Sunday, August 20, 2023

Purim and the Kaminetsky-Greenblatt Heter

Purim is the time we celebrate the salvation of the Jewish people - brought about by an apparent sinful act of the heroine - Esther. Despite being already married, she agreed to marry Achashverus in order to save the Jewish people. She did this with the brave psak of Mordechai - who was one of the gedolim of those times.

In the spirit of Purim, it seems clear at this point that we have 3 Mordechais who have decided that the salavaton of the Jewish people requires comparable brave deeds. Deeds that clearly seem to be direct violations of Torah law and thus threaten their eternal Jewish souls. 

R Shalom Kaminetsky who seems to be the driving force behind this "act of salvation", Rav Shmuel Kaminetksy who recognizes his son's greatness and seems willing to do anything to help a loyal support. And finally Rav Greenblatt - who admits he doesn't know whether the "facts" of this case are true - but he has loyalty to "Daas Torah" i.e., Rav Kaminetsky and he is willing to do whatever he can as a halachic technician to bring about the halachic changes that he has been told are required.

Of course, it wouldn't be Purim without Esther. Tamar of course is Esther. Who without regard to her own well being is willing to sacrifice her Olam HaBah to bring about "freedom" for the agunos of the world. She doesn't care whether she commits adultery and produces mamzerim - she wants to "save" yiddishkeit from its antiquated halachic traditions.

Now of course you are wondering who Haman is in this upside down world of Purim. The answer is obvious, especially if you have read Rav Aharon Feldman's letter. Worse than the sin of adultery is the sin of BLOGGING. In particular for claiming that certain gedolim not only are mistaken as to what they are doing but that they are deliberately doing horrible damage to the Jewish people.

These bloggers have succeeded in convincing certain gedolim that what Mordechai and Esther have done is wrong. This of course parallels the facts that many of the Sanhedrin thought that Mordechai and Esther had gone off the derech.

However soon we will find out whether Rav Dovid Feinstein agrees with the Purim Rebbes or whether he agrees with his own father. We look forward to a Purim this year which will bring true salvation to the Jewish people


  1. I quoted that from the greatest anav. And I thought the greatest anavim were from nachal eshkol, the meraglim troben rofl. They were so humongous, vayisoihu bamot bishnoyim. A freylichen Purim.

  2. You obviously never read the prophets. I can find you multiple sources that such behavior is rather appropriate.

    But you have not provided any sources. You, and all your other usernames, may quote all sorts of teshuvos that are irrelevant to the topic at hand. Your cursing here is not stemming from you being subservient to Hashem and His commandments. It stems from your own personal interests. Using pesukim to somehow justify yourself is being megaleh ponim b'Torah. I guess it is a good thing that you did not try a specific "proof"..

  3. Elisha cursed the 42 children, for embarrassing him. Calling him עלה קרח. See Talmud סוטה. How about you bring me a source that it is forbidden to curse one who makes fun of a tzaddik ? מגלה פנים ? I am not sure that you understand that term.

  4. Who told you that I am not clean from sin. You judge mental ... ....

  5. So a layman can criticize and denounce any tzaddik openly. Solely, because he disagrees with his Psak. Is that what you believe. I believe that מפרסמים את החנפים, doesn't refer to תלמידי חכמים. It refers to people who are frauds. If you want to insinuate that הגר׳ דוד פיינשטיין shlit"a is a חנף, I will put you in חרם as well.

    I don't appreciate the בזיון of any תלמיד חכם, let alone a tzaddik the magnitude of מורינו ורבינו הגר׳ דוד שליט״א. Some of the incindery remarks on this blog, because they thought he may rule in favor of the heter, are disgusting. Even if he would have, isn't that what a פוסק is for ? Does anyone on this blog claim to know Halacha better ? In the end he ruled against the heter. Now the רשעים are judging him for not saying this, or not doing that...

    ארורים כל הרשעים ברוכים כל הצדיקים

  6. 1) Those adults (it would do you well to understand the word naar.) were kofui tov. It was not due to "embarrassment." Additionally, Elisha did nothing wrong by the miraculous provision of water in order to bring the Aseres Hashvotim back to serving Hashem...

    2) There was another condition, as Rashi points out: ויראם. ראה שאין בהם ולא בזרעם לחלוחית של טובה (שם) :

    מגלה פנים ? I am not sure that you understand that term.

    Oh, I understand it just fine. It is precisely what you do in order to justify your desires. You feel that you have the right to bend the Torah to have it agree to your desires.

  7. And your point is ??? He cursed them, I curse you (if you speak ill of Rav Dovid)... Same Same.

    אומר לרשע צדיק אתה יקבוהו עמים יזעמוהו לאומים ולמוכיחים ינעם ועליהם תבא ברכת טוב שפתים ישק משיב דברים נחוכים.

  8. Just curious - did you ever ask a posek about cursing your fellow Jews? What does it mean to curse someone? Is it calling for special attention from G-d for that person - in which case you are judged also? Or is it invoking negative energy to produce harm in another person such as aiyen harah?

    Berachos(7a):  In the neighbourhood of R. Joshua b. Levi there was a Sadducee15 who used to annoy him very much with [his interpretations of] texts. One day the Rabbi took a cock, placed it between the legs of his bed and watched it. He thought: When this moment arrives I shall curse him. When the moment arrived he was dozing [On waking up]16 he said: We learn from this that it is not proper to act in such a way. It is written: And His tender mercies are over all His works.17 And it is further written: Neither is it good for the righteous to punish.18

    What do you think you are accomplishing? Perhaps it would be better to pray for the person to do teshuva?

    Berachos(10a):There were once some highwaymen3 in the neighbourhood of R. Meir who caused him a great deal of trouble. R. Meir accordingly prayed that they should die. His wife Beruria4 said to him: How do you make out [that such a prayer should be permitted]? Because it is written Let hatta'im cease? Is it written hot'im?5 It is written hatta'im!6 Further, look at the end of the verse: and let the wicked men be no more. Since the sins will cease, there will be no more wicked men! Rather pray for them that they should repent, and there will be no more wicked. He did pray for them, and they repented.

  9. And your point is ???

    1) That you, yourself are cursed.

    2) That it is forbidden for you to do so.
    However, I do realize that to you everything is adjustable to fit with your desires. Therefore, forbidden just means that you will ignore and seek to reinterpret the Torah to your liking.

  10. Someone is going to have to be מוחה for the disrespect shown to הגאון הצדיק ר׳ דוד פיינשטיין שליט״א. I don't need to be the one doing it. However, if you are going to allow it to go unchecked, I will be the one who will be מוחה. These disgusting רשעים on this blog who speak ill of this צדיק ותמים , have it coming their way. Me cursing them, won't do much, because I am no צדיק. However, I'll be damned if I will be silent and allow this בזיון of a צדיק and תלמיד חכם.

    As far as cursing רשעים, I'll take my chances. It's between that and allowing people to make fun of הגאון ר׳ דוד. I'll take that risk every single time.

  11. Who is this strange little pisher, Mayvin Psayim? He reminds me of a character I saw on Car 54 who thought she could issue curses.


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