Tuesday, December 28, 2021

In Suicide Note, Chaim Walder Insists He Is Innocent, Summons Rabbis To ‘A Din Torah In Heaven’


Walder wrote that “I have gone to summon Yehuda Silman and Shmuel Eliyahu to a Din Torah in heaven. I have come to the conclusion that in the world of lies I have no chance of proving my innocence. I am dealing with horrific lies covered in anonymity, without any possibility of proving that they have no factual basis.

“I have reached the extreme limit of human suffering which is possible. They insulted me about the things which I was best at and which I dedicated my life to- supporting and protecting children.


  1. Lo yzais Dino

  2. Look, here's the thing. There's timing and there's numbers.
    Moshe Katzav made a statement declaring that Oslo was a mistake and had to be rethought. A couple of weeks later a woman suddenly accused him of misbehaviour and when that didn't pick up lint, another few came forward. Small numbers, convenient timing.
    On the other hand, this guy can't claim timing and there's literally dozens of women saying the same thing. Yes, he deserved his day in court but until then there's still grounds for treating him with suspicion


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