Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tropper is back - organizing his Maimonides Retreat program December 23-30.

[[A number of commentaters have stated that this program was canceled a few days ago. However I was told today that the program is still functioning. I just sent an email to Horizons and asked them to inform me whether the programs is on or off. I'll post there response here

Either way everyone agrees that Tropper was planning on running the program despite the scandal,

Contrary to those who claim that Tropper is finished, he has been busy organizing his Maimonides Retreat progam this week in Monsey.


Recognizing the potential of exciting campus programs like Maimonides and Heritage Scholars to attract students with a genuine interest in Jewish learning, we've created a second tier of programming. The goal: to provide young men [we hope to develop a program for women as interest grows] with the opportunity to deepen their exploration of the vibrancy and intellectual stimulation of classical Judaism in a fun and enriching atmosphere.

Sample Schedule

7:30 – 8:30 Shacharis (optional)

8:45 – 9:30 Continental breakfast

9:30 – 10:30 Session I

"Shmuess" — Between Man and His Fellow

R' Leib Tropper's passion for the importance of character development is contagious, and the centrality of "being a mensch" to the Torah worldview is his leitmotif. His delivery, which blends a lucid and jargon-free elucidation of traditional sources with his expansive reading in modern psychology and philosophy, has captivated the minds and hearts of three generations of American youth.


  1. Chazal teach us "Shoteh ain lo Busha"

  2. What makes you think this isn't old information that was scheduled (and announced) prior to R. Tropper's resignation?

    Why do you think this is still on with him doing it?

  3. I see that the program started today. Does anyone have any information on what the turnout has been like so far?

  4. Please should contact Horizons and protest that inclusion.

    My guess is that it was up there before he resigned.

    Accd. to, the following is the contact info:

    phone 1.845.425.3863

    Tell them to remove his name and photos from their web site.

  5. Eternal Jewish Fraud WatchDecember 23, 2009 at 8:55 PM

    How to follow the EJF lawsuits in Florida.

    Compliments of R' Feivel Mendlowitz.

  6. I do not know what is your problem ! it is a program for men, if it was a program for women… well…

  7. After the recent news I am sure many people apply to this program, hoping to get lucky like the Satmar guy...

  8. Please tell me this is a joke...

  9. I'd strongly encourage your readers to express their outrage at the fact that Horizons is not ashamed to continue to be affiliated with Leib Tropper. Horizons can be reached as follows:

    phone 1.845.425.3863
    fax 1.845.425.3571

    Mailing Address:
    29 West Maple Avenue
    Monsey, NY 10952

  10. rabbi eidensohn its time to just go out on a all out war againt tropper and expose whatever you know about him

  11. this is bunk. the retreat was cancelled days ago.

  12. How do you see that he is still actively working on it?

  13. I shuddered for a moment thinking that this might somehow be connected to the Maimonides Program, which is actually a first-class campus outreach program under the oversight of R'Gershenfeld from Machon(s) Shlomo and Yaakov. [Disclosure: I am a Machon Shlomo grad, of early-aughts vintage, and proud of it.] Now that I see that it is not, I'm angry about what I view a blatant trademark infringement.

    And yes, I'm taking this one a little personally.

  14. I know someone who was supposed to go on this trip, it got cancelled.

  15. Well, Jon, then luckily you were there after the demise of R. Rosenberg. Nuff said.

  16. Eternal Jewish Fraud WatchDecember 24, 2009 at 1:26 AM

    Surely they know Rav Eidensohn's email address and will tell him it is cancelled to avoid the unwanted bad publicity.

  17. It seems that Rabbi Tropper Has apologized, do any of you think this is a string enough apology?

    This from

    Tropper issues a weak apology.
    Tropper obviously does not realize the immense evils of his ways. In a statement issues today by his representative.

    representatives said he “wishes to express his regret for the turmoil caused by his departure… and for what has appeared to be conduct not within our significant laws of modesty.”

    He regrets his departure, not his actions. Now that he is no longer officially the head of EJF he can no longer rear his ugly head and throw his weight around in religious circles as easily as he could in the past.

    He says "and for what appeared to be conduct not within laws of modesty"?!

    Holding an umbrella for a woman or shaking a woman's hand falls within that category.

    What he did was pressure those who depended and looked up to him, to rape them, literally and figuratively. He was for all intense and purposes running a brothel.

    Obviously Tropper does not feel he did anything wrong besides for not adhere to the very strict laws of modesty.

  18. A few weeks ago, billionaire Michael Steinhardt, spoke at the 92nd St Y, espousing his seemingly paradoxical view of atheism AND his support of the Orthodox via Aish-sponsored Birthright programs etc.

    And who was there to introduce him? The new president of the 92nd St Y himself, TOM KAPLAN.

    There he was, all dapper & trim, speaking in his most eloquent Oxford-tinged English (he went through Oxford, from PPP to DPhil), espousing the greatness of the institution that he now heads (the Y) & the glorious deeds of Herr Steinhardt (one could hear the echoes of Herodotus from the podium).

    Dr. Tom Kaplan seems like just the right person to head the 92nd St Y. Wealthier than Rothchild, more erudite than Isaiah Berlin, & as handsome as a Yorkshire squire to boot.

    How can a man as polished & intelligent like him become so intimately involved with a crass & sick fellow like Tropper???

    Does the board of the 92nd St Y know about Kaplan's intimate involvement with all this???


  19. This is too much if true but someone named Gerald is alleging on the blogs that the Lubavitcher Rabbi Zaiontz from Brazil that Tropper used to attack Guma, used to be a columnist for Chaim Shaulson's shmutzike newspaper that the Boro Park rabbonim assered and whose sons were not allowed into any yeshiva except for the right price by Margulies.

  20. It's been completely cancelled for days as was stated before. Ridiculous. Take this off immediately, it's motzi shem ra. Poshut.

    An Insider

  21. Where was this apology published? Anyway, maybe he can't say anything as there are lawsuits left and right.

  22. MJ, please write to me. I'm interested in your statement about MS.

  23. EJF recently sent out an announcement for an intermarried couples program. In the DFW area. For January. The email was signed by Chaim Blum and Dovid Jacobs.

    I really like that line in the Horizons announcement about "...Tropper's passion for the importance of character development..." "being a mensch" "is his leitmotif". Nice touch.

  24. Take out 30 seconds of your time and sign the petition to removed Tropper from all his positions at

  25. I can assure all of you people that this retreat has no connection to the Maimonides Program run on major campuses in the US. It was simply called Maimonides Scholars Retreat, to draw on the tremendous popularity of the Maimonides Program.

  26. "...It was simply called Maimonides Scholars Retreat, to draw on the tremendous popularity of the Maimonides Program"

    Are you implying that Tropper/EJF are lying ? why it does not surprise me ?

  27. From what I hear the trip got rerouted to ohr somayach. I'm not exactly sure what the participants are doing though.

  28. "Either way everyone agrees that Tropper was planning on running the program despite the scandal,"

    Not true. Can you stop sensationalizing?

  29. Recipients and PublicityDecember 24, 2009 at 2:46 PM

    Is this Tropper/Horizons "Maimonides and Heritage Scholars" the same thing as "the Maimonides Jewish Leadership at five major colleges this coming school year" that's co-ordinated by yeshivisha kiruv pioneer from Detroit Rabbi Avraham Jacobovitz?

    It could well be that they are one and the same because Rabbi Jacobovitz while being a nice guy does NOT have Tropper's fund-raising powers and therefore it is quite possible that Tom Kaplan was funding Jacobovitz's Maimonides Jewish Leadership effort, while on Tropper's Horizons site it's called "Maimonides and Heritage Scholars" -- it is quite possible because Tropper and Jacobovitz share the same stringent yeshivisha hashkofa and a hate for modernity, even though they go fishing for new recruits on secular college campuses.

    Here is Rabbi Jacobovitz's contact info, maybe someone can contact him and get a clear answer from him if he's working with Tropper or not. He does know Tropper VERY well, that's not in doubt:


    Yeshiva Lite
    c/o JAAM
    15221 W. Ten Mile Road
    Oak Park, Mi 48237

    CALL R'Avraham Jacobovitz:

    248 506 6693


    R'Shneur Steinberg:

    732 232 1336"


    Click on: Ask Rabbi Jacobovitz, send your questions.

    Contact Us/Feedback:

    "Call us and leave a message for Rabbi Avrohom Jacobovitz at 248-967-0888

    Write us at 15221 W. 10 Mile Rd., Oak Park, Michigan 48237, USA"

  30. >R' Leib Tropper's passion for the importance of character development is contagious<

    That's rich! The only thing contagious re RLT are the veneral diseases he's probably picked up along the way!

  31. I promise you that Rav Jacobawitz does not work together with EJF or Rabbi Tropper and the fact that they are both called Maimonides means absolutely nothing. There is no connection whatsoever between the two organizations. As I said before, the person at Horizons who organized the retreat took the name Maimonides to draw on its popularity. It was not malicious. You can email me directly at and I can verify this.

  32. And the Wolfson's and Horn's fund Maimonides, not Tom Kaplan

  33. Eternal Jewish Fraud WatchDecember 24, 2009 at 8:16 PM

    The Wolfsons also fund Gateways which is now affiliated with EJF.

    The Wolfsons by the way have been involved in all kinds of chicanery as reported in the financial press.

  34. "The Wolfsons also fund Gateways which is now affiliated with EJF."

    You are wrong, they do not fund Gateways. Get your facts straight. And stop believing every piece of Lashon Hara in the press about the Wolfson's.
    As a matter of fact, if not for the Wolfson's, kiruv almost anywhere in the world would not exist.
    Hasinah mekalkeles es hashurah.

  35. Eternal Jewish Fraud WatchDecember 25, 2009 at 1:33 PM

    kman is the one who needs to get his facts straight.

    Have you ever seen the Wolfson patriarch at Gateways events with Motty Suchard himself running to tend after him like he is the man's personal valet? Only the biggest donor gets this VIP treatment.

    Even if you refuse to believe press accounts from the Wall St Journal and elsewhere. The Wolfsons also have records with the authorities for their swindles.

  36. "Have you ever seen the Wolfson patriarch at Gateways events with Motty Suchard himself running to tend after him like he is the man's personal valet? Only the biggest donor gets this VIP treatment."

    Again, you're wrong. You simply do not know what you are talking about. The Wolfson's stopped giving to Gateways YEARS ago.


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