Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sincere condolences for Tom Kaplan

There is one major player in this whole scandal who probably suffered the most and is getting the least sympathy and support - that is EFJ backer Tom Kaplan. EFJ was not a power trip or  desire to play moshiach on the part of Tom Kaplan - it was a genuine idealistic attempt to do good. He wants to help preserve and save Judaism for the same noble reason that he wants to preserve nature. He is not an Orthodox Jew and yet he intuitively felt that the cause of Jewish identity is necessary and the energy and spirit he vicariously felt was invigorating and pure.

He has been badly betrayed by Tropper. Eternal Jewish Family was a massive project that he not only invested millions of dollars in it but personally attended the conventions, went to meet gedolim and he took genuine pride in being part of this movement. He also made decisions which showed that he understood the reality of the Jewish people better than his rabbinic adivsors.

What does he have now? Tropper schemed to be his sole connection to the Orthodox world as a teacher, guide and friend. He really has no alternative interface with the Orthodox world. It is likely that he will be bowing out of the picture financially and with his personal involvement. That is really a shame. His instincts were right about the need for preserving Judaism - but the vehicle he chose was deeply flawed.

Hopefully - he will find a way to continue his commitment to the Jewish people as he has in the past and he won't walk away in disgust with the garbage  that has been thrown on him. I just would like to personally thank him for what he tried doing.


  1. Recipients and PublicityDecember 16, 2009 at 2:55 PM

    "It is likely that he will be bowing out of the picture financially and with his personal involvement."

    And with those fine words R EB Wachtfogel and R Reuven Feinstein can kiss EJF goodbye and all the rabbis and potential converts who enjoyed the forbidden fruits of all the tens of millions that rained own upon them at EJF-sponsored events will now witness the total predictable implosion and unconditional demise of the EJF=Tropper set up, as the "magic money" will now be gone forever, washed down the drain, with wine women and song at the futile EJF concerts!

    Sechel has finally triumphed as sheker is defeated! A Freilichen Chanuka!

  2. I just hope that everything will work out for the best for the Kaplan family.

  3. I objected from day one that such a man who is so clearly motivated by money and flesh should be entrusted with determining the future of Klal Yisrael.

    My cries for the protection of Jewish wives and mothers were ridiculed and my family was banned from local shuls as a result of my speaking up against the outsourcing of the Jewish wife and mother.

    There is a lot more dreck to clean up than Tropper. There is a serious lack of Rabbis and Rabbinical judgment in North America. The only standard of right and wrong we see is sex and money.

    It is disgusting!

  4. Sincere condolences for Tom Kaplan ?

    I do not think so! At least since 2006 Kapan was informed of Tropper’s misdeeds, he was informed about the woman her conversion was revoked by Tropper because she occasionally wore pants.

    He was informed about Tropper harassing former students, he was informed about Tropper bre4aks up families and choose to do nothing.

    His email was posted on UOJ with request to report to Kaplan Tropper’s acts and I know people did use that email address to report him the pain Tropper inflicted on them.

    Actually, Kaplan stayed with Tropper through the June 2009 Rabbi Druckman hatefest in Jerusalem where we he was introduced as Menachem Yitzchak and stood idle when 300 local rabbis signed a document not to accept Modern Orthodox conversions.

    Kaplan claims that he was fooled by Tropper are disingenuous at best, he was his enabler and one day he will have to explain it to real beit-din (beis din shel mala)

    I have advice for Kaplan, we do not need your money! go do something really important like saving "wilde chayos"

  5. There are also many individual victims of EJF and other organizations where Tropper exercised power improperly. I think we need to think about the matzav of those individuals, find the ones who departed and make them whole, as much as is possible.


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