Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Rifky Stein & Yoel Weiss: Yoel announces he will give Rivky a Get day after Tishba Av - but only if her beis din shows up

Important Update Tuesday July 22, 2014 from Yoel Weiss

See Is Rivky Stein an Aguna? She has not responded to offer of Get for 5 days.

 Important Update Sunday July 20, 2014 from Yoel Weiss
To Daas Torah and to Rivky's supporters.

It has come to my attention that Rivky would like to have the get sooner then the day after Tisha Bav Wednesday August 6 2014 at 12pm at noon. I am making a 2nd  public announcement that she can pick a date and time of her choice and that of her  3 rabonem who placed me in Cherem. [excommunication] because I supposedly ignored the Beis Din.

As many times I tried, I was unsuccessful to reach those 3 rabonem to arrange a set time for the get. Please urge Rivky and her advisers to invite the 3 Dayanem "Rabbi Chaim Taub ('dayyan') Rabbi David Binyamin Abales ('av bais din') Rabbi Yehoshua Goodman ('dayyan')" at the address cited on their Hazmonos 1278 East 77nd Street Brooklyn, NY 11234 which is also the same address on the face of the excommunication order, where the excommunication proceeding supposedly took place. a link  
The email address to her Beis Din bdmillbasin@gmail.com
The telephone number to the 347-875-7874
And the address to the Beis Din 1278 East 77nd Street Brooklyn, NY 11234
Please updated on your Facebook so everybody knows what time to be there
Also you can try reaching or Rivky Stein or Uziel Frankel @ 917-282-4855 He is the one who Created the Beis Din if I don’t hear from any one I will be there at the day after Tisha Bav Wednesday August 6 2014 at 12pm at noon.
 Just received this announcement 
*****please read*******

To Daas Torah and to Rivky's supporters.

Many of you have voiced a one sided opinion on the matter between Rivky Stein and myself, questioning my integrity, taking Rivkys side at face value that, 1) she summonsed me to Beis Din to give her a get. 2) I refused to go to the Beis Din, and 3) I refuse to give the get.

Since Rivky turned her divorce into a public matter, I am announcing publicly that I have full intentions to give Rivky the get. My Choshiva Rav and Dayan, initially advised me to wait till the outcome of the secular proceeding Rivky initiated before I render the get. However, after getting a massive feedback how unfortunate this private matter has risen to a public chillul Hashem berabim of no comparison, the Rav, in a sudden paradigm shift, called me last night, that its more important to dismantle the Chillul Hashem vehicle Rivky and her advisers erected. I therefore wish to share with all Rivkys supporters and admirers, that I intend to provide Rivky Stein with a get the day after Tisha Bav Wednesday August 6 2014

I intend to show up at 1278 East 77nd Street Brooklyn, NY 11234 the Beis Din Rivky Stein & chose, the very Beis Din who supposedly sent me 3 Hazmonos, which allegedly I ignored. This is also Rivky's Beis Din who placed me in Cherem. [excommunication] because I supposedly ignored the Beis Din. As many times I tired, I was unsuccessful to reach those 3 rabonem to arrange a set time for the get. I therefore make this announcement publicly. Please urge Rivky and her advisers to invite the 3 Dayanem "Rabbi Chaim Taub ('dayyan')  Rabbi David Binyamin Abales ('av bais din')  Rabbi Yehoshua Goodman ('dayyan')" at the address cited on their Hazmonos 1278 East 77nd Street Brooklyn, NY 11234  which is also the same address on the face of the excommunication order, where the excommunication proceeding supposedly took place.

I intend to show up Bezras Hashem at 12 pm sharp at Rivky' Steins & UZIEL FRANKEL Beis Din located 1278 East 77nd Street  Brooklyn, NY 11234  since these three Rabbonem are not known to anybody but to Rivky Stein and{ Uziel Frankel } , they will need to identify themselves, present proper identification and credentials that they are indeed rabbonem who can handle a get in general.

In light of the fact that Rivky's Steins and{ Uziel Frankel } Beis Din placed me in Cheirem [excommunication] it will require once I appear at the Beis Din that the same rabonem void their excommunication, regardless of the outcome in the get proceeding.

Rivky is now a celebrity, she washed her dirty laundry in the public, its now time to get the laundry to dry up in public. We will make certain to have a media blitz to witness the 3 Rabbonem conduct the get proceeding, and the nullification of the excommunication, which has caused tremendous shame and pain to me and to my entire family.

Rivkys supporters, please come and join the get proceeding at 1278 East 77nd Street  Brooklyn, NY 11234 We intend to serve refreshments to all her supporters, so please don't eat too much, and make sure to dress appropriately not to make a chillul Hashem when you talk to the media.

This is Rivky's only chance to receive her get. If only heavenly permits it, and Rivky and or her 3 rabbonem don't show up at the identified address to except the get, she will need to live the rest of her life without a get. I will obtain a heter mayeh rabbonem and move on.


  1. very well argued - let the "Beis Din" process the get!

  2. Hey, they call themselves "beit din", not beis din; let's get the terminology correct.

  3. If you want it, here it is
    Come and get it
    Make your mind up fast

    If you want it anytime I can give it
    But you better hurry 'cause it may not last

    -Paul McCartney
    Copyright: Sony/ATV Tunes LLC

  4. Who is UZIEL FRANKEL? Is he Rivky's rav or lawer?

  5. Looks like some more abuse. Why the strings attached? If you really want to give her a Get you can do it today, no need to wait until 9th of Av. If you claim there is a logistical issue you can give it Sunday at ANY beit din. @Daas Torah I am surprised that you allow your website to be a platform for Yoel to launch his abusive attacks against this poor girl.

    Lets be frank... The marriage is clearly over. The custody battle is not an issue here hence the above post. So, what is this about? Ego? enough of the childish games.... Walk in to any beit din, give the Get and both of them should move on with their lives...

  6. Yoeli, you are doing the correct thing here. I agree with everything you
    wrote above in this post. I ask that you please stick to your
    principles. Show up to that beit din at their address on E. 77th Street,
    that they ordered you to come to in their alleged hazmana, and if the
    dayanim show up, give the Get.

    But if they do not show up (or if
    they send some clowns who aren't the three alleged dayanim that signed
    the hazmana ordering you to show up to their E. 77th Street address),
    then follow through with what you wrote in your last paragraph. This is
    her one and only chance to get her Get. If she wants it she'll show up
    with her three dayanim. If they are no-shows, clearly they are playing
    games with you. At that point you never offer them another opportunity.
    If they were serious all along they will show up the day after Tish B'Av
    and receive the Get from you unconditionally. Not one condition. All
    they have to do is show up to their own address.,

    If that doesn's
    happen, please immediately get your Heter Meah Rabbonim, which
    shouldn't be too hard; finding any 100 kollel guys with smicha willing
    to sign the Heter shouldn't take very long to put together. There are
    many many people with smicha nowadays. Once you have your heter in-hand,
    move one with your life and a new marriage. And you can forever forget
    about your first wife.

  7. fedupwithcorruptrabbisJuly 18, 2014 at 3:03 PM

    well said Yoel. We are behind you. Please go to Rabbi Gestetner 845-425-9708 and talk with him to protect your authentic halachic rights. Follow Meir Kin who deposited a Get with him and received a Heter Mea Rabbonim after Lonna Kin refused to appear in a Bais Din but instead destroyed him financially, and did a smear campaign on social media as Rivky did,and took his son away. After her destruction did she seek to attend to a Bais Din only of her choice and just to receive a GET. She steadfastly refuses to attend to Rabbi Gestetners Bais Din for THEY WILL HOLD HER RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL THE DAMAGES THAT SHE HAS DONE!!! He remarried and I hear that he is very happy. We must end this corrupted practices by ORA and others that dont follow halacha but think its permissable to twist, lie and air 'FAKE" dirty laundry in the public eye and IT IS THEY WHO ARE THE REAL EXTORTIONISTS WHEN IT COMES TO A GET.

  8. You were doing so well until that last ultimatum which is clearly a reflection of what rivky was describing in her plea. The fact that you are threatening and willing to make her a permanent aguna if things dont go your way is why you are scum and why the chillul hashem has taken place.

  9. Beautiful! I love this! I will BE"H try to show up in support of Yoel. I hope there won't be any technical difficulties in me making it there. I will use a GPS, if I need to. I hope my GPS will help me get there.

    Either way. I look forward to the media having a field day out of this. I'm impressed.

  10. Abuse???? You - who accused Rabbi Eidensohn of being a wife beater - is the one abusing. Yoel has every right to demand that the "Beit Din" that put him in "cherem" show up and remove their "cherem". It's absolute abuse to ask Yoel to give a get while leaving him in "cherem". How dare you!

    Shame on you, "Avi Katz"! How dare you suggest that Yoel should be left in "Cherem"????

  11. The wicked person who encouraged her to do this stupid media campaign, full of it's lies. ORA and Mrs. Dodlesohn should get their dishonorably mention as well.

  12. Bring a videographer to film you arriving to the beit din on East 77th Stree at the appointed hour, as well as two other eideim, in case there is any question that you showed up the beit din that Rivky herself chose.

  13. Any dayan would be more than happy to show up at any time, day or night, if he could resolve a (so-called) "aguna" and finally "free" her after so long of waiting. You can be more than sure with over two weeks notice all three of these dayanim that Rivky herself chose can easily come to their own beit din, at their own location.

  14. Rabbi Eidensohn- I am very surprised and shocked that you posted this. I do not agree with all the tactics that Rivky has used, but clearly, Yoel is not so clean either. His Rav, who is "My Choshiva Rav & Dayan" said he should threaten to never give a get? That will end the Chillul Hashem? Just like you don't think that Rivky's Bais Din is real/legitimate, how can his Rav/Dayan be taken seriously? Do we know who that is?

    I can't say that this piece by Yoel is against Halacha, as I do not know enough Halacha to say that. However, I can say that it is disgusting and will just create a bigger chillul hashem! I really hope you don't think it is worthwhile to post!

    Shabbat Shalom!

  15. Don't forget Shira Dicker.

  16. One thing is for sure. From the day after Tisha B'Av on, Rivky Stein can no longer even pretend to call herself an aguna. Her husband showed up at her beit din to give her a Get. Either they showed up to received it, and she is no longer married, or they refuse to show up and accept the Get, and thus they can no longer claim he is the one refusing to give the Get or claim that she is an agunah.

  17. I'm sure the tabloids will be there to record it. This is the stuff they love. I plan on showing up as well. Why don't we plan a large rally there?

  18. A little Honesty.

    Obviously this is not about any cherem since he is given a platform on this blog. you nor your pals don't hold of the Cherem either. The cherem goes away as soon as he gives her a get whether through their beis din or any other beis din.

    Yoel can demand whatever he wants but if he is interested in actually putting an end to this he should just walk in to any Beis or beit din and deposit a Get. Making condition, demands shows etc will not help anyone, will probably enrage rivky and her supporters and this whole mess will go on for another few years.

    Given his history I see this as another stunt of his and another way to continue to abuse Rivky. I assume that this stunt is timed in accordance with either a recent court decision that he didnt like, an upcoming court hearing that he is worried or another series of articles that are about to be released.

  19. Its not as easy as it looksJuly 18, 2014 at 5:16 PM

    This is turning into a comedy!

  20. Get HETER MAYO and never give a GET? Who permitted you to do that? And what woman would marry you when you are still married? If your wife is crazy as you insist, she is not responsible for her errors, and why should you punish her? And who permits you to let a woman without a GET who may not resist temptations?

  21. HAHA! man this Yoel guy is cleaver! this is gonna bust this whole Rivky thing wide open, its gonna be great!

    after this nobody will ever believe a real abused Jewish woman again all thanx to Rivky Stein and her coocoo-crazy imagination and schemes.

  22. I must have missed the posts where ORA weighed in here. Care to share?

  23. You answered on the get story what about the abuse she went through? ??

  24. What abuse?
    Her claims of abuse are as real as her "beit din".

  25. Yoel,

    I commend your decision to appear at 1278 East 77nd Street Brooklyn, NY 11234, and provide a GET to Rivky Stein.

    If Rivky and the three dayanim who issued the cherem against you do not appear at that address at the time you scheduled - this will be proof positive that Rivky really has no interest in obtaining a GET. This will also be proof positive that Rivky, ORA, and the feminist groups are simply using the GET as a pretext to wage war on you and incite the ignorant masses against you.

  26. after this nobody will ever believe a real abused Jewish woman again all thanx to Rivky Stein and her coocoo-crazy imagination and schemes.

    That's the sad part. But it didn't begin with Ms. Stein. Sister To Sister - the organization for divorcing/divorced women - advises all their women to file orders of protection against their husband. They advise them to make false claims of abuse. Yes, nowadays it's almost impossible to trust a divorcing woman's claims of abuse.

  27. He's the one that has been abused by her.

  28. Obviously this is not about any cherem

    Excuse me! If you put him in "cherem", then you have every responsibility to have that same "beit din" remove it. Also, that "beit din" demanded that the get be given through them, at their address. How do you come in here daring to suggest Yoel defy that "beit din"?

    You then proceed to make new demands of Yoel, while calling him an "abuser". The only abuser here, is Ms. Stein and her cohorts.

    Given his history

    What history? The "history" you concocted? Your claims have as much credibility as this "beit din".

  29. He isn't making any demands. He is simply going to the very beit din she chose. Her own handpicked "Dayanim". He is doing and going exactly what she wants and chose. What more can she ask for? He isn't demanding zabla. He isn't demanding another beit din. He's just going to where she told him to go to beit din and where the beit din issued orders for him to appear before their beit din at their address.

    He couldn't be any more accommodating.

  30. "Why the strings attached?" - There were no strings attached as far as I can see.

    In fact Rivky chose that Beit Din, so why would you object to it?

    The "agunah" activists came roaring like wild lions against the husband based on the cherem issued against him by Rivky's Beit Din. The husband is now agreeing to cooperate with the Beit Din that put him in cherem, and now you're accusing him of "abusive attacks"?

    Are you perhaps trying to make Rivky an "agunah" and a poster girl for the "agunah" movement?

  31. Rabbi Dovid Eidensohn,

    I am surprised at your comments. I'm sure he would deposit a get with the Beis Din that will arrange his Heter Mayo Rabbonim. I'm sure there will be reasonable conditions implemented to protect Mr. Weiss, and to help rectify the damage that Ms. Stein and her cohorts caused the Weiss'.

  32. the ravings of a control freak. what a shanda.

  33. Making ... will probably enrage rivky and her supporters and this whole mess will go on for another few years.

    Wow! So, Rivkie and her supporters are threatening to prolong this for a few years?!
    Rivkie and her supporters are admitting their abuse?
    Rivkie and her supporters are admitting that this is all about revenge and fighting for no reason, other than to inflict harm?

    Thank you Avi Katz (who has slipped that he is very closely related to Ms. Stein) for admitting your intentions.

  34. ARE YOU RETARDED?! Up until now shes kicking and screaming that this beit din is real so what is the problem?! there shouldnt be a problem at hand right?
    why are you defensive all of a sudden that he should go to ANY beit din?!
    She publicly posted the documents that THIS beit din is the one that put him in cherem and THESE rabbanim signed the documents.
    There is absolutely nothing abusive about this.
    She shamed his family and friends. She has been manipulating him and the entire Jewish and non-jewish community through her games.
    She added these "strings" he is merely playing along.

    aaaand KNOCK KNOCK maybe she isnt home until then. Maybe he isnt home right now. It is the summer after all right?

  35. Why should this be her only chance for a get? If she wouldn't show up then she surely would appear to be disingenuous, like you said, but why would you refuse to give a get after that?

  36. For one thing, if this so-called "beit din" turns out to be a fake and a fraud which doesn't exist and the three so-called "Dayanim" who signed it don't exist and there names were invented for the fake beit din ruling, then that effectively means that Yoeli never violated any order from beis din and he never refused to show up to a valid beis din summons (hazmana) and there is no beis din order for him to give a Get.

    If that turns out to be the case, as is almost certainly the case, he has no obligation to give her a Get. A wife isn't entitled to a Get without a beis din ruling that the husband must give one.

  37. Do you have evidence of that? Or is that just pure speculation? If it is just speculation, why do you think it is ok? If you have evidence, please share it.

  38. No, no. After that she can cease her media campaign, publicly apologize for being disingenuous, return all the money people donated to her "cause", apologize for all the damage she sought to do. She should agree to fair settlement. At that point, I'm sure Yoel will give her a get.

  39. Joel,

    I fully understand that you are upset at what Rivki has done to you and feel a need to prove to the world that she is a liar and that the Beth Din doesn't exist. I get it!

    But you shot yourself in the "head" with the way how you went about handling this, by saying:

    "This is Rivky's only chance to receive her get. If only heavenly permits it, and Rivky and or her 3 rabbonem don't show up at the identified address to except the get, she will need to live the rest of her life without a get."

    You have now shown the world your true colors.

    No Mentchlicha person would make a condition like that as part of their Publicity Stunt to prove she was lying. No normal person would ever say that, regardless of what their ex did to them.

    This publicity stunt is now going to backfire, instead of help you. It clearly shows the world that you have a "controlling" mindset and from day one of this sad saga (maybe even from the Wedding Date) was only looking to control and hurt Rivki. Yes, Rivki might have lied about the Beth Din, but that doesn't mean all of her other accusations are lies too. As far fetched as her claims are in her RICO filing, I am sure they contain some element of truth. I also highly doubt any normal woman would ever be willing to commit themselves to you, after making such conditions. threats. Good luck with your ability to move on and get married to another woman.

    P.S. I also find it very hard to believe that any Rov, would of told you to put that threat in your post.

  40. Again, Yoel Weiss u present things in the wrong way : U cannot decide
    the date on your own, and expect everybody to show up at your request
    only , this is not respectfull to anyone. How do u ever wish to become a
    mensch if u keep putting yourself at the center and at the top ? Start
    by doing tshouvah , show respect , restraint become modest humble
    THAT PEOPLE CAN MAKE ARRANGEMENTS. And how can u even consider to be
    putting ULTIMATUMS , whats wrong with u ? Dont u want hashem to be
    pleased , dont u want to make peace ? Are your intentions so perverted
    they should only suit u ? I'd suggest you start repenting for your own
    good as you are again doing this for the wrong reasons , you are only
    motivated because it caused your family shame , and u should be
    motivated because it is the right thing to do. If u had any love for
    your kids , then the welbeing of their mother would be at the front of
    your priorities . So where is the love man ??? Everyone is accountable
    for his actions, and your actions speak volumes about how lo one can go ,
    HOWEVER there is good news , u can rise up to the challenge and u can
    grow and become what u should already have been ;-)

  41. and what kind of dubious hour is 12pm ??? it could be confusing , do u mean after 11u59PM = midnight ? or do u mean after 11u59AM = midday ?

  42. You missed the posts? Then I cant help you.


    Here is an email I just received from ORA:

    "Dear [ORA Caseworker],

    It's just over 6 weeks since I got my get, and I still wake up every morning feeling like a new person. Everything is different now - it really feels like a brand new world. And every single day, when I feel happy and relieved and finally, finally free, I think of you and everyone at ORA. The amount of time, effort, and thought that you put into my case was nothing short of amazing. I knew that you were with me every step of the way, and I am so, so grateful.

    I know that you're unfortunately busy with other women who need your help; I just wanted you to know that you changed my life, and I am tremendously grateful."

    ~ Gital Dodelson, former agunah

    Oh, BTW, did you say slichos on Friday, "Yosef Fried"?

  43. What is a "heter mayeh rabbonem"?

  44. This guys sounds like a controlling sociopath- she gets one change to get a Get from him? Why would it be surprising if he would abuse her too...please stop blaming the victim! ORA protects women he could have given a get a long time ago and avoided this...he couldnt reach these three rabonim? she only gets one chance? Ok....believe who you will but its a sad state for yidden when abuse is covered up so as not to make a "chilul hashem"- you know what a real chilul Hashem is- people who raise a hand or a harsh word to another person, let alone their wife the one person they must respect and pleasure most!

  45. What disturbs me about this whole incident and the discussion about it is the harshness of peoples opinions and actions. This whole marriage and divorce should not be in the public eye and it's very sad that it is. It's that type of harshness and fighting that turns off non-observant Jews and even many observant Jews from Judaism. I see it in my own shul and it turns me off. I'm a baal teshuva and if I had started off my observance in my current shul (a mostly FFB ashkenaz shul), I don't think I would have stuck with Judaism.

  46. Yoel:

    I was reading the new post on your wife's facebook. They seem to have two concerns. 1. They are asking why wait till after Tisha BAv and 2. They feel it's better that she not have to meet you for the Get.

    So may I suggest you slightly modify your offer? Offer that she needn't show up. You will go to her beis din that she chose and if the three dayanim that signed the siruv and cherem against you show up, you will give only those three specific dayanim the Get. She doesn't have to be there.

    And secondly offer flexibility with the dates instead of only insisting on one specific date and time only. Offer that those three dayanim can suggest any time and date they wish and is convenient for them in the next three weeks that you and they will show up at their beis din courtroom at the address they told you to show up at on East 77th on their hazmonos to you.

    In your revised offer to give her a Get with more flexibility on the date and her absence, specify that while the three dayanim can pick any day they want -- even tomorrow if she wants it tomorrow! -- that if they don't offer you a date that's good for them, you will show up the day after Tisha BAv at that time to deposit the Get if they are at their beis din's address. If they don't show up and don't offer an earlier alternative date of their choosing, you know they and your wife are a farce and will never again deal with them in any way, including never offering a Get in the future past the specified deadline.

  47. In other words, you still insist on doing everything on your terms and threatening her if she doesn't comply. You need some serious help! As for her "celebrity", had you done right by her from the beginning, you wouldn't be getting divorced, and had you given her the Get, she wouldn't have had to use social media to embarrass you into something that you should have done in the first place. You bring a lot of shame to Orthodox men and our Jewish community, in general.

  48. And she abused him how?

  49. Rabbi Michael TzadokJuly 19, 2014 at 8:44 PM

    I also find myself surprised at your comments here.

    There is a Rav and Dayan in the US who is very famous for this approach of never giving a Get. Which is one of the reasons that Rabbinut and many other Rabbanim have written against him. You have previously written in comments here in support of him. Were you unaware of his opinion in this regard?

    Further someone who has claimed to be one of the Dayyanim on this Rav's B"D has written this opinion here meforash several times, and more than once you praised him for "standing for halakha". Did you not read his comments carefully or have you since changed your mind?

  50. @Mel226 your ignorance about this situation is disgraceful Before opening your mouth to denounce someone you should first have the intelligence to become familari with the fact.

  51. Catskills 1 - you totally misunderstood the point of the Yoel's offer. Please take the trouble of reading the posts that are linked at the top of this post.

  52. @halevi - excellent point. This case should never have been placed in the public media. It does sound though that you need to find another shul - there are others who are much more gentle.

  53. @Benny - you really don't understand what is going on. Please read the posts that are linked at the top to learn the context of Yoel's proposal.

  54. @halevi - please read the posts linked at the top. You have no understanding of what is going on.

  55. you missed Yoel's point which he makes sharply and justly. Please reread what he says along with the posts linked at the top

  56. @Avi Katz you are showing your consistent misunderstanding of what is going on. You have not the slightest clue - but you like to express "righteous" anger - even if the facts don't justify it.

  57. @Joel you really don't understand what Rivky has been doing nor do you understand how Yoel response is exquistely appropriate to serve as a litmus test as the the truthfulness of Rivky's claims.

  58. All I know is from what I read on the web. Are you in touch with the Weiss family or the Stein family? Your hardline approach seems to be that Rivky is a liar and Yoel is a saint but I just find it very hard to believe that all of these accusation were made up. There are documents and recordings on Rivky's site to support some of her claims but I dont expect that Yoel would have admitted to raping her on tape though.

    Additionally, I have no reason to question Bamberger's credibility, do you?

    I know that the dozen or so talkbackers on this forum are vehemently opposed to Rivky and woman in general for that matter, but, there are thousands (maybe more) that believe Rivky's story and think that Yoel is a controlling and abusive person. The last line of his letter seems to demonstrate that unless I completely misunderstood it. I have seen many people on this forum and others who say they know Yoel and they seem to say that Rivky's claims are in line with his personality.

    Did you ever speak with him? Meet him? Can you give him some insight to his personality?

    I know that Yoel has been very forthcoming with some documentation regarding the case. I was wondering. Do you know where the matrimonial case is up to? Has there been any psychiatric reports or forensics reports that Yoel would like to share? This could probably shed some more light on the situation...

  59. Not sure what you mean by prolonging this for years. I think it is pretty clear to anyone objective that Rivky wants her Get and to move on with her life. The best way to test her would be to deposit a Get at any Beis din with no strings attached and then if she fails to come pick it up Yoel has a case. Up until now it has ben Yoel that has given 3 different contradictory reasons (quoted in the articles) for refusing to give the Get.

    P.S. I am not related to any of the Steins and I dont have any intentions other than to see both of them move on with their lives.

  60. Let us just say that in an imaginary divorce case, where both the Halachic and secular disputes have gotten very ugly. one party produces a judgement form a secular court, granting certain awards to one of the parties, and against the other party. however, the othr party is unable to trace the secular court - no record of it exists, the address is next to a drive-in McDonalds, but there is no courthouse there.
    Can you imagine the consequences for such "ziuf" forgery, in secular terms?
    If both parties claim to be in acceptance of Halacha, then this seems to be what has taken place - except that the ziuf is in the BD papers.
    That is the context of this story, and it seems that Joel's post is correct to expose this. Of course, i have no involvement in this case and I am not taking sides.

  61. ELY, if you have evidence that ORA is involved in this case, please provide it. I checked on their website and I did not find this case mentioned. It seems to be taken care of by other means

  62. Not sure what you mean by prolonging this for years.

    You clearly threatened to prolong this for years. Here are your words. Just scroll up a little and you can remind yourself of what you wrote.

    will probably enrage rivky and her supporters and this whole mess will go on for another few years.

    Why the need to lie?

  63. Mel: 1) Not everyone getting divorced has done something wrong. 2) Not every time a Get is demanded is one obligated to give it.

  64. 12 PM is the afternoon according to anywhere in the world using Standard Time. Everyone understands this.

  65. Was ORA publicly involved in Dodelson's Chillul Hashem campaign? Following is part of an email I received last week from ORA:

    "Dear [ORA Caseworker],

    It's just over 6 weeks since I got my get, and I still wake up every morning feeling like a new person. Everything is different now - it really feels like a brand new world. And every single day, when I feel happy and relieved and finally, finally free, I think of you and everyone at ORA. The amount of time, effort, and thought that you put into my case was nothing short of amazing. I knew that you were with me every step of the way, and I am so, so grateful.

    I know that you're unfortunately busy with other women who need your help; I just wanted you to know that you changed my life, and I am tremendously grateful."

    ~ Gital Dodelson, former agunah

  66. Yoel wrote that he has many time attempted to contact the three "Dayanim" that sent him the hazmanas and put him in cherem so that he could arrange a time convenient for them for him to come to their beit din office. But Yoel has never been able to get hold of any of the three to make the arrangement. So he is proposing a set data and time to finalize this affair once and for all.

  67. Shira Dicker, on Rivky Stein's facebook page, wrote that ORA checked out the beit din and determined it is a valid beit din. So there is ORA involvement here, per Rivky Stein's publicist.

  68. Avi: Clearly you have not been paying much attention to the nitty gritty details of this case. And, yes, Rabbi Eidensohn has been in contact with Yoel, as anyone following this issue is aware. How, exactly, would you like Yoel to show that Rivky made false rape accusations? Should Yoel produce bedroom videos of there being no rape? Should he produce a video of friends testifying to his good character? How do we know that you, Avi Katz, did not rape your wife and next door neighbor? Should they accuse you of rape, Avi, should we believe them too?

    Rivky has discredited herself with many lies she made that have been proven as falsehoods in and out of court. Such as the court finding her to have made false order of protection charges against her husband. And, here, her having created a false non-existent "beit din", all with fake documents and non-existent "dayanim".

    There are not too many people left who believe much of anything Rivky Stein claims.

  69. Yoel has no obligation to give Rivky a Get.

  70. Shira Dicker, on Rivky Stein's facebook page, wrote that ORA checked out the "beit din" and determined it is a valid beit din. So there is ORA involvement here, per Rivky Stein's publicist.

  71. Check Shira Dicker's own facebook and twitter pages. She is not shy about her involvement with Rivky Stein.

  72. I miss where that says they are involved in this particular case. I assume by your deflection that you don't have any proof of their involvement here. Honesty matters, & you can bash ORA when they screw up (which they certainly do) but don't lie about their involvement here.

  73. Thank You, DT. I read the links you provided above and they do add additional and needed context to this conversation and discussion.


    In addition to my two above suggestions that I think it would be helpful to your case if 1] you give the dayanim (if they exist) the opportunity to pick an earlier date than your deadline so that this will prove that not only have you tried to reach out to them unsuccesfully in order to arrange a mutually convenient date, since they are unreachable (and perhaps do not exist) but that they can choose another date before your deadline and 2] allow the dayanim (if they exist) to facilitate the Get without your wife being present, I would also like to add an additional suggestion that 3] should they fail to respond to your very generous offer of giving a Get unconditionally should the dayanim (if they exist) come to their beis din to accept it, that furthermore in the event they are no shows and do not accept your gracious offer to convent for the purpose of you giving a Get, that when you get your heter meah rabbonim you will deposit a Get in the beis din of your choice, with the dayanim of your choice, that will hold unto the Get until your wife ceases, reverses and undoes any and all the damages she caused you and compensates you for any all such previous damages and insures that you have your full halachic rights in regards to custody arragements. Once she insures all this, the beis din and dayanim that you appointed will then release the Get.

  74. See Yoel revised offer posted at the top

  75. See Yoel's revised offer at top of post

  76. For one, I have never been accused of raping my wife, Yoel has been accused by Rivky of rape and abuse. Now, I do not know the whole story but I dont think you do either. While no one has to accept Rivky's testimony blindly, I think it is unfair to completely dismiss it as false. There does happen to be a LOT of evidence suggessting that Yoel is a controlling and abusive individual which validates some of Rivky's claims. For example the Bamberger report (unless she made that up as well?) the recordings, the letter he posted on this site and more.

    From what I saw the documents do not show that Rivky made a false order of protection but rather the order of protection was dropped.

    Has Rabbi Eidensohn been in contact with Rivky? If so can he please let us in on the content of their conversations?

    "There are not too many people left who believe much of anything Rivky Stein claims." That is a ridiculous statement, see her facebook page and the newspapers... Many people believe her and very few believe Yoel hence the following on her site as oppose to this one.

  77. According to my understanding he has a halachic obligation to give her a Get because that is what a Beis din ordered.

    Now, if what you are saying is true, and the beis din is a fake, he may not have a halachic obligation to give a Get but it is clearly the right thing to do in this case. Yoel realizes that the marriage is dead. He clearly does not care about the custody proceedings and is willing to give a Get before they are decided. Therefore, what possible justification could he have for witholding a Get? To make her suffer as he says on the recordings?

    I understand that you and Yoel are not happy with how Rivky behaved in the matter, but grow up... What possible good will come of him refusing a Get? She will suffer? Then what? I just dont see the end game here...

  78. Honesty try being honest for once. Please dont take my words out of context.. Here is what I said
    "Making condition, demands shows etc will not help anyone, will probably enrage rivky and her supporters and this whole mess will go on for another few years."

    In other words, if Yoel is going to make conditions or demands that will or wont be met, this will probably enrage her and her supporters....

    I hope that clears things up for you.

    I dont know what you are talking about regarding lies. All of my writings are here for all to see.

  79. Looking at the signatures of the three "dayanim" on the hazmanas and other documents published on Stein's website, you can see that the handwriting of the signature for all three are the same. This is most pronounced when comparing the common letters shared between the names.

  80. @Avi Katz you are ignorant of the halacha and yet you make strong condemnation of anyone who disagrees with your misunderstanding. I have described the halacha clearly and repeatedly as have other on this blog. Even if the beis din exists - it can not pasken that Yoel has to give a get unless it has heard testimony from both sides - which it hasn't. As I noted this is clearly stated by Rav Moshe Feinstein, the Shulchan Aruch and the Gemora. Please take the time to read all the information before getting on a soap box and embarrassing yourself with mistaken assertions.

  81. Beis Din? No beis din has been involved in this case other than a fictitious "beit din" Rivky Stein invented along with the name of three non-existent "dayanim" that no one knows who are of whether they exist.

    I'm glad you agree he therefore has no halachic obligation to give a Get. You're correct on that point. But it is not the right thing to do either. Especially since Rivky created a fake beit din, filed false police reports and is trying to stop him from seeing his children.

    He can give the Get once Rivky stops these tactics of hers and her "advisors" and gives the father his full halachic rights to his children. And she stops trying to use goyishe courts to seize money from him that she isn't halachicly entitled to.

  82. See this website and you'll see many people support Yoel Weiss.

    If you're accused of rape should we believe the accusations? How will you prove you didn't rape your accuser? There is ZERO evidence in this case other than the claims of a proven liar.

    Yossi Bamberger was a hired hand of Rivky Stein. See the previous post about him on this website.

  83. I saw the teshuva from Rav Moshe which I dont think is applicable here. Even if it is applicable here I think that proves that there is an opinion which allows a BD to pasken without hearing bothsides, since that is what that BD did before Rav Moshe came out against them. The BD did it and Rav Moshe came out against it. Rav Moshe was a giant, no questions, but not the only halachic authority out there.

    I reference to my last paragraph. I am wondering what your position is if the BD is proven to be a fake. Does that mean the Rivky should remain without a Get for the rest of her life as a punishment? Is that in accordance with halacha? Is there any reason not to give a Get at any other beis din?

  84. I dont see Uziel Frankles name on any of the BD material. Can you point me to it please?

    I called the number and a man picked up and said he does not have a beis din.

  85. I am not a halachic authority so my agreeing or disagreeing here are not relevant. What is important is that this saga comes to an end so they can both move ahead with their lives.

    If I understand you correctly, the Get should be used as a tool of extortion to ensure that Yoel gets whatever he thinks he deserves and only then he should give the Get?

    Excuse my ignorance but Where in halacha does it state that the Get should be contingent on this?

  86. Others have answered you. Shira Dicker on her Facebook page and on her Twitter feed discusses her involvement. On the page she made for Rivkie, she cites that ORA verified the authenticity of this "beit din".

    Nice of you to accuse me of lying, while attempting to lie.

    Fact is that ORA did not claim to be involved in the Dodelsohn case. This case is being run exactly the way the Dodlesohn case was. Yet, Gital Dodelsohn gives huge credit to ORA for her case.

  87. Regarding ORA and this so-called beit din:

    On June 15, someone posted the following message on the wife's Facebook group:

    " I don't know either side but this is one side of a story and I don't think there is a beis din on 1278 east 77 as that is not an address . Google it ppl. Whiled I do feel bad for Rivky for whatever she is going through I don't know her personally so how can we just trust this. Is everything on the internet truth?"

    On June 16 Rivky Stein (or someone posting from her account) responded as follows:

    As I wrote earlier: It is absolutely a Beit Din. This is another lie that Yoel has been perpetuating. I know it's hard to believe in this day and age that something exists even when it doesn't show up on Google. But ORA has confirmed the validity of this Beit Din. (You can feel free to contact Rabbi Noach Rabovsky to confirm that.)



    So clearly Rivky Stein said she got ORA involved on her behalf and is referring everyone to ORA's Rabbi Noach Rabovsky as her contact with ORA.

    The contact for Rabbi Noach Rabovsky that I found is: 561-702-9351 or noach.rabovsky@gmail.com

  88. @Avi Katz why didn't you bother reading the Shulchan Aruch and the Gemora that are in the same post?! Rav Moshe says it is not his chidush but is poshut from the gemora and Shulchan Aruch. Why do you have trouble understanding such an obvious assertion? It clearly indictes you are not interested in halacha or fairness.

    You keep repeating assertions which have nothing to do with the facts that have been extensive discussed and which you don't seem to be able to comprehend.

  89. I read it and reiterate that a Beit Din went ahead and did it which means that 3 rabanim felt that there was halachic justification for it. Were they wrong? According to Rav Moshe, Yes! Is he the only opinion? Obviously not.

    Did they reverse their psak after he issues the ruling?

  90. In other words, if Yoel is going to make conditions or demands that will or wont be met, this will probably enrage her and her supporters....

    And? You then proceeded to say that that this enragement will prolong it for years. I don't see how can wiggle out of your threat.

    try being honest for once.

    It would be good if practice this.

  91. Avi, how ignorant can one get? Everything Rav Moshe paskened against that some rabbi did, must be muttar because, according to your logic, it was done by some rabbi that Rav Moshe paskened against. So therefore some rabbi holds its okay.

    So if you want to know what things you can do, just do everything Rav Moshe paskened against... because some rabbi beforehand obviously did that, otherwise Rav Moshe wouldn't have had to pasken against it.


  92. Hi i see you have nothing better todo with your time who's tel # did you call and at what time did you call y don't you let all of us no what date and time i should show up at address to the Beis Din

    1278 East 77nd Street Brooklyn, NY 11234

    and we all can stop waisting everyones time.

    Uziel Frankel called me and told me

  93. Moe, that is sloppy detective work. Ms. Dicker writes some unsubstantiated comment on facebook - that is not evidence that would be acceptable in a BD. If ORA was involved in this case, why aren't they writing about ti and going to town on it? They seem to be very active and noisy about other cases. I want hard evidence. show me a a legitimate communique from them. There was another case they were involved in , and they tweeted that their agunah was free, then they went silent. In this case they have not made any noise at all.

  94. (dis)Honesty - I asked about Rivky. you are answering about Gital. Don't mix one case with another, that is not halachically permissible.

  95. I'm concerned that ORA may yet become involved, assuming a Get is not given on the day Mr. Weiss goes to meet the Bais Din.

    ORA has a policy of demanding a Get on behalf of a wife. If and when ORA becomes involved in a case, it does not interest them in the least that a husband in good faith has tried to give his wife a Get.

    In general, we should not have Evil Ones on our team. In this case, however, I would suggest that a Rav be asked if Mr. Weiss, or a representative of Mr. Weiss, would be allowed to reach out to ORA and ask their assistance in bringing Ms. Stein to the Bais Din she, and now Mr. Weiss, also, have chosen to go to.

    ORA can either refuse, which makes them look bad, or they can help, which would facilitate the implementation of Mr. Weiss's Rav's P'sak.

    Either way, Mr. Weiss would have some good ammunition with which to fend off ORA in the future, should a Get not be given soon.

  96. You're right, I don't understand and that's why I asked the question. I'll read the links posted at the top. Thanks.

  97. ORA definitely was involved in the didelsoncase. Not only demonstrations in staten island, and getting the grandfather and uncle fired / asked to resign, but threatening demonstrations at national convention of org husband 's family was affiliated with. Don't say ORA was not involved.

  98. So what? ORA accepts rackman type gi

    Several cases. And if ten years later the ex wife changes her mind, they'll go out against the husband despite previously accepting thea rackman get too.

  99. I read the documents. I always thought her accusations sounded off the wall and the fact that she filed a RICO lawsuit was also very bizarre. It really upset me that this case was made public (by her, obviously) and that so many people (in internet comments) supported her without knowing the circumstances. I linked to ("Liked") her Facebook web page because I wanted to see where this would go. I always suspected that he wasn't the bad guy she was making him out to be. Again, it was quite shocking to me that so many people supported her and wrote such vile things against him without knowing anything, really.

  100. ORA's policy is not to help, not to negotiate, not to facilitate, not to nothing. Only do the get, with no conditions, no civil divorce, no nothing. Even a rackman type get is adequate for ORA.

  101. I'm still not sure why he wouldn't give her a get. If he doesn't give her a get, wouldn't he still be married also? I don't know the law. Also, if she accepted the get on his terms, for example in a beis din of his choosing, why wouldn't that be good enough for him?

  102. OK, I just read the other comments to my post and I think I understand better. Would he be considered divorced even it he doesn't give a get to his wife?

  103. Daas Torah,

    As a mother, I am appalled by your callous manner. You
    seem to be deriving pleasure from Yoel's evil glee and his delight in
    putting Rivky in a "gotcha" situation.

    How would you be
    reacting if it was your daughter or granddaughter that would have
    married a MONSTER like Yoel? What goes around comes around - maybe
    one day personal circumstances will cause you to regret the deliberate
    choice you have made.

    Your are are causing to Rivky additional
    suffering by giving Yoel a platform for his cruelty on your blog - with
    the horrifying irony of calling yourself Daat Torah - SHAME!

    Did you watch her video?

    the case - Rivky feels she has been abused by Yoel and doesn't want to
    be married to him; Yoel's contempt for Rivky comes across loud and clear
    in all is writings and actions - So give the get!!

    If there is
    a discrepancy in the Bais Din address, why does Yoel have to use that
    as an additional torture tool?? Let him deposit the Get at a neutral
    bais din such as the RCA and be done with it! Let this saga

  104. Eddie, The "fact pattern" you described in your first paragraph is, well, silly. No offense. In NYS one cannot get civilly divorced without knowing about it and just finding about it afterwards. There is a procedure.
    1. First the plaintiff buys an index number and files the paperwork in the Supreme Court Clerk's office.
    2. The defendant has to be personally served the papers. That means he has to be physically handed the papers. So there is no "surprise" divorce.
    3. At some point everyone appears before a Supreme Court judge. Every county in NYS has a Supreme Court. (Well, maybe not some of the sparsely populated rural upstate counties.) And the process continues.

    There is no such thing as using a fake Court or address.

    Let us say that the plaintiff hires a process server who fakes the personal service, and the defendant then defaults on the divorce he knows nothing about. The defendant then gets served with papers after the fact, even with a fake court address. The defendant would return to the "real" Supreme Court, challenge the fraudulent divorce, and his lawyer would get to cross examine that process server. If a "real" judge saw papers from a fake court (eg. "Kings County Supreme Court, 66 E 52nd Street, Brooklyn") the entire "divorce" would be tossed out. Maybe even criminal charges be brought against that plaintiff.

    Let us take a more realistic "fact pattern" where the plaintiff cannot find the defendant. He's in hiding, or living somewhere the plaintiff just doesn't know. She can't tell the process server where to find him. Then her lawyer will be charged with making a "good faith" effort to find him. Hire an investigator who would do a search. See if his cell phone is being used. If his credit cards are being used. Where his assets are being moved. Etc.
    If the defendant really cannot be found, then the plaintiff would have to do "service by publication." That is place a notice (for three weeks in a row I believe) in the legal notices section of a newspaper (or two) where the defendant was last known to be, and likely to read.

    In that scenario I suppose it's possible for a defendant not to know of his divorce for weeks/months/years after the fact. Although I would have to wonder where he's been all that time?

    A judge may authorize "nail and mail" service as well as a last resort. That is taping ("nailing") the papers to the front door of the defendant's last known address and mailing a copy as well.

    One last comment. On TV and movies you see a person being handed legal papers, and then immediately dropping them, jumping backwards, holding up their hands and stating "I'm not taking that!" FYI, that's good service. You've been served.

  105. Why are the "dayanim" three names that no one ever heard of or can find listed anywhere or known by anyone and are unreachable anywhere?

  106. No, he wouldn't be divorced. They should wait until the civil suit, and then the family court matters are settled. A get is given at the conclusion of all issues.

  107. Then why does Yoel state the following:

    "...she will need to live the rest of her life without a get."

  108. @Rational I am shocked by your lack of rational understanding and simply responding to the emotional appeal of a young woman who has tried to totally destroy her husband without presenting any evidence and at the same time apparently presenting false documents.

    Your bizarre and incoherent ramblings really are not helpful in resolving this shameful matter.

    Your tirade is a disgrace and an embarrassment to Torah. No further nonsense from you will be accepted.

  109. I fully agree with you. It was not a factual story, but just a moshul. The point being that many people believe this is what has occurred with the BD. Yoeli is taking a risk, in that he agrees to give a get, as requeste dby the BD, so if it turns out to be real and he does not give it, he will lose all credibility.

  110. I think this is part of the pressure of exposure. If she is so desperate for a get, and Yoel is finally willing to give it, she should come and take it. If he wouldn't put that threat, then her supporters would still have what to hang on and demand a get.... Here, he put it that if she's interested, then she can't wiggle out of this.

    Now, her deception and her shameful campaign become exposed (to those who would like to see it).

  111. Yoel's many writings -specifically that this is Rivky's only chance for a get- as well as the mediator's assessment (Bamberger) is enough for me to form my opinion. You should not be giving Yoel a platform to further his abuse.

  112. Rabbi Michael TzadokJuly 20, 2014 at 7:47 PM

    ORA was very much publicly involved in the Doddelson divorce, with a full spread in the Jewish Press about taking on the Feinsteins.

  113. Rabbi Michael TzadokJuly 20, 2014 at 7:49 PM

    Fact is that ORA did not claim to be involved in the Dodelsohn case.
    Absolutely NOT true. ORA did claim to be involved in the Doddelson case, and Rav Eidensohn posted the Jewish press piece on it here on his blog.

  114. fedupwithcorruptrabbisJuly 20, 2014 at 8:15 PM

    @Mel and all rivky supporters: Yoel has a right to make such demands afterall if this is a bogus bais din that rivky used to defame and harrass him in public, then she deserves what she gets. She will have to undo all the damage prior to him issuing her a GET. I am sick and tired of seeing the women today resorting to unconventional and against halachic means to achieve their goals. There is no justification to lies, deceipt in humiliating a person in the public eye.

  115. It does not seem like Weiss is trying to give a get "in good faith."
    In fact, given all the hulabaloo about the address (let's assume for the moment it is a typo for a real address) his repeatedly mentioning a specific address known not to exist, with no good faith effort to figure out whether it really refers to someplace that does exist, suggests that he has no intention of going anywhere on the 10th of Av...

  116. @em - why do you feel a need to comment when you haven't bothered reading the material and you clearly have no understanding of what is going onl? This is not about an address.

  117. Yoel: When yoy go to give the Get the day after Tisha BAv (or earlier if
    they ask you for an earlier date), make sure you verify

    a) that the three dayanim are the same three people that signed all the previous hazmanos and other beis din documents and

    that even if they are the same three people, that they demonstrate to
    you valid credentials that they are qualified to be dayanim.

  118. Yossi Bamberger is no mediator. He is Rivky Stein's personal handmaiden beholden to do her bidding.

  119. I see. It sounds to me like she really needs help or she's just plain evil. It's amazing to me how she has so many people that blindly support her and castigate Yoel. They don't know anything about the situation. I can at least say I've read many of the documents. The fact that she brought this whole thing public raised a big red flag for me. Her accusations seemed off the wall and the RICO lawsuit (I read most of it) was truly unbelievable. People believe what they want to believe.

  120. I am pretty open minded about these things, especially since I really didn't know the situation nor the parties involved nor the halacha. The fact is that I really didn't reach a different conclusion. I just didn't understand his reasoning. I wasn't saying that he was wrong for giving her an ultimatum. I just wanted to understand why.

  121. Rabbi Michael TzadokJuly 21, 2014 at 1:29 PM

    Then whey to they repeatedly type this "mistaken" address throughout their documents.

    I could understand if they got printed letterhead with a mistaken address on it, and just ran with it. The Oldest Yeshiva in the world has been using letterhead with a typo for 40yrs. But when they type out their address in the body of the text they don't make the same mistake.

    So while that is a nice response on the surface it is both insulting the the intelligence of the average reader. As well it shows the lynch mob mentality of people who have never actually read the documents, and thus take them at face value.

  122. & THE PHONE NUMBER ????!!?!!!

  123. i have read the material. at this point i don't believe rivky is acting in "good faith." that does not mean that yoel is, however - in fact, the tone and substance of this post suggests that he is not. the address was just the clearest example.

    in general, i find that elaborate irony of the sort yoel is pulling here is not the best way to make an argument. rather, it is a way to self-congratulate within an echo chamber.

  124. You're right. The fact is that the "save Rivky" faction is claiming it was just a typo.
    Why not just contact the shul and get that out of the way as well?

  125. Rabbi Michael TzadokJuly 21, 2014 at 6:44 PM

    Numerous people, including myself, despite the trouble of doing so from Israel have tried. There has never been a response.
    Knowing Chabad, I know that they typically do not like to involve themselves in the fights of others, most especially when they have no stake in the fight. Therefore, given my somewhat extensive history with Chabad, I take their silence to be an implicit denial.

  126. Rabbi Michael TzadokJuly 21, 2014 at 6:45 PM

    Please read my comment before responding. I cite in paragraph 1 and 3 of my comment that they repeated got their own address wrong.

  127. I wasn't disagreeing with you. I was just pointing him to some of the exact locations where they did so. This just makes it more difficult for the PR specialists to continue to pull the wool over the crowds eyes.

  128. If anyone were in Yoel's shoes, where is wife started off with out ever asking for a get, and accused him in court of raping and beating her with out any shred of proof, molesting the kids again with out any proof, which all of these charges he denies, would anyone be running to give her a get? or would you be waiting for an apology and for her to state to the world that she lied in order to try and get sole custody?

    Have a look at the situation in Israel, do we negotiate with terrorists? with liars?

    Forget address mistakes, has anyone ever heard of this baid din? of these rabbis?

    I don't see why Yoel should be rushing to give her anything, once a prominent Bais Din asks him to give a get, I would imagine he would.

  129. at this point i don't believe rivky is acting in "good faith

    Did she ever act in good faith? Why are you focusing on Yoel and not on Rivky? You took her side, and are questioning Yoel? Why don't you question her, and question yourself if you are correct in getting involved in this mess and if you are correct in taking Rivky's side?

    The address and the "beit din" is indeed a clear example.

    1) This supposed typo not only appears on the letterhead, it also appears several times within their letters.

    2) Rivkie's Facebook page administrator claimed that ORA verified the authenticity of this "beit din". ORA denies ever having said that, nor ever having been associated with this case.

    Again, why don't you question yourself if you are correct in getting involved in this mess and if you are correct in taking Rivky's side?

  130. Chabad of Georgetown, which Rivky is now saying in supposed to be the correct address and place of the beit din, has a website and phone number. Why not someone contact Chabad of Georgetown and verify. It should be easy getting hold of someone or even the rabbi. Perhaps they'll confirm or deny; or at least say "no comment".


  131. I called Uziel Frankel. He made sure that I'm aware that he is "Rabbi Frankel".

    He did not deny his involvement in making this "beit din"!
    He said he would be willing to discuss it if I set up a meeting with him.

  132. "Did she ever act in good faith? Why are you focusing on Yoel and not on Rivky? You took her side, and are questioning Yoel?"

    lots of asumptions there... [for the record, "at this point" referred to me being convined, not to when she was acting how, but anyway.]

    yoel wrote a post. like many people who overuse irony in attempts to sound clever i think he went overboard and painted himself in a negative light, and i said so. questioning him is not the same as supporting her. i have plenty of questions for/about her but this blog has that angle pretty well covered i would say.

  133. Donto be naive. There are plenty of cases of cases of divorces without the other side even knowing about it. (A friend of mine undid a thirty year old divorc after both sides died (actually, the wife died while the case was in litigation.); there was big real estate and question of which children inherit, so there was a rea$on to do it.)

    If need be, i can refer you to a lawyer who actually does divorces with only one party knowing about it.

  134. "We intend to serve refreshments to all her supporters, so please don't eat too much," that is so bizarre. who writes that?

  135. @Malka - it is not as bizarre as some who has conducted an intensive publicity campaign claiming being beated and raped and enslaved etc etc and that making a chilul hashem is the only way to get a divorce. Also collecting thousands of dollars for expenses to get divorced. and yet when the get is offered without any strings - does not respond.

  136. How do we know for sure that she did nto respond just because Yoel weiss says so? maybe she tried?

  137. Would you be interested in buying a bridge?


  139. Rabbi Michael TzadokJuly 23, 2014 at 8:16 AM

    My apologies.

  140. @Frieda it is true that you are missing something. Yes if her beis din is recognized as competent by other rabbis and they write a get as per his free request - then the get is legitimate. It is really that simple.

    She has rallyed the world to her side with her story of rape, enslavement beatings etc together with documents claiming that the Mill Basis Beis Din [against the halacha] poskened that Yoel had an obligation to give a get even though they did not speak with him - totally on the basis of hearing on her version of the story..

    As noted in the many posts on the subject her version is not only not substantiated by any evidence there are clearly elements that are false - including apparently the fact that she has a kosher beis din or that it even exits. Her claims that ORA has validated the beis din are false according to what ORA has told me.

    Yoel is saying simply "put up or shut up". If you want a divorce I will give it to you now but only on the condition that your beis din writes the get. If the beis din is real and competent - then she will obtain a get without any strings attached.
    However if the beis din is fake then Rifky will need to admit that she has fabricated her story and fooled the world and created an incredible chilul hashem.

  141. Not sure what that has to do with anything. While I don't think either of them are 100 percent right. Yoel Weiss does not exactly seem like he is so innocent either. He has yet to show evidence that he did not do what Rivky accused him of just like Rivky has not produced evidence showing that he did. However, you and I both do not know that other things have not being going on that Yoel is not saying. He could be making this grand statement just to make her look bad. Just the statement that this is her only chance to get the GET shows that his character is flawed. Even IF her beis din proves not to be legitimate, Just show up with his own Rabbanim and get this over with! His only argument is to prove that she is not credible. That is not proof that he is not an abuser! While it isn't proof that he is either. Even the court accusing her of lying is not proof of anything either. The courts are easily manipulated. This situation is sick all around and what needs to be done is mediation to make sure that this is settled quickly so that all of these people can get on with their lives. What needs to be done is making sure that this is done in a way that will be sure that the kids do not suffer in ANY way from this situation. As an adult who was a teen going through this kind of mess, I hope and pray that these children do not go through even half of what I have been through.

  142. Honesty, please see my above reply to Rabbi Tsadok explaining how the same error in the Bais Din's address can easily recur multiple times with modern Word Processor technology. It is too long to duplicate here.

  143. @Liveand letlive - in short you are claiming Yoel is assumed guilty unless he can prove his innocence. That is sick. Rivky is making the accuations and she has the burden of proof - and she hasn't produced any evidence. The fact that she has not responded to Yoel offer fro an immediate no strings attached get from her own beis din - makes her case extremely problematic

  144. That is not what I am saying at all. I am saying that from what I am reading on your blog he is no better than she is. She accuses him of XY and Z and the only thing he is doing is just saying that she is lying. That is no better than she is. Do you really think that he went to the Dayan and said to him that he did x,y and z what should i do? He presents the case in away that he can do what he wants to do. You have not produced any evidence beyond his word that she is not tried to respond to his offer for a get. Frankly, it's not much of an offer if it's her one and only chance. That shows he is a controlling person.

    I am just curious, have you ever really dealt with abuse situations that you know enough to say she is lying? According to the rationale on this blog , if the woman can't prove that she is being abused then she must be lying. That is sick! Most abuse cases can't be proven and with that rationale many abusers will get away with their crimes. You only know what is being presented to you. You do not know if other things are going on but can't be proven if they are hearsay etc. That is quite naive.

  145. @Liveandlet live - your clearly have not read or have not understood the large amount of detail that I have putblished on this case. You are simply wrong and if you don't understand that I am not repeating everything for you nor will I keep allowing through repeated mistaken assertions from people who don't bother reading all the material

  146. So you won't put through assertions that dare to disagree with the conclusions you have made.That is scary. I have read the material but I have lived things that you have not lived and therefore have different thoughts on the matter. I know that there is life beyond court papers etc.. I know that there is life beyond what can clearly be proven.

  147. It is a nice attempt to exonerate Ms. Stein and her cohorts - albeit, it falls short.
    Being that your field is computers, exactly which word processor is it that a change to the text of a document will also affect a change in the header? Headers are completely separate than the actual text.

    So if a change was "accidentally" done on the header (and not seen!),how was it also done on the text itself? Which word processor was used?

  148. It is a nice attempt to exonerate Ms. Stein and her cohorts - albeit, it falls short.

    Being that your claimed field is computers, exactly which word processor is it that a change to the text of a document will also effect a change in the header? Headers are completely separate than the actual text.

    So if a change was "accidentally" done on the header (and not seen!),how was it also done on the text itself? Which word processor was used?

  149. @Liveand letlive - you have a very serious comprension problem. It is obvious to anyone who read the blog that i allow comments of dissenting views. But I limit comments that clearly don't understand what the material is or accusations that get repeated over and over again - without any support from reality.
    The fact that you have suffered misfortune - doesn't gie you necessarily any greeater insight than others and I am not judging your posts by a different standard than I would just comments from someone who never suffered misfortune.
    The purpose of this blog is not catharsis but understanding.

  150. liveandletlive: What you have not lived through is someone getting falsely accused. Society cannot and must not allow false accusations to be accepted.

  151. Daas torah, your ignorance is more disgraceful for you purport to know the truth. Ayn Dan Yechidi.... You only read the snippets of court docs given by Yoeli but did not read the ones that reflect badly on him. You did not contact therapists or evaluaters who all found Rivky credible and Yoeli not. You did not reach out to the Toyen who was first involved ( a huge talmid chacham) two years ago in this mess and could not get it resolved due to Yoeli. You allowed Yoeli to access those making comments, which I guessed would be the case and I tested out. Yoeli has been tracking down anyone and everyone associated with Rivky trying to manipulate them. He has hired PI to track her family. He claimed he would go for Hadracha to a rav in Boro Park, but then quickly posted this "offer" before doing so. You let Yoeli lie here publicly that Rivky's former foster placements were on his side --when all three agree Rivky was abused by Yoeli and should get her get. You were mevaze her mother who is a super special person and added to her Tzaar of what has been a really hard life.

  152. @bf - you accuse me of ignorance - but you have not produced when documented case of evidence or one person - using their real name who is testifying against Yoel Weiss. I have invited Rivky and her supporters to provide EVIDENCE and so far there has been no response. In addition it sure looks like the beis din she used is false or at least incompetent. Furthermore despite producing a great chilul hashem which she claims was necessary to get a divorce - she has failed to respond to Yoel's offer to give her a divorce now.

    In short your statement are utterly worthless - because you have not produced a shred of EVIDENCE for their validity.

  153. bf: You have no qualms with Rivky Stein going to pruste goyishe tabloids like the Daily News and Daily Mirros to air her dirty laundrt and give racy bedroom tales from her marriage. Forget that their lies; even if they were true what kind of dirtbag gives this stuff, along with family photos, to mass media tabloids that live and thrive off of sex and conflict?

    None of the therapists have publicly commented on this case. Your anonymous allegations are meaningless. The therapists may all be supporting Yoeli's version. Same with all other neutral parties, talmidei chachomim, rabbis and marriage counselors. They might all tell you Rivky is a lying psychopath.

  154. Yes she has!!

    Please explain!

  155. Why don't you read up about the mediator?


    In fact, using the beau - Mr. Bamberger - as a supposed mediator, is counterproductive.

    I peeked at Rivky's facebook page. Someone linked in a real mediator. The real mediator said he'd be willing to do this case for free, if they both chose to come to him. However, he expressed strong concern on the one-sidedness of Bamberger's letter.

  156. Actually, I have. I have seen both sides of the coin. That is why I feel that I can speak. How many people commenting on this blog can actually say that they watched their parent be abused and knows of the other side of the coin as well? I know full well the suffering of a man who was falsely accused. Yet at the same time, I don't chose to take what is being shown here at face value.

  157. If I was Rivki I would call Yoelys bluff, drop all secular court issues and March off to this mystical and magical bais din located in the divine address and say here I am give me my Get PLEASE!

    However since she is a bona-fide liar like the previous bitch by the name of the majorly off the derech Pearl perry Reich this will never take place. Women who are getting divorced are not to be trusted period!!

  158. Verification of AddressJuly 25, 2014 at 12:32 AM

    What's the email address of Chabad of Georgetown?

  159. Verification of AddressJuly 30, 2014 at 1:54 AM

    It's now already passed by about 2 weeks, since Yoilie first offered, to be giving to Rifkie the גט , by her self picked בית דין . Did Rivki even answer, with her readiness to be coming over to her self picked בית דין , so to be getting over of being a so-called עגונה ??

  160. Verification of AddressAugust 3, 2014 at 4:56 AM

    Unbelievable Rivki?!

  161. I've heard on good authority that Stein and her cohorts will be showing
    up tomorrow to the place, supposedly with her three beis din dayanim, to
    receive a Get from her husband.

    Yoeli should make doubly sure the three dayanim that come can clearly confirm they are the same three dayanim that signed everything until now. Otherwise he shouldn't be giving a Get, as he clearly said they must be the three same folks whosenames appear on the signatures.

  162. Rivky Stein has posted the following statement, about an hour ago, on her facebook page:


    "Today is a day of great mourning for the Jewish people. May tomorrow be a day of great celebration!

    and supporters of Rivky: It is appropriate that immediately following
    Tisha B'Av, we are asking you to join us at a small, but important
    gathering at 1278 E 72nd Street in Brooklyn, which is the Beit Din of
    Mill Basin and Marine Park where Yoel Weiss agreed to show up for the
    intention of giving Rivky Stein, his estranged wife, a Get.

    Please plan to be there by 11:45 AM. We have convened a gathering of rabbis. Yoel has boasted that he will provide the Get. We say: Bring it On.

    Yoel Weiss: Be a Mensch. Give your wife a Get, with no strings attached.

    May we be privileged to witness this event."

    The language seems clear that she is admitting the "beit din" "dayanim" were fake and that she is now "convening a gathering of rabbis" who are not the signors of the so-called beit din documents supposedly sent to Yoeli. This is a complete disregard of Yoelis offer made right from the get-go. It has to be the same beit din dayanim showing they are real and this wasn't a farce by Rivky Stein and her cohorts. Suddenly in her new statement she is demanding that Yoeli drop the condition this was always based on.

    Stein's above statement is also soliciting as many people to show up to that address to support her. I think it is vital for Yoeli to also bring a large contingent supporting him there tomorrow (with recording equipment.)

  163. Mrs. Weiss is alleging specific acts. Those acts are provable. Mr. Weiss cannot prove a negative, i.e. things that never happened. Take a look at the untznius way she looks and goes about things and form your own judgment as to who to believe. I know who I think is telling the truth here!

  164. Probably because they have a personal connection to Mrs. Weiss.

  165. Totally agree.. she has yet to prove these things happened and there is more proof that she is the one that is not telling the truth instead of the other way around..


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