Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I would like to remind everyone that the established facts in this case are few and no way validate the wild accusations - as of yet. While there seems to be alot of creative negative thinking regarding this matter. I would like to turn your collect imaginations, talents and energies to understand the defense of Rabbi Tropper. This is not a pious exercise but rather one that any prosecutoring attorney needs to engage in to understand his case.

Let me state the bare bone facts. A series of audio tapes and a fuzzy grainy video of some unidentifiable people have been circulating the Internet. THE RECORDINGS HAVE NOT BEEN VERIFIED AS BEING RABBI TROPPER. No matter how much people want to believe it is - the evidence would not hold up in a court of law - as it stands now. Perhaps there is a way of verifying it electronically but that has not been done. The only other unquestionable fact is at the time these recordings appeared - Rabbi Tropper resigned form EJF. This resignation was publicized on his own website as simply a career change - not a disgraceful firing. His distinguished colleagues expressed regret over his departure. The other fact of importance is that Rabbi Tropper has an opponent -the billionair Guma Aguiar - whom he claims has threatened his life and he feels is out to destroy him. In fact there is a Florida court order against Guma to come physically close to Rabbi Tropper.

Given the paucity of evidence - how would you defend Rabbi Tropper from the vile accusations which are circulating the Internet? Or put in a more practical manner, how would a decent attorney hired by Rabbi Tropper word a lawsuit against those who are saying these defamatory accusations?

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