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EJF - praises themselves for being so wonderful

Eternal Jewish Family Update 12/27/2009

Halachic Heads of EJF in New Letter of Chizuk to Botei Din - Eternal Jewish Family

Three world renowned halachic authorities, who serve as chairmen of Halacha Committees of the Eternal Jewish Family in the US, Europe, and Israel, last week wrote a strong letter of chizuk to Botei Din throughout the world. The three are Harav Reuven Feinstein, Chairman, Halacha Committee, (USA), Dayan Chanoch Ehrentreu, Chairman, Halacha Committee (Europe), and Harav Shmuel Eliezer Stern, (Av Bais Din of Bais Din of Harav Wosner), Chairman, Halacha Committee (Israel). A network of 20 independent Botei Din are affiliated with EJF.

In their letter, the poskim note their continued involvement and expectation of the further growth and development of EJF. They note: "It is a big zchus for us to be able to continue to lead such an important undertaking, with even greater determination and vigor, to intensify these Torah projects and to serve as supporters of the Gedolei Yisroel."

The full text follows, please click read more to see the letter in the original Hebrew:

To the Rabbonim of the Batei Din,

For the past several years the well known organization "Eternal Jewish Family" has made it its mission to prevent problematic conversions by adhering to the standards set forth by the Gedolei Yisroel shlita.

With Hashem's will, this mission has succeeded through Botei Din who agreed to make the necessary changes in accordance with halacha mandating the acceptance of mitzvos with all nuances, as has been the standard for generations, in order to preserve the purity of the Jewish nation.

The distinguished Botei Din, to whom we exclusively refer candidates for conversion,   include members who are well known Talmidei Chachomim and Bnei Torah, who refer every difficult question to the Poskim of our generation.

We extend our heartfelt thanks and sincerest blessings to our dear sponsor Mr. Menachem Yitzchack (Tom) Kaplan, who actively sustains the organization's activities, in preventing assimilation around the world, and in supporting Torah study.

It is a big zchus for us to be able to continue to lead such an important undertaking, with even greater determination and vigor, to intensify these Torah projects, and to serve as supporters of the Gedolei Yisroel.

We wish to bless all those who are doing their utmost to improve kedushas Yisroel, as the passuk says: "Netzach Yisrael lo Yeshaker".

Harav Reuven Feinstein
Chairman, Halacha Committee, USA

Dayan Chanoch Eherentreu
Chairman, Halacha Committee, Europe

Rabbi Shmuel Eliezer Stern (Av Bais Din of Bais Din of Harav Wosner)
Chairman, Halacha Committee, Israel


  1. Rabbi Eidensohn, your great , you just hit the nail in the head!!

  2. Whoever would support such as Leib Tropper should not be called a Rabbi or even a Jew.

    This is merely indicative of how far from authentic Judaism some American Rabbis have gone.

    These are our modern day Frankists and it is obligatory upon every committed Jew to search out these heretics and to expose them.

  3. The rabbi who replaced Yakov Barros in the San Francisco synagogue is Rabbi Joshua Strulowitz from Houston where he was a TORCH rabbi and buddy of Wender. I would not be surprised if the EJF funds him as well

  4. Clearly, there is still money in the EJF bank accounts.

    I presume that once those funds have been expended, EJF will cease to function, inasmuch as raising funds for a Tropper originated and endorsed program will be problematic at best.

    Failure is the most accurate predictor of success in a healthy society. In a place where failure is meant to be instructive and a tool of tikkun, societies flourish. Any parent will tell you that the essence of chinuch is to recognize failure and to teach by way of gentle correction.

    Societies where failure is always swept under the rug or where failure is regarded only as a source of shame with no redemptive values are societies that will fail. This is what is happening to our communities and mosdos now. We can choose to see that or we can pretend there are no failures. We have created an environment where failure is not recognized or acknowledged- hence the inability to learn and self correct. Our collective problems only get worse.

    Here is an example: There comes a point when a parent feeding a child realizes that the child will reach out and will attempt to feed the parent. This action represents an awareness by the child of the parents existence beyond that of caretaker. The behavior highlights the innate desire to please (in the same way that being fed pleases the child). As the child grows older, he or she imitates the parents by way of wanting to ‘help.’ The child wants to be in the company of his or her parents and engage in the same behaviors. This desire to imitate is so strong that children are enamored of toys that let them replicate adult behaviors. Dolls, tools, cooking implements and the like are equally if not more as popular than fantasy toys. As the child learns to creatively play with the toys, he or she is applauded for that creativity by their parents.

    In successful societies, this is all a benign part of the learning experience. Inappropriate behavior (i.e., violence) is corrected or channeled into an appropriate outlet (sports).

    In broken societies, the child learns that dysfunctional behaviors towards others is not only appropriate but expected and rewarded. If daddy is a kannoi (rewarded with recognition by a broken society), to imitate him is to be good. Thus the cycle is born.

    In this way, inappropriate behavior is integrated into the child’s reality. From an early age, a child learns that sanctioned hate or derision directed towards another individual or group pleases the parent and that by imitating and even exceeding the parents hate, a child will be rewarded and applauded. In our communities, these kinds of behaviors are carefully cultivated and exploited. We have reached a point where educational curriculum and religious instruction are designed to elicit hate in the name of erlichkeit, which is then applauded. A parent who might be uncomfortable with such blatant exploitation of children is marginalized and is considered outside the cultural mainstream. This in turn, forces the child to have to choose between parent and his rebbeim.

    This is serious stuff, folks.

    As a matter of full disclosure, I am a professional in the mental health field.

    I suppose this is where many of you call me treif and an oysvorf.

    Knock yourselves out.

  5. Jersey Girl-

    What is 'authentic Judaism?'

    Are Sephardim authentic Jews? Do the different minhagim denote different Jews?

    Is there such a thing as Minhag America? Can different kehillas have different minghagim? Can there be differences of opinion amongst the communities?

    Is Marc Angel 'treif'? Was JB Soloveitchik also treif? Is Haskell Lookstein trief? Was Abba Hillel Silver treif? Are the scores of day school (non yeshiva) teachers treif?

    Who was more authentic- Reb Moshe, ZTL or the Satmar Rebbe, ZTL?

    Are the Young Israels' treif?

    As someone who lives outside the NY metro area, I can assure these questions are not so simple. It is easy to be frum in a big city- not much in the way of mesiras nefesh needed. The same cannot be said for smaller communities.

    It is not my intention to be disrespectful. It's just that I have become sensitive to the efforts of smaller communities as they endeavor to maintain a frum identity and presence. I have a tremendous sense of boosha when I hear those from large from centers (like the one I come from) ridicule those from smaller towns with far fewer amenities and services.

    I could regale you with the stories of people I know that have given up much more than you can imagine to retain their frumkeit. From them I learned real yiras shomayim and a sense of community.

    Let me recount story: There is a kid in town I live in who gave up an Ivy League scholarship so he could work with a Bnei Akiva shaliach in some backwater town for a couple of years. He travels 65 miles each way, every weekend, so he could participate with other frum kids. He is especially proud when he gives the Dvar Torah. He is a part of our daily minyan and has never missed a day. He does weekday baal koreh duty and he is always prepared. He raises money for the chevra kadisha here and has answered that call a few times when necessary.

    He is 19. He never went to the Mir and he does not wear a hat on shabbos. He spends a fair amount of his own money each week buying a few chickens for aniem for shabbos. If you think kosher chickens cost a lot in NY, check out the prices in smaller cities. He mans the zmanim text message blast.

    He is as authentic a Jew as you will find anywhere, influenced from childhoodhel Olam for allowing me to be in proximity to this young man. by an American rabbi, a YU musmach.

    Every week, I thank the Rebbono Shel Olam for allowing me to be in the proximity of this young man.


    Just a reminder. Tom Kaplan also oversees another gerus scam in his role as president of the 92nd St Y that is run by a woman rabbi.

    This is what these groyse paskunyaks are proud of?

  7. The Tropper story has occupied nearly all my free-time thoughts, since it broke about two weeks ago. I read every blog, and I talk about it to my wife and friends in shul. Its strange, but I feel like both a guilty protagonist, and victim. Protagonist, because I have participated in the culture that breeds a Tropper. Victim, because of the agmas nefesh I suffer.

    I have other feelings too. Disgust and revulsion. Not only against Tropper, but also at the EJF rabbis who continue to issue hollow, pious pronouncements like the post above.

    Mental health professional, you're spot on. We are witnessing the disintegration of a society.

    For more emes, I recommend Harry Maryles's Emes V'Emunah blog, who reports on the Aguda Midwest Convention.

    For krumkeit, I refer you to this week's online Five Towns Jewish Times, "Doers vs. Bloggers", authored by Rabbi Aryeh Zev Ginzberg.

  8. TO: Jersey Girl

    Whoever would support such as Leib Tropper should not be called a Rabbi or even a Jew.

    This is merely indicative of how far from authentic Judaism some American Rabbis have gone.

    These are our modern day Frankists and it is obligatory upon every committed Jew to search out these heretics and to expose them.
    do you beleive in Skillah and Sreifah for a person who forgets to say Asher Yotzar?

    would not get in a an elevator or a flight with you.

  9. Money quote:

    "We extend our heartfelt thanks and sincerest blessings to our dear sponsor Mr. Menachem Yitzchack (Tom) Kaplan, who actively sustains the organization's activities, in preventing assimilation around the world, and in supporting Torah study."

    That's what it's all about.

  10. This is not halachatic issue, not an Orthodox issue not even Jewish issue. It is an issue of the classical economic model of Supply and Demand, as long as Menachem Yitzchack pumps money into the organization there will be rabbis who are willing to hold positions in that organization.

    The silver lining is that our gedolim cannot be bought by merely hundreds of thousand of dollars, their price is in the millions…

  11. I think that Rav Wosner is either being misled or left in the dark about Tropper & EJF.

    I have asked a rov to brief him on what is going on. Although this rov is American and may only speak to him in person next time he travels to Bnei Brak.

  12. 1.The message by now has been clear to all. perhaps it is time to get back to learning

    2. Chazal are very clear on the seriouness of one who is M'ivaze Talmdei Chahomim. I think we have to be much more careful about writing negatively about true talmidei chomim. This does not take away from the idea of chilukei deos which is ligitimate. The young generation will learn from the bloggers that one can write whatever is on one's mind even if is mivaze a tamid chachom. We must be more careful as it's gotten out of hand

  13. Rav Eidensohn, let me rephrase the question without names so that it is not deleted.

    To your knowledge, is there any other EJF affiliated rabbi besides Tropper who has been captured on tape?

    I am not a troublemaker. I am just blown away by allegations being made elsewhere in the blogosphere.


  14. Eternal Jewish Cover UpDecember 28, 2009 at 11:24 PM

    The Chazon Ish is clear that you can point out the corruption of even big talmidei chachamim as long as it is true. But you are correct as far as not being megazem.

    Rav S.F. Mendlowitz writes the same thing.

  15. An interesting discrepancy between the English translation and the original Hebrew is the title conferred to Mr Kaplan, in the Hebrew he is awarded a title "Ish chai vrev poolim" which is normally awarded to very secluded special few,in Tanch it is given to Benyohu Ben Yehoyodo, they were obviously embarrassed about this and missed it out on the English version

  16. At the end of Parshas, Emor the Torah relates the story of the "Ben Isha Yisraelis" (Vayikra 24:10). The Torah tells us about a man, the son of a Jewish woman, who left (Vayetze) from some unnamed place into the midst of the camp and fought with a Jew within the camp. These events culminate in the "Ben Isha Yisraelis" cursing Hashem. He is subsequently brought to Moshe, who places him in confinement so that Moshe can ask Hashem what to do. This is one of the few instances in the Torah where Moshe does not know how to proceed and must consult Hashem and he is ultimately stoned.
    There are many different M'forshim including Rashi that comment on this person’s behavior and his gripe. .....He was upset about the Lechem H'apunim sitting in the Shulchan from Shabbos Mi' Shabbos ..this fellow thought it to be a disrespect to Hashem to have old bread and felt it was better to bake fresh Lechem every day. He was arguing his point (bkasoiy) lost his cool and blotted a curse of the Name of Hashem. Rabbi Yissachar Frand Shlita comments that the “Ish” could not really care less about the Lechem Haponim he had so many other personal and political issues the “lechem Haponim” was just his “bailey wick” to escape his personal frustrations.
    An obvious Chilul Hashem has been perpetrated by a leading personality in the Jewish World regarding a matter that rattles the entire Goiy Kodosh.
    It seems that some commenter’s of this blog have lost focus and are venting anger and frustration with rage and anger perhaps about their own lives and their own skeletal remains that are neatly tucked away in their closets.
    The story of the “Ish Ysraelis” is in the same parsha as the mitzvah of Kiddush Hashem. How often do the masses decry that they are committing a public Chilul Hashem or public humiliation of another Jew L’Shem Shomayim or in the name of the Holy Torah.
    In the words of Rabbi Frand Lo’ Sechalelu es Shem Kodshi do not commit a Chillul Hashem is written before Mikadesh es Shimi, sanctify my name. …. For the sake of my name (Hashem’s name) do not hurt another Jew do not desecrate My (Hashem’s) name.
    Perhaps some self reflection and retrospect when posting derogatory belittling comments about the likes of Horav Dayan Chanoach Hakohen Eheretrau, Horav Reuven Fienstien Shlita and for that matter all the Kley Kodesh and Mechanchim of our generation. If we cannot speak with Derech Eretz About our leading Talmidei Chachomim how can we have Ahavas Yisroel and derech Eretz for any of our brethren?
    The Satmerer Rebbe ZKTL Reb Yoel had many halachic dialogue and arguments with Horav Hagoen Moshe Fienstien ZTL. There is a story that Reb Moishe ZTL went to Reb Yoel ZTL to complain about the Talmidim in the Satmar Bais Medrash writing and speaking disrespectful of his views. The Satmar Rebbe in an unprecedented move went that day to the Satmar Bais Medrash gave “Klop” on the Bimah waived the derogatory statements of Reb Moishe and said if I see or hear of something like this again the Bais Medrash is Farmached!” (closed).
    As Jews we are permitted to disagree and argue Halacha. We are not permitted to be Mevazeh our Gedoilim we are certainly not permited tear each other down and hurt one another with Loshon Horah for as the Chofetz Chiam explains when we hurt another Jew we are only hurting ourselves.

  17. Authentic Judaism is not for hire.

    Rabbis who receive donations from an organization that proselytizes to Gentiles married to Jews are not Rabbis and this is not Judaism.

    Shekher Rabbis wear all sorts of hats and have attended all stripes of yeshivas. Just as emesdik /Emett Rabbis also wear all sorts of hats and have attended all sorts of yeshivas.

    There are great Sephardic Rabbis and great Ashkenazic Rabbis.There are great haredi Rabbis and great Modern Orthodox Rabbis. There are shekhers, molesters and creeps in every group.

    Authentic Judaism wears every sort of hat, follows every sort of nusach and attends every sort of school.

    Authentic Rabbis are unassailable in their ethics. Their judgments are not for "hire".

    Authentic Judaism does not run prostitution rings or take hundred thousand dollar "donations" in exchange for doing Giyur.

    Authentic Rabbis also do not perform "mass" "conversions" in New Mexico (no Beis Din) for proselytizing organizations funded by Evangelical Christians such as Shalvei Israel nor do they welcome Hispanic Christians who are known to be "Jews for Jesus" leaders to speak from the pulpit (so yes, if you want to know, Marc Angel has departed from authentic Judaism).

    Anonymous at 9:49 PM, you don't know me or my family at ALL. How quick you are to sweep my feelings and beliefs under your own prejudiced and stereotyped rug.

    Just for the record, you might be interested to know:

    1. I was raised out of town. My parents bought their kosher meat from a shochet who was also the shaliach tzibbur and Baal Koreh.

    The "school" that I went to was a combination of public school in the mornings and a release time Talmud Torah run by the Rabbis, Rebbetzins and community leaders. We received an excellent education IMHO.

    2. I attended a public commuter college and have worked in corporate America for 25 years.

    3. I still live out of town. My own children have also attended/attend college and work in professions.

    4. My husband did high energy physics research in the 80s and later took MBA courses and went into business.

    5. I pay $2.89/lb for Empire chicken except when our Costco has it and it is $2.09/lb.

    6. The community in which I live, like most small out of town communities is a mixture of all sorts of people. There are many non Jews from all over the world who live in the neighborhood as well. There is a Young Israel, an Aish, 2 Chabads and several Sephardic synagogues.

    7. Oh yeah, my husband wears a hat. I don't let him go out without a hat because he is quite bald. The hat protections his head from the sun and/or cold; it is not a political or religious statement. Sometimes, depending on the hat, it is a fashion statement too.

    I think that we who care enough about the Jewish people to read and comment on this blog have much more in common than we have differences.

  18. Sholom wrote:
    As Jews we are permitted to disagree and argue Halacha. We are not permitted to be Mevazeh our Gedoilim we are certainly not permited tear each other down and hurt one another with Loshon Horah for as the Chofetz Chiam explains when we hurt another Jew we are only hurting ourselves.

    I find your comment rather offensive and insulting to the honor of both the Satmehr Rebbe and Rav Moshe Feinstein.

    The present case is not a question of differences in halacha or hashkofa. We are not arguing about how high a mechitza needs to be or whether artificial insemination produces mamzerim.

    We are talking about how to deal with a menuval and those who supported him. We are asking why those who were his associates are not criticitzing him. Why they refuse to admit that something was wrong.

    There were many who were at least facilitators to a huge chillul hashem. Their silence means that they want us to forget about it or that they simply refuse to take any responsiblity for it.

    That is causing a greater chillul hashem then the disgusting behavior of tropper. The whole world is laughing at us.

    I am protesting against that greater chillul hashem that is caused by not only their silence but their acting as if the disgusting acts that they and their organization are associated are an insignificant abberation.

  19. Shut down the Eternal Jewish Family shich was founded and built on sheker, sinas chinam, and to further machlikes in klal yisroel.


    Lummer machen sholom!

    Until then, the supporters (financial and trabbinic) are strengthening the hand of Zimri and their actions speak louder than their titles given by the mindless masses. B'Makom Chillul Hashem Ain Cholkin Kavod Larav.

  20. Sholom, you said. "It seems that some commenter’s of this blog have lost focus and are venting anger and frustration with rage and anger perhaps about their own lives and their own skeletal remains that are neatly tucked away in their closets."

    Your remarks are absurd. You are in no position to discuss any person's motivations or underlying psychosis.

    Firstly, the anger and rage are appropriately focused on where they ought to be- on the perpetrators of these horrific behaviors.

    While it's nice to hear fables, the fact remains that there was and is a whole lot of horror that is taught in some parts of the charedi velt. "Die frye zenen goyim, dei moderne zenen goyim, die zionistin zenen goyim", and so on. It is interesting to note that there are no stories about the manhigim of the communities where that is heard (and taught) klapping on the bimah demanding that stop. I suspect Reb Moshe ZTL, a godol who could care less about personal status, (as if he would ever go hat in hand to anyone to complain about a personal affront by idiots) would have gladly foregone the mythical apology you refer to had the Satmar Rebbe ZTL demanded that the demonization of other Jews be halted.

    It is also interesting to note that in many of the same charedi communities that excoriate others, the refrain of 'Ober mimeg ganvenen fun a doo heterm far dem' is often heard- and I'm not talking schar limud here.

    To be clear, these ideas do not come out of nowhere. This ugliness and repulsiveness has only gotten worse in my lifetime and the failure of our manhigim to eradicate this kind of behavior lies squarely on their shoulders. The Spinker Rebbe, for example, was a crook. It matter little that he took the money for his mosdos and made others a pile of cash. Funny thing how after he was caught, 'Si doo heterim far dem' wasn't heard.

    Leaders have to lead, both by example and hashkofo . In the absence of that, we have every right to demand they do- and if they continue to fail us, we ought to no longer follow them and remove them from positions of leadership.

  21. Does anyone else think of the band playing on the Titanic before the fateful moment when thinking of EJF's current actions?

  22. Jersey Girl-

    It was not my intention to malign you or be disrespectful, as I noted.

    Clearly, I misinterpreted your words and your intent. For that I apologize.

    Like you, I have no use for Tropper and his ilk, nor do I or will I blindly play follow the leader.

    You are right to note that we probably have more in common than ideas on which we might disagree.

    Once again, please accept my apologies. I was in err and clearly misunderstood your message.

  23. I would think those who are mivaze true talmidei chachomim are playing with fire.

    Who determines what the greater chilul Hashem is? It is not so simple.

  24. I am protesting against that greater chillul hashem that is caused by not only their silence but their acting as if the disgusting acts that they and their organization are associated are an insignificant abberation.
    Daas Torah:
    I do not disagree with anything you have said! a horrific Chilul Hashem has been perpertrated.

    (except that I CHS VSHLM insulted the Satmer Ruv ZTL and Reb Moishe ZTL Zechus Yogain Olaynu, May the holy Neshomos be a Meletz Yoisher in these troubled times).

    Just the opposite I agree that the foudation of Yisroel Goiy Kodosh has been shaken by the former head of the EJF and a fish rots from the head down.

    My points are directed towards comments posted by some here that are Mevazeh Recognized Gedoilim, Talmidei Chachomim b"farhesyah.

    I cannot beleive for a nanosecond that Moran Horav Shternbuch would approve of an azis punim making a derogatory comment in public about Dayan Ehrentrue Shlita Or Horav Reuven Feinstien Shlita.

    Daas Torah is it permissable for a Rabbi and a Stam Yid to have a discourse without one being insulted and bent out of shape?

    Constructive discourse can be for the good just like Tai Chi moves can be used to relax or for combat.

  25. The only way to address this EJF scandal is to make a personal stand - as appropriate - against those who continue to associate with people involved. If your rov or your son’s rosh yeshiva is involved with them pick up the phone and let them know that any association is bringing a klolo to klal yisroel. If they tayneh that there is parnosso issues involved, tell them that parnosso comes from the Ribono shel Olam, not Tom Kaplan or his nochshleppers. Don’t wait for erlichkeit and complain when it isn’t forthcoming - insist on it and don’t give up until your leaders reflect the erlichkeit one would expect from manhigei yisroel. That is what R. Aron Kotler did. That is what R. Leizer Silver did. That is what R. Yaakov Kamenetzky did. Human nature hasn’t changed, it is our willingness to accept its downside that has allowed this to happen. A grassroots movement against this corruption - and it is nothing less - is the only thing that might change the status quo for the better.

  26. A better example from the Titanic is the galach asking Yoshke for help even as the ship split in half and started sinking vertically.

    Tropper and his cronies are the bullies trying to hog all the life boats even though it's supposed to be women & children first.

  27. our problems are more then tropper!
    How about the jealousy within the community for a better car, vacation or better job???
    Chabad is no good, now YI is no good, modern orthodox no good, sefardim have no chance! so who's running the frum world? eidas achraides?

  28. It is clear. This way the EJF cannot continue. How dare they speak of preserving the purity of the Jewish nation while refusing to face the utter impurity that was exposed.

  29. What does מדבר שקר תרחק mean in the context of the letter?

    I guess it must mean that at all costs (sic) one must write letters of חיזוק so that the holy task of facilitating גירות in a manner that is acceptable is unimpeded by the miasmic carcass whose malodour impregnates the nostrils of thinking and caring יראי שמים around the world.

    To me, however, it means that there must be a global push to separate דין from ממון
    Every בית דין or similar מוסד should have its decision making and decision makers separated from employees and fund sources. It cannot be that מוסדות and רבנים who benefit from the largesse of an organisation or its supporters also determine the continued viability of that organisation.

  30. Dear Anonymous,

    Thank you very much for your apology and kind words. I am really grateful that you took the time to write.

    I remember the day that President Nixon resigned. My father said that Watergate would forever change America because the people will never again be able to trust their leaders or have blanket respect for the government and its institutions. Watergate was in so many ways, the end of innocence in America.

    I felt the same way this past summer, 7/23 when I watched our Syrian Sephardic Chief Rabbi and some of our other Rabbis on the perp walk. My father in law was crying in front of the TV, my husband and children were distraught. I just felt a stabbing emptiness, a numbness that I have never felt before, not even when any of my dear ones were niftar, not ever.

    At least when our loved ones go to the next world, we believe that we will see them again in the World to Come. But if Rabbis are crooks and Judaism is nothing but a way to launder illegally earned money, then what???

    What if it's all wrong? After all, the same people who have been promising us that our beloved ones are waiting for us in the next world have now committed these terrible crimes. How can anyone believe in G-d and do things like this?? What if it is all false?

    The day that our Chief Rabbi took the perp walk, it was as if my grandmother died all over again.

    The shock and emptiness of 7/23 was the initiation into a feeling of hurt and betrayal that cannot be described with words.

    Relatives and friends called each other as if to offer comfort, but there was no comfort to be had. How can we believe in anything when our Rabbis and leaders so clearly do not?

    Judaism is our life. We are Jews. We are Jewish, we live as Jews, we practice Judaism. Judaism is who we are.

    Now it is not just the Syrian Sephardic Chief Rabbi. Every day it seems, there is a new story about a Chassidic, Litvishe, Sephardic, Rebbe, teacher, counselor, youth director etc etc etc who has molested boys, girls, married women, young women etc etc etc.

    Reading the news turns my stomach!!

    There is no sect or group to which one can run and hide! It is everywhere in the Jewish world!

    And now this Troppergate. UGH!!!
    This is the most disgusting of them all! Prostitution! Pimping!White slavery! Group sex, money, power, abuse.

    Tropper even makes Tiger Woods look good. At least Tiger was not pimping out his own wife or making his girlfriends sell their bodies to his friends. Tiger is a mere philanderer, a sex addict. We can understand and even forgive that.

    But Tropper has been trafficking in white slavery! and fantasizes about rape!! And who does he abuse the most? His own wife and the female candidates for geyor who have put their lives and souls into his trust.

    We are shocked and angry! We have been betrayed. We are crying out, we are a nation in pain begging for Rabbinical leadership and aside from Rav Sternbuch, (until 120), and Rabbi Yair Hoffman there does not seem to be any!

    Where there should be condemnations of despicable behavior there are only denials and defenses. Where their should be reinforcement of Torah values and the Jewish way of life, there are only excuses, accusations of "lashon harah", money shuffling, power brokering and games.


    What we all, on this blog have in common is that we are all, every one of us crying out frantically and furiously through our keyboards for someone, some leader, some Rabbi, someone to come forward to defend and restore our faith!

    Hashem Help us!

  31. Wow! UOJ, thank you! As usual, chizuk, PRN.

  32. Recipients and PubliclityDecember 29, 2009 at 3:34 AM

    The nexst big move belongs to Guma Aguiar.

    What will he do to Tropper, to Kaplan and to all their supporting rabbis once he gets rolling against them all with his dinei Torah and court cases centered against Tropper and Kaplan?

    It should be fun to watch Guma subpeona R Reuven Feinstein and R EB Wachtfogel when they need to answer questions about what they did with the Lillian Jean Kaplan Foundation (which Guma controls) and the funds they got for themselves and for EJF=Tropper=sex scandals.

    It should be fun to watch Tropper reply to questions in court and bais din when he is asked about his role in the sex scandals=EJF and getting conversions for girlies in his harem in return for sexual favors, as EJF=sex club=proselytization center.

    It will also be fun to watch Tom Kaplan explain to a court or bais din how he could support sex scoundrels like Leib and Leba Tropper=EJF and if he had a hand (good pun) in any of their satanic sexual practices to manipoulate would-be female converts to submit to kinky sex with them in return for "universal" holier-than-thou-ultra-charedi-EJF/sexy approved-conversions by corrupted and tainted beyond all hope EJF-approved batei din.

    Guma will probably launch some good articles in Arutz Sheva to get his point across about the evils and greed of Tropper, Kaplan and Reuven Feinstein, as well as the role of Nochum Norman Eisenstein in thw whole mess (notice how he has not been heard from since Tropper's EJF=sex scandals boat sank to the bottom of the ocean, where it belongs.)

    So for now, it is Guma's move, and no doubt it will be a big one. Can't wait!

  33. Al pi saychel, what is the justification for an EJF. We have:

    * Aging Holocaust victims living in poverty;

    * Child sex abuse victims who can't afford therapy;

    * Parents who can't afford yeshiva tuition. They home school their children, or send them to public school, or practice birth control after three kids;

    * Yeshivas that can't make payroll for struggling mechanchim, who also lack health and life insurance.

    The list goes on and on. Why the need for an EJF that proselytizes shiksas?

  34. What I find mildly amusing about the whole EJF scandal is that whilst you had the Rabbinate from YU (i.e. HaRav Herschel Schachter shlita, etc.), Young Israel and the RCA (i.e. HaRav Yehoshua Wender shlita, etc.) cooperating with EJF by attending and speaking at their conferences, signing up to their program, as well as being amongst the participating Beis Din's affiliated with the EJF... all of a sudden when the EJF implodes with the current scandal, it is the left-wing who is the loudest in pouncing and all of a sudden claiming all sorts of sins with EJF - from how they define converts, to somehow tying in the Slifkin issue to EJF, etc.

    Yet, it was HaRav Moishe Sternbuch shlita and the Badatz in Yerushlayim who was the loudest in crying out against the EJF PRIOR to the outbreak of the current scandal. And what was the battle cry? Against the EJF's proselytization efforts.

    So the sin of the EJF was its proselytization efforts and not all the other things the religious-left has been railing about long before the EJF, that they are now (unconvincingly and failingly) trying to tie into the EJF scandal to somehow (they hope and wish) use to change the status quo on these other pet peeves of theirs (i.e. looser conversion standards, Slifkin, etc.)

    This development may put the final nail in EJF's coffin, and hopefully the proselytization that went with it. But the definition of conversions remains what was defined long before them, including by EJF's adversaries - notably HaRav Moishe Sternbuch shlita and the Badatz in Yerushlayim.

  35. Tom Kaplan by funding all this mess is a zaraas to klal yisroel. How do we get rid of him?

  36. I see from the front page of today's Yated that Nachum Eisenstein is still going full-speed ahead. Out of 4 headlines, there were 2 about the Internet ban, one of which announced a public meeting about the subject, and the other continuing to say that schools will be snooping on the parents of their students to see if they use the Internet. A third headline was about the giyur controversy, Eisenstein's (and formerly Tropper's) main issue. Only one headline out of 4 was about general news (coalition negotiations). Wow!

  37. Jersey Girl - Your comments so resonated with me. You are not alone. itchiemayer

  38. Anonymous 3:36

    May I also add:

    1. We have families in our community who are in foreclosure who will have no place to go. Thankfully, the courts are overwhelmed and the process is slow. Some families are able to negotiate with the banks as a result.

    2. We have families who cannot pay their utilities and our Chesed org is overwhelmed trying to scramble to keep up with the most basic needs.

    3. We have people who do not have health insurance who need medical care who either are not eligible for Medicaid/Medicare or who need procedures and tests that are not covered.

    In Israel, the situation is much worse and there are approximately 800,000 going hungry.

    Where is Tom Kaplan and his millions?? A millon bucks buys a lot of chicken and rice.

  39. Sholom should get his facts straight.

    The story with the Satmar Rov entailed him sending a delegation to R' Moishe's house to apologize. When they ignored his warning to not engage R' Moishe in the lomdus of artificial insemination, he had to send a 2nd delegation which he practically bound mit a shvuah not to open their mouths. The peasant Satmars were angry over R' Moishe's psak and could see clearly enough to understand that R' Yoelish only held the psak should not be published. R' Moishe had endured several crank phone calls laced with profanities.

    And heilige Sholom brings up Tai Chi? Al pi the Gemara Sanhedrin, that is from the tumah given to the bnei Keturah before being sent away.

  40. Archie Bunker-

    Sholom doesn't want to get his facts right because the facts get in the way of his agenda.

    Where he comes from, agenda trumps emes every time.

  41. typo

    should have read: could NOT see clearly enough

  42. Re: Archie Bunker

    Daas Torah do you agree with Archie Bunkers assesment of Tai Chi?

  43. The Satmar Rebbe (who along with Reb Ahron singlehandedly rebuilt Torah in the post-war generation) and Reb Moshe (the posek hador), both the greatest of the great Gedolim of their generation, had a macholkis about several halachic issues. On other issues they agreed. Divrei Elokim... so what?

  44. Archie Bunker is a perfect alias name for this commenter .

    “Satmar peasants”?

    Reb Yoel M’ Satmar ZKTL engaged in a Halachic argument and discourse with Reb Moishe Fienstien ZTL.

    There was not a SHEMITZ of personal animosity between these two great leaders of that generation. Thier respect and admoration for each other was boundless.

    They had a difference in opinion in Halacha that will remain a difference in opinion in Halacha.

    Archie you hit my point with a home run swing.

    The prank callers to Reb Moishe Feinstien were not emissaries of the Satmar Ruv, they were deranged vigilantes acting on their own accord and could not care less about the Halachic discourse like the “Ish Yisroelis”.

  45. Rabbi Eidensohn,
    this is a very interesting point - and altho I am at the opposite end of th espectrum to you, I agree with where you are leading to:

    The EJF is spiritually and halachically contaminated. It financed acts that were worse than Zimri's. Zimri just gave in to his base instincts, and got involved in a foreign cult. he did not pass off the new cult as Torah , or trade "Glatt kosher" certificates for his shameful acts.
    Inthis situation, any believer in Torah must distance himself from the contagion. It doesn't matter if you are great or small> Gedolim are not immune - Zimri was a Gadol.
    If a frum private individual does something wrong, it is his own weakness. This is not a private matter, but a public desecrationof Torah, and perversion of the meaning of Halacha. Any Dayan atatched to EJF is automatically pasul.
    Rav Sternbuch understands this because he is not involved. When we are involved in something rotten, we cannot se clearly.

  46. I personally know Rabbi Strulowitz in San Francisco, and I know that he has no relationship with the EJF and has not received money from them.
    Rayna - I am surprised you heard otherwise? Do you have a source for that, or are you just making that up? If so, I would be careful not to drag an innocent person's name through the mud.

  47. Rayna,

    This is Rabbi Joshua Strulowitz. This type of Lashon Harah is pure slander, and is not factual in any way. Neither my Shul, nor myself, have been involved in EJF, nor have any of our conversion candidates. This reckless comment only serves as a detriment to the very sincere conversion candidates who attend our Shul. Yes, I lived in Houston from 2003-2005, and was a faculty member of TORCH, but so were many others, and I was never involved in conversion. And yes, Rabbi Yaakov Barros served as an outreach coordinator for three years at our Shul, but that was before I was Rabbi here. I attended Yeshiva University, and have no connection to EJF or Kol Yaakov. Please do some actual research before throwing people's names under the bus with innuendo and contrived circumstantial evidence. If you would like to speak further, please feel free to contact me at


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