Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Subservience of wife was a punishment

Ohr HaChaim (Bereishis 3:16): And to the woman G-d  said. I will greatly increase your pain. G-d intended to give Eve three punishments corresponding to three things that motivated her to sin. She said 1) the fruit is good 2) it is a source of lust 3) It is good for intelligence. So corresponding for the desire for pleasure against G–d’s desire she was punished with pain even in the time of rejoicing i.e. pain in giving birth, Corresponding to the issue of lust... G‑d said, And to your husband will be your desire that you will lust after him constantly. There is in this two aspects of the punishment. 1) She will lust but will not have control in sexual issues rather it will all depend on her husband and this aspect is also included in “He will rule over you.” 2) In reality her desire is never fully satiated. This is a major difference between men and women. A man is capable of being fully satiated while a woman cannot. It is truly a great punishment that she is never able to satisfy her desires. . and corresponding to the last item she thought she would remove G‑d’s great control because she wanted to be like G‑d  and as punishment G‑d  added another layer of control and subjugation - her husband.

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