Thursday, August 24, 2023

Demons Rav Tzadok

The following is Rav Tzadok's explanation of demons (Sheidim). I left the Kabbalistic terms in because they are difficult to translate. It is best to study the original text with an expert in Kabbalah.

Rav Tzadok (Sichos Sheidim) This pamphlet called Sichos Sheidim is to explain that small amount mentioned regarding them in the words of our Sages – the true scholars – in the Talmud and Medrashim Eiruvin (18b) All those years that Adam was in Nidoi  he produced spirits and male and female demons It appears to me that in all things there are ten spheres which is Koma Shleima while the Kav HaEmtzoi is Keser Tiferes Yesod Malchus. The ten Spheres of Asiya of the Klippos Tiferes Yesod Malchus of the Kav HaEmtzoi are spirits (Ruchin) and male and female demons. Spirits (Ruchin) are themselves while as is known that Tiferes corresponds to Yesod HaRuach. Also Spirits (Ruchin) is the name given to all types of damages that are brought about by Spirit as it says in Bava Metzia (107b) And the Lord shall take away from thee all sickness. Said Rab: By this, the evil eye is meant. This is in accordance with his opinion expressed elsewhere For Rab went up to a cemetery, performed certain charms, and then said: Ninety-nine have died through an evil eye, and one through natural causes. Samuel said: This refers to the   wind(ruach) . Samuel follows his views, for he said: All illness is caused by the wind(ruach). But according to Samuel, what of those executed by the State? — Those, too, but for the wind (ruach) which enters and plays upon the wound],Thus the damage that results is because of the Klipah of the Sitra Acher which dwells there and this is called Ruach Rah in the terminology of the Bible (Shmuel 1 16:14) and by our Sages (Shabbos 29b).  See Rashi as well as the Aruch’s entry on ruach as well as Eiruvin (41b) with Rashi and Tosfos and other places. There are many different types of damage caused by Ruach e.g.  . Ruach Chazazis, Ruach Ketzara, Ruach Tzereda, Ruach Polga

 [to be continued]

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