Thursday, December 23, 2021

Security guard who attacked MK revealed as Hamas terrorist

One of the two security Arab guards who attacked MK Itamar Ben Gvir earlier this week has been revealed as a Hamas terrorist, Israel Hayom reported.

In the past, terrorist Mohammad Shaweeky wrote a post on social media praising Hamas terrorist Ali Shyouky, Israel Hayom added.

Shyouky is a Hamas terrorist from Silwan, who in October 2016 was eliminated after conducting a firebombing.

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  1. Except (1) the guard is not a Hamas terrorist. He might be a supporter and obviously that's bad but he's not a terrorist. Don't dilute the term
    2) From all accounts, Ben Gvir was the jerk here, parking where he shouldn't have. For him to claim vindication also rings hollow. He didn't know anything about the guards approaching him. He just thought that since they're Arabs he can treat them like trash and threaten them with impunity. And then wonder why they cheer for Hamas.


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