Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Melave Malka at South Fallsburg

I was just informed that the guest speaker's  - Tropper - topic was that Yosef's brothers only saw the bad in him. I wonder what he meant by that?


  1. Eternal Jewish Fraud WatchDecember 30, 2009 at 2:18 AM

    Ess meint that sociopath Tropper has a false sense of victim complex.

    There is however a relevant limud from mayseh Yosef. The velt fregt oyf Rashi, who cares if Yosef had a beard now? They should be able to recognize their own brother. Entferen the baalei musser (who Tropper hates anyway) that they did not want to believe that they had done something wrong and memeilah, they could not recognize their own brother.

  2. That is classic Tropper. Don't judge me by 1 or 2 bad things I did, (Hakoras Ha'Ra) look at all the good things I have done over the years have some Hakoros Hatov. He is very good at manipulating the Torah for his selfish purposes.

    The fact that the menuval had no boosha and actually showed up as scheduled, as if nothing happened, speaks volumes about his inner workings. He is a sociopath who has no guilt feelings. The only thing he feels bad about is that he was caught. He doesn't THINK he can still control people, he KNOWS it.

    Case in point.

    FACT: He still runs a Yeshiva, be it now the official "Mamzer/ Black Sheep Yeshiva of the world" . He still runs Horizons, and still signs fat checks. Nothing has changed in Tropper's world, except that knowing him, he is probably believe it or not actually in a sick twsited way, enjoying his new found 15 minutes of fame.

    Now that he is nearing 60, he can begin this new chapter (Albeit as a Pariah) but To Tropper who has always been about reinventing people as well as himself, this is exciting for him.No more same old womanizing and manipulating recklessly like he did for the last 40 years, that is old, Now he gets to see who really worships him and still follows him and who is not. It is a major boost to his Gaaivah that "gedolim" like R' Feinstein, Erenthreuand Stern and Tom K. are still around.

    Now he actually gets to TEST who despite all odds is a true Tropper Chossid.

  3. He's laughing at us, and he has a perfect right to laugh at us.

    In our world, if someone wears the wrong color shirt, that person's child might not get into the best yeshiva, even though the child might be a future gaon. But where somebody corrupts the geirus process and takes tsedakah money earmarked for talmedei chachomin, and uses it for his own znus, the rabbinate is powerless to do anything to him.

    It's our own fault. And though there are many baalei tshuvah today, many frum are becoming frei, even anti-semitic. (It's not that common for someone raised frum to become disillusioned and change to modern orthodox. Some give it all up, some try reform.)

    We have to stop lamenting that there are no gedolim around today. The frum rabbinate is so corrupt that it needs a major overhaul. Not that I see it happening...

  4. If it is true that Tropper was actually the guest speaker at this event, then as far as I'm concerned, this yeshiva is now pasul, and the roshe yeshiva are worthless, absolutely worthless.

  5. Obviously his brother's failed to see that some day they and their father would be bowing down to Yosef.

    Seriously, is this for real? Was he hosted as a speaker? Was he awarded a chutzpah plaque.

    I assume he did not discuss the importance of Yehudah his namesake who models tshuvah in the Torah. He does it first by admitting he was more wrong then Tamar and then by offering himself up to protect Binyomin after he failed to protect Yosef.

    I find some useful lessons there. Somehow I don't think R. Tropper adressed those points.

  6. Partially edited out where the blogger has no clue what he is saying.

    He adds in the comments that he was sent the full set of audio & video that shows Tropper pimped multiple women to his associates but he was told by gedolim not to release the contents.

    I doubt that you are going to see much more, if anything in the major media outlets (unless the video is released). Reason being that the audio's have gone up all over the web, including Youtube. Essentially it is a story that was killed by the overzealous enemies of Tropper who wanted to embarrass him as much as possible as quickly as possible. I have spoken with editors of major publications about this, as it stands, before their legal departments will allow them to publish anything they would need to get the audio's and video authenticated. That requires a service putting their name on it and taking responsibility, which requires major fees. The media outlets are not intending that kind of monetary put out for a story that is essentially old news to almost everyone that cares.

    Perhaps if a federal Prosecutor or even state DA would take up the case and charge Tropper with something, the press might carry it. However, that is also unlikely. The woman would have to be willing to testify, while I cannot speak as to her current state of mind in that regard, I doubt that in the long run that she would. Tropper's people have enough damaging information about her, to cause her serious embarrassment in the long run.

    There will probably be something forth coming from R' Shternbuch on the matter, as well as the rest of the Eidah. Perhaps a few of the Gedolim who were not recipients of money from Tropper may also speak out.

  7. Well he is complimenting his critics by comparing them to the other Shvatim.

  8. Weddings done post-conversion by the EJF-affiliated Monsey beis din were regularly performed at Yeshivas Kol Yaakov - will that continue?

  9. When the Tropper scandal broke:

    I can't think of any better example of עושה מעשה זימרי ומבקש שכר כפנחס than this.

    It's interesting that the 5th day of Chanukka, the Torah portion we read is about the Nassi of Shimon - שלומיאל בן צורישדי, who the Midrash says was Zimri.

  10. I know that Yaakov Barros had applied for membership in the RCA. It would be very interesting if he was accepted.

  11. The stage has been set.

    Tropper is being persecuted, a now noble and holy victim.

  12. just remeber rav elya ber is the gadol hador

  13. By what measure is he the Gadol HaDor?

  14. The yotzei Brisk that I speak to are baffled.

    This is not the R' Elya Ber that anyone knows and the gantze zach makes no sense from a Brisker standpoint.

  15. He adds in the comments that he was sent the full set of audio & video that shows Tropper pimped multiple women to his associates but he was told by gedolim not to release the contents.
    This statement is both sensational and untrue. I never said that I was sent anything. I said that I was aware of its existence.

    Yes I have begun to shut down my coverage of this thing on my blog, primarily because I have lost most of my anonymity and have been told that I have pushed the line far enough as far was what can be placed in the public sphere.

  16. For your linking consideration, a guest post by me:


  17. can you please publish a comment from rav shternbuch on what is going on here, and how we are supposed to react to this stuff? i feel like we should be demonstrating outside south fallsberg, in the thousands until we receive clarity in what is the thinking going on here.

    I think they feel he has been set up, cant fight Gumar, and they are just waiting for it to all go away.


  18. To Mekubal: The rabbis who told you you are pushing too far by covering any more of this than you have.... Did these rabbis happen to receive money from Tropper/EJF? Or were they not involved and can therefore be considered unbiased with their advice? That would help clarify this matter.

  19. Eternal Jewish Fraud WatchDecember 30, 2009 at 4:01 PM

    I have a lot of respect for mekubal but someone wrote that he is a talmid of R' Nochum Eisenstein.

    I can only imagine that RNE would impress on him very strongly to shut down any Tropper expose which only leads back to him.

  20. To Mekubal: The rabbis who told you you are pushing too far by covering any more of this than you have.... Did these rabbis happen to receive money from Tropper/EJF? Or were they not involved and can therefore be considered unbiased with their advice? That would help clarify this matter.
    One had never even heard of EJF before hand, and has never taken money or any other succor from EJF.

    The Second Rabbi that I consulted as he would be able to sway the first, has actually long been an opponent of EJF, most especially since the BaDaTz letter. He has in fact worked to set up Batei Din in contrast to the EJF that would not do conversions for intermarrieds, but would do conversions to the highest halachic standards, and has gone to war with Tropper over those individuals.

    So yes, I think that they are either unbiased, or actually biased in different direction.

  21. I have a lot of respect for mekubal but someone wrote that he is a talmid of R' Nochum Eisenstein.
    For various reasons I am no longer in contact with R' Eisenstein. Furthermore the Gedolim that I answer to are Sephardic, and have for some time been at odds with R' Eisenstein. While he is a fairly brilliant Rav, my respect for him ends there. Finally to the best of my knowledge R' Eisenstein does not know that I have a blog, and does not know of my coverage... or at least that it is coming from me.

  22. there was no melave malka at rav wachtfogel's yeshiva. it was in honor of a small morning kolel in the town of s fallbgh that is not under the auspices of yeshiva of s fllsbgh.

  23. Binyamin said...

    If it is true that Tropper was actually the guest speaker . . . this yeshiva is now pasul, and the roshe yeshiva are worthless, absolutely worthless.

    Rabbi Eidensohn:

    Please correct your header asap.

    The Melavah Malkah had NOTHING to do with the Fallsburg Yeshiva. It was an event of the KOLLEL of S.F. which is not connected to the Yeshiva at all. It is a city Kollel under the direction of Yaakov Barros the local Rabbi and a talmid of - guess who - Leib Tropper!

    In fact when the menuval entered Reb EBW got up and left (not before Leib the Lying Licetious Luster jumped him and kissed!)

  24. Dear Rabbi Eidensohn,
    I just learned that there is tremendous outrage amongst Tropper's Talmidim, including Rabbi Yakov Barros the Rov in our town. I heard about a letter that is being written to Trpper on behalf of his talmidim who are totally ashamed of the recent events. Tropper did indeed attend a Melava Malka for the Kollel of South Fallsburg under Rabbi Barros' leadership. I understand that Rabbi Barros wanted to cancel Tropper's invitation but was told by one of the Gedolim not to.
    Rav Elya did not leave when Tropper walked in, he left before Tropper spoke. More info will be forthcoming...

  25. Please spare us of this nonsense until these supposed future events take place.

    If Barros thought he had to ask a shayla about cancelling pervert Tropper's speech, he would deserve to get such an atrocious "psak" from a phony "gadol".

  26. As much as I am fed up with Barros, do not underestimate what Tropper might be up to and what he might be threatening him with.

    To paraphrase, Tropper could be holding him over a barros.

  27. At the recent Tropper Simcha:
    The Chupa looked like a who’s who of the Torah world.

    Maran Hagaon Harav Chaim P. Sheinberg, Shlit”a was Mesader Kiddushin at the Alpert-Tropper Chasuna.

    In attendance was Rosh Yeshivas Ponoviz, Hagaon Harav Berel Povarsky, Shlit”a, also at the chupa and the Seuda were Rosh Yeshivas Kaminetz, Hagaon Rav Yitzchok Scheiner, Shlit”a, Hagaon Rav Dovid Feinstein, Shlit”a, Hagaon Rav Reuven Feinstein, Shlit”a, Hagaon Rav Shmuel Eliezer Stern, Shlit”a, Hagaon Rav Moshe Shapiro, Shlit”a, Hagaon Rav E.B. Wachtfogel, Shlit”a, Hagaon Harav Moshe D. Wilhelm, Shlit”a, Rosh Yehivas Boston, Hagaon Harav Shimon Alster, Shlit”a, Rosh Yeshivas Cliffwood. Hagaon Rav Aaron Schechter, Shlit”a Hagaon Harav Eliyahu Mann, Shlit”a, Harav Asher Bergman Shlit”a (grandson of Rav Shach, Zt”l), and Hagaon Harav M. Altusky, Shlit”a.

    Letters of Brocho were received from Hagaonim Rav Shaul Alter, Shlit”a, Rav Chaim Kanyevsky, Shlit”a, Harav M.Y. Lefkowitz, Shlit”a, Harav Shmuel Auerbach, Shlit”a, Maran Harav Eliyashuv, Shlit”a and Maran Harav A.L. Steinman, Shlit”a.

    Special Guests: Mr. & Mrs. Tom & Dafna Kaplan, Mr. & Mrs. M. Honlein, Mr. & Mrs. M. Lubinsky and Mr. & Mrs. Deniss Rapps attended.

  28. Recipients and PublicityDecember 31, 2009 at 11:00 AM

    "Anonymous said...At the recent Tropper Simcha: The Chupa looked like a who’s who of the Torah world. Maran Hagaon Harav Chaim P. Sheinberg, Shlit”a was Mesader Kiddushin at the Alpert-Tropper Chasuna.

    In attendance was..."

    Well, well, well, now that Tropper has shut down his own blog where he would post self-congratulations and personal opinions about whatever he liked (talking to himself), such as the above "who's who" list of gedolim who came to his private simcha, it now seems that team Tropper has found a cleverer and more devious way to post pro-Tropper blog material by sending out teams of Tropper internet trolls like termites and parasites to post DAMAGE CONTROL items about Tropper and to attack blogs that have been holding Tropper's feet to the proverbial fire of shame.

    All posts that blindly praise Tropper in any way, or that read like "display ads" for Tropper in any way, or that obviously attack blog owners but praise Tropper and plant doubt about Tropper's critics MUST be closely scrutinized and watched and even eliminated at this time when Tropper is still under massive siege.

    He is not "happy" and he knows the bottom line that his life is now ruined and that he will leave absolutely NO legacy in the Torah world, accept a trail of shame and ridicule, like Shabtai Tzvi and Jacob Frank.

    He will be known as the disgraced founder and ringleader of the Tropper-sex-for-conversions=EJF cult that was finally outed and shamed into humiliation from which there is no escape. TROPPER IS ALREADY IN GEHENOM!

    Take a good look at the situation, sometimes it's hard to get perspective with so many distractions:

    Tropper was forced to quit IN DISGRACE as head of EJF!

    R EB Wachtfogel was forced to quit IN HUMILIATION as his designated successor.

    R Reuven Feinstein was forced to take over the destroyed EJF=sex scams shell.

    R Nochum Norman Eisenstein has not been heard from as he hides LIKE A COWARD under the rugs and tries to ban people from reading blogs on the Internet even as he runs his own blog defedning himself on Dei'ah veDibur. Let him take that down and he will be credible, maybe.

    The secular Jewish media IN HOT PURSUIT has not let up in its quest for more about the Leib = EJF sex scandals.

    Rv Moshe Shtenbuch has BRAVELY re-affirmed his and the BADATS's opposition to Tropper and calls for no rov to partake of the EJF in any way.

    Guma Aguiar SMILES AND LAUGHS A LOT as he is pressing ahead with his dinei Torah and court cases in Israel and the USA against Tropper and Tom Kaplan.

    The Jewish blogosphere KEEPS ON DIGGING AND QUESTIONING and is still aflame with discussions about the disgracing and defrocking of MR. Tropper in the court of frum public opinion online.

    The Aguda crowd, and the three Jewish English papers, Yated, Jewish Press and Modia, act like OSTRICHES faking as if nothing went wrong when YouTube has recordings of sexual misconduct recorded on tape being like an iceberg that struck the Tropper ship of fools. One can actually see Tropper's egomania matching up with the Captain of the Titanic who declared before the Titanic sailed that "even God could not sink this ship" well, now God has sunk both the Titanic and Tropper. They no longer bestride the globe like false, delusional and arrogant "titans" and "masters" of the seas/universe/conversions!

    Tropper is not in a good place, he knows it, his backers know it, the world knows it, and no amount of DAMAGE CONTROL by the well-paid team Tropper trolls can change it now or ever.

  29. I think it is very important to find out exactly what happened at the melave malka

    did tropper speak?
    any other Rabbonim there?
    How many people?
    What type?
    When did Rabbi W. actually leave?
    The fact that Tropper came and spoke is an indication of how sick the man really is.
    The answer to the earlier questions will gauge how sick our community is

  30. Eternal Jewish Fraud WatchDecember 31, 2009 at 3:46 PM

    RaP, do not underestimate Tropper.

    With his sociopathic thinking, he does not think he is finished.

    The seforim say that before a rasha gomur who deludes himself into thinking he is invincible goes to gehennom, he is shown the schar of tzaddikim to make him jealous and bring him down from his lofty delusional perch.

  31. RaP, Tropper is not done. EJFW is correct, except that Tropper is not delusional. He knows exactly what he is doing, and he obviously has prepared for the possibility of discovery.

    He continues to run his "yeshiva", he has not been publicly condemned by many rabonnim, and his talmidim are jockeying for positions of power that will result from his money. The only condemnation foreseen is from those in EJF who can now have his power in the conversion game and need him out.

    Elsewhere on this blog was a post from a purported member of Barros' "kehilah", stating that Barros and other talmidim were "outraged", etc., etc.

    Tropper got Barros his position there as Rabbi. Tropper helped Barros take control of the SF Kollel to give his talmid an appearance of frumkeit and have political power in the frum world. Tropper knows that his own claim of frumkeit no longer fools anybody in the frum world, so he is positioning his talmidim to keep the money flowing and maintain the appearance of yashrus.

    Keep in mind that Tropper is an elui who has spent his whole life working at political positioning and deception. Long ago, he succeeded in getting rabonnim to allow him to be married to two women at the same time, because he would not agree to a get for his first wife. When she would not grant him a secular divorce, he just moved in with the second one without a secular marriage. This is common knowledge to his older talmidim.

    To think that he just flies around like a flag in the wind from his taivos is to greatly underestimate him, which is to his advantage.


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