Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Raising children - curse or joy?

 One of the punishments that Eve received was tzar gidal banim

Eiruvin (100b): Rav Yitzchok bar Avdimi said, Eve was cursed with 10 curses as it says Bereishis (3:16), “To the woman, He said, and I will greatly multiply.” That is referring to two drops of blood – one being that of nidda and the other that of virginity. your pain, refers to the pain of raising children. “And your travail”, refers to the pain of pregnancy. “and in your pain you shall give birth to children” is literally birth pains. “And your desire shall before for your husband” teaches that a woman has a desire for her husband when he is about to go on a journey. ”And he shall rule over you” teaches that while the wife expresses her desire for her husband with her heart, the husband does expresses his desire for her with his mouth. But this is a fine character trait of women? What it meant is that she needs to ingratiate herself with him. But these are only seven? When Rav Dimi came to Bavel he explained, She is wrapped up like a mourner, she is banished from the company of all men and she is confined within a prison.


However Tosfos (Sanhedrin 19b) describes it as simcha (joy)

תוספות הרא"ש מסכת סנהדרין דף יט עמוד ב

שפדאו מצער גדול בנים. אין הבנים צער לאדם אלא שמחה כדאמר גבי עובד אדום שברכו הקדוש ברוך הוא וילדו ששה בכרס אחד ולאברהם היו הרבה בנים, אלא צער יוסף ודינה ושמעון וגלגול ירידת מצרים היה ראוי לבוא בימי אברהם ופדאו יעקב

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