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Sanhedria Murchevet: The problematic paranoid thinking needed to accept the allegations of Satanic Abuse Rings

I am making a post out of the comment below - because it is so bizarre. I have been discussing in previous posts the allegations of a Satanic Abuse Ring in Sanhedria Murchevet and the appropriateness of Rav Yitzchok Berkowitz leadership in regards to this situation. It has been widely accepted by mental health and law enforcement officials - after the hysteria about Satanic Abuse Rings in America ended up with all the convictions being thrown out - that there is no such thing even though there are definitely pedophiles and perverted individuals.
 "In the Know from Nachalot" - someone who is currently in Lakewood has been strongly defending Rav Berkowitz's view and strongly criticizing me personally. As I have noted before, these Satanic allegations are fantastic and unlikely to be true. Even Rav Berkowitz has acknowledged he didn't believe them when they were made in Nachlaot. They involve accepting the need for a paranoid mindset - that there is a determined conspiracy to destroy the children, their Jewishness, respect for parents and teachers, sexual and psychological abuse occurs as does torture, involves transporting children distances etc etc. Evidence is almost entirely the testimony of young children which Rav Berkowitz acknowledges is highly unreliable. After two years there are no convictions or apparently even suspects.

What I want to point out that it is not simply a question of believing Rav Berkowitz - "In the Know" has developed a bizarre way of thinking - possibly as the result of believing the unbelievable allegations regarding Satanic abuse.

The message I am getting from him is that if I disagree with Rav Berkowitz when he believes he is fighting Satan - It means I am a protector of Satan's supporters possibly even Satanic myself. Publicly disagreeing with Rav Berkowitz is punished by loss of Olam HaBah unless I publicly apologize.

I haven't gotten this type of response in dealing with the issue of Geirus and Trpper, Get Me'usa and ORA, Manufactured claims in the Weiss divorce case, Child abuse and Lakewood, etc etc. I have publicly disagreed with the Lakewood Roshei Yeshiva, with the Noviminsker Rebbe, with Rav Reuven Feinstein , Rav Ahron Schachter, Rav Hershel Schecter, Rav Menashe Klein and many others - without anyone making such claims. Why not? It is because none of the other issues involving drastic changes in thinking. Paranoid thinking, surrealistic logic and a lynch mob mentality however is inherently associated with belief in Satanic Child Abuse. While bizarre thinking is not proof that Satanic Child Abuse doesn't exist - it is as a minimum should at least alert the public that something unhealthy is going on.
First of all you are relying on chazokos with no basis in halacha as I mentioned before, for 2 reasons to disagree with Rabbi B.

Second of all you have not researched the children of this case as Rabbi B. has.

Third of all you claim he has done it solo, without professionals, which is not true, an you know it.
As for my video, Prince Andrew is one the people mentioned there, you are so evasive, and it is obvious why. That was just to show you it does exist, The internet is not where I will get my information from, nor could it be used in court , Din Torah or Din shomayim.

Reb Moshe in Igres Moshe was not matir blogging against a choshuve Talmid Chochom, when you take things out of context, to write your own book.

I am not publishing information into the WWW, which could damage the true askonim trying bimsirus nefesh to help a very unfortunate chelek of klal Yisroel.

The fact you are so adamant to find out where I am who I am & what I know, shows me a little insight into who you may very well be.

It seems from all your posts on this subject that you have been bought out by the sitra achara (the other side & the soton), not to say that you are a satanic, but you will go to great lengths to protect them as you do, at the expense of the abused kids, of who'm the only way you may know who they may be is from the Satanic abusers themselves.

It is no surprise that the chief of police who dropped this investigation in Yerushalayim was later forced to resign for very horrible aveiros. The Satanic cult were able to blackmail him, with info they had on him, so as not to prosecute them.

For all practical purposes the dark Satanic is just a nick-name, it isn't there actual trade name, but that they want to be machtie Yiddishe children & do it through multiple forms of abuse has been corroborated.

The fact that you claim to know all the children & parents are lying tells me something about you.

You are trying to disprove Rabbi B. in blog space rather than in person, where you may hear the facts if you have a good reason to know them, and have the nerve to say that I think he is infallible.

You don't know the facts of this story he does, unless the Satanic abusers have informed you of them.

Imagine I, together with another person would witness a man biting a dog. We would then come to beis Din and testify man bit dog, you would be the dayan, & would Google man doesn't bite dog so it never happened. Even if you would pasken that way, we would still know it happened because we saw it, no matter how much you prove it didn't happen we would know it did.

Without speaking to Rabbi B. you have no case, and the Tshuva you quote from Reb Moshe isn't about a metzius, which could be proven by speaking to the other person,(if he will speak to you, which after how you blog, he may have good reason not to)& you know it here again you are writing your own book & if you sleep well at night it says something about you.


  1. Rav Berlovitz does not seem very competent according to his paper you published in an earlier post.

    It is strange how he conflagrates christian missionaries and satanism, how he excluded offhand the possibility that chilldren are molested within their families or by respected schoolteachers, how he mixes up 3,5 year old children and children who could help someone carry bags up the stairs.

    It seems highly implausible that rituals of satanic abuse take place on the way home from school, within 1 hour or less.

    Personnally, I thinkk that in most cases of ritualistic sexual abuse, the families are somehow complicit (either they "rent out" the children, or they are themselves members of the cult and participate in rituals and/or abuse) or the children have no families and no-one to protect them.

    Furthermore, I think that most of such ritual abuse cult units are much smaller than

  2. What bothers me is that there are definitely cases happening in Sanhedria marchevet and other places. There have definitely been cases of kids showing all sorts of signs of abuse - nightmares, bedwetting, extreme change of attitude etc. When the parents aske, the kids start talking about all sorts of strange things. So where do they get all this from? the parents were not leading they didn't even have a clue about what happened in Nachlaot etc.
    Is Rav B. just making things up because he is bored? he is a responsible and dedicated rav who definitly doesn't need this on his head.

    So while I don't know what is true or isn't true I don't think it is responsible to just discard as crazy..

  3. @Eli - I agree with you 100%. One never ignores signs of abuse. But it is a big jump from saying they have signs that they might have been abused and postulate a satanic abuse ring or a ring of Chrisitan missionaries.

    Furthermore there should be programs put in place to protect the kids, the parents needs to watch AND it needs to be clear that the schools are doing everything possible to protect the kids. Parents need to be full partners and more in this - after all these are their children. That is why it is important for the parents to be informed of what has happened and to be aware of the importance of protective measures in the neighborhood and the schools - which includes transportation

  4. This talk was held at the school in Sanhedria Marchevet. Rav B. invited the parents to make them aware of potential issues and how to protect their kids. The school placed cameras in every single room in the building and added extra security. The school arranged for the child psychologist dr. Melamed to come speak to the parents and how to make them more aware of signs and how to speak to your kids. they arranged for a new system where mothers of the children will take turns on the buses with the kids.
    This was all arranged by Rav B. Because he cares to protect the kids. He has been actively warning parents for years about watching their kids.. This is just the most public way he has done it.

    I am not into weird cults and find them hard to believe, however Rav B has been exposed to something he doesn't have an answer to. He cannot find who has been moelseting these children. The police cannot find who has been molesting these children. The only thing we do know is that there are kids getting hurt.
    We also know that Rav B has been very active in trying to help protect his schools and neighborhood and for that we should give him credit.

    This is not just blaming it on a satanic cult and burying their heads in the sand.

  5. As far as I know, there have not been any proven cases of Ritual Abuse. Which cases are you referring to?

  6. @Eli - as noted before Nitai Melamed is not a psychologist with a Ph.D. He is a psychodrama therapist

    I have never said that Rav Berkowitz doesn't care. That was never the issue. Please reread the previous posts and comments. Nor have I have said he was burying his head in the sand.

    I do feel he should have presented the concerns to the parents. Ultimately it is the parents repsonsibility to protect their kids and they were not properly involved until several weeks ago. The schools had issues which should have been taken care of a long time ago. He is not a therapist or an investigator His approach descried in his talk was clearly someone who wanted to help - one who insisted on retaining control of information and decision making - and one was out of his depth as to what to do.

  7. good point - what cases of ritual abuse are you referring to?

  8. Additionally, Dr, Melamed (I am not sure if he has a doctorate, but that is how he was referred to here) did not mention one word about a cult, or of any systematic effort to abuse children. He spoke only of the topic of how to speak with one's children about the topic of CSA in general, and maintaining a path of open communication so that the child will tell the parent if something does occur.

  9. In the Know from NachalotMarch 15, 2015 at 8:58 PM

    Thank you so much, for posting my post as a new thread. I guess you do realize that I know something you don't.
    The fact that you keep insisting all his information is from minors, without knowing it, is false.
    Let us say 10 guys are giving chosson shiurim in 10 different yeshivas spread out over the country, another 10 are dealing with sholom bayis issues. Most are young without to many qualifications for what they are doing, they all come up, with the same story of abuse which is beyond belief, they go to a Rav, who may not be a psychologist, but is respected in the field. They may go elsewhere first, but are directed to one Rav.
    In the beginning he refuses to believe it, as the stories multiply, and evidence is corroborated, to his shock he realizes there is something to it. He then hires a team of psychologists who are professionals in the are, and private detectives, who all lead back to the same neighborhood, & the same individuals. More research is done, and the group is found to be active to this very day.
    The fact he does not disclose the problem is not to tamper with an investigation, when he does disclose he still doesn't want the perpetrators to cover their moves, so he only discloses what is needed to further protect children, and to rehabilitate those victimized. Even that takes a lot of dare & shikul hadaas. The information does not get posted on blogs. it doesn't get spread in mikvahs, it is private very private, not disclosing names, is not enough. For the sake of the victims, as little as possible must be disclosed.
    The use of the word Satanic, is a borrowed name, just to help you understand what is being done. This is the best I can give you the rest is up to Rabbi B, if you are worthy of being informed or not.
    I don't ask my shaalot to Rabbi B., but I commend him for putting his head in the lion's mouth for the sake of Klal Yisrael.
    As a side note, this blog dares to call itself Daas Torah, even though to me it seems to be anything but that, you claim to be a talmid of R' Moshe OB"M ain meshin es hoari, leachar misa, I can't ask him if he considers you a talmid or not. You also claim to be a mispalel at R' Moshe sternbuch, I guess I could verify that.
    After surfing your blog, I can't see how it is Daas torah, Is this what Hakodosh B"H looks down and say ami Yisroel asher becha espoer?
    As Beyalik said we will have our own murderers prostitutes & robbers, unfortunately the chareidim also have them. However why is it so important to make a blog about Todros Grynhaus be he as guilty as day, or the 2 Weiss wives, be they the biggest reshantas,Or Medel E, be he the biggest thug Mafioso. One day their (Weisses) husbands & they will remarry, time will heel, and they will regret the past, yet it will be chronicled over here.
    I can't find too much of a difference between your blog & Failed M blog, both show the umos Haolom, the horrible people of the chareidi community, and make them think we are all horrible.
    At least FM admits he is a shono upireish, (albeit I am not so sure how much of a shono he ever was). You call yourself Dasastorah & bost who's talmid you are & who'm you have a kesher with now, you remind of an animal mentioned in the Torah, who tries to fake being Kosher.
    I don't know you or your history, so I cannot pinpoint your drive to have this blog. It may be partially my fault that I come to your blog, or you are trying to sell stuff, so you need traffic. ( Let us be dan lekaf zechus) I hope that is your motive, even so, I begin to understand the reason why the Rabbonim are so against internet the more I see blogs like your own.

  10. @Yehoshua - you raise an important point (btw it is not Dr.Melamed nor is he a psychologist - I corrected that already).

  11. I do not believe that ritualistic abuse is inexistent, even if there were no cases proven in court.

    In general, most child victims of sexual abuse are not able to go to the police immediatly, with fresh sperm as proof.
    Therefore, there is a huge number of unreported cases or cases hat fall under the statute of limitation or cases that cannot be proven in court (for lack of fresh sperm).

  12. Christian Missionary ring in Nahlaot/sanhedria - rings a bell?

  13. Huh. So how does it feel to be on the other side and getting demonized for questioning someone's legitimacy instead of being the one doing the demonizing?

  14. Oh, so it's not a random attack on Rav berkovits
    Seems he has more sense than you credit him with

  15. Not an attack just showing how he deals wirh information
    He is stating his opinion as fact
    Why didn't he deal with this case directly?

  16. Rav Eliyahu is experienced with such cases. He dealt with scheinberg, elon, and has become the go to address for such cases.
    I don't know much about rav berkovits, I will try to pay him a visit, he seems like a wonderful man.

  17. Experienced is not the same as competent
    Yes Rav Berkovitz is a very nice man

  18. in this case, it is also competent. are you qualified in dayanut?

  19. they are competent rabbanim
    perhasp what you don't realise is that we have access to many other rabbonim, with different views, opinions, and interpretations. It's a bit like when a commentor speaks - you should try loking at it from our perspective - it is a supermarket out here - plenty of choice,


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  23. Tau is isolated and a conspiracy theorist. There are few who have ended up like him . David bar Hayyim is another example, he has turned from RZ to Satmar-Leumi. He is also a conspiracy theorist, against vaccinations. rules you don't need separate milk /meat stainless steel pots..


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