Thursday, December 10, 2009

Banning the Chareidi Internet sites


סערה של ממש מתרגשת על עולם האינטרנט החרדי: גדולי ישראל כתבו במכתב חריף שיפורסם מחר ביומונים, כי האתרים החרדיים מכילים "שקרים וטומאה  נוראה של תועבות", והם הזהירו: לא להסתכל, לא לשתף פעולה, לא לפרסם


Ultra-Orthodox Internet forums are in an uproar over a harsh letter against the sites, signed by leading Haredi rabbis, that is due to be published Friday in the three Haredi daily papers.

The news, appropriately, was broken by one of the sites themselves. The site, called Haredim, reported that the rabbis had denounced the sites as containing "lies and terrible impurity" and instructed all Haredim "not to look, not to cooperate, not to advertise."

Officially, the site managers all told Haaretz that if so ordered by the rabbis, they would shut down.

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  1. Rabbi Eidensohn,

    As you read the ban, do you believe it would apply to a site such as yours?

    Do you consider the poskim who wrote it your poskim (i.e., would you feel obliged to obey it)?

    What kinds of things do you feel it was designed to stop?

    Regardless of whether or not you feel obliged to comply, does it strike you as a psak with which you agree?


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