Wednesday, December 16, 2009

UK Court:Jewish school policy illegal


Britain's Supreme Court said on Wednesday that a Jewish school discriminated against a child when it denied him admission because it did not recognize his mother as Jewish.

The ruling came in a case of a child identified as "M." His father is Jewish by birth, but his mother converted at a progressive synagogue.

But the conversion ceremony was conducted by a Progressive rather than an Orthodox synagogue which is not recognized by the Office of the Chief Rabbi.

The court said that the policy amounted to race discrimination. [...]

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  1. Recipients and PublicityDecember 16, 2009 at 3:12 PM

    In this instance, the Britain's Supreme Court=courts of Sodom and Gemora.

    The Jews of the UK may as well start packing their bags and head for Israel. It's all over for them in Britain as that wretched isle becomes a fiefdom of the global expansionist Arab-Islamic caliphate.

    If it was an Islamic school the British courts would have long ago thrown out such a case knowing that Islamofascist jihadists would have threatned to firebomb the courts and to kill the judges.

    Mashiach is on his way, the golus is coming to end. Don't shed any tears.

    Then again, if EJF would have come to the rescue Rabbi Tropper could have "helped" the mother to convert to Judaism using some of his highly-skilled persuasion techniques. But that dream, or is it a nightmare, has ended too!


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