own political purposes, to Israel’s great detriment. The president’s effort to undermine and alter the Israeli government’s approach began in early August, when Axios’ Barak Ravid reported that Trump was privately signaling that Israel should bar both Omar and Tlaib—personal antagonists who he had repeatedly assailed, often in bigoted terms. “Trump’s private views have reached the top level of the Israeli government,” Ravid reported.
Trump’s complaint put Netanyahu and his government in a bind—between their own original judgment that banning members of Congress would create a major rift with American Democrats and an erratic president who could be alienated by the smallest slight. Netanyahu himself, facing a tough reelection fight, could not afford a spat with Trump—the man whose face he had festooned on giant campaign posters. In an effort to buy time, the government announced on Thursday morning that it was “reconsidering” its position. Then Trump forced the issue:

Editorial: The Omar and Tlaib ban from Israel is a disgrace. True democracies aren’t afraid of critics

Last we checked, both the United States and Israel were democracies — and allies. Yet on Thursday the leaders of both countries sounded more like crazy autocrats with a penchant for silencing their critics. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s decision to prohibit U.S. Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) and Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) from entering Israel on an official congressional visit not only smacks of tin-pot authoritarianism, it elevates his critics.

Netanyahu justified this shameful decision by citing a recent bit of daft legislating, an Israeli law prohibiting foreign nationals who back boycotts against Israel or its West Bank settlements from entering the country. That’s bad enough. Even more outrageous is that President Trump appears to have goaded Netanyahu into making this decision.

Not content to call for Omar and Tlaib (and their two progressive Democratic colleagues on the so-called “squad”) to leave the United States, Trump has been pressing Israel publicly not to let them into that country. To quote his tweet Thursday: “It would show great weakness if Israel allowed Rep. Omar and Rep. Tlaib to visit. They hate Israel & all Jewish people, & there is nothing that can be said or done to change their minds.” He added, “They are a disgrace!”

The only disgrace here is Trump’s behavior.

Israel Bans Reps. Omar and Tlaib From Entry Over Support for Boycotts

Israel said Thursday that it will bar two Democratic congresswomen from entering the country ahead of a planned visit over their support for a Palestinian-led boycott movement, a decision announced shortly after President Donald Trump tweeted that it would “show great weakness” to allow them in.

The move to bar Reps. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Ilhan Omar of Minnesota from visiting appeared to be unprecedented. It marked a deep foray by Israel into America’s bitterly polarized politics and a sharp escalation of Israel’s campaign against the international boycott movement.

The two newly-elected Muslim members of Congress are outspoken critics of Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians and have repeatedly sparred with Trump over a range of issues. Tlaib’s family immigrated to the United States from the West Bank, where she still has close relatives.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Trump accuses news media of trying to crash the economy

President Donald Trump on Thursday baselessly accused the press of trying to tank the American economy, shrugging off any blame for a prospective economic slowdown and possible recession heading into his reelection next year.

“The Fake News Media is doing everything they can to crash the economy because they think that will be bad for me and my re-election,” he said in a tweet. “The problem they have is that the economy is way too strong and we will soon be winning big on Trade, and everyone knows that, including China!”

The president offered no evidence to support his claim that the media, a frequent target of his ire, is working to weaken the U.S. economy.

Donald Trump Grapples With Self-Inflicted Economic Wounds As Markets Plunge | The Last Word | MSNBC

‘Keep the Hasidic Out’: A Small-Town Housing Showdown

In a peaceful corner of the Hudson Valley, a broad expanse of land sits at the ready for hundreds of homes ranging between 2,500 and 3,400 square feet, with views of the surrounding hills. There will be a recreation center and tennis courts, and nearly half of the development’s 117 acres will be kept as open space.

they most have read Joe Orlow's comment

Let's put this in perspective.
If I gave you a choice to take a walk at night unescorted through an American neighborhood filled with an overwhelming majority of White people, or through a neighborhood in any inner city neighborhood in America with a minority of White people, which would you choose?

Wednesday, August 14, 2019


To be delivered to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, New York City Council

We request the stretch of Fifth Avenue between 56th and 57th Streets be renamed "President Barack H. Obama Avenue." Any addresses on that stretch of Fifth Avenue should be changed accordingly.

(v.3) Travel Advisory to All Draft-Age Girls With Israeli Citizenship Traveling to Israel, & other news from Israel

IMPORTANT International Travel Advisory to All Draft-Age Girls With Israeli Citizenship - INCLUDING DUAL US/Foreign - ISRAELI CITIZENSHIP - Traveling to Israel:

In light of a harrowing experience of an American Bais Yaakov girl with DUAL US-Israeli citizenship last Thursday at the Tel HaShomer Draft Office, ALL religious girls - of whatever religious affiliation [Mizrachi; Dati-Leumi; Chardal; Modern Orthodox; Chareidi; et. al., and especially Sefardi] - should remember to secure their religious exemption from IDF military service by sending their "Tatzhir Dat" ("certification of religiosity") to the IDF by CERTIFIED MAIL. By NO means should a girl ever venture into any draft office IN PERSON, regardless of any "advice" to the contrary.

Important: A "Tatzhir Dat" (available through a Bais Din) is not to be confused with a "Rayon Dat" (a Test of Religiosity," see below), which is to be totally avoided. Additionally, make sure to obtain a full service "Exemption," not merely a (temporary) "Deferment."

Last Thursday, one particular American Bais Yaakov girl, as reported by an eyewitness, ignored warnings to avoid entering the Draft Office, naively thinking (like anyone who deal with government offices in western countries) that she'd be "in and out." Like other girls seeking an exemption, she entered the building alone, inasmuch as they don't even allow parents in. Additionally, on entering, the girl lost all contact with the outside world (cellphone reception was blocked).

After an unexpectedly long period of waiting outside, her mother started saying Tehillim for her. After a tense 45 minutes, the girl exited, drained and tense. Her mother was shocked to hear that that if she'd not been so adamant about her refusal to enlist, her Bais Yaakov Seminary daughter would have actually been enlisted in the IDF.

° We just received another eyewitness report today of a similar scenario narrowly averted this Monday (Aug. 12), outside the Draft Office on Rechov Rashi. A 20 y/o American (Bais Yaakov type- appearing) girl, whose family recently made Aliyah, almost walked right into the Lishkas HaGiyus, where should could have easily been arrested. Bereft of basic information, she was clearly naive about the process and the dangers of entering the Draft Office premises, initially thinking she'd be out in five minutes. When she was properly informed, she B"H took care of her exemption process without entering the building, by obtaining her Tatzhir Das to send it in by registered mail. (She didn't even know she needed to a have a credit card to pay the 55 shekel for the tatzir. B"H one of the volunteers helped her out.)

° On Tuesday, Aug. 13, a emergency call went out to come to the Lishkas haGiyus to demonstrate to help free yet another religious girl who entered the building and got stuck inside. B"H she was freed.

This all highlights the critical need to support the lifesaving work of the volunteer sentinels stationed outside some of the various draft offices. Moreover, who knows how many girls are being drafted - or arrested, incarcerated, physically and emotionally abused, and even broken - without us even knowing about it? This is literally a matter of pidyon shevuyim and haztolas nefashos.

For individual girls, following proper procedures should not be taken lightly, especially now that the government is becoming much more resistant to providing religious exemptions. Another draft-age girl, recently visiting Israel for Pesach, was reportedly compelled to expend much time and effort before Pesach, during Chol HaMoed, and after Pesach, all just to ensure she'd be allowed to leave Israel without being stopped due her draft status.

Unlike in the past, even the most religious background and appearance may not shield girls from extensive attempts to prevail on them to enlist in the IDF. Ever since 5773, the government has made it a goal to recruit religious girls into the IDF. Consequently, draft office personnel are well trained to employ all types of techniques to pressure or maneuver even fully religious girls into signing up.


If ever confronted with such a situation, some useful advice for girls being pressured to enlist in the IDF is:

(1) firmly provide an unwavering and unequivocal response ("NO, by no means whatsoever will I ever enlist, no matter what the consequences (pursuant to the psak din of Torah authorities from across the spectrum).");

(2) don't give any more information than the Tatzhir Dat process requires;

(3) cut off all further communications (this also helps avoid being harassed by the varied threats often employed to break girls' resistance);

(4) You're not legally obligated to agree to submit to a "Rayon Dat" - "Test of Religiosity," nor should you. It can (and frequently does) hurt exemption prospects immensely. It is often merely a tool to trip up girls and make them feel like phonies, to break their resistance.

(5) If you're ever in trouble, feel free to contact the Israeli organization "Shalhevet" for immediate assistance (free of charge):

For emergency assistance:


v: 03-958-4048 ext 2

Or 3192 * to leave a message



information on Giyus Banos available online at the site of Chotam, an Israeli Dati Leumi organization:

Immigration official Ken Cuccinelli: Statue of Liberty poem refers to immigrants from Europe

Acting U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Ken Cuccinelli on Tuesday evening doubled down on his characterization of the famous Emma Lazarus Statue of Liberty sonnet, saying the poem was referring mostly to immigrants coming from Europe.

Cuccinelli early Tuesday made headlines after he gave his own revised version of the famous poem, "The New Colossus," when asked whether it would still be a part of the American ethos once the new rule was implemented.