Wednesday, December 29, 2021

R Shmuel Eliyahu KA paragon of virtue

 In 2009, Eliyahu was involved in publishing the conspiracy theory pamphlet On Either Side of the Border, in cooperation with the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America (OU). The OU later asserted that its connection with the pamphlet was unauthorized by senior management.[1] The pamphlet, citing the personal account of a recent convert to Judaism who had previously been a member of the Lebanese organisation Hezbollah, asserts that the Pope and the Cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church allegedly help organize tours of Auschwitz for Hezbollah members, in order to teach them how to wipe out Jews. The pamphlet was distributed to IDF troops.[2] Danny Orbach [he], a Harvard-based Israeli historian, said that the pamphlet, supposedly written by a Lebanese, actually contains gross factual errors that no Arab could have made. In addition, there are also numerous other blatant geographical and cultural mistakes in the pamphlet, proving that the author is in reality a Haredi Jew from Israel who knows very little about the Arab world. Orbach's conclusion is that Eliyahu took part in a forgery, clearly in order to propagate hatred against Arabs and Muslims.[3] Eliyahu failed to answer the accusations, but his spokesman vouched for the authenticity of the pamphlet in a conversation with Haaretz.[2][4] Furthermore, Eliyahu had widely quoted from the pamphlet in a subsequent article.[5]


  1. "Daas Torah Kalonymus HaQatan
    4 hours ago
    you are wrong about the way lynch is used -it doesn't require murdering someone
    your dredging up dirt on Rav Aviner is also irrelevant. His words are correct - and not because of his authority or his righteousness - so stop the ad hominem arguments '

  2. Do you have a litany for rav silman as well? Might as well tear up your books.

  3. You should try more relevant issues

  4. Silman said that since the matter of the charges had not been clarified it was best not to read his books

    Didn't say he was guilty

  5. What a shame. It's not like Hezbollah and Iran don't give daily examples of stuff you can use to show what their plans are for us. No one needs to make anything else up.

  6. over 3 weeks ago, beofre he sat with Rav Shmuel Eliyahu

  7. Interesting piece about the Satmar Rebeb vs the Lubavitcher Rebbe on interpreting the 6 day war:


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