Thursday, December 24, 2009

Beseiged in Miami by Israeli schnorrers

Reuven writes:

I read your website, blog daily; I agree and disagree on a few issues. However a point I would like to bring across and get your response. I live in a frum community in Miami Florida, with many shuls and Jewish days’ schools. I get knocks on my doors daily even at 10 pm, people from Eretz Yisroel

They all have a sob story, how life is, and how its the American Jew who's going to bail them out, and must give needed funds now! Why is it this way? The Chutzpa, arrogant is more the word, and the disrespect they give when you give them a few dollars, they want a check!

You have a Medina called Israel which doesn't support big Frum Haimisher families and who's responsible?? They don't work, don't learn torah in kollel! They can't go into the Army, Hester programs are too Zionist for them, and so do what?? Ten percent of frum yidden belong in kollel, though who are serious about being the teacher, rabbonim, dayanim in the next generation, the rest need to get a job. To survive in today’s world you can go to a frum college, which I went to Touro College, without the distractions of the world, with 6 kids at home between 5-10 pm for 3 years after a days work. The Shulchan Urach clearly states, hilchous Talmud Torah to teach ones child a trade. Get a decent job support your family and do something meaningful in life! Being a professional shnorra isn't a profession, you are bogging down the true people in this world who need help from our fellow yidden!  When will the Haimsher, Frum, Charidim world wake up and earn a parnosha from Hashem like a mentch?

I would like to see some feed back from your blogger, thank you


  1. the anakei olam who will get schar for creating the system, if not liable for its failings, are they at least mechuyav to correct it?

  2. You think the shnorrers only come to Miami?

    Most of these people are looking to have Americans pay outright for homes for their children getting married.

    I have asked several rabbonim if I am mechuyev to give anything if I don't even own a house myself yet. No one told me yes.

    Their kids should try going to kollelim in Mexico etc where they buy you a house and give you a generous stipend.

  3. I live In Miami

    I would like to thank the Shelichay Mitzvah from Eretz Yisroel that travel the long journey to our city that Horav Sternbuch calls " The Tumadikah Platz"

    To give us inhabitants the oppurtunity to help and assist the worthy Mosdos and Aniyim in Eretz Yisroel.

  4. I don't know the writer of this message, but it seems he is busy criticizing things that he can barely pronounce incorrectly - which would lead me to believe that he doesn't really know what they are either!

  5. People who come looking for tzedaka in South Florida during the last 2 weeks in December when hotel rooms are $500 a night and car rentals are double what they usually are do not get my tzedaka.

    People who come in July and August when it is 90 degrees out with 90% humidity, the mosquitoes are so thick in the air that it looks like dusk and hotel rooms are $69 and car rentals are $29, get my tzedaka and sympathy.

    Being a Schnorrer is a "profession" for many. But I would not limit your criticism to pseudo-Haredim.

    We have plenty of less religious appearing swindlers, schnorrers, crooks and other low lives too. It's just that crooks and swindlers wearing the Chassidic garb stand out more visibly.

    BTW, it has been my experience that a substantial majority of the schnorrers who show up in Miami dressed in Chassidic garb are not even Jewish. Most of those I have encountered, and I always invite them in and ask about their families etc. are Russian Gentiles.

    If you encounter one of these, call 305-300-9662 and report it.

  6. The Hungarian crowd here who can't stand their doorbells going off every 5 seconds on Purim, go to Miami to escape the shnorring.

  7. In European cities it's even worse,
    as Israelis do not require a visa for
    Europe; if they do acquire a visa
    for America then they make a stop over in Europe. And then Rosh Hashana time, many of them make a stop over
    in European cities on the way to Kiev, to visit their rebbe in Uman
    to schnor to pay off their trip.

  8. So speaking as someone who gets these guys regularily at the door, there is a simple solution:

    I pre-write cheques. All these need is a date. When the doorbell rings, my wife answers the door, and when the guy starts his shpeil about how he came all the way from Israel JUST TO MEET ME because he's heard about how wonderful I am - blah, blah, blah - she hands the guy a cheque, tells him I can't come to the door and shuts it.

    Kudos to the shnorrer who looked at it and asked straight out: Can I have two?

    After a couple of weeks of that, the numbers dropped off precipitously.

  9. The Brisker Rov ztl brought a raaya from Nach that the shnorrers who act like groysa mechutzofim do not really need the money but are just taking advantage of people. It's in human nature that someone who truly needs will be more humble and behaved.

  10. This letter was clearly written by a bona fide anti-semite. And I doubt it is a Jewish anti-semite. It is difficult to believe the writer of this diatribe is a kosher Yid.

  11. I thank Hashem for every Uni who comes my way giving me the opportunity to do the Mitzvah of Tzedakah.

  12. Fine, perfect Y.N. What's your address please?

  13. Joseph's reactions have been very extreme in general against anyone who questions his sacred cows.

    Let Joseph keep his head in the sand like an ostrich while fake meshulochim and fake gedolim ply their trades.

    But Joseph might want to check out what the seforim say about people like him who are known to possel the yichus of others.

  14. As the author of the thread, i am shomer shabbos, with a head on my shoulders! after finishing paying for tuition and clothes for my kids i have no problem giving to the building fund at the shul or the local jewish day school!They come in packs of 4-5 people asking for money! Giving them $10 is enough, they want more! Then when u do give them a nice check, you are guaranteed a week later another guy has a copy of your check and wants the same amount! I have been given my own checks copied over 5 years ago! have a great shabbos

  15. Dear Thread Author,

    Your last comment is more agreeable than the diatribe printed on top (as the main) of this thread.

    If a collector insists what you offered him (i.e. $10) is insufficient, then you are correct. He is wrong and very possibly a charlatan. Yet in your original letter, your complaint didn't focus (or even mention) that the collector(s) were insisting to you that you're offered donation was not enough for them.

  16. To Brisker - please post a source, very interesting.

    To Joseph - the "anonymous" clarification is muvan me'elav to anyone reading the original message. It happens all over.

  17. I forget where I saw this mayseh. The Brisker rov was walking in the street with another adam gadol when a shnorrer approached him, started tugging at his clothes and yelling "Brisker Rov, Brisker Rov, give me money!" When the rov completely ignored him, the other adam gadol was surprised which is when the Rov brought a raaya from a posuk. I don't even recall the posuk since I saw this 20 years while a boy. I'm sure if I was of age that shnorrers were harassing me too, I would remember.


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