Friday, July 31, 2020

Trump revisits his playbook for disastrous news: An explosive spectacle

As is often the case, Trump dashed off his attention-hoovering tweet at an opportune moment Thursday morning. The worst economic decline ever recorded in U.S. history had just been announced. An aid package to save tens of millions of consumers was stuck in a deadlock. The rampant pandemic at the core of the problem was spiraling further out of control. And his poll numbers were floundering just three months away from the election.

Cuomo pushes back as Trump confidant praises pandemic response

Historian Michael Beschloss: 'Trump Seems So Psychologically Rattled' | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Trump defends tweet on possible Election Day delay at contentious press conference

Claiming at Thursday's White House briefing that the 2020 elections could be "fixed" and "rigged," President Trump again highlighted the risks of nationwide, universal mail-in balloting in stark terms -- including by citing news articles and experts who have raised similar concerns.

Before taking questions, Trump honored former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain, noting that "unfortunately, he passed away from a thing called the China virus." Trump also hit Democrats' plans to keep schools and businesses closed, saying they would cause "probably more death" and economic destruction than coronavirus itself.

Within seconds, Trump was pressed on his tweet earlier in the day that suggested the election could be delayed due to mail-in ballot fraud. He responded that delays in mail-in ballot results, including lost ballots, could mean the election winner isn't clear for weeks or even months after Election Day.

Flatten The Ballot Curve: ‘Trump Is Creating Conditions For Vote-By-Mail To Fail’ | All In | MSNBC

Trump Already Working To Undermine Credibility Of 2020 Election | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Not Even Tucker Carlson Is With Trump On Delaying Election | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Republicans Won't Back Up Trump On Delaying 2020 Election | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

A Federal Appeals Court Grants A Motion To Rehear The Case Of Michael Flynn | Deadline | MSNBC

DC Appeals Court Gives Flynn Case New Life, Hands Bill Barr a Defeat in his quest to Dismiss Case

Wake Up

Thursday, July 30, 2020

שיימינג נוסף בחסות בית הדין: נחשף האיש שאחראי לסרבנות הגט של בנו

כבר 15 שנה מעגן איש את אשתו שהפכה לנכה לאחר שלקתה באירוע מוחי. במרכזה של הפרשה הקשה עומד יעקב הופמן, אביו של הבעל, אדם אמיד תושב ארה"ב, שעל פי בית הדין הרבני הוא העומד מאחורי החלטת בנו להתנגד לגירושים. לאחר שצווי עיכוב יציאה מהארץ וקנס בסך כמיליון ש"ח שאושר בבג"ץ לא השפיעו על האב - הוחלט לפרסם את שמו ותמונתו

Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky: 'Worrisome' if Trump not elected

Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky, Rosh Yeshiva of Philadelphia and member of the Moetzes Gedolei Hatorah of Agudas Yisroel of America, said the prospect of Trump not winning in the presidential election was "worrisome."

Contested Flynn dismissal to go before full appeals court as legal saga drags on

The dispute over the

The order was issued Thursday by the court. Called an "en banc" hearing, all 11 judges on the appeals court will sit in on a rehash of arguments that were made before a three-judge panel in June, which led to a 2-1 ruling in favor of Flynn. The former Trump aide had requested the appeals court to order the judge in the case to approve of a Department of Justice (DOJ) motion to dismiss charges against him.

Swift backlash after Trump suggests delaying election

Members of the media, politicians and others on both sides of the aisle swiftly condemned

Trump promoted a doctor. Watch what she said about demons

Bill Barr Caught Contradicting Himself on Issue of Trump's Criminal Commutation of Stone's Sentence

President Trump doubled down in defense of doctor who promotes hydroxychloroquine

Over This We Mourn


"Over This We Mourn"

By Binyomin Feinberg

8 Av, 5780 °° July 29, '20 Erev Tisha B'Av (Parshas Naso)

Communal Protest of Evil:

Firstly, on occasion of the fast day of Tisha B'Av, starting tonight, Wednesday night, we refer our esteemed readers to a previous post,, citing the Talmud, tractate Gittin 58a (in section C).  The incident cited there relates how the absence of communal protest over interpersonal wickedness triggered the Churban Bais HaMikdosh (

We also know that "Middah Tova Merubah," i.e. Divine Reward is far more generous than Divine Retribution is strict.  As much as failure to properly protest persecution could destroy the Bais HaMikdosh, how much more potent is properly speaking out in rebuilding it. In this day and age, despite the multitudinous hazards of technology, we are blessed with the capacity to speak out against rishus (evil) like never before. We cannot force people to listen, but many, many certain would.  (We hope and pray that these posts as well humbly serve as at least a modest example of what can be done by concerned individuals to combat rishus, even on the other side of the world.)

"What can I do?" many ask. It's related from one of the Torah sages of the previous generation that it's not that G-d gives tasks to the capable; rather, he graces those who take the initiative to undertake vital causes with the capacities they'll need to succeed.

In "Kovetz He'oros" on Yevamos, Aggada, chapter 10, the world-renowned disciple of the saintly Chofetz Chaim (d.1933 CE), Rav Elchonon Wasserman (martyred by the Nazis, y.s., in the Holocaust), distinguishes sharply between threats to the Jewish People that endanger our physical survival - as was Nazism, and threats to our spiritual survival - as was Communism. The former are in the category of a "ma'aseh HaShem," demanding our spiritual efforts, including repentance and prayer. The latter -  threats to our spiritual existence - demand our vigorous efforts to resist in the physical plane.

Reb Elchonon relates how the saintly Chofetz Chayim regretted that he didn't actually launch a physical revolution against the virulently anti-Jewish 

What's striking is how nowadays even a few individuals - of average capacity - can access the wherewithal to lauch a global "Awareness Revolution" - all without shooting a single bullet. By identifying potent stories of courageous individuals, and leveraging related current events, one can publicly expose all sorts of evil being perpetrated by powerful abusers, state, corporate, and individual offenders.

We also know that IF we do our small part properly, G-d often - eventually - provides us with the wherewithal to accomplish far beyond what we originally dreamed we could.

And now, for some of the latest news on innocent girls being targeted for the Israeli military draft: 

On Sunday, we posted these, regarding a Ukrainian immigrant Ba'alas-Teshuva being targeted by Maitav, Kesanya Z.: 
Subsequently, we learned that Batsheva D., a religious girl not even 17 years old, was recently targeted 

She had innocently called the Draft Office to learn standard procedure to apply for her religious exemption from the female draft. On the spot, the army recruiter nonchalantly instructed her to come directly to a scheduled religiosity "interview," a "Rayon Dat."

Volunteers who assist girls in these matters over the past couple of years note that this is the first case in which they've seen such blatant and early-stage deception of a 16 year-old religious girl by Maitav; not only had she not stepped into the Draft Office, or even mailed in her religiosity verification affidavit.- she had not even visited the Rabbanut to obtain her religiosity affidavit to begin with - and nevertheless got summoned to a Rayon Dat.

°  Explaining the "Method behind the Madness," one of the senior volunteers observed that by initiating the Rayon Dat process early, the Israeli government places any resistant girls into the "draft-complication" process ("histabchut") earlier on as well.

°  It's important to realize who's being targeted here. It's not the girls who comply with the Rayon Dat, but specifically the most upright - those who don't (reminiscent of the proverbial paradigm: "No good deed shall go unpunished").

°  Additionally, at an earlier age, the Rayon Dat can be administered when girls are more susceptible to being tripped up, duped into enlisting, or intimidated into enlisting.

°  Moreover, this "zerizin mak'dimin" schedule will grant the Army Draft Office more time before draft age (18) to try to emotionally and psychologically wear down the girls and their families, thereby broadcasting to the weaker ones that it's not worthwhile to even bother "fighting City Hall." 

Bear in mind that the Israeli military has a huge amount of funding at their disposal to seek out and identify - and then effectively stalk and traffic - these teenage girls, relentlessly, by virtue of the fungibility of foreign aid obtained under pretext of national security and legitimate defense needs.

°  This "Head Start" headhunter initiative could also be seen as part of the broader Maitav effort to whitewash the Rayon Dat phenomenon.  The very notion of Rayon Dat, in such cases, is actually an extralegal maneuver. It's been put into practice without benefit of due process of law. Otherwise put, If you can't make it Law via legislation, do so by procedural innovation.  This extralegal dexterity also helps avoid conflict with the concern over implementation of procedures against the will of the people, because the people won't even know what hit them until they've already become accustomed to it, and unfortunately resigned themselves to the Rayon Dat directives as a done deal.

May we soon witness the Final Redemption in the merit of helping expedite it.

"... And if someone, like Pinchos, is one among a multitude, and every man is against him when he dares to speak out for truth and to fight for the Law -- the more lonely his stand, the greater the number of his adversaries, the more powerful is his word, the mightier his deed."

Tisha B'Av: The Destructive Power of Fear - Rabbi YY Jacobson

A message for Tisha B'Av during the coronavirus pandemic

Judaea Capta: The First Roman-Jewish War (Tisha B'Av lecture 5779/2019)

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Tucker Carlson defends doctor who believes in demon sex (July 28, 2020)

Pro-Hydroxychloroquine Doctor Says 'Lying' Fauci Is Playing With Lives

The physician, who voiced unsubstantiated claims about hydroxychloroquine's impact on COVID-19 earlier this week, targeted NIAID director Dr. Anthony Fauci on Twitter Wednesday morning.

Trump Pressed On Russian Bounty Intel | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Revenge of the Never Trumpers: Meet the Republican Dissidents Fighting to Push Donald Trump Out of Office

Jack Spielman has been a Republican his whole life. But over the past four years, he has come to two realizations.
Increasingly upset by President Donald Trump’s “appalling” behavior, his cozy relationships with dictators and the ballooning national debt, Spielman says his first epiphany was that he couldn’t cast a ballot for Trump again. But for the retired Army cybersecurity engineer, the final straw was the President’s retaliation against impeachment witness Lieut. Colonel Alexander Vindman, who retired in July after Trump fired him from the National Security Council in February. Spielman decided he had to do more than just vote for presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden; he had to persuade others to do the same. So Spielman filmed a video for a group called Republican Voters Against Trump (RVAT), explaining his views. “I want to do some part,” Spielman tells TIME, “to try to correct the wrong that I did in voting for this man.”

Trump ends press briefing after defending pro-hydroxychloroquine doctor who says virus has a 'cure'

 President Trump abruptly ended a tense press conference at the White House on Tuesday, after he defended Houston Dr. Stella Immanuel as a "very impressive" for touting hydroxychloroquine -- just hours after Twitter deleted the president's retweet of a video featuring Immanuel speaking about the drug.
At the briefing, CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins highlighted some of Immanuel's past comments, including that alien DNA is being used in medical treatments and that doctors want to make people immune from religion.

 She was on-air, along with many other doctors. They were big fans of hydroxychloroquine. I thought she was very impressive. ... She said that she's had tremendous success with hundreds of different patients. I thought her voice was an important voice, but I know nothing about her."
Collins continued shouting questions, prompting the president to head out.
CNN has its own history of questionable claims about hydroxychloroquine: Last week, Dr. Harvey Risch, a Yale epidemiology professor, rejected a CNN anchor’s "ludicrous" claim that the drug is too dangerous to even talk about as a potential COVID-19 treatment.

Trump sticks by discredited hydroxychloroquine

US President Donald Trump has again defended the use of hydroxychloroquine to ward off coronavirus, contradicting his own public health officials.
He said the malaria medication was only rejected as a Covid-19 treatment because he had recommended its use.
His remarks come after Twitter banned his eldest son for posting a clip promoting hydroxychloroquine.
There is no evidence the drug can fight the virus, and regulators warn it may cause heart problems.
Last month, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cautioned against the use of the drug for treatment of the coronavirus, following reports of "serious heart rhythm problems" and other health issues.

Trump undermines his pandemic response with more misinformation and self-obsession

 President Donald Trump's return as the face of the Covid-19 response has deteriorated into a misinformation masterclass that explains why America is in such a mess.
In an extraordinary performance Tuesday, as the daily death toll again soared toward 1,000 and the number of Americans dead approached a tragic milestone of 150,000, Trump again foreswore the most basic requirements of national leadership in a crisis.
At a White House briefing that turned almost into a parody of his own mismanagement of the pandemic, he complained that the government's top infectious diseases expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, had better approval ratings than he did.
He painted a misleading picture of a viral surge still raging across Southern and Western states that is showing new signs of spreading deeper into the heartland, saying large portions of the country were "corona-free."
 And he launched a stunning new pitch for hydroxychloroquine, the anti-malaria drug beloved by conservative media but that has not been shown in rigorous clinical trials to be an effective treatment for Covid-19.
Given the trail of sickness and death that has unfolded in recent months, it was bizarre though not surprising that the President would return to the controversy over hydroxychloroquine. On Monday night, he retweeted videos describing hydroxychloroquine as a "cure" that meant Americans didn't need to wear masks.

Minneapolis Police Reportedly Identify Viral 'Umbrella Man' As White Supremacist

Police say the masked, umbrella-wielding man who smashed windows at a Minneapolis auto parts store two days after George Floyd's death has ties to a white supremacist group and specifically sought to inflame racial tensions.
According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Minneapolis police arson investigator Erika Christensen wrote in a search warrant affidavit filed this week that the man's actions created a hostile atmosphere and sparked a series of events that turned previously peaceful protests chaotic. She said she believed his "sole aim was to incite violence."

Chris Cuomo reacts to Trump comment 'nobody likes me'

Trump Jr. bashes Twitter over suspension: 'This never happens to ... the left. It only hurts conservatives'

Donald Trump Jr. joined "Tucker Carlson Tonight" Tuesday to respond to the 12-hour suspension of his Twitter account after he posted a video featuring doctors endorsing the use of anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine to treat coronavirus.
"I've been saying this for a long time," the presidents eldest son told host Tucker Carlson. "I wrote my first book about justice and censorship coming from the big tech giants from California -- as homogenous a group as you could possibly imagine. If they are censoring my account, they are censoring others and they've been trying to do this for a while.
"I've been talking about the deplatforming, that demonetization of people that are preaching conservative values," Trump Jr. added, "because you have to note, this never happens to someone saying something that benefits the left. It only hurts conservatives."


AG Barr’s Testimony Drives Former U.S. Attorney Chuck Rosenberg To Utter ‘I Miss Jeff Sessions’

Tapper rebukes Jim Jordan: You owe CNN reporters an apology

Trump abruptly ends briefing after being pressed over retweeting misinformation

 Even amid an attempt by President Donald Trump's aides to shift his focus back to coronavirus, he continues to hear from a wide range of associates -- including the CEO of a far-right television network -- who are undermining the administration's health experts and questioning their approach to the pandemic, people familiar with the conversations say.
Trump resumed his daily news briefings on Tuesday afternoon, where he again touted advancements on vaccines and treatments for the virus. After largely ignoring the pandemic for weeks and denying its severity, the White House revived the briefings last week to demonstrate presidential leadership.
But the approach has hit early stumbling blocks.
When Trump was pressed by CNN's Kaitlan Collins about his words of support for a doctor who downplayed masks and suggested alien DNA was used in medical treatments, he cut the briefing short and stormed out.

Rav Gestetner regarding Aharon Friedman

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Barr clashes with Democrats over policing and Roger Stone sentencing: 'I'm telling my story — that's what I'm here to do'

 Democrats launched into several impassioned attacks on Barr, and in multiple exchanges he and the lawmakers raised their voices and interrupted one another. When Democrats cut off Barr during their time to question him, he often used the next round of Republican questioning as a chance to respond.
House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler, a Democrat from New York, pressed Barr on whether federal troops deployed to cities were being used as "props" for Trump's reelection. Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas pushed him on whether the Trump administration was fighting systemic racism in policing, and Democratic Rep. Hank Johnson of Georgia accused Barr of aiding Trump's longtime friend Roger Stone and first national security adviser Michael Flynn.
Barr dismissed the Democratic charges, saying that he acted independently to protect the rule of law in the Stone and Flynn cases, that he disagreed there was systemic racism in police departments and that federal officers had been sent to protect federal buildings "under attack" and combat violence crime.

'Shame on you': Democrats attack Barr for carrying out Trump agenda

Democrats clashed angrily with Donald Trump’s attorney general on Tuesday, over the aggressive deployment of federal agents to US cities three months before a presidential election.

The attorney general denied the interventions were motivated by Trump’s re-election.


Don Lemon, Chuck Todd make cameos at Barr hearing when Jim Jordan plays video of 'peaceful' protesters

A variety of MSNBC and CNN hosts made cameos during Attorney General William Barr's testimony before the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday when Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, used his opening statement to put an emphasis on mainstream media’s efforts to paint sometimes violent protesters as “peaceful.”
“I want to thank you for defending law enforcement, for pointing out what a crazy idea this defund the police policy ... whatever you want to call it, is, and standing up for the rule of law,” Jordan said. “We have a video we want to show that gets right to this point.”
 Jordan then played a powerful video montage featuring a variety of mainstream media members referring to recent protests as “peaceful,” which included everyone from CNN’s Don Lemon to NBC News’ Chuck Todd dismissing violence amid images of burning buildings and attacks on law enforcement.

Twitter restricts Donald Trump Jr. for sharing coronavirus misinformation video

Trump Spreads False Information About Coronavirus “Cure” | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Bill Barr to Testify Before Congress. Here’s How I’d Cross-Examine Him.

Chris Hayes Puts The Scale Of Coronavirus Deaths In Perspective | All In | MSNBC

Trump Pushes Fake COVID Cure From Fringe Doctors, Banned by Facebook

At least one of the accounts the president retweeted on Monday night was from a follower of QAnon, the conspiracy theory that alleges a “deep state” cabal of pedophiles is plotting against Trump.

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube scrub platforms of viral video making false coronavirus claims

 A video featuring a group of doctors making false and dubious claims related to the coronavirus was removed by Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube after going viral online Monday.
The video, published by the right-wing media outlet Breitbart News, featured a group of people wearing white lab coats calling themselves "America's Frontline Doctors" staging a press conference in front of the US Supreme Court in Washington, DC.
President Trump shared multiple versions of the video with his 84 million Twitter followers Monday night despite the dubious claims running counter to his administration's own public health experts. Spokespersons for the White House did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Donald Trump says Dr. Fauci misled the public on hydroxychloroquine and shares a video of a doctor saying the drug can prevent the virus in Twitter spree

  • President Donald Trump retweeted a slew of posts praising controversial drug hydroxychloroquine for treating COVID-19 on Monday night
  • He shared a retweeted that slammed Dr. Anthony Fauci for 'misleading' the country by dismissing hydroxychloroquine, and supporting drug Remdesivir
  • He shared video of Dr. Stella Immanuel's speech outside Capitol Hill on Friday where she claimed the anti-malaria drug is a 'cure' for the virus
  • She slammed 'fake doctors' who doubt the efficacy of the drug and said to the public 'you don’t need a mask'
  • Trump shared videos of her speech twice, and both were removed

Seattle Mayor: Looks Like Trump Is Rehearsing For Martial Law | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Trump Ditches 'New Tone' On COVID-19, Pushes States To Reopen | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Georgia Republican senator removes ad that made Jewish opponent’s nose bigger

Republican Sen. David Perdue of Georgia has taken down a digital campaign ad featuring a manipulated picture of his Democratic opponent Jon Ossoff, who is Jewish, with an enlarged nose. Before being removed, the Facebook ad showed grainy pictures of Ossoff and Sen. Charles Schumer of New York, who is also Jewish, above a banner reading “DEMOCRATS ARE TRYING TO BUY GEORGIA! HELP DAVID PERDUE FIGHT BACK.”  

A spokeswoman for Perdue said in a statement Monday that the image has been removed from Facebook, calling it an “unintentional error” by an outside vendor, without naming the vendor.
“Anybody who implies that this was anything other than an inadvertent error is intentionally misrepresenting Senator Perdue’s strong and consistent record of standing firmly against anti-Semitism and all forms of hate,” the spokeswoman said.

How Tom Cotton accidentally told an appalling truth

It's a belief likely held by millions of White Americans and also by a number of white historians. It's just that Cotton said it more plainly and directly than most. It's that ability -- White Americans' penchant for compartmentalizing and rationalizing when it comes to issues of race -- that has made it possible for a president as inept and racist as Donald Trump to have any chance of being re-elected.

How the 1619 Project slandered America

No one challenges the proposition that US history is bound up in a history of repression and exploitation of minorities, from the slaughter and dispossession of Native Americans to slavery and Jim Crow laws. But to assert, on the basis of zero historical evidence, that its very foundational motivation was the persecution of those minorities is a conscious effort not to provoke academic debate but to inculcate the entire country, its people and its institutions in a continuing crime against humanity.

I Helped Fact-Check the 1619 Project. The Times Ignored Me.

But the debates playing out now on social media and in op-eds between supporters and detractors of the 1619 Project misrepresent both the historical record and the historical profession. The United States was not, in fact, founded to protect slavery—but the Times is right that slavery was central to its story. And the argument among historians, while real, is hardly black and white. Over the past half-century, important foundational work on the history and legacy of slavery has been done by a multiracial group of scholars who are committed to a broad understanding of U.S. history—one that centers on race without denying the roles of other influences or erasing the contributions of white elites. An accurate understanding of our history must present a comprehensive picture, and it’s by paying attention to these scholars that we’ll get there.

Here is the complicated picture of the Revolutionary era that the New York Times missed: White Southerners might have wanted to preserve slavery in their territory, but white Northerners were much more conflicted, with many opposing the ownership of enslaved people in the North even as they continued to benefit from investments in the slave trade and slave colonies. More importantly for Hannah-Jones’ argument, slavery in the Colonies faced no immediate threat from Great Britain, so colonists wouldn’t have needed to secede to protect it. It’s true that in 1772, the famous Somerset case ended slavery in England and Wales, but it had no impact on Britain’s Caribbean colonies, where the vast majority of black people enslaved by the British labored and died, or in the North American Colonies. It took 60 more years for the British government to finally end slavery in its Caribbean colonies, and when it happened, it was in part because a series of slave rebellions in the British Caribbean in the early 19th century made protecting slavery there an increasingly expensive proposition.


Tom Cotton describes slavery as a 'necessary evil' in bid to keep schools from teaching 1619 Project

Though the founding fathers were divided on the issue of slavery, with some of them having owned slaves and others being opposed to it, there doesn't appear to be a record of any of them arguing slavery in the US was a "necessary evil."

Republicans Are FURIOUS With Jared Kushner For Hiding RNC Money

Texas law gives no simple answer in Garrett Foster killing at Austin protest

“It strikes me that in a state where there’s legal conceal carry and open carry, it’s an interesting question how a jury — if it comes before a jury — thinks about the question of when it’s reasonable to think someone walking up to you with a gun in their hand is threatening you,” she said.
She said she would be skeptical about drawing any conclusions about the lack of charges in the case thus far.
“The police haven’t forfeited any option,” she said.

Monday, July 27, 2020

Ben Shapiro on 'How to Destroy America', rewriting history & Trump's biggest problem - #BQ 26

Trump Failed America: Don the Dumb

Rep. Val Demings: ‘Trump Is Doing Everything He Can To Instill Fear’ | MSNBC

National security analyst: This is one of the scariest things I've said on TV


Mazel and Jews - Ramchal

 והנה נשתעבדו לזה הסדר כל בני אדם גם כן, להתחדש בהם כפי מה שימשך להם מן המערכה, אמנם, כבר אפשר שתבוטל תולדת הכוכבים מכח חזק עליון מהם, ועל יסוד זה אמרו, "אין מזל לישראל", (שבת קנ"ו), כי כח גזירתו ית"ש והשפעתו גוברת על הכח הטובע בהשפעת המערכה, ותהיה התולדה לפי ההשפעה העליונה, ולא לפי השפעת המערכת.
ואמנם משפטי ההשפעה הזאת של הכוכבים גם הם מוגבלים, כפי מה שגזרה החכמה העליונה היותו נאות, וקצת מדרכיה נודעים לפי סדרי המבטים, והוא מה שמשיגים הוברי השמים, אכן לא כל אמיתת סדריה מתגלית בזה, על כן לא ישיגו החוזים הכוכבים אלא קצת מהענינים העתידים, ולא בשלמות, וכל שכן שכבר יש בטול לתולדותם, כמו שאמרנו, ועל זה אמרו חז"ל "מאשר" ולא כל אשר, (רבה בראשית ה' ב'). (דרך ה' חלק ב פרק ז א וב)

Mitzva can overcome mazel - Maharal

ואין מזל לישראל, פירוש שאפשר להכריע את המזל על ידי מצות, אף שאינו מתפלל כלל, רק מעצמו נהפך על ידי מצות, דעל ידי תפילה דבר פשוט דמועיל שהוא יתברך יעשה מה שירצה בשמים ובארץ, אבל כך אמר שאין מזל לישראל, דהיינו לכלל ישראל אין מזל שישלוט המזל עליהם, ואף ליחיד אם עושה מצוה דבר זה שקול... כאשר עושה מצוה אלקית נבדלת, דבר זה הוא על המזל. ואין הפירוש שלא ישלוט המזל עליהם כלל, כי הכל לפי מה שהוא, כי אם המזל כנגד ישראל מאד, צריכים ישראל זכות גדול להכריע את המזל, כמו במצרים, שהיה מורה המזל רעה, כמו שאמר "ראו כי רעה נגד פניכם", והשי"ת הפך אותו לטוב בשביל זכות אבות. מכל מקום אין מזל לישראל שיהיה שולט לגמרי עליהם, דבר זה אינו, וזה משמעות אין מזל לישראל, שיהיו לגמרי תחת המזל כמו שהם שאר האומות... (שם שם קנה ב, וראה עוד ישראל-מזל)
...כי ראוי האדם בפרט שיהיה הנהגתו לא כמו בהמה, שאין מזל לבהמה, רק הנהגת הבהמה היא טבעית, והנהגת האדם היא רוחנית, כי יש לו מזל. וכיון שיש לו מזל, המזל נראה על ידי סימן, וכן מועיל סימן שעושה למטה שיהיה האדם בטוב למעלה, שאין הנהגת האדם כמו הבהמה, שאין לה כח ומזל למעלה... לכך יסתם פיהם של דוברי שקר המדברים על צדיקים עתק, שחושבים דבר זה כמו ניחוש, ואין הדבר כן, רק שהוא סימן טוב בשעה שראוי אל זה, וכמו שאמרו ז"ל סימנא מילתא היא... (שם הוריות יב א)

Mazel doesnt control in Israel - Ramban

 Ramban(Bamidbar 11:16)

ותקיא הארץ - ...אבל סוף הדבר בכתוב שאמר "בהנחל עליון גוים בהפרידו בני אדם, יצב גבולות עמים וגו', כי חלק ה' עמו וגו'", והענין כי השם הנכבד ברא הכל ושם כח התחתונים בעליונים, ונתן על כל עם ועם בארצותם לגויהם כוכב ומזל ידוע כאשר נדע באצטגנינות, וזהו שאמר אשר חלק ה' אלקיך אותם לכל העמים, כי חלק לכולם מזלות בשמים וגבוהים עליהם מלאכי עליון, נתנם להיותם שרים עליהם, כענין שכתוב ושר מלכות פרס עומד לנגדי... והנה ה' הנכבד הוא אלקי האלקים ואדוני האדונים לכל העולם
אבל ארץ ישראל אמצעות הישוב, היא נחלת ה' מיוחדת לשמו, לא נתן עליה מן המלאכים קצין שוטר ומושל בהנחילו אותה לעמו המיחד שמו זרע אוהביו...
והנה בחוצה לארץ אף על פי שהכל לשם הנכבד, אין טהרה בה שלמה בעבור המשרתים המושלים עליה, והעמים תועים אחרי שריהם לעבוד גם אותם, ולכך יאמר הכתוב "אלקי כל הארץ יקרא", הוא אלקי האלקים המושל על הכל, והוא יפקוד בסוף על צבא המרום במרום להסיר ממשלת העליונים ולהרוס מערכת המשרתים, ואחרי כן יפקוד על כל מלכי האדמה באדמה, וזהו ענין הכתוב שאמר בגזרת עירין פתגמא ומאמר קדישין שאלתא, יאמר כי הדבר ההוא הנגזר על נבובכדנצר היא גזרת עירין פתגמא ומאמר קדישין שאלתא, שגזרו על הכוחות הנאצלין מהן לעשות כך, ויקראו עירין, כי מאצילות יתעוררו הכחות בכל הפעולות... (ויקרא יח כה)
שבעים איש מזקני ישראל - כבר הזכירו רבותינו כי שבעים אומות הן בשבעים לשון, ויש לכל אחת מזל ברקיע ושר למעלה, כענין שנאמר בדניאל "ושר מלכות פרס", וכתב אצל מלכי יון והוא שנאמר "יפקוד ה' על צבא המרום במרום", ואמרו כי פרי החג ירמזו בהם... (במדבר יא טז)

Astrology Encyclopedia Judaica

The majority of the talmudic sages believed in the decisive role played by celestial bodies in determining human affairs in the sublunar world. On the one hand the patriarch Abraham and his descendants are spoken of as having been elevated beyond subjection to the stars (Gen. R. 44:12; Yal., Jer. 285), but on the other hand, the blessing bestowed on him in Genesis 24:1 is interpreted as the gift of astrology (Tosef., Kid. 5:17). Astrological consultation is one of the methods suggested by Jethro to Moses for governing the Children of Israel (Mekh., Amalek 2). Several instances are cited of astrologers whose predictions of future events came true (e.g., Shab. 119a). Gentile rulers were considered to have been especially well versed in astrology or to have consulted astrological experts; but knowledge of astrology was also attributed to King Solomon (Eccl. R. 7:23 no. 1). Nevertheless, the rabbis of the Talmud were skeptical of the astrologers' ability to interpret the stars correctly; they conceded the possibility that the astrologers might be able to predict the future by consulting the stars, but claimed that they err in understanding the contents of their forecasts. On the basis of the phrase in Isaiah 8:19, 

 Among the Jewish philosophers of the Middle Ages *Maimonides alone rejected astrology completely, referring to the astrologers' beliefs as vain superstitions unworthy to be called a science. Upon being asked by the rabbis of southern France whether it was possible to combine the theories of astrology with the principles of Judaism, Maimonides replied: "… This science, which is called the decree of the stars … is no science at all, but mere foolery 

 Despite Maimonides' great prestige, his criticism of astrology had practically no influence on subsequent Jewish writers. With the exception of Joseph b. Judah ibn *Aknin and his enthusiastic admirer R. *Jedaiah ha-Penini (Bedersi), none of the Jewish philosophers of the succeeding generations opposed or deprecated astrology. Even the rationalistic *Levi b. Gershom maintained that the activities and events of a man's life were predestined by the positions and movements of celestial bodies. The astrologers fail, he asserted, first of all because of insufficient knowledge about the movements of the stars and the effects of their changed positions on sublunar beings, and secondly, because of the intervention of intellect and free will, "for the intellect and the will are empowered to carry us beyond the limitations imposed by the celestial bodies" (Milḥamot Adonai 2:2). Shem-Tov ibn *Falaquera also considered astrology a true science and made use of it. Many of the great rabbis, commentators, preachers, and ethical teachers dealt with astrology and were favorably disposed toward it; *Abraham b. David of Posquières, in his Hassagot, a commentary on Maimonides' Mishneh Torah; *Naḥmanides (Commentary on Gen. 1:16; Lev. 23:24, and passim) and his pupil Solomon b. Abraham *Adret (Responsa, no. 652); *Baḥya b. Asher (Commentary on Ex. 11:4; and passim); Isaac *Aboab (Menorat ha-Ma'or, 143; passim); Simeon b. Ẓemaḥ *Duran (Magen Avot, 72bff., and Tashbeẓ, no. 513); Isaac *Abrabanel , who cited many proofs "from the science of astronomy in regard to the celestial conjunctions" for his opinion that the redemption of Israel would begin in 1503 and come to completion in 1531 (Ma'yenei ha-Yeshu'ah, 12:2); Isaac *Arama (Akedat Yiẓḥak, 34, 56), though he disapproved of eschatological reckonings based on astrology; Moses b. Ḥayyim *Alshekh ; *Judah Loew b. Bezalel (Maharal) of Prague, who is reputed to have practiced astrology in the company of his friend Tycho Brahe; David *Gans ; Leone of *Modena ; Joseph Solomon *Delmedigo of Candia, Jonathan *Eybeschuetz ; and *Elijah , Gaon of Vilna (Commentary on Sefer Yeẓirah). A definitely negative attitude toward astrology was assumed by Azariah dei *Rossi (Me'or Einayim, 42, 43).

 The Zohar takes astrology for granted and in several places employs imagery and terminology that are clearly astrological (e.g., 3, Ki Teẓe, 281b. Raya Meheimna). It is stated explicitly: "All the stars and constellations in the heavens werePage 620  |  Top of Article appointed to be rulers and commandants over the world… there is not a single blade of grass in the entire world over which a star or a planet does not preside, and over that star one [angel] is appointed who serves in the presence of the Holy One Blessed Be He, each according to his merit" (2:171d; see Mishnat ha-Zohar , Tishbi-Lachower trans. vol. 1, 1957, 486). Astrological reasons for the commandments (mitzvot) are occasionally also given 3:251a–b, Raya Meheimna). On the whole, however, the Zohar's kabbalistic system deprives astrology and astrological beliefs of most of their relevance and importance. In Part 3 (Pinḥas, 216b, Raya Meheimna) it is stated that prior to the giving of the Torah all earthly creatures were dependent on the stars; after the revelation at Sinai, however, God exempted those children of Israel who studied and observed His Law from the rule of the stars, whereas the ignorant and the skeptical "were not absolved from the stars' jurisdictions." In the Tikkunei Zohar and other kabbalistic works the seven planets were

Tanis (29b)R. Papa said: Therefore a Jew who has any litigation with Gentiles should avoid him in Ab because his luck is bad and should make himself available in Adar when his luck is good

Tom Cotton defends slavery comments

What they're saying: Nikole Hannah-Jones, who won a 2020 Pulitzer Prize for commentary for her introductory essay to the NYT project, was among those to address Cotton's comments, saying: "Imagine thinking a non-divisive curriculum is one that tells Black children the buying and selling of their ancestors, the rape, torture, and forced labor of their ancestors for PROFIT, was just a 'necessary evil' for the creation of the 'noblest/ country the world has ever seen."
  • After Cotton defended his remarks, she replied: "Were the Founders right or wrong ... when they called slavery a 'necessary evil upon which the Union was built”? Because either you agree with their assessment of slavery as necessary or you admit they were lying and it was just an evil and dishonorable choice. Which?" He has yet to respond to that tweet.

Sen. Tom Cotton tries to clarify slavery comment, calls out ‘fake news’

Cotton was interviewed in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette and spoke about a bill that he sponsored that seeks to deny federal funds to schools that incorporate the New York Times’ controversial ‘1619 Project’ into its teaching curriculum.
Cotton told the paper, “We have to study the history of slavery and its role and impact on the development of our country because otherwise we can’t understand our country. As the Founding Fathers said, it was the necessary evil upon which the union was built, but the union was built in a way, as Lincoln said, to put slavery on the course to its ultimate extinction.”

Trump is calling protesters who disagree with him terrorists. That puts him in the company of the world's autocrats

Trump has promised to ratchet up his Portland approach, saying in an interview with Fox News on Thursday that he could send as many as 75,000 federal agents to other US cities, in what he calls "Operation Legend."
He argues that these cities -- all with mayors who are Democrats -- have been overrun by criminals, particularly as anti-race protests continue. He has criticized local leaders and police for failing to take a tough line on crime.
But his critics say Operation Legend is an unabashed re-election pitch by Trump to project himself as the country's law-and-order president ahead of the November vote, one that seeks to paint his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, as anti-police. 
What could easily happen is that these protests transform from an anti-racism movement to a wider anti-government movement, according to Luis Schiumerini, an assistant professor of political science at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana.

The single most damning quote about Donald Trump and coronavirus yet

 In The New York Times' Sunday opus on how cracks are emerging between President Donald Trump and the broader Republican Party in how to handle the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, a single quote stands out.
"The President got bored with it," Dave Carney, a longtime Republican strategist who advises Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, told the Times.
That is a stunning admission from anyone. But most especially from someone like Carney, who isn't part of the "Never Trump" movement and isn't the sort to just pop off to impress media types or his fellow consultants.
And a look back at Trump's response to the virus absolutely validates Carney's view. In the early months of 2020, Trump downplayed the virus -- repeatedly.

Israeli woman assaults cop over mask dispute at mall

The woman, along with her 14-year-old son verbally and physically assaults officers at Malha Mall in Jerusalem for not wearing face masks; the woman also ripped masks off of officers' faces

Why Didn't Bob Mueller Find a Conspiracy Between the Trump Campaign and Russia? Here's the Answer.

Lonna,Luna and The Lunatic Rabbis of the RCC (V12)

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Feds Assault Navy Vet Protester in Portland. Federal Overreach Violates 1st, 4th, 10th Amendments.

Effort is worthless against mazel !

      Berachos (64a) R. Abin the Levite said: Whoever tries to force his [good] fortune will be dogged by [ill] fortune,4 and whoever forgoes his [good] fortune will postpone his [ill] fortune.5 This we can illustrate from the case of Rabbah and R. Joseph. For R. Joseph was ‘Sinai’6 and Rabbah was ‘an uprooter of mountains’.7 The time came when they were required [to be head of the Academy].8 They [the collegiates] sent there [to Palestine] to ask, As between ‘Sinai’ and an ‘uprooter of mountains’, which should have the preference? They sent answer: Sinai, because all require the owner of wheat.9 Nevertheless, R. Joseph would not accept the post, because the astrologers had told him that he would be head for only two years. Rabbah thereupon remained head for twenty-two years, and R. Joseph after him for two years and a half.10 During all the time that Rabbah was head, R. Joseph did not so much as summon a cupper to come to his house.11
 מהרש"א חידושי אגדות מסכת ברכות דף סד עמוד א
כל הדוחק את השעה כו'. היינו דמזל שעה גורם וא"א לאדם לדחוק את המזל בכחו בחזקה אי לאו בסייעתא דשמיא וכל הנדחה מפני השעה כמו שעשה רב יוסף הרי השעה נדחית מפניו וכפירש"י ויתר כל סוגיא זו מפורש בספ"ב דהוריות ע"ש:

Person, Woman, Man, Camera, TV: The Movie

‘Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV.’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Ric Wilson warns Trump his PoliticalPranks are backfiring

Trump Accidentally ADMITS He Failed America

See why Fox News cut away from White House briefing

Fed up Fox host REBUKES Trump spokesman ON AIR for calling Fox polls fake

US Pollster: Here's why the 2020 polling is wrong - and is even worse than in 2016

While most polls suggest Donald Trump’s reelection bid is in serious trouble, with Joe Biden leading in virtually all battleground states, and even in some Republican strongholds, a few pollsters are bucking the trend, suggesting that the 2020 presidential election is far more competitive than it appears at first blush.

Trumps massive new headache Ric Wilson on the huge walk away from GOP that Trump may not survive

Making Discrimination Vs. BT's Great Again


Israeli Army Draft Office: Making Discrimination Against Newly-Observant Jewish Girls Great Again

by Binyomin Feinberg

5 Menachem Av, 5780 °°  July 26, '20  (Parshas VaEschanon)

In our most recent update on Refusenik girls being persecuted over their compliance with the  Torah prohibitions against submitting to Military Draft directives ( ), w
e reported on the plight of Kasanya Z..  Miss Z. is a recent Ba'alas Teshuva [the Hebrew term for a Jewish girl who rediscovered her Jewish roots], who immigrated to Israel about five years ago.  Even though she has been studying at a religious school, she is being subjected to threats of arrest by the Army for her fidelity to her faith. It make strike some as ironic that her faith is the same one claimed - as a basis for global recognition - by the very government seeking to force her into the notoriously promiscuous, abusive military environment. All leading Torah authorities from across the spectrum prohibit girls from serving in the Israeli military.

The Army insistence on drafting Miss Z. - today, Sunday July 26 - in blatant disregard of her demonstrable religiosity - constitutes persecutory treatment. It's also consistent with the Army Draft Office focus on "easy" female targets, including recent immigrants, especially from Eastern Europe, and Ba'alos Teshuva - in this case, both combined.

One legalistic subterfuge - regularly employed by Army draft officers to disguise persecutory tactics against such girls - is to generously offer "opportunities" for the girls to "explain" their positions - at the Draft Office itself, often on their draft date, or at a "Religiosity Interview" ("Rayon Dat", the acute hazards of which we've previously addressed).

Both options are, understandably, generally futile, and risky in the extreme.  These Army "offers" are akin to the fox formally inviting the fish onto the shore, to deliver a presentation of academic arguments as to why the fish deserves not to be eaten - in front of a fox forum - and then self-righteously imputing stubbornness to any fish who refuses such a reasonable, balanced proposal for open dialogue.

Girls who wisely refuse such "offers" to enable their own spiritual demise are then painted as suffering from predicaments of their own creation. Additionally, those selfless volunteers assisting them, available day and night, are sometimes tarred as sacrificing the prospects of saving the girl on the altar of their "extreme" position against the girls accepting these  "offers." 

The real question is: why does anyone ever fall for these entrapment tactics? That is not a simple question to answer. One answer is: due to an irrational phobia that by not enabling their own drafting, they might... get drafted.  Another is that many, many girls are routinely being maladvised by the wrong people - some of whom may be well intentioned, but are misguided - or themselves malinformed. This type of faulty advice is found among even a few frum activists who tend to look at Ba'alos Teshuva, Sefardi girls, etc. as less resolute in withstanding ongoing Army harassment - and what some describe as "terror tactics."

In reality, these (unwittingly condescending) perceptions are often erroneous, and presumptuous. The qualities of mesiras nefesh (self sacrifice), strength of character, persistence, and acumen are found in all types of girls, from all backgrounds. The key to actualize those qualities - often dormant - is to provide any girl who wants help everything she needs to help herself. That includes emotional support, religious chizuk, accurate information, proper guidance, and warm relationships with sincere women more than willing to sacrifice their own needs to help save Jewish girls from the exploitive immorality of the military environment. To make all of this - along with any necessary legal assistance - available to all girls in need, financial supporters play a crucial role as well.  Additionally, properly publicizing the plight of such heroic souls is vital in containing and deterring the military persecution of these girls.

Unfortunately, only a small fraction of such cases come to attention of the public. This is because the Israeli government knows that this war for the souls of Jewish Daughters is being fought not with bullets but with bulletins, with information rather than with ammunition.  As such, the government and Army unrelenting pursue every avenue, trying to ensure that those Refusenik-advocates who fight best also fight least-informed. Thank G-d, those efforts often fail.

The multifaceted approach the government employs in embargoing information about girls being pursued by Maitav would require a book to detail and document. Suffice it for now to observe that whatever cases do come our way are the tip of the iceberg, and reflect a crisis far broader than we can convey here.

Killing Aliyah, One Girl at a Time:

Furthermore, the Israeli Army is putting this recent Olah (immigrant girl) through a purgatory she never would have experienced in her country of origin, or in practically any country other than the one claiming to be Jewish. This is reminiscent of the well-known critique about the historical Israeli government callousness towards immigrants: "The Israeli government wants Aliyah, not Olim."  For cases like this, one could tweak that: "The government wants Mit'gaysot, not Olot" (they want female recruits, not female immigrants).  Draft Office Persecution of immigrant Ba'alos Teshuva is not only deeply wrong, it presents a formidable Kitrug against Aliyah.

This all raises many questions, a modest sampling of which we humbly submit for consideration by our esteemed readership:

1.  If we want G-d to restore the Jewish People to His Holy Land, what are we waiting for?  Where is the outrage, especially by - or at -  the ostensibly religious political parties and media?

2.  Why is it that the same people who made a ongoing campaign to free one particular incarcerated target of US prosecutorial bias are now enabling the drafting of hundreds, even thousands of girls into the Israeli Army - by their  cover-up of the Israeli draft crisis?  Even if they didn't care about Jewish girls being sexually abused in the Army, and persecuted in their efforts to avoid the Draft, they should have a simple practical interest in reporting real news (as opposed to all the trivia that passes for contemporary journalism) - news that actually makes a difference in saving lives and souls.

3.  Why is it that some people manage to find time to raise tens of thousands of dollars to free dangerous child-molesters from prison (where they belong), by illicitly soliciting funds under the  pretext of "Pidyon Shvuyim" -- but are nowhere to be seen in helping save girls from the abusive military and/or Israeli military prison? In stark contrast, efforts to save these innocent girls are impeccably legitimate, of unquestionably top priority, and also generally cost far less money.

4.  Do we imagine that we can discharge our obligations of mourning over the Churban by partaking of some feel-good inspirational lectures, delicately designed to sidestep any "controversial" observations, even those vital for spiritual lifesaving causes staring us in the face?  How much value do inspirational trips have from the perspective of Heaven, when they serve more as a "potair" than a "mechayev" to do simple, practical things, including - among many other things - saving Jewish teenage girls from being forced into the exploitive, immoral Israeli military - by "our own"?

In truth, it only takes a few good people to save these precious neshomos. But the vast majority of the Torah observant world is intentionally being kept uninformed or malinformed about these Refusenik girls.

We see from the recent outpouring of Divine Wrath around the world that G-d is very angry.  Unfortunately, there are many things that we find in our own communities that would account for the current Charon Af HaShem. Do we imagine that in Heaven our excuses for our overall passivity are tolerated?

I was recently informed that a Monsey Rabbi made the following observation about one lesson which we can imbibe from the Plague of Corona.  We paraphrase  here, humbly presenting it to the esteemed Tzibbur as food for thought:

We know that G-d is the Ultimate Good, and all that He does is pure good. Thus, whenever he gives us a punishment, it's to save us from something even worse.

Several months ago, G-d closed down almost all of our Torah institutions - our Kollelim, Yeshivos, Bais Yaakov schools, Synagogues, etc. If this terrible Decree was to save the Jewish People from something worse, we must ask:

Q:  "What could possibly be worse than closing down all of our institutions?

A:  Leaving them open --

 the way they were...."

"... And if someone, like Pinchos, is one among a multitude, and every man is against him when he dares to speak out for truth and to fight for the Law -- the more lonely his stand, the greater the number of his adversaries, the more powerful is his word, the mightier his deed."

--  Rav Shamshon Raphael Hirsch OB"M (1808-1888), (in "Judaism Eternal," vol. 2, p. 293)


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