Sunday, December 26, 2021

Marjorie Taylor Greene Wants To 'Restore' America to Christian Principles

Greene went on: "I believe with all my heart if our lives and laws reflect the teachings of the King of Kings, the more peace, prosperity and freedom we will enjoy.

"And that is exactly why I came to Congress. To work to see America restored to the Christian principles that have given rise to the greatest nation the world has ever known. Merry Christmas."


  1. Right idea, wrong term for the values. People will freak out over this but consider:
    The British, Portuguese, and Spanish colonies in North America all started out around the same time. Heck, the Spanish actually had a head start. What's more, Spanish territories had more resources and better climates to work with. Yet flash forward from the 1600's to the 1900's and what do you find? The British colonies have evolved into leading First World nations. The Spanish and Portuguese colonies are, to the last, all corrupt Third World and maybe a couple of Second World states. Why?
    The one major difference is religion. The British colonies were Protestant-dominant while the Spanish were Catholic. The Protestant religious code wasn't just about going to church on Sunday. There is a Protestant work ethic - show up on time, do a good job even if no one is watching, don't take advantage of situations for personal benefit. There is no corresponding Catholic work ethic. It's the Protestant work values that caused the British colonies to succeed while the Spanish ones continue to wallow in muck until today. One could argue that America and Canada's decline is due to abandonment of those values and their replacement with secular "I'm in it for myself" values.
    Now, I doubt Greene has thought of it like this. More likely it's the usual Chrisian crap. But it's a thought as to the direction America needs to go

  2. Spanish themselves were corrupt, and never truly democratic
    It was run by the church or by dictators until after WW2.

  3. That's right. The English managed to balance the Church vs State thing perfectly for a long time.


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