Saturday, December 25, 2021

Florida’s second COVID Christmas marred by 320% infection hike

In just two weeks, Florida’s seven-day average has gone from 4,200 cases a week to 17,800, according to the data released Friday. The Sunshine State has already surpassed the 16,000 daily cases recorded at the peak of last year’s winter wave and could soon surpass the summer delta wave, which peaked at 25,000 daily cases.

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  1. Okay, what's their hospitalization rate? Here's Ontario's data
    You'll note that active cases are soaring but over the last 3 days the number of people in ICU has dropped and hospitalizations are steady. So again, I know that you want to bash Florida because it has a GOP governor but if this thing spreads to everyone, hospitalizations remain manageable and then everyone is naturally or artificially immunized, it ends!


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