Friday, August 25, 2023

Israel police arrest U.S. rabbi in bizarre case of sexual abuse, fraud

Rabbi Yosef Mordechai Paryzer, a 35-year-old American teaching at a yeshiva in Jerusalem, is accused of rape and falsifying his identity on Tinder

The Israel Police released Thursday the profile pictures of a Jerusalem yeshiva rabbi arrested on suspicion of rape through fraud, after posing as a secular Jew to seduce women on Tinder. 


  1. The good thing is that the yeshiva moved quickly to dismiss him and erase his name from the website.
    The weird thing is the sheer number of people that he trapped in his wicked web.
    It simply does not make sense.

  2. Cults make sense in their own bizarre way.
    A couple of years ago I rented an Air B&B near the Old City. Behind me was this courtyard with a trailer park type shteibl and tons of Chasidim. I went there to daven minchah and people kept asking me "Are you here to meet the Rebbe? Do you want to meet the Rebbe? Because he's not here right now but he'll be back in a few hours." And I asked which Rebbe and they said "The Rav Eliezer Berland, of course!"
    And I'll admit, I was tempted because I'm fascinated with how some people just have this charisma and can sway people under their influence.

  3. Or the scale of chiloni licentiousness is just way beyond the imagination. If he really was a secular, single guy, we would not hear anything about it

  4. This is a tip of the iceberg menuval. He deserves a punch. My point being that there are quite a few people who call themselves rabbis, and display behavior of a menuval bein Adam l'chaveiro, but do not get exposed.
    This guy perhaps used his kiruv skills and charisma for the wrong purposes. It's like the mythical shaolin temple which produces Kung Fu fighters, but must vow to only use their skills for the good of mankind. But sometimes they go astray.

  5. If he was Israeli and not American, it also might've been covered up more.

  6. No criminal charges against him.
    Do you mean that because the yeshiva is American?
    Social media plays a good part in exposing some of these peeps.
    When Walder was exposed by Haaretz, suddenly he was the victim and Haaretz were shedding blood...
    This guy was an unknown, whereas Walder was the king of bnei brak.

  7. In the early days of the BT movement, there were impressive rabbis, eg a professor of philosophy, a doctor, a psychiatrist, a chassidishe rebbe who studied at the Sorbonne, would speak to the prospective bts.

    Today, it's like the tinder rabbi has bedded 18 women; the shuvu banim rebbe has been with married women, the children's book author has abused more than the number of books he wrote....


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