Tuesday, August 29, 2023

"ג'ק סגל" במעצר: ריאיון המתלוננת נגד הרב החרדי שהתחזה ותקף נשים


  1. Apart from the arayos side, I'm wondering, did he go out on shabbat, eat in non kosher restaurants, etc? Would he make brachos at all when eating or drinking (as Mr Jack seal)?
    There were some Jewish Mafia in new York, one was known as bugsy segal. One of them was a hit man, and frum, would not carry a gun on shabbat. Makes you think..

  2. I wrote about this years ago. From UO to UltraReform, we all pick and choose.

  3. Except for him being a chareidi rebbe in yeshiva, I really don't understand why this is a story.
    He went on tinder, fooled around, and the girls are upset?!
    So many people disguise their account for fear of being uncovered. It's a hookup app. He hooked up.
    What's the problem??

  4. Except for...

    That is the whole thing. If a yeshiva rebbe drove a taxi as a side kick on shabbat, or was seen eating at McDonald's etc, it's a Shanda.
    The purpose of shaming these acts, is to make regular folk more aware, and possibly deter future people from going in this direction.
    If he really wants to live an animalistic life, should remove the kippah, and get a job as a computer programmer or dog trainer.

  5. If he was abusing the kids he was teaching then I'd hear why a police investigation should be underway.
    But a guy who has a high body count and used twitter the way most do??
    Dont hate the player, hate the game.

  6. It is not so much about hate - it is the "moonlighting" part. If he had a home craft industry, eg selling hand made shirts or kosher sheitels, then that is to be praised.
    It is a Jekyll and Hyde personality .
    I am no expert in the field, but I doubt many real secular tel avivians can match his tally.

  7. ahh, so the police investigation is because in Israeli secular law, obtaining sex by deception is considered to be like rape, and is a criminal act. So if it happened elsewhere, like USA, UK etc is not criminal, unless there was monetary fraud of physical assault.
    The shame is that this man was a yeshiva rebbe whilst doing all this stuff as a sideline . I wonder if he was teaching halacha, and instructing his talmidim on subjects of kedusha? How do they deal with their loss of trust in their rebbe?


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