Monday, December 28, 2009

Protest in New Square


  1. 'Stop the TERROR now!' and threats of retaliatory violence?

    Clearly, these people don't quite understand 'terror' in the way everyone living in Israel does.

    No wonder our community is imploding.

    I'm just saying.

  2. Can you please give over the rashei prakim of what is going on in this video for those of us that can't get to youtube through our firewalls?


  3. What are they protesting specifically?

  4. Add me to the list of clueless...

  5. As a former adherent of the Skvere Rebbe (I stress-former), I think I can shed some light on what happened here.

    The Skvere community enforces an extreme version of control on anyone and everyone living in their town that in no way resembles strictures found in KJ, Monsey or even Meah Shorim.

    Long time inhabitants are routinely forced out of town for:
    a) trying to send a son to any Yshiva besides those run by the Skveres,
    b) trying to organize any minyan of their own, that includes trying to daven before Sof Zman Tefilla on Shabbos with minyan!!!!
    c) Voicing publicly any displeasure with any inner workings, etc. (Anyone speaking out publicly against the well publicized case of Govt. grants fraud several yrs ago was in danger).

    Rarely is the accused confronted quietly. Judgment is typically swift-and like in old time Russia anyone trying to reason is considered a "terrorist" JUST for trying to open up lines of communication.

    The protest that you see is directed against a fellow who didn't back down and "dares" to openly seek another Rebbe's blessing.

    The Rebbe hides behind a thin veil of plausible denial, and his pleasant public persona masks a ruthlessness that is unmatched among his peers.

    I wish Rabbi Eidensohn would open a substantive discussion about the negative consequences of being raised in places like New Square. Unlike certain other chassidic sects, the Skvereers pride themselves in being pleasant and peace loving.

    This clip unfortunately shows a glimpse of the ugly truth. And based on Chofetz Chaim HL"H Klal 4 & 10, I think it's important that the truth be known, so that those people seeking the wise council of an "Ehrliche Yid" know to avoid the Skvere Rebbe, at the very least.

    Everything I've written here I know from 1st hand experience. Non is hearsay. I've been involved in several Skvere organizations before I left and I write these words with a heavy heart, since I know that many inhabitants (including some of my close relatives) are well-meaning, but extremely misguided.

  6. I used to learn with Rav Yaakov Kaminetzky z"l and he once mentioned that Square and Kiryas Yoel were wonderful for their inhabitants due to their extremely closed nature. However, if they ever stepped out to work in the outside world, it would be tov mareh aynayim mayhalech nofesh. They would be so dazzled that many would be overcome by the blandishments of the external society.

  7. As a former NS insider, I'd like to add my humble 2 cents to Rav Yaakov ZT"L's comment as quoted by tzoorba:

    The "tov maareh eynayim" problem is very real for many NS people even BEFORE they step out to work, the administration just work very hard to strengthen the illusion and veneer of seeming Temimus, truthfulness and Kedusha.

    They habitually ignore serious ethical and Kedusha issues when it suits them. From my personal experiences the Rebbe is in full collusion, as I've personally raised such issues with him and he basically played dumb as long as he could, then had his Gaboim warn me to stop talking to him about such things.


    Skver has long been a bastion of corruption. This is the latest example from today's paper although not as big a chilul Hashem as the money laundering and financial frauds, that once including the kidnapping and threatening of a Federal official.

    Blogger Yossi Izrael has also been shreying for years that porno shops in the Monsey area that attract heimishe men & teenagers are owned by chassidim from Skver and that the Rebbe refuses to do anything about it.


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