Tuesday, December 28, 2021

US Orthodox Jews financially fragmented but mostly secure, survey finds


A survey on the finances of US Orthodox Jews has found that the community is largely financially secure, but frets about savings and spends heavily on education and other cost-of-living expenses tied to religion.

Jewish respondents who identified as modern Orthodox reported an average median household income of $188,000 per year, and $31,000 in annual school expenses.

Just under half of modern Orthodox were confident they will have enough savings to retire, and 12% had concerns about covering daily expenses.

The survey by the independent Nishma Research firm collated responses from 1,334 modern Orthodox respondents and 973 ultra-Orthodox, or Haredi, participants.

The firm reached the respondents through synagogues and religious organizations. The participants had to opt in to the survey, meaning it was a self-selecting group, and not exactly representative of the community as a whole, the researchers said.

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