Tuesday, December 15, 2009

R' Tropper teaches the dangers of lashon horah

NYTimes January 31, 1999

Adding a piquant note is that this project was organized by Susan Blond, a press agent for rock stars and rap artists whose very job is to place items in gossip columns (and who had more than 15 minutes of fame herself as a pal of Andy Warhol).

On her desk in the West 57th Street building is a small white sign that looks like a no-smoking request, but on closer inspection turns out to say, ''Thank you for not speaking loshon hora,'' which is Hebrew for ''evil words'' or ''forbidden speech.''

The sign was a gift from Ms. Blond's brother-in-law, Rabbi Leib Tropper, who is the guiding spirit and teacher of the group. The rabbi runs a lecture program about Jewish values for college students, as well as the Kol Yakov Torah Center, a yeshiva in the Orthodox community of Monsey, N.Y. But much of his time is devoted to studying the Torah with small groups or individuals, most of whom are not strictly observant.

The class that discusses the evils of gossip is the largest of these groups. On a recent Tuesday it drew about a dozen regular participants of various ages, most of them Jewish, including a lawyer, a psychotherapist, a movie producer, an opera singer, a nutrition consultant, a writer and two young women who work at a big advertising agency.[...]


  1. Recipients and PublicityDecember 16, 2009 at 7:40 AM

    The serious moral of this article that goes back ten years to 1999, is that in light of the very shocking revelations of Tropper's bald-faced hypocrisy and of being able to seemingly outwardly "talk the talk" but being totally incapable of inwardly "walking the walk" that the naive and very liberal people who came under Tropper's influence in his pre-EJF days

    These very liberal, liberated and open people, Tropper would marry one of them as his subsequent second wife she was a beuatiful model he met at one of such talks, must now also be examined for having fallen victim to Tropper's guiles and search for thrills while outwardly he preached the gospel of a preachin' "holy man" while below the surface many were aware that Tropper was up to no good with entrapment of gullible victims already leading modern liberated life-styles by then for his own nefarious purposes.

    That is why it is crucial that the Torah world be put on notice that anyone who came into the orbit of Tropper in ANY capacity at ANY time must be examined for possibly and maybe even probably, if they joined as his accepted followers, participating with him and practicing immoral acts below the covers of the most high and mighty frumkeit directives.

    Tropper is about 60 years old and he has been active with bringing people under his spell in one capacity or another for the past 40 years and it is impingint on any and all responsible and independent rabbonim and leaders to be suspicious of ANYONE connected with the well-greased Tropper cult over the past 40 years with it's long tentacles that reach into every corner of the Baal Teshuva, yeshivish, geirus and rabbinic world's where Tropper was given entry to the minds, lives and as is now known to even the bodies r"l of many would be and actual people who fell under his spell and came under his orbit and fell victim either willingly or by his well-crafted manipulation tricks to perform and undergo acts of perversion and immorality that run counter to the basic tenets of Torah and its mitzvos. (He hated Chabad, Modern Orthodoxy and Aish HaTorah, so whatever their issues don't search there)

    This matter is no less than a modern-day equivalant of uprooting a cult, no different than the Sabbateans (followers of RABBI Shabtai Tzvi) and the Frankists (followers of Jacob Frank) two brilliant and charismatic religious leaders who went off the derech (they were convinced they were "messiahs" to many of their followewrs and status many of Tropper's followers tended to start believing), broke the issurim of arayos and immorality partly because they were deluded, delved into the the wrong aspects of Kabbalah and became heretical outcasts because for many years they preached outward religious piety and frumkeit while inwardly they practiced immorality and licentiousness uintil they were discovered, outed, and proven to be fakes, and then for many years the real job of responsible leaders was to make sure that their "teachings" and disciples would be identified, examined and it be ensured that their negative influences and krumme teachings (we saw lots of that from Roni/Tropper right on this blog) would NOT cause harm to the main body of Klal Yisroel for the damage they had inflicted on the Jewish people with their hypocritical, crooked and false preachings and teachings.

    A Sefer Torah written by an apikorus must be burned, and a so-called rov and talmid chochem who has been been a habitual and unrepentent avaryon of erva'os must be put in cherem and his name negated from the Torah world forever!

  2. The chillul hashem will be multiplied as all those who trusted him now question the message he transmitted, because the messenger was a deceiver.

    Some will separate the wheat from the chaff, but others will reject both and will remain suspicious of others carrying similar messages, especially if the clean-up is not thorough.


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