Thursday, December 24, 2009

Forward reports Tropper scandal & apology


A key proponent of the successful campaign for stricter conversions in Israel and around the world has resigned from a senior post, and has not denied rumors of a conversion scandal of his own.

Rabbi Leib Tropper, a founder of the hard-line conversion group Eternal Jewish Family (EJF), announced that he had stepped down as its leader when allegations surfaced in news outlets that he had engaged in sexual misconduct with a woman while guiding her conversion. Tropper was among those responsible for major policy changes by the Israeli rabbinate that sparked a worldwide tightening of conversion regulations.

In a statement issued December 23 to the Forward, Tropper's representatives said he "wishes to express his regret for the turmoil caused by his departure… and for what has appeared to be conduct not within our significant laws of modesty." [...]


  1. for what has appeared to be conduct not within our significant laws of modesty...

    "appeared to be"????!!!

    "not within laws of modesty"???!!!

    Sounds like apologizing for shaking a woman's hand.

    How about apologizing for what WAS a terrible crime?

  2. I'm betting that he's being cagey because he doesn't want to say anything that could be used against him in a court of law. This is as much of a confession as we are going to get, I think.

  3. Keep posting stuff like this i really like it.


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