Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Moshe why did he married Yisro daughter?

 Rabbeinu Bachye (Shemos 2:21): What was the reason that Moshe got involved with an idolater like Yisro? The explanation is that Moshe was a fugitive from Pharaoh and was afraid of being killed because of someone being pressured into informing against him. Therefore he decided it would be best to marry into one of the families of the priests of idol worship since all their property was theirs - Pharaoh could not threaten them by taking it away. That is why Moshe wanted to marry into one of these families after the daughter converted. The reason why he chose Yisro amongst these priests was because he had many daughters and thus it would be easy to convince him quickly and he wouldn’t be too particular. That is why the Torah informs us that Yisro had seven daughters. The only reason for mentioning this detail was because that was the reason Moshe was interested in the family and was able to get them to swear to keep his secret.

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