Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ezekiel 8: Our case against R Tropper

We are Ezekiel 8:Groups 12/13.

Question: Given the paucity of evidence - how would you defend Rabbi Tropper

Answer: Alleged paucity of publicly exposed evidence, that should be.

Tropper was advised to immediately retain an attorney for his defence-from/attack-against the allegedly 'vile' and 'defamatory' statements.

He could not and would not do so, because he knows only the tip of the iceburg is out there, he knows that the only reason we have refrained from splashing the whole fetid mess out into the 'velt' is reasons of tzniut and avoidance of chillul Hashem.

The only reason this much is exposed is due to the disgusting, filth-enabling erevRav misLeaders y"sh, who were approached and begged to merely demand the removal of Tropper and his wretched 'organisations' from our midst, and instead chose to follow their wallets, positions and 'glory' in most dispicable ways and means.

All of the uncensored evidence is admissible.

Every mitnaged to Troppers ouster, every defender and enabler of the abomination, has a clear motive which we have documented admissible proof of.

A logical one with common sense knows where this will lead, to whom and with what results. B'Ezrat Hashem Yitbarach:

We are not posting exagerations, defamations, slanders or falsehoods.

We are Ezekiel 8:Groups 12/13.

A fuller release will be posted in the comments sections of all serious blogs within 24 hours.


  1. Daastorah,
    Unbecoming of you to post filth from UnorthodoxJew.
    Genug with the gloating!

  2. Daastorah,
    Unbecoming of you to post filth from UnorthodoxJew.
    Genug with the gloating!
    You are simply wrong! This is not from UOJ and it is not gloating.

    It was from the group that produced the recordings which are highly likely to be validated as in fact being Tropper.

  3. Personally I say, as hurtful as it may be to the Jewish world, cover ups in the long run will be more so. It is time for full disclosure of the evidence. Either go all in or bow out of the game.

  4. Mekubal is right!

  5. Actually, I sat my teenagers down and had them listen to the tapes.

    They should know that "where there is smoke there is also fire".

    Leib Tropper came to change the most fundamental halachot of the Torah min Har Sinai; to evade the timeless process by which halacha is decided by our Gedolim.

    This should have raised the red flags of a Rasha in every segment of the Jewish world. And yet it did not. To the contrary, Tropper's critics were skewered.

    That fact alone speaks volumes about a lack of basic halachic proficiency among ordinary Jews and even too many of our Rabbis.

    Halacha is not static, but there is a process by which halacha has been modified throughout the ages by Gedolei Yisrael.

    But this is not achieved via payoffs, galas, media blitzes and glitzy vacations.

    I want my children to take that lesson with them throughout their lives; that they should be the Guardians of the Torah Imecha for their own families someday.

  6. to BobX

    Please post this info quickly before things develop in the wrong direction

  7. When Leib Tropper began his stellar rise to power, I and so many others sounded the alarm simply based upon Tropper’s personal history:

    “Yidden pay attention. A major well financed effort is afoot to change the procedural course of the orthodox conversions as the Eternal Jewish Family opens its third conference this afternoon in Boston.”

    “Allegedly Rabbi Leib Tropper was married to a daughter of Rav Margolin, the student of Rav Aaron Kotler, who used to live in Crown Heights. He divorced his first wife and shortly married a woman whom he was mekarev to Yiddishkeit. Some say that this resume should disqualify Rabbi Leib Tropper from spearheading this global organization.”

    Where were our Rabbis?

  8. Just like super ganav Leib Pinter wrote a musser sefer published by Artscroll, his good friend Leib Tropper wrote a sefer on hilchos yichud of all things!

    "Yichud/Seclusion" - by Leib Tropper, Concise Guide. Shma Yisroel Pub., Yerushalayim, 2 Panim Meirot St., '73, 64p. , 6.5"x4.5"

  9. 24hrs has passed and there has been no delivery of the goods.

  10. yes we are waiting ...


    see this link


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