Thursday, December 31, 2009

Letter of Chizuk for the "Eternal Jewish Family"

To Mr. Menachem Yitzchack Kaplan,

We have heard of your good works that you do, which we hope that you continue in the future.

May you merit that only good should come from your deeds, like every baal chesed strives to do.

28 of Kislev 5769

Yosef Shalom Elyashiv   Aharon Leib Shtainman   
Michl Yehuda Lefkovitz
Chayim Kanievsky   Yitzchok Shainer
Mekubal wrote:
Photoshop is so grand.

What you have is a handwritten original note which says just this
לכ' מר מנחם יצחק קפלן נ"י

שמענו על הפעולות הטובות שנעשו על ידך, יישר כחך על כל הנ"ל, ונקוה שכן תמשיך להוסיף כהנה.
ויהי רצון שתזכה שאך טות וחסד יצא על ידך כחפץ לב דורשי חסד.

כ"ח כסלו תש''ע לפ''ק

Then under that orginial note you have photoshopped in the block text Hebrew, which claims it was to the EJF, but in reality it was only to Tom Kaplan, who wrote many a check from his Foundation to various Yeshivot and such.

This is a pure deception. A note to Tom Kaplan encouraging him to continue giving to worthy Jewish causes is not a letter of Chizuk to EJF.


  1. That gives us LOTS of faith in Daas Torah

  2. Lots of good works? I just read about Ayotolla Khameni's good works too, his tastes for Gashmius, collection of fine horses , and palaces. But the good work of the EJF even Top (or Trop) Mr Khamenei's.

  3. We should not jump to conclusions. Maybe the gadolim praise kaplan not for his EJF support but for his support to wild animals ( and his support of the lovely programs at the 92nd street Y.


    This is more trickery from Tropper, Lubinsky & R' Reuvein. Or as the Ent said in Lord of the Rings, more Orc trickery.

    Rav Shteiman was manipulated into writing this letter on Dec. 14th or 15th when the story was just breaking and he did not know all the facts.

    Rav Shteiman did not gather any other signatures and we know that Tropper is an expert at forging / misrepresenting signatures of all kinds of rabbonim.

  5. This is another punch to the gut.

  6. OK, now my yetser hara has retreated a little. So let me ask the rational / irrational question:
    The letter wa signed by 5 Gedolei Yisroel - and Haredi ones at that. I only know of the 3 major ones amongst the 5.
    Is not the Hareid position, that Daas Torah you have to accept, and little free thinkers who spend their days on the internet cannot question the Daas of recognised Gedolim?
    Even if we think we are right, we must accept their views, whihc are much clearer than our own, even if it seems to us that what is left is right and vice versa.
    Hence, if we start to use our own sechels, and question the Gedolim, we will become apikorsim, like the modern orthodox who combine Kodesh with treif university studies and philosophy.
    Hence, this letter can only tell us that the EJF is good, and they still are paying good money transfers through Western Union.

  7. This is like a very bad dream. It appears to me that our Rabbinic leaders are getting themselves into a deeper and deeper mess with regards to this fiasco every single day. itchiemayer

  8. I have just read that Rav Eliyasiv Shlita has banned anyone from entering the Israeli Keneset, even for Tsarchei Tsibur.

    It was posted in Chadrei Charedim. That site is no longer under Chareidi Management but stiil caters to the charedi community.

    Whether the ban is real or not, it shows the pitfalls of bans in general.

    It can only but confuse the charedim. If the ban is true and
    degel hatorah MKs no longer enter the parliament, then Rav Eliyashiv has bit of his nose to spite his face. If the Degel Hatorah members do enter, it shows that: (1) they do not listen to their own leader,(2)the ban was never issued, or(3) whats bad for the goose is not bad for the gander,


    Part of the scanned original on EJF's website is missing. Under Rav Shteiman's signature there is an entire missing segment, on the top & bottom of which, you can see partial words.

    Is this just sloppiness from Lubinsky's / Kol Yaakov's secretary or are they trying to hide something?

  10. Poor Norman Eisenstein was in overdrive during Chanukkah. He was running around gathering signatures for both the internet ban and to prop up Tropper-Kaplan (and possibly forging any signatures he couldn't get) and working the phones with R' Elya Ber and G-d only knows who else.

  11. I am informed that some of the choshuva rabbonim who came to Pesach Tropper's wedding came either altz the chosson himself or the Alperts.

    Leib Tropper was of course bragging everywhere and dropping all the names to make it appear they all came because of him.

    And they say that Bill Clinton suffered from the BIG ME complex.

  12. Eternal Jewish Fraud WatchDecember 31, 2009 at 5:42 PM

    Im lo achshav, aimosai?

    The Badatz should come out against EJF in writing.

    And perhaps Rav Eidensohn and mekubal could impress upon the Sefardi gedolim to do the same?

  13. Maybe Rabbi Barros can hastily arrange another event for Tropper to speak at with all this newfound support.

  14. Does anyone know if R' Avrohom Yehoshua Soloveitchik spoke up against Tropper in Chumash shiur?

  15. Photoshop is so grand.

    What you have a handwritten orginal note which says just this
    לכ' מר מנחם יצחק קפלן נ"י

    שמענו על הפעולות הטובות שנעשו על ידך, יישר כחך על כל הנ"ל, ונקוה שכן תמשיך להוסיף כהנה.
    ויהי רצון שתזכה שאך טות וחסד יצא על ידך כחפץ לב דורשי חסד.

    כ"ח כסלו תש''ע לפ''ק

    Then under that orginial note you have photoshopped in the block text Hebrew, which claims it was to the EJF, but in reality it was only to Tom Kaplan, who wrote many a check from his Foundation to various Yeshivot and such.

    This is a pure deception. A note to Tom Kaplan encouraging him to continue giving to worthy Jewish causes is not a letter of Chizuk to EJF.

  16. This is really good humour:

    "Torah-true Jewry in Eretz Yisroel and abroad is responding positively to a call by gedolei Yisroel to uproot Internet websites that claim to be "chareidi" yet breach the walls of kedushoh and tohoroh protecting Beis Yisroel against grave Torah prohibitions"

    And what grave Torah prohibitions are being transgressed openly in the EJF, for money, Halachic certifications, and the party continues, as long as the pay cheques keep coming.

  17. Eternal Jewish Fraud WatchDecember 31, 2009 at 5:52 PM

    Kaminetzer rosh yeshiva R' Yitzchok Scheiner, who is an American, has been heavily involved in the past with not just EJF, but also the Tropper-Pinter scheme to destroy Slifkin.

    Maybe RaP and others can shed some more light in this area.

  18. Hey, one second. Before jumping, we know that the EJF lied and falsified press releases before. Just last week in fact. Did we foget so soon EJF released a false press release claiming Hagoan HaRav E. B. Wachtfogel assumed leadership of the EJF? And of course HaRav Wachtfogel released a letter saying it was sheker.

    This letter too may be a fake.

  19. This is all a storm in a teacup, and I'm surprised that R. Eidensohn posted this, knowing the Lashon Hora and Bizayon Talmidei Chachomim (not to mention Gedolim) it would cause.

    1. Once R. Shteinman wrote the letter, it was par for the course that the other ones would sign on it. Chances are they don't even know who "Menachem Yitzchak Kaplan" is. But if R. Shteinman thinks he's someone good who deserves chizuk, why on Earth shouldn't they join him???

    2. As mentioned above, this letter was written when this whole scandal just broke. I think it can be assumed R. Shteinman didn't know about it.

    R. Eidensohn, what exactly is the point of this post?

    I'm a fan of yours, and it pains me to say I fear this holy war of yours, with all its halachic justifications (and I do mean that), will end up being "yotzo schoro b'hefseido". Unless you have reason to believe that you will not be held accountable for ANY Lashon Hora and Bizui Gedolim posted on this site. If that is so, would you mind posting those reasons?

    If not, "oy lonu l'yom hadin"...

  20. Obviously Tom Kaplan is considering calling it quits from the EJF, if the EJF panicked and felt the need to produce such a letter from the Rabbonim.

  21. If this is a forgery, then why havent the Gedolim come out against the EJF or at least Trope?
    Let's be honest, a little unheard of rabbi writes a couple of books on evolution and quotes a Rambam or a R' Hirsch, and there is no end to the furore of the Gedolim. Yet, when a HIllul Hashem of such grand scale, with actual znut, by a Haredi Rosh Yeshiva is out in public, there silence - enough to hear a pin drop? I wonder whats worse, znut and trading of certificates, or wearing plastic shoes on Yom Kippur?

  22. Shraga said...

    This is all a storm in a teacup, and I'm surprised that R. Eidensohn posted this, knowing the Lashon Hora and Bizayon Talmidei Chachomim (not to mention Gedolim) it would cause.
    Do you mean that you hold that it is prohibited for me to report official news releases from EJF?

    Do you hold that it is prohibited for EJF - which is officially under Rav Reuven Feinstein - to publish news releases which mention that fact.

    Was it prohibited from EJF for publishing the letter of thanks that I posted?

    Shraga since you clearly feel that I am wrong in my "holy war" and yet you say you are a fan please give some adivce as to how you think the Tropper scandal and EJF should be dealt with?

  23. Why shouldn't Tom Kaplan get Chizuk? What did he do wrong? He believed an Orthodox Rabbi. He gave money to many worthy Yeshivot. Just because the one Orthodox Rabbi, or pretender as it is brought to light now, Tropper, turned out to be a scoundrel, that is no reason to blame Kaplan. He deserves Chizuk. Someone should tell him that what he did was praiseworthy and should be continued.

    Shame on EJF taking that note and making it seem like these Rabbis are propping them up.

  24. Eddie,

    It is not so much a forgery as EJF in typing the letter up(though they left the original for anyone to check the facts) added a line that is not in the original.

    Secondly they claim that the letter was for a purpose for which it was not. But again this isn't a forgery. It is simply a deception of those who can't read Hebrew, or read Ktav Yad.

  25. Yasher koach to Mekubal for the clarification.

    That said, I can't really say I am surprised.

  26. >This is like a very bad dream. It appears to me that our Rabbinic leaders are getting themselves into a deeper and deeper mess with regards to this fiasco every single day. itchiemayer<

    It reminds me very much of those vampire/zombie movies where the villian just won't die/disappear but keeps coming back!

  27. Joseph.

    The Rabbinic leaders are naive about the whole Tropper affair. Just as people are busy blogging about Tropper, no doubt Tropper and his people, Lublinsky, Barros, Mr. Disbarred Attorney and all the rest of the Tropperites, are going at it 1000 times more with the damage control. He is in the fight for his "good name" and is a pit bull.

    Just like Tropper was behind the paskveilim to ban "Chareidi Blogs" right before the scandal broke. So to is he a "power broker" when it comes to manufacturing "Letter's from Major Rabbonim" he has figured out how to manipulate the system.

    Just get a letter signed by Rabbeyem who are in the dark, saying that the "sky is purple" and of course the entire chareidi community will see that the sky must be purple, because a major Rov in his 90's who is not aware of the background on why the "power brokers" want him to say the sky is purple.

    Unfortunately these letters actually used to carry some weight, now sadly due to their abuse by Tropper and his ilk, they are not worth the paper they are written on and nobody cares about them. Unless Tom Kaplan has less than 2 brain cells, which he does not, he is an Oxford educated scientist.. He can see through this as see that the EJF is desperate to hold onto his money bags.

    Lublinsky and other EJF PR Guru's, did you not attend PR 101, the best way to diffuse a situation is to OWN IT, and issue a strong repudiation of Tropper and his deeds, rather than just silently removing all mention or pictures of him from their web site. They should also have Tropper write an actual letter of apology for his Znus, rather than just a fake, "I apologize for the allegations that I may or may not have held up to the very modest standards of yiddishkeit. Until either of those happen, they are just digging themselves deeper.

  28. shraga said;
    2. As mentioned above, this letter was written when this whole scandal just broke. I think it can be assumed R. Shteinman didn't know about it.

    Aaron said;
    you are right,for some strange reason the EJF only published it now on 31st December, like you say, it was even written before the other letter they produced from the 3 dayanim

  29. Rav Eidensohn,

    Did the EJF's Dayan Wender in Houston finally ask you to remove the debate about him or did you remove it for some other reason?

  30. The handwritten note has no date, the typewritten Hebrew says 5770, and the English translation indicates 5769???

  31. oops...the handwritten note does have the date, 5770. my mistake.

  32. Did the EJF's Dayan Wender in Houston finally ask you to remove the debate about him or did you remove it for some other reason?
    Rabbi Wender asked me to remove it. In addition I was told that the posting was disturbing shalom in Houston. It was also distracting attention from tropper and EJF

    I plan to summarize the issues in a later post because I think the removed post did serve to raise valid questions.


  33. I wonder if Rav Shteiman shlita will have charota for giving ANY kind of letter to Kaplan.

    When R' Malkiel got the letter to vote for Corzine, Rav Shteiman tried to be chozer altz toyeva but the letter was already publicized.

    Rav Shteiman is probably not aware that Kaplan is a mechalel Shabbos, oychel treifos uneveilos and presides over the 92nd Street Y that runs a "gerus" program under a woman "rabbi" for intermarried couples that remain eating chazir and the like even after getting their phony Jewish diploma.

  34. Baltimore, the City that breedsDecember 31, 2009 at 9:56 PM

    This is off topic but just as outrageous.

    The infamous moyser Shlomo Dweck from New Jersey has relocated to the frum community of Baltimore, apparently with the approval of Rav Heinemann & Ner Yisroel.

  35. Eternal Jewish Cover UpDecember 31, 2009 at 9:59 PM

    I can now see the entire letter. Not sure if there was a glitch on my Adobe software or if Team Tropper are following my comments in real time and immediately fixed it.

  36. Rabbi Eidensohn,

    "Do you mean that you hold that it is prohibited for me to report official news releases from EJF?"

    If the almost 100% assured outcome is that people will speak in a denigrating way about Rav Elyashiv, Rab Shteinman, etc? When the chances are that this post will not make any real difference? It definitely seems to me it would be ossur, yes. But I may be wrong. Being that the difference is one which may have a very big impact on schar v'onesh in the next world, don't you think it warrants at least a serious sheila from R. Shternbuch?

    "how you think the Tropper scandal and EJF should be dealt with?"

    Please don't misunderstand me. Although I'm not involved with Geirus and have never met Tropper, EJF has been grating on me for a long time. I'm the founder of a large Kiruv organization, and whenever I would see EJF holding these grand, expensive get-togethers in fancy hotels, and spending who-knows-how-much money on shtussim, while myself and other kiruv organizations had to scale back our operations because of lack of funds, I could feel the blood rising to my head.

    I think you've mostly dealt with this very admirably. This is the only blog which I feel is dealing with the issue with balance and greater purpose. When I saw the original article in Matzav about Troppers resignation, this is the first place I came.

    But... Unlike so many other bloggers posting about this, you're a real Ben-Torah and Talmid-Chochom. Unlike so many other bloggers, you're actually concerned with Din V'Cheshbon. So the question is, when fighting for something worthwhile, at what point does one admit things may be getting out of hand? That the fight may be becoming a Mitzvah Habo B"Aveira? That all the time needed to censor comments may be a Bittul Torah which Hashem is not asking from you? That in the end, the personal loss to you will be bigger than the gain?

    It's possible that everything I wrote here is totally wrong. It's possible that you bear no responsibility klapei Shomayim for the comments people leave on your blog. I am someone who has his own stories of having to deal with Gedolims right-hand men and their manipulations. But when I saw some of the comments to this post, I still shuddered. I'm truly wondering what R. Shternbuch would think.

    This post, and my previous one, had absolutely nothing to do with EJF and were 100% prompted both by what I saw as a denigration of Gedolim and my concern that a Talmid-Chochom is being sucked in to something dangerous.



  37. Rabbi Eidensohn, I Agree with SHRAGA. As an intellgent and responsible person you have a huge responsiblity with your blog.
    You must fulfill "Haveh Roeh es H'nolad." People are defaming Gedolei Olam on your blog.That is also an added Chilul Hashem. Have you asked Rav Sternbuch about this point?

    You don't have to post this. I just feel that you are a G-D fearing person and wanted to share this thought with you.

  38. There are only so many "large" kiruv organizations and I don't know of any "founded" by someone named Shraga. (And Shraga Simmons did not join Aish until the 1990s).

    And "Shraga", I don't understand your concern. Most shitos hold it is not prohibited to repeat something already publicized. Even if not, there is a toyeless to do whatever is necessary to stop EJF which Rav Sternbuch shlita has already given his backing to.

    But thank you for sounding less belligerent in your follow up post.

  39. After his grand chazoro biteshuva here, Roni seems to have disappeared.

    I hope he is alive and well and not the victim of a Tropper payback hit for high treason against Il Supremo.

    Maybe he is toyveling in all the mikvos of Kadmonim to be metaher from the tumah of having associated with menuvel Tropper.

  40. wow, isnt it amazing how one menuval can get us spreading rumours abotu every Tom , Dick and schmerel who we wish to settle old scores with, and under the umbrella of bashing the modern day Zimri, we can let our all of our frustrations and 5 years worth of repressed loshon hara!

  41. Baltimore, the City that breedsDecember 31, 2009 at 10:49 PM

    Is Eddie implying that it is "loshon hara" to speak about Dweck?

    He will still entrap people for the FBI if he thinks he will gain something from it.

  42. Dyekan,

    1. I'm assuming you don't know every founder of every large kiruv organization.

    2. I'm assuming you aren't aware of the existence of every large kiruv organization, only the ones who periodically take out full-page ads in the various newspapers, make big Chinese auctions or dinners, or do other publicity. Rest assured that not every large kiruv organization (and by large I mean how many people they're mekarev, not how much money they raise/publicity they do) is known to the public at large, and for good reason.

    I'm sorry you feel my first post sounded belligerent. It was not meant that way at all.


  43. I don't see the big deal of this note. It is a note to Tom Kaplan, who deserves some praise for his giving.

    Also I don't see what it matters if Tom Kaplan is shomer mitzvot or not. If a Jew lgetimately makes money and wants to give that money to Torah are we supposed to reject it? Accept it, but snub him? Who knows but these words and the Zecut from his Tzedaka may bring him closer to Torah, if not him, then his children or grandchildren.

    I personally think he is worthy of praise.

    The only thing that I see wrong with this is that EJF is adding words that were never written and claiming that it is praise for EJF, that is quite obviously dishonest. Again that has nothing to do with Kaplan. He is just a simple Jew inadvertently caught up in a storm that is too big for him and which he will probably never understand.

  44. Mekubal,

    The shita in Beis Brisk has always been to take money from shomrei Torah umitzvos only.

    While not everyone is bound by this shita, there is also a Brisker shita not to take money from people who steal or who are involved in anything unsavory. As far as I see it, this should be a universal halacha. I doubt that anyone can find a legitimate shita in contrast.

    EJF and the Upper East Side pretend Yiddishkeit are unsavory.


    I called Feldheim to let them know that Tropper has publicly attacked the book they publish from Rav Mendlowitz's grandson. They said they were not aware of it.

    I hope they take action against him. There are teshuva seforim that say a big mushchoss can be taken directly to court instead of going to beis din first since you know that such a person will never listen to dinei Torah no matter what.

  46. Something's Missing...January 1, 2010 at 1:05 AM

    Where is the letter from the rabbonim condemning Tropper's behavior?

    Where is the apology letter to the victims effected by this corrupt EJF leader?

    Where is the letter of chizuk to the families torn apart by Tropper's retaliation/revoked conversions?

    Sounds like they're worried about losing Tom Kaplan's money, but have very little concern about this tremendous chilul Hashem.

  47. latimore isnt the only city

    right now in nmb a member of hatzola is involved with eishes is case where the rabbonim new and covered up beCAUSE HIS BROTHER IS BEING O=HONORED BY A MOSED IN FEB




  48. NO, Eddie doesn't know who dweck is, just we should all cool down nwo that we got the tropper dreck out of our system.

  49. "Also I don't see what it matters if Tom Kaplan is shomer mitzvot or not."
    i don't know this kaplan guy and i never heard about majority of names mentioned in this blog.

    but what i DO know are women who, like myself, were humilliated without limits when dealing with ejf.

    i don't know in what this organization contributed to the existence of the Jewish people, but i DO know that the abuse over unprotected and poor women seeking for a sincere conversion overwhelmed the mind and soul of many of them.

    at the end, i, a convert by ejf, met some influential ... and these friendships helped me a LOT.

    but until to this very day i think of my girlfriends who didn't share my luck.

    i don't think this blog is in the path of lashon hara, but in the path of awareness.

    never forget. that's what i was taught during my conversion program.

    History teaches us great lessons. may we be aware them.

    if i was aware of what this ejf do to human beings, i would NEVER have contacted them.

    all sincere converts are naive though... if a rabbi tell them "jump!" the only logical answer will be: "how high?"

    if all this "tropper case" is forgotten, he will be back as any bad polititian do when his people forget his faults. and when corrupt polititians take back the power once lost, they become stronger.

    they become stronger with the experience they got and they will know much better in the future how to manipulate people and situations to accomplish their ultimate goal: NEVER be caught again.

    Rabbi responsible for this blog: Congratulations. All my respect to you.


  50. Recipients and PublicityJanuary 1, 2010 at 6:37 AM

    "Where's Waldo? said...After his grand chazoro biteshuva here, Roni seems to have disappeared."

    The answer is simple, Roni=Tropper, even when they appear to "differ" Roni always was and is the voice and "persona" that Tropper needs. Prior to the revelation of the Leib&Leba Tropper/Shannon Orand-sex scandal Roni was spouting every possible shtus and krumkeit in defense of Tropper, after the sex scandal, Roni was the disembodied voice of the Tropper persona "doing teshuva" in a faked roundabout way.

    The proof the Roni=Tropper and Tropper=Roni is that even as Roni was so-called "crying over" Tropper's misdeeds, he was still firing away at Tropper's list of enemies with the same snakish venon.

    Tricky Tropper is like the Joker allied with his own Catwoman Leba always one step ahead of Batman. Beware!

  51. Shraga,

    Would you be willing to let us or the founder of this blog which major kiruv organization you run, to verify that indeed you are that person and not a desperate attempt by Tropper or one of his cronies to guilt the founder of this blog into stopping his important work.

    Maybe I am reading too much into your phrasing and terminologies, but I find it telling that at many points in your post , you praise the founder of this blog as a talmid chochom, and a ben torah, and in the same breath you accuse him of loshon hora, commiting aveiros, causing others to commit aveiros and bitul torah. Are you not committing bitul torah by surfing matzav and this blog.

    I also find it strange that shortly after your post was sent, an "anonymous" post was sent accusing the founder of causing chillul hashem's and by sarcastically sayng "i know you are G-D fearing" thereby implying if he keeps his blog open he is not G-D fearing.

    If you are really Shraga, understand that if anything these gedolei hador are being taken advantage of, EJF in desperation knowing that this story was going to potentially stop the source of millions coming into them, rushed to get this letter to show Tom Kaplan and then use for their purposes. If you asked me they are doing a pretty good job so far of putting out the fire until now.

    If anything perhaps exposing this fraud of getting letters from major gedolim will be scrutinized more, so that they are not hoodwinked into writing seemingly innocent letters and then those letters are used to prop up Tropper and other frauds.

    It is not Loshon Hora, the founder has posted enough posts explaining this showing full sources.

    If you are not Shraga and a Tropper operative, nice try ;)

    MEKUBAL: I am surprised you do not see the big deal of the timing of this letter. The big deal is that Tropper and his cronies are using Tom Kaplan, who means well and are desperate to hold onto his money. His nephew Guma woke up and realized Tropper was scum, perhaps Tom will soon too. I would not be suprised if Tropper had something to do with their falling out, I have heard from many people that this is his modus operandi.

    Tom if you are reading this, please leave the "garden of eden" and the Troppical snake who has you wrapped around his little finger. It is safe to say he is SHKKWEEEZING you.

  52. Is criticism of Gedolim automatically considered denigrating them?

  53. How to understand the Tropper scandal

    Putting it in proper perspective

    I think the first thing that has to be understood is why have all our mainstream gedolim and Roshe Yeshivos kept quite on this . first we have to know if he was entrapped by his enemies? lets say he was not and lets also say that the allegations are 100 % true lets assume tropper is guilty as sin, a low life , a shmutz bag, a manipulator, a faker, a menuval , you name it he is all of the above (p.s. I think he is all of the above) why have the gedolim kept quite so far? here we have a individual who took the gedolim for a ride for a few years about how he was saving klal yisroel and than boom we find out he is a scum bag , abusing his power selling conversions etc

    I think the answer is simple the mission that the gedolim stood for has to continue no matter who is the helm we need an oranazation to keep conversion bais dins in check

    We have all types of botei din in this country form rca to satmar all in the geirus business
    How do we make sure that the people being let in to klal yisroel are properly being mekabel mitzvos lets say we have a man who comes in front of a yu type bais din he wants to be frum but he wants to continue to listen to kol isha well a mainstream bais din will tell him sorry you have to be mekabel every thing . a YU bais din will tell him no problem in too days age we don’t even tell out bochurim not to sleep over at there dates house if its late just bring your teffilin with so no prob! etc im sure you can imagine all the scenarios well we have to weed out these types of geruis

    Coming up with proper standerds for all botei din set up by our gedolim and poskim will help a lot
    So the mission has to continue in spite of the personal failings of one individual

    I think that’s why they are keeping quite let it blow over and the org will be stronger with out this troubled individual of course they are embarrassed but they don’t want to call into doubt the orgs good work

  54. The only thing that's simple is that "orthodoxjew" is a simpleton who understands very little.

    Of course there should be an organization at the forefront of halachic gerus, but hayotzei min hatomei, tomei.

    EJF must be shut down and covering up chilul Hashem only creates greater chilul Hashem.

  55. The Dr-is-in,

    I think I made it very clear that I approved of the general campaign, and it was just that last post concerning the gedolim which got me to write. Also, I don't think I actually outright accused R. Eidensohn of any aveiros, rather I expressed my concern that there MAY be aveiros, and that it may be worth getting R. Shternbuchs opinion on some sticky issues.

    As far as Gedolim being taken advantage of, I know that only too well, and first-hand, but that in no way chances the substance of my posts (particularly the first one). You don't fix a wrong with another (and possibly bigger) wrong.

    Lastly, I just sent an email identifying myself to R. Eidensohn.

  56. Just to quickly note, the above Joseph is someone other than myself (who has posted under "Joseph" on this blog for a couple of years.)

  57. R. Eidensohn: Please clarify the confusion about this post. The headline is 'Letter of Chizuk for the "Eternal Jewish Family"'. Yet you incorporated within the post a commenter's opinion that it was photoshopped, i.e., not genuine. The post of December 31, 2009 published a letter dated December 15, 2009, the date that Tropper announced that he was stepping down from EJF. The post is followed by 56 other comments before mine expressing 56 different opinions. In retrospect with the fullness of time, did the gedolim endorse EJF after Tropper stepped down (i.e., what the original post appears to be) or not? Please clarify. Thank you for all the work that you do!

  58. the tapes are made up. they were copied and pasted. its so obvious. I know the troppers and they are suffering because a guy made up the story about him. a guy was made at him and payed thousands of dollars to fram rabbi tropper.



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