Friday, December 25, 2009

M. Freund calls for outreach to bnei anusim


For Miquel Segura of Palma de Mallorca, Spain, the journey home took more than 500 years. Last week, at a moving ceremony in Manhattan, the 65-year-old journalist and political commentator completed his return to the Jewish people, closing a circle dating back to the 14th century.

Segura is from the Chueta community, as descendants of Mallorcan Jews forcibly converted to Christianity more than five centuries ago are known.

Though the term is derogatory, with some historians suggesting it comes from the Catalan word for "pig," Segura has long worn it with unadorned pride [...]


  1. Freund is doing similar work to tropper, similarities include , endless supplies of money , difference is , troper hid under the rabbis of orthodox jewery, freund is working on his own!

  2. Recipients and PublicityDecember 25, 2009 at 1:06 PM

    "Joseph said.. freund is working on his own!"

    You are 100% wrong on that because Freund is working with the FULL co-operation of (a) the Israeli Chief Rabbinate and (b) with the collusion of the Israeli government that's always on the lookout for new "olim -- tellingly, Freund used to work for Netanyahu in the Israeli government and he is still their lackey recruiting all and sundry gentiles and converting them his way his with conversions of all sorts that are certified and approved and even done by Rabbanut batei din, and (c) he even claims to have access to Rav Eliashiv to whom he poses some shaylos, like about the Subbotniks of Russia.

    Freund is WORSE than Tropper because he comes across as more "moderate" and "cool" and he is Modern Orthodox with a wider appeal. Tropper was a hot headed huffer and puffer, while Freund speaks in calm diplomatic tones with just the right touch and twinge of emotionalism when it's most needed for maximum effect, but he is just as radical and determined to PROSELYTIZE as Tropper was through EJF to go out into the world and undearth and recruit any and all so-called "lost Jews" or "Jews by choice" or anyone who imagines they have the remotest connection to the Jews among the human race, something that has never been done actively in Jewish history, in this case breaking prohibitions of chasing after outright apostates and Christians (people who have cut their ties with Judaism centuries ago and have totally intermarried beyond any hope)because essentially all so-called Marranos/Anusim, they and their descendants have been practicing as devout Catholic Christians and have been marrying gentiles for hundreds of years.

    Freund and his Shavei Israel organization remain a clear and present danger to Klal Yisrael, no ifs ands or buts.

  3. Freund is funded by Evangelical Christians. We much not forget who is really running the Purim shpiel that is currently masquerading as Judaism.

    The real conversos today are the actual Jews, people born of Jewish mothers who simply want to live by Torah and practice the faith of our ancestors sans the Jimmy Swaggert/James Bakker born again Christians missionary freak show.

    This is the Kehillah Kadoshim who are currently banned from synagogues, whose children are expelled from yeshivas and who are practicing the Jewish religion in hiding.

  4. Shavei doesn't proselytize; they just provide support to people who already think of themselves as Jewish and want to convert.

  5. "something that has never been done actively in Jewish history,"

    Not so sure about that.

    In any case, Freund does not proselytize, he encounters people who already want to convert and helps them out. Why should they be denied and denied? I knew a sincere Indian convert who spent nearly 2 decades trying to convert because they kept refusing him.... He probably has more emunah than many of our "natives." The system is supposed to root out the fakers and those who are insincere (like goyish spouses Tropper was converting for the latkas and mother-in-laws), it's NOT supposed to persecute the actual sincere potential-converts!


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