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Sorry, Trump: Hutchinson's January 6 testimony isn't 'hearsay'

Former President Donald Trump and his supporters were quick to try to discredit former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson’s damning Jan. 6 committee testimony on Tuesday. One of the common themes of the smear campaign was the charge that her statements were all “hearsay,” a hand-waving response deployed by, among others, the Twitter account for Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee and conservative commentator Erick Erickson.

Why does almost anyone have more credibility than an American president by the name of Trump??

During his term as President of the United StatesDonald Trump made tens of thousands of false or misleading claims; The Washington Post's fact-checker had tallied the number as 30,573, an average of about 21 per day by the end of his presidency.[1][5][6][7] Characterized as a use of the "firehose of falsehoodpropaganda technique,[8] commentators and fact-checkers have described the scale of his mendacity as "unprecedented" in American politics,[9][10][11][12][13] and the consistency of these falsehoods became a distinctive part of both his business and political identity.[14] Trump often denied having made controversial statements.[15][16] By June 2019, after initially resisting to do so, many news organizations began to describe some of his falsehoods as "lies",[17] which are false statements that the speaker knows are false. The Washington Post said his frequent repetition of claims he knew to be false amounted to a campaign based on disinformation.[18] Trump campaign CEO and presidency chief strategist Steve Bannon said that the press, rather than Democrats, was Trump's primary adversary and "the way to deal with them is to flood the zone with shit."[19][20]

As part of their attempts to overturn the 2020 United States presidential election, Trump and his allies repeatedly and falsely claimed there had been massive election fraud and that Trump had really won the election.[7] Their effort was characterized by some as an implementation of the "big lie" propaganda technique.[21]

Rep. Liz Cheney 'confident' in Cassidy Hutchinson's testimony l GMA

A Cri de Coeur for the Russian Army to Return to Its Moral Roots by Rabbi Shalom C. Spira

 Some 77 years ago, on Pesach 5745, the Russian army (or, technically speaking, what was called at that time the Soviet Union army) liberated my paternal grandparents who had been hiding in the Czech mountains from the Holocaust. This was an exemplary moral achievement by the Russian army. More recently, 4 years ago, the Chief Rabbi of Russia (in a visit to Montreal documented at  <>) announced that the Russian army’s commander-in-chief, Vladimir Putin, gives respect to the Torah. This once again reflects to the moral credit of Russia’s army, given the Gemara, Chullin 92b that one of the commandments of the Noahide Code is to honour the Torah. 

            It is thus disturbing to see how, for the past four months, Russia’s army has potentially compromised its moral integrity with its attack on Ukraine. To that effect, many international governments – including that of Canada (where this writer presently resides) – have protested the Russian army’s action. See, for example, <>. In the present article, I will argue that the invasion of Ukraine is inadvisable under the Noahide Code on account of three doubts to the side of stringency. 


            1) Rabbi Naftali Zvi Yehudah Berlin, Ha’amek Davar commentary to Genesis  9:5, allows Noahide governments to engage in offensive warfare, pursuant to the opinion of Shmuel in the Gemara, Shevu‘ot 35b which elucidates Song of Songs 8:12 to mean that a Jewish monarch may kill up to a sixth of humanity in a milchemet reshut (so-called “discretionary war”). Understood as such, Song of Songs 8:12 teaches us that just as a prudent farmer will eliminate a few diseased trees to protect the vineyard as a whole, so too a milchemet reshut may ethically target up to a sixth of humanity in order to better protect global security. Rabbi Berlin essentially argues that what is authorized for a Jewish monarch must perforce also be authorized for a Noahide government. This is also the view of Maharal of Prague, Gur Aryeh to Genesis 34:13. 

            However, Rabbi Berlin’s extrapolation is not necessarily as compelling as it may appear at first glance, be-mechilat Kevod Torato. A careful examination of Shevu‘ot 35b reveals that Shmuel’s opinion is based on the supposition that the Name in Song of Songs 8:12 is sacred. However, according to the countervailing view in the Gemara that the Name in Song of Songs 8:12 is secular, there is no license for Noahide governments to kill up to a sixth of humanity (or even one human being) in an offensive war. [And that which a Jewish monarch may engage in a milchemet reshut flows from a special Torah commandment (Deut. 20:10-15) that is directed only to the Jewish People, and even then, only when so authorized by a prophetic revelation via the urim ve-tumim, the latter notion being inoperative in our era until the messianic redemption.] 

            Rambam, Hilkhot Yesodei ha-Torah 6:9 rules that the Name in Song of Songs 8:12 is in fact secular, although is contested on this matter by Ran al ha-RifShulchan Arukh does not adjudicate between these conflicting views. Accordingly, Rambam’s outstanding view presumably creates a legitimate safek that the halakhah may perhaps not follow Ha‘amek Davar, such that offensive war would actually be forbidden to Noahide governments. 

            Given this doubt, it is not surprising that – as documented by Rabbi J. David Bleich, Contemporary Halakhic Problems Vol. 3, p. 287 – both R. Avraham Dov Kahana-Shapiro, Teshuvot Dvar Avraham I, no. 11 and R. Menachem Zemba, Teshuvot Zera Avraham no. 24 forbid Noahides from engaging in offensive warfare. To that effect, the latter two scholars both invoke the Gemara, Sanhedrin 59a which declares that “Noahides are not included under the rubric of conquest” to explain why the license of milchemet reshut is denied to Noahide governments. 

            Rabbi Bleich also cites R. Moshe Sofer, Teshuvot Chatam Sofer, Yoreh De‘ah no. 19 as prohibiting Noahides from engaging in offensive warfare. Actually, this appears to be an oversimplification, be-mechilat Kevod Torato. A closer reading of Chatam Sofer reveals that he considers the question to be one that is “tzarikh iyun gadol” (requires great investigation). Nevertheless, even that should presumably be sufficient to prevent the Russian army from relying on Ha‘amek Davar and Gur Aryeh to engage in offensive warfare. After all, the principle “why do you see that your blood is redder, perhaps the blood of your fellow is redder” (Sanhedrin 74a) indicates that even doubtful murder must be eschewed. 


            2) Rabbi Bleich, ibid., pp. 9-10, observes that even according to the aforementioned Ha‘amek Davar, license for Noahide governments to engage in offensive warfare is limited to killing up to a sixth of humanity. Now, since it is tactically certain that a nuclear war would annihilate more than a sixth of humanity, Rabbi Bleich concludes that nuclear warfare is forbidden for Noahides. Yet, in our present situation, the Russian army has threatened to employ nuclear weapons against any nation that tries to defend Ukraine. Arguably, this threat may itself cloud the moral legitimacy of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, even according to Ha‘amek Davar. [Admittedly, Rabbi Bleich continues that Noahide governments are allowed to passively maintain a nuclear arsenal as a deterrent against attack by foreign nations. However, it seems to this student that one might question whether the deterrent justification only holds true for purposes of passive self-defense, as distinct from purposes of actively invading a neighbouring country (the latter representing Russia’s current strategy). In the latter instance, humanity would risk destroying itself through nuclear bullying, thereby running afoul of Rambam, Hilkhot Melakhim 10:11 (viz. the concept “that the world should not be destroyed”). See Rabbi Bleich, Be-Netivot ha-Hahalakhah Vol. 1, pp. 98-101 for an elaboration of the latter Rambam]. 


            3) As explained by Shalom C. Spira and Mark A. Wainberg “HIV Vaccine Triage: Halakhic Considerations,” Jewish Law Annual Vol. 20 (2013), Noahide societies are commanded to implement programs that prevent the spread of infectious disease, pursuant to the Mishnah, Bava Batra 7b, which authorizes citizens of a town to compel one another to erect fortifications for protection against possible attack by marauders. As of the present date, the COVID pandemic continues (as evident, for example, by the fact that the present writer is still required to don a mask at his place of work and on public transit when travelling to-and-from his work). By waging a war at this time, the Russian army is jeopardizing its ability to protect its soldiers from preventing the spread of COVID. Arguably, this itself may erode the moral legitimacy of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 


            Given the aforementioned three doubts, I appeal to the conscience of Russian soldiers to consider the following Gemara, Shabbat 30b. To justify why a candle should be extinguished on the Sabbath in order to allow a dangerously ill patient much-needed sleep in order to recover, the Talmud posits: “A regular candle is called a candle, and a human soul is also called a candle [i.e. the candle of G-d, in Proverbs 20:27]. It is better to extinguish a regular candle created by flesh-and-blood for the sake of saving the candle of the Holy One, Blessed Be He.” We can infer from this Talmudic lesson that human inventions and firepower should play second-fiddle to the saving of human life. Now is the time for the Russian army to return to its moral roots by aborting its invasion, and indeed a recent proclamation of Agudath Israel (at <>) concludes likewise. Perhaps Agudath Israel oversimplified by terming the Russian invasion (definite) “murder,” but – as before – even doubtful murder must be avoided, and so Agudath Israel’s practical conclusion remains cogent. 


Rabbi Spira works as Editor of Manuscripts and Grants at the Lady Davis Institute of Medical Research [a Pavillion of the Jewish General Hospital] in Montreal, Canada.

Donald Trump Stalwarts Finally Turn On Him After Hutchinson's Testimony

While there remain hardline Trump supporters who still stand by the former president and dismissed Hutchinson's testimony as "hearsay," others who previously defended him have started to change their tune.

Rudy Giuliani should be investigated for reporting false crime, New York Mayor Eric Adams says

Giuliani claims an employee at a borough ShopRite assaulted him while he was stumping for his son Andrew Giuliani’s gubernatorial bid. Surveillance video shows the worker tap Giuliani, 78, on the back before chewing out the former mayor. The footage has prompted critics to mock Giuliani for claiming to “feel a shot on my back, like somebody shot me.”

Liz Cheney: 'Republicans cannot be both loyal to Donald Trump and loyal to the Constitution'

“But the reality that we face today as Republicans — as we think about the choice in front of us — we have to choose. Because Republicans cannot both be loyal to Donald Trump and loyal to the Constitution.”

Fox lapdog Hannity: What we witnessed was blatantly dishonest

Fox News This is stunning

FASCINATING: New Local Business Selling Fish Shirayim from Rebbe’s Tischen

Currently, the business is selling necklaces ($50) and keychains ($40) with tisch fish inside them – and there are plans to expand. Its proprietor is also working on adding fish-filled cufflinks to its line of products, which she says she has received many requests for, and has now launched a website for its products –

Andrew Giuliani had the name ID and his famous father. He just didn’t have the votes.

Andrew Giuliani failed in his first bid for election, coming in a distant second in a four-way race for governor after tethering his election to his father’s tarnished legacy and their closeness with former President Donald Trump.

Israeli billionaire’s daughter under fire for paying celebrities to speak about family purity

The She’asani Isha project is led by Leviev-Yelizarov, a marriage and sex counselor, and Bracha Shilat, an entrepreneur and activist. Leviev-Yelizarov is the daughter of Israeli diamond magnate Lev Leviev.

The campaign is aiming to spread the word about the Jewish traditions and laws of family purity in a way that is empowering and personal.

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Former Trump acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney on "explosive" Jan. 6 committee hearing

Trump grabbed limo wheel to drive himself to Capitol on Jan. 6, Mark Meadows aide Cassidy Hutchinson says

“For those complaining of ‘hearsay,’ I imagine the Jan. 6 committee would welcome any of those involved to deny these allegations under oath.”

“My guess is that before this is over, we will be hearing testimony from Ornato, Engel, and Meadows,” wrote Mick Mulvaney, who served as Trump’s acting chief of staff from 2019 to 2020, when he was replaced by Meadows.

“This is explosive stuff. If Cassidy is making this up, they will need to say that. If she isn’t they will have to corroborate. I know her. I don’t think she is lying,” he added.

Shortly after the hearing, Mulvaney declared Tuesday to be a “very, very bad day for Trump.”

Cassidy Hutchinson’s Testimony against Trump Is Devastating - NATIONAL REVIEW 

Trump apologists, moreover, were quick to point out that Hutchinson’s account is hearsay: She heard the story from Ornato, who got it from Engel.

That’s true. Still, a few things are worth bearing in mind. First, this isn’t just any hearsay — like idle chatter a witness might eavesdrop on. We’re talking here about a chain of command, where government officials are expected to report things to their superiors — in this instance, up to the president’s chief-of-staff. More to the point, Hutchinson learned these details just minutes after the encounter in the SUV. Ornato came directly to Meadows’s office with Engel. As Engel looked on in apparent affirmation, Ornato relayed what had just happened to Hutchinson. Engel gave no indication that Ornato had gotten any of the details wrong. And if Hutchinson is lying or exaggerating, it’s strange that, under oath, she would voluntarily identify so many witnesses who could contradict her.

House Judiciary GOP Claimed Mark Meadows Aide’s Blockbuster Testimony Was ‘Literally All Hearsay Evidence.’ The Truth Is More Complicated.

Hearsay isn’t the easiest legal concept to describe or understand. Technically, it’s an out-of-court statement offered as proof that the matter asserted is true (as opposed to the mere existence of the statement itself). The core issue is trustworthiness: an in-court statement relevant to litigation and made by someone who is speaking under oath is considered to be more trustworthy than a statement uttered outside of court and thus not subject to the pains and penalties of perjury. Consequently, the “hearsay rule” is one that generally excludes legally untrustworthy statements — but not all out-of-court statements — from being offered as evidence.

Trump's Secret Service Detail 'Cheered on the Insurrection'—Carol Leonnig

"The second part I would stress is both of these individuals, Bobby Engel and Tony Ornato were very close to President Trump.

"Some people accused them of, at times, being yes-men and enablers of the President, particularly Tony Ornato.

"People who wanted to do what [Trump] wanted and see him pleased.

"That was frustrating to agents that were more focussed on security or being independent or good planning.

"So both of these individuals lose a little bit of credibility because of how closely they have been seen as aligned to Donald Trump.

Trump Embraced Armed Rally Attendees; Sought To Join Them In March: Jan. 6 Hearing Witness

“Real Real Bad” - Hutchinson’s Eyewitness Testimony Reveals White House Knew Jan. 6th Would Get Ugly

'Devastating': Woodward calls Jan. 6 testimony Trump's 'political obituary'

Donald Trump Rages Over Cassidy Hutchinson's Damning Testimony

"Her Fake story that I tried to grab the steering wheel of the White House Limousine in order to steer it to the Capitol Building is 'sick' and fraudulent, very much like the Unselect Committee itself—Wouldn't even have been possible to do such a ridiculous thing."

In another post, Trump disputed her allegation that he was upset security would not let people carrying weapons into his January 6 speech.

"I didn't want or request that we make room for people with guns to watch my speech. Who would ever want that? Not me!" he wrote.

He continued lashing out against Hutchinson in a series of other posts, dubbing her "a Total Phony!!!" and "a third rate social climber."

US woman married in Iran finally secures Jewish divorce

The husband appeared before the court but continued to refuse to grant the divorce demanding a variety of concessions on R’s part including that she give up the assets she had legally secured in their U.S. civil divorce agreement and pay exorbitant alimony payments retroactively for the past five years. The Rabbinical Court refused all his claims and handed down an official ruling that he issue the get and cease his attempts at extortion. With the man understanding his position and the likelihood that Hajaj would move for economic and other sanctions against him if he didn’t relent, he finally conceded to issue R the get, which was presented to her by a messenger of the court in the U.S.

This teaching is pleasant but this is not pleasant loses the fortune of Torah.

Eruvin (64a)     Rav Naḥman said: This halakha is not excellent, as concerning myself, as long as I have not drunk a quarter-log of wine, my mind is not clear. It is only after drinking wine that I can issue appropriate rulings.

How the Jan. 6 panel’s star witness drew a roadmap for Trump’s culpability

Among her recollections, part of a succession of shocking details from inside the White House:

  • Trump was informed that members of the crowd during the “Stop the Steal” rally by his supporters on Jan. 6, 2021, carried weapons. He asked the Secret Service to dismantle metal detectors to let them into the Ellipse so his audience looked larger. Those rallygoers would later march to the Capitol and mount a violent siege aimed at disrupting Congress’ certification of Trump’s loss.
  • Trump lunged at the steering wheel of his presidential vehicle after he was informed that the Secret Service would not permit him to travel to the Capitol following his speech at that Ellipse rally.
  • Trump told aides that he agreed with those who had stormed the Capitol and thought they were right to call for Pence’s hanging.
  • Meadows and Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani sought pardons from the then-president for their actions related to challenging the election.

Trump grabbed limo wheel to drive himself to Capitol on Jan. 6, Mark Meadows aide Cassidy Hutchinson says

“The president reached up toward the front of the vehicle to grab at the steering wheel. Mr. Engel grabbed his arm and said, ‘Sir, you need to take your hand off the steering wheel. We’re going back to the West Wing. We’re not going to the Capitol.’ Mr. Trump then used his free hand to lunge toward Bobby Engel.”

Trump disputed the accusation, saying in a statement, “Her Fake story that I tried to grab the steering wheel of the White House Limousine in order to steer it to the Capitol Building is ‘sick’ and fraudulent, very much like the Unselect Committee itself – Wouldn’t even have been possible to do such a ridiculous thing.”

The Secret Service, Ornato and Engel did not immediately respond to The Post’s requests for comment.

Secret Service agents willing to testify that Trump didn't lunge at steering wheel during Capitol riot: source

Following Trump's speech at the Ellipse, he got into the presidential SUV under the impression that he was going to the Capitol, then had a "very strong, very angry response" when the head of his Secret Service detail, Bobby Engel, said that they were going to the White House.

"The president said something to the effect of, 'I'm the f'ing president. Take me up to the Capitol now," Hutchinson testified, relaying what she was told later that day by another White House aide, Tony Ornato.

7 takeaways from Tuesday's shocking January 6 hearing

Hutchinson really moved the ball forward in terms of establishing that Trump was personally aware of the potential for violence, yet forged ahead on January 6 with his attempts to rile up his supporters to interfere with the joint session of Congress to certify President Joe Biden's victory.

She said Trump was told that morning that weapons were being confiscated from some of his supporters who came for his rally. Later, when Trump and his team were at the Ellipse -- the large oval lawn on the south side of the White House -- and before his speech, Trump barked out orders to his staffers to "take the mags away" -- referring to the metal detectors -- because the people in the crowd, "they're not here to hurt me."

Trump also said, "I don't f**king care that they have weapons," according to Hutchinson. This is particularly shocking, because Trump then encouraged the same crowd to march to the Capitol while lawmakers were affirming Biden's win. (Hundreds of Trump's diehard supporters soon stormed the Capitol, many carrying knives, bear spray, metal poles, tasers and a few guns.)

Post analysis of explosive testimony from former aide Cassidy Hutchinson l ABC News

Trump wanted to join Jan. 6 Capitol riot, tried to grab limo steering wheel

Donald Trump tried to grab the steering wheel of his presidential limousine on Jan. 6, 2021, when his security detail declined to take him to the US Capitol where his supporters were rioting, a former aide testified on Tuesday.

The then-president dismissed concerns that some supporters gathered for his fiery speech outside the White House that day carried AR-15-style rifles, instead asking security to stop screening attendees with metal-detecting magnetometers so the crowd would look larger, the aide testified.

"Take the effing mags away; they're not here to hurt me," Cassidy Hutchinson, who was a top aide to Trump's then-White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, quoted Trump as saying that morning.

Born Christian, French woman becomes one of Israel’s few female Orthodox rabbis

Peretz, a dual French-Swiss national, received her ordination from Daniel Sperber, winner of the prestigious Israel Prize for his achievements in Talmudic study and a revered rabbi who has challenged the Orthodox establishment.

Police arrest suspect in disappearance of Haredi teenager last seen in March

Police said on Tuesday they have arrested a suspect in the case of an ultra-Orthodox teenage boy who has been missing for three months, in a breakthrough for the investigation.

The details from the case are barred from publication and it wasn’t clear what the suspect was accused of.

Yeshiva student Moshe Klinerman, 16, was last seen on March 25 when he left his home in the settlement of Modiin Illit in the West Bank with a few friends for a trip to northern Israel.

Taking Medicine on Shabbat-Part I by Rabbi Chaim Jachter

People commonly ask why this rabbinical prohibition still applies if its reason is no longer relevant. The answer is that rabbinical prohibitions remain even if their reasons no longer apply. The Gemara (Beitzah 5a) articulates the rule that כל דבר שבמנין צריך מנין אחר להתירו, “once the rabbis issue a decree only a rabbinical assemblage of equivalent stature can overturn it.” The Gemara cites a biblical precedent for this rule. Today there is no rabbinical assemblage of equivalent stature to the rabbis of the Gemara. Hence, Chazal’s decrees still apply even if their reasons are no longer relevant.

Rav Yosef Dov Soloveitchik (Nefesh Harav p.173) specifically invoked this principle when he ruled that even today we are prohibited from taking medicine on Shabbat. Rav Eliezer Waldenberg (Teshuvot Tzitz Eliezer 8:15:15:4) adds that the reason for this decree is still relevant, as even today many people grind medicines when preparing home remedies.

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Currently under investigation for over 40 counts of criminal conduct including perverting the course of justice, suppressing evidence and intimidating the children’s guardian whom she ordered to close the case without even meeting the children!

Shockingly, this corrupt and criminal family court judge had her own nasty custody battle and also put her ex-husband through hell by fighting to deny him access to their joint children whom she ensured stayed with her, the mother.

Trump Fumes as Conservative Columnist Says GOP Is Rejecting Him Over Jan. 6

In a Wall Street Journal op-ed on Thursday, Noonan wrote that the January 6 hearings are "sinking" Trump and not helping President Joe Biden.

"Mr. Trump's national polling numbers continue underwater, but the real test will be to see those numbers after the Jan. 6 hearings are over. I believe we'll see Rep. Liz Cheney's kamikaze mission hit its target, and the SS Trump will list," she wrote.

2 US Orthodox Jewish groups laud striking down of Roe v. Wade, while Orthodox Union wavers

Agudath Israel of America, which represents the American haredi community, also lauded the Dobbs ruling.

“Agudath Israel of America welcomes this historic development. Agudath Israel has long been on record opposing Roe v. Wade’s legalization of abortion on demand. Informed by the teaching of Jewish law that fetal life is entitled to significant protection, with termination of pregnancy authorized only under certain, extraordinary circumstances, we are deeply troubled by the staggering number of pregnancies in the United States that end in abortion.”

The Orthodox Union, however, refused to “either mourn or celebrate” the ruling, criticizing both abortion on demand, and “absolute bans on abortion” – though the Court’s ruling does not itself impose any ban.

Was the fourth dose of Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine effective? -study

They found that getting the fourth shot was associated with 34% protection against infection, 64% to 67% against acute hospitalizations for mild-to-moderate and severe illness, and 72% against deaths.

Thus, the fourth shot definitely saved lives and reduced the need for acute hospitalization. However, protection against infection with the Omicron variant was only “modest,” they wrote.

Fareed Zakaria: Supreme Court's ruling is not conservative, it's radical

Michael Savage: The Republicans may have just destroyed themselves | 'The Count'

Gorsuch grilled on Roe v. Wade

Kavanaugh: Roe v. Wade has been reaffirmed many times

Senator Susan Collins in 2018 on Brett Kavanaugh and abortion

Susan Collins Shocked That Brett Kavanaugh Would Ever Lie to a Woman

“When I met with Justice Kavanaugh before his confirmation hearings, he looked me in the eye and said that he considered Roe v. Wade the law of the land,” she said. “Nothing in his confirmation hearings suggested that he would ever be less than trustworthy with a woman.”

Sunday, June 26, 2022

Ultra-Orthodox parties fear vote drain as Haredi youth turns to far-right

As more and more young religious Jews find firebrand MK Itamar Ben Gvir's political ideas appealing, Haredi party leaders become concerned with Otzma Yehudit stealing votes from ultra-Orthodox in upcoming elections

'The dog that caught the car': Republicans brace for the impact of reversing Roe

Republicans finally got the Roe v. Wade decision they wanted, and in public, they are delighted.
More quietly, however, according to interviews with more than a dozen Republican strategists and party officials, they just didn’t want it to come right now — not during a midterm election campaign in which nearly everything had been going right for the GOP.

But it’s a victory that will almost certainly come at a cost. In Republican circles, a consensus has been forming for weeks that the court’s overturning of a significant — and highly popular — precedent on a deeply felt issue will be a liability for the party in the midterms and beyond, undercutting Republicans to at least some degree with moderates and suburban women.

Why Jews ignored stark warnings from inside Auschwitz

But he soon realised his assumption was incorrect. There was quite a difference between knowledge and belief. He found it difficult to alert the community because many leaders did not believe the content of his report. And it is not obvious that if people had been alerted they themselves would have believed it, and would have acted accordingly.

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Anti- vaxxer alert: Binah Magazine publishes praise of anti-vaxxer


Teen Girl Charged With Kidnapping, Trafficking of 13-Year-Old: Police

Police on Wednesday morning rescued a 13-year-old girl who was kidnapped by another teenager, in what authorities currently believe was a human trafficking situation.

The incident occurred in Canton, Georgia, just after 10:20 a.m. when officers of the Canton Police Department approached a 2014 Dodge Caravan that had been reported stolen. A young woman was seen driving the car while using a cellphone, while a younger girl was also observed, Fox 11 News reported Friday. Once pulled over, the teen driver was unable to provide any license or registration for the vehicle.

Justice Thomas: SCOTUS ‘should reconsider’ contraception, same-sex marriage rulings

Justice Clarence Thomas argued in a concurring opinion released on Friday that the Supreme Court “should reconsider” its past rulings codifying rights to contraception access, same-sex relationships and same-sex marriage.

Politically Correct- Mishpacha magazine

I’ve spoken to a number of yeshivah graduates about to enter the corporate world who didn’t really think about their coworkers. Their plan was to work hard, do their job, and go home. Unfortunately, that isn’t realistic in today’s corporate world. Teamwork and collegiality are highly valued. Employees are often chosen for “fit” as much as qualifications. Ignoring your coworkers, or even worse, self-segregating with only other frum Jews, will be viewed negatively.

There tends to be a very strong echo chamber in the Orthodox world. Believe it or not, there are plenty of people out there who do not agree with Ben Shapiro (and, yes, they can debate him when given the chance on even terms).

Conservative politics seem to be almost ubiquitous in the yeshivah community, but it’s essential to realize that they aren’t the mainstream. As passionately as we may feel about certain conservative principles, the people we interact with often have very different opinions.

My advice: Unless you work in the political realm, stay out of political discussions at work. That isn’t necessarily easy, especially as coworkers passionately defend ideas that you find horrific, but politics at work is a no-win situation.

Alan Dershowitz Confronts Hannity on Abortion Ruling's 'Judicial Activism'

Alan Dershowitz confronted Fox News host Sean Hannity Friday over whether the Supreme Court's ruling overturning Roe v. Wade constituted "judicial activism."
The Supreme Court announced the ruling on the case, which guaranteed abortion-rights for women across the United States, on Friday—ending the right to receive an abortion for millions of women living in conservative-led states. The move immediately sparked a wave of protests and criticism, including from Dershowitz.

Friday, June 24, 2022

Son of alleged predator rabbi accused of raping one of father’s complainants

The son of a Jerusalem rabbi indicted earlier this month for raping seven of his followers has been arrested in a sexual assault case of his own.

The Supreme Court on Thursday ruled in favor of the prosecution in the case, allowing the publication of 38-year-old Lior Yazdi’s name as well as the allegations against him.

One of the complainants against his father, 59-year-old Rabbi Moshe Yazdi, told police Lior Yazdi had raped her in her home while her four children were inside in 2017.

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Woman rescued from abuser via SOS in takeout order

A woman who was apparently being held hostage has been rescued after sending a desperate plea for help hidden in a take-out order.

The woman, whose name has not been released, met up with a man she first contacted via a dating app, and was later assaulted by him and held in his home

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

As Herschel Walker eyes Senate run, a turbulent past emerges

But an Associated Press review of hundreds of pages of public records tied to Walker’s business ventures and his divorce, including many not previously reported, sheds new light on a turbulent personal history that could dog his Senate bid. The documents detail accusations that Walker repeatedly threatened his ex-wife’s life, exaggerated claims of financial success and alarmed business associates with unpredictable behavior.

Walker, now 59, has at times been open about his long struggle with mental illness, writing at length in a 2008 book about being diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder, once known as multiple personality disorder. But it’s unclear how he would discuss these events as a candidate.

Herschel Walker’s past came chasing after him

The politics of respectability and an embrace of social conservative issues are major pillars of Walker’s political career. He’s been critical of absentee fathers, even offering an “apology to the Black community” during a 2020 interview with conservative video bloggers Diamond and Silk.

“I want to apologize to the African American community because I know that fatherless homes is a major, major problem,” Walker said at the time.

The stereotype that Black men are absent fathers isn’t borne out by data; while they are the least likely to marry the mothers of their children compared with fathers of other races, they are the most likely to be actively involved in their children’s lives.

Bill Cosby Spokesman Slams Protesters: 'Real Victims Don't Act Like This'

"Real victims don't act like this," Wyatt said while gesturing towards the group heckling him. "Real victims of sexual assault ... what these women have done is used the sexual assault card. Real victims don't get out here and scream over the media when we gave you the ultimate respect."

The secret of why evangelicals love Herschel Walker (and Donald Trump)

For decades, conservative White evangelicals have championed a rugged, even ruthless "warrior" masculinity. Believing that "gender difference" was the foundation of a God-given social order, evangelicals taught that women and men were opposites. God filled men with testosterone so that they could fulfill their God-ordained role as leaders, as protectors and providers. Testosterone made them aggressive, and it gave them a God-given sex drive. Men needed to channel their aggression, and their sex drives, in ways that strengthened both family and nation.
Generations of evangelicals consumed millions of books and listened to countless sermons expounding these "truths." Within this framework, there was ready forgiveness for male sexual misconduct. It was up to women to avoid tempting men who were not their husbands and meet the sexual needs of men who were. When men went astray, there was always a woman to blame. For men, misdeeds could be written off as too much of a good thing or perhaps a necessary evil, as evidence of red-blooded masculinity that needed only to be channeled in redemptive directions.
Within evangelical communities, we see these values expressed in the way organizations too often turn a blind eye to abuse, blame victims, and defend abusers in the interest of propping up a larger cause -- a man's ministry, an institution's mission, or the broader "witness of the church."

Trump's election lie becomes a big problem for MAGA Media

The most significant legal development on Tuesday was in regard to Fox. As Bloomberg's Erik Larson and Mike Leonard reported, a judge ruled that Fox Corporation, Fox News' parent company, can be sued by Dominion "because Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch may have acted with 'actual malice' in directing the network to broadcast conspiracy theories alleging the 2020 presidential election was rigged."

In the decision, Delaware Superior Court Judge Eric M. Davis cited reports that Murdoch privately expressed he knew Trump lost the election. Davis also cited editorials in other Murdoch-run outlets, such as The Wall Street Journal and New York Post, that condemned Trump and encouraged him to accept defeat.
"These allegations support a reasonable inference that Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch either knew Dominion had not manipulated the election or at least recklessly disregarded the truth when they allegedly caused Fox News to propagate its claims about Dominion," Davis wrote. "Thus, Dominion has successfully brought home actual malice to the individuals at Fox Corporation who it claims to be responsible for the broadcasts."

Tucker Carslon, the Great Replacement theory and Viktor Orban - and why you should be worried

Experts worry that Mr Carlson’s obsessive chatter about the subject could act as a gateway drug to the harder stuff. As Nicole Hemmer, a historian at Columbia University, argued last month: “Someone like Carlson can introduce viewers to ideas that they then explore more fully online, searches that lead them into far-right spaces that either reinforce their existing views or radicalise them. But someone like Carlson is also important because he legitimates those ideas, making them seem less radical when viewers see them.”

Republican Who Wanted People Killed Over Election Fraud Loses Primary

Bell had also made controversial comments in regards to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, attacking Kiggans for expressing support for Ukraine while calling Ukraine the aggressor in the war and likening the country's corruption to "Hillary's deep state and Biden's regime that stole the election in 2020," the Post reported.

Could Texas Really Secede? Experts Weigh in

"There are (at least) two Texases," Levinson said. "There is the increasingly blue Texas comprised of four of the eleven largest cities in the country, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin. There is also the increasingly red Texas reflected in the just-completed Republican convention in Houston.

"That Texas is comprised of the majority who live outside of the main urban centers and who are fundamentally fearful of the diversity and cosmopolitanism instantiated in them.

"So if 'red Texas' tried to secede, that would immediately be met by attempts of 'blue Texas' to secede from the new version of the Lone Star Republic. None of this, of course, is likely to happen, but the very discussion illustrates the extent of the Civil War-like polarization that characterizes politics in Texas (as well as in much of the rest of the country)."

Are Transgenderist Republicans Reducing Our Daughters To Cannon Fodder for a Future Army Draft?

 22 Sivan 5782/ June 21, '22 /Parshas Shelach

by Binyomin Feinberg (formerly, a contributor to The Jewish Press)
Will Rep. Chip Roy lead the salvage of America?

“It’s absurd that you have so-called conservative members of the United States Senate who are willing to say to the American people, ‘We’re going to draft your daughters,’” the Texas congressman told the Washington Examiner in an interview. “They can go to hell! And if the entire Republican establishment wants to get behind drafting our daughters, I will make it my mission to burn the entire Republican establishment to the ground. ... Anybody who wants to come conscript my daughter can **** ***,” Roy, who has a daughter, added."

("They can go to hell!': Right rejects push to force women to register for the draft" by Matthew Wilson, Washington Examiner, June 16, 2022)

In marked contrast with the aforementioned heroic Texas congressman Roy -- two currently prominent N.Y. republicans - Lee Zeldin, now running for the GOP nomination for N.Y. Governor, and GOP Chairwoman Rep. Elise Stefanik (NY21) - backed a virulently anti-Torah and downright misogynist Obama LGBT amendment in 2016, known as the Maloney Amendment. That amendment was pushed by the flagrantly homosexualist congressman purportedly representing parts of the Hudson Valley, Sean Patrick Maloney ( "The amendment would have prevented federal funds from going to federal contractors that fail to comply with President Barack Obama’s executive order protecting LGBT employees from {BF: what the homosexualists falsely describe as} workplace discrimination." Thus, these republicans collaborated with the far-Left in promoting Obama-favored forms of vice as worthy of government promotion. Said forms of vice included the Transgender cult, an anti-rational movement dedicated to eradication of the recognition of objective and immutable distinctions between men and women. Transgender propagandists and their enablers have bequeathed to America, among many other gifts, a crime wave of transgender violence, primarily against women and children. (These transgender crimes are generally perpetrated by deviant males pretending to be female, thereby gaining access to female bathroom, showers, and locker rooms.)

It's interesting how, now, these gender-compromised republicans come out swinging as conservative saviours. Mr. Zeldin, for one, wants us to make believe that he will help salvage N.Y. State -- devastated by his fellow anti-Torah leftists.

Ms. Stefanik, on the other (left) hand, as the Chairwoman of the congressional GOP Conference, wishes to convince us the the GOP has an inspirational "vision for America" (as she indicated in an Op Ed last week, entitled "The Greatest Distraction on Earth is About to Begin..."). That's interesting, because her visual acumen doesn't seem to rise to the level of distinguishing between men and women, vis-a-vis a military draft.  As recently as 2021, Ms. Stefanik, perched on the House Armed Services Committee, voted to oblige women to register for the Selective Service, in preparation for a potential military draft. If, G-d forbid, there would ever be a military draft at ANY point in the future (be it due to predictably unpredictable escalations in the Western proxy war in Ukraine (which could potentially become regional, or even global), Southeast Asia, the Mideast, combinations thereof, or otherwise) - women would be forced to serve - along with debauched men pretending to be women - pursuant to said Transgender dogma now firmly ensconced in the U.S. military (thanks in part to Trump). America's daughters would be exposed to unspeakable abuses by perpetrators and predators, foreign and domestic. And that's okay with our republican visionary from N.Y. Apparently, that's the price "we" need to pay for Equality.

However, it certainly piques my interest in hearing about what her vision has in store for us to "lift up families across the nation and offer real solutions on issues that matter." Does that refer to providing federally sponsored psychological therapy to families whose conscripted daughters would be captured by the Taliban - with no real hope of their return in sight? Or treatment for female conscripts abused by "allied" neo-Nazi punks in Azov battalions in Ukraine?

° The Record:

Stefanik twice voted for the full NDAA (Defense budget bill), despite its inclusion of said extension to women - both in the Armed Services Committee, and in the full House floor vote. Her excuse of voting against the individual measure of inclusion of women in Selective Service holds no water. When push comes to shove, Stefanik demonstrated what truly matters to her, and it's clearly NOT defending American daughters from the unspeakable abuses which a female draft would invariably enable.  If she was genuinely opposed to expansion of Selective Service, she'd properly demonstrate that sentiment by voting against ANY military budget into which Selective Service expansion was inserted. And she'd do so until the appropriate parties understand that if they want her support, they need to drop that toxic and utterly superfluous provision. But she didn't. Her actions speak louder than her excuses. While she provides the hard Left with results, she expects the rest of us to be satisfied with reassurances of her superlative intentions.  It's our fault if we opt to serve as the useful idiots for the Republicans who subscribe to the "Private Parts Don't Matter" movement.

Now, whether or not Ms. Stefanik still espouses the precise variant of radical transgender dogma espoused by Sean Patrick Maloney (see, as of several months ago, she continues to make-believe that young women who enlist in the military can compete with the cruel realities of military life - and death - by virtue of "identifying" as equal with male combatants. How precisely does one understand how a woman could force other women into the military, with all the hazards of abuse by fellow soldiers and enemy combatants that entails? With Equality, all is possible... Perhaps this is what she meant when she wrote "We (the GOP) are ready to lead with the unity that the Democrats promised but failed to produce." Alas, only Nixon could go to China. Only the N.Y. State GOP could pass Marriage Dequality. Only the Republicans can successfully draft our daughters... "the unity that the Democrats promised..."

Whatever her idea of a Republican "vision" for America is, I'm confident that informed citizens of sound mind and body, of all persuasions, want nothing to do with it - as long as registering women for a potential draft is part of that hallucinogenic vision.

° In late 2021, said Selective Service expansion measure nearly passed into law, as part of the Defense budget. Thank G-d, it was averted, in what appears to have been a Chanukah miracle, in late 2021.  However, the Republican wing of the transgender movement has no intention of gracing voters with much of a respite. Chillingly, this progressive proposal to facilitate eventually forcing 18-year-old females into the Wokened military is now resurgent - thanks, in part, to the seven republican recidivists on the Senate Armed Services committee who reportedly voted for it for the second time in less than a year. Apparently, only one of the eight Republicans on the committee who voted to expand Selective Service to women in 2021, learned their lesson. Sen. Kevin Cramer (ND) reportedly voted no this time ( Nonetheless, those seven republicans constitute a majority of the 13 total republicans on the committee. Blame for this republican malady, similarly evident in the House, is in no small measure to be placed on GOP leaders, including Ms. Stefanik, chairman of the House Conference.

Ms. Stefanik asked "Why don't real Republicans get to ask Democrats tough questions about Jan. 6? Because that would undermine their desperate far Left narrative."  One could add: "Why don't real patriots get proper advance notice and debate opportunity prior to these votes on consignment of our daughters to LGBT cannon fodder? Because that would undermine the desperate far-Left agenda of the gender-ending faction of the GOP.

Imminent House Vote:

The full House Armed Services Committee hearing on the annual Defense budget, known as the NDAA "markup," is scheduled for tommorow, Wednesday morning (June 22, '22); see This is when they will vote on including women in the obligation to register for Selective Service. We need to ensure they hear from us ASAP.

Apparently, in absence of facing primary challengers highlighting the importance of not forcing women into the military, many republicans seem to struggle with learning disabilities. They need to hear from all of us, immediately, as follows:

1) Do NOT touch our daughters, or anyone else's.  Ukraine or no Ukraine. North Korea or no North Korea. Iran or no Iran. Taiwan or no Taiwan. Economy or no Economy. Jail-time or no jail-time. Hands-off our daughters, now, and forever.

2) Do NOT expand Selective Service - at all. In the vernacular, "Ditto," as above.

3) IF it ever comes down to a choice between (a) killing American daughters or (b) ending the lingering Selective-Service legacy of Jimmy "Jihad" Carter - then there's no question whatsoever: kill Selective Service - not our daughters (as one prominent advocacy organization articulated it last time).

Perhaps some of the occupants of Congress, especially those who struggle to discern between the sexes, or between delusional identity and biological reality, may benefit from alternative means of education. Here's one:

Consider telling your learning-impaired congressman:

"We will not send our daughters to fight your co-ed, gender-perverted WokeWars.

"Our daughters and granddaughters will not go.

They will not go for the Dems; they will not go for the radical Fems.

They will not go for the GOP; they won't go for the Economy; they will not go for Volodomir or Mrs. Zelensky.

They will NOT go.

They will not go for "Freedom," 
They will not go for "Liberty,"
They will not go for "Dignity,"
They will not go for "Dequality;"
They WILL NOT go to globalize LGBT.

They will NOT go.

The will not go for national defense, they will not go for republican pretense.

They will not go for Diversity;
they will not go for Nancy Pelosi;
they will not go to Promote Perversity.
They will not go for your Armed Services Committee;
they will not go for Global Unity.
They will not go for Western Depravity; 
They will not go for World War Three.

They will not go for McCain, they will not go for Ukraine. They will not go for gender-warped NATO. They will never, ever GO.

They will not go for for the leftist Swamp, they will not go for Trump.

They will not go to secure the border, they will NOT go for the New Woke Order.

They will not go for the United Nations, they will not go for the Council on Foreign Relations.

They will not go for Europe or the Mideast. They will not go for Southeast Asia, Saudi Arabia, or social media.

They will not go for Congress or for Google.  They will not go for Biden, they will not go for CNN.

They won't go to punish Vladamir Putin; they will not go to battle the Taliban.

They will NOT go."
The more insidious threat here is coming from the Republicans. They need to understand that if they sell out the future mothers of this country, then NOTHING they stand for justifies supporting them.
That includes the GOP pretending to fight the expansion of Selective Service under the guise of enabling it to pass, as they tried last time (

The rule of thumb with politicians is: "Watch what they do, not what they say."  However, contemporary transgenderist republicans have taught us, we need to modify that: Watch what they say, and discern how what they actually do is often precisely the opposite of what they announce they're doing.

See also:

Congressional Switchboard: 


(ask for the number of the specific Senator or Congressman needed)

Rep. Elise Stefanik, Chairwoman of the House Republican Conference:

202.225.4611 (for those outside the 21st district, press 1 to leave a voicemail).

Or, to email her, go to:
Pursuant to the Open ["-For- Business"] Government paradigm dominant in Washington, we're sorry that we didn't have proper forewarning about such a nation-subverting Committee vote.
Inasmuch as some female draft propagandists in America tend to cite the Israeli Military Draft of women, to dupe those unfamiliar with its actual fallout, we present a few relevant links for  consideration:

The following is a link to a  Guidebook ("pocketbook") provided by the pro-Israel organization "Chotam." It's an English guide for religious girls to avoid enlistment in the IDF: 

This very publication is a stinging indictment of the Israeli Army Draft Office, and the antireligious Establishment behind its escalating crusade to rob religious (/ traditional) girls of their legal entitlement to a religious exemption from military service. The very need to publish such a guide speaks volumes of the danger posed to the next generation of Jewish mothers by "fellow Jews." The professional, psychological warfare techniques that these 16- and 17-year-old girls need to be trained to defend against, all alone - without even legal counsel or a family member - are almost as outrageous as they are anti-Torah. These techniques indicate how intent the Israeli military is on drafting increasing numbers of religious girls, and to what depths they're willing to stoop to do so. Thus, unrelenting vigilance is required in identifying developing trends in the encroachment of the female draft on religious communities. Moreover, we need to undo the entire female draft ASAP, for ALL girls, not only those the Draft Office deigns to sanction as religious enough to be exempt from the "Mizron Tzahali" treatment. It's apparent that no other path will solve the problem at this late stage of the debasement of Israeli society by the anti-G-d Left (including an assortment of "hawks").
sample posts:
The Antireligious Persecution of Orah Chaya and Moriah Leah R., Bnos Beruria (Summer 5779) :  


10th of Teves Alert: Making LGBT Exploitation Legal [Again]) \ Dec 25, 2020

"IDF Persecuting Epileptic Religious Ethiopian Girl "