Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Rav Yaakov Kaminetsy's haskoma to R Travis's marriage manual

It is well known and fully publicized that it is important to have a peaceful marriage as the Torah says that G-ds name should be erased in the Sotah procedure in order to bring peace between a husband and his wife. There have been many books written by non Jews on this topic but the majority are not acceptable for use by religious Jews because their values and approaches differ from ours. Therefore my friend the great and intelligent Rabbi Travis decided to write a book on this topic for our religiously observant Jewish brethren
And even though I don’t have any knowledge in this topic but I know that the great rabbi Travis has been greatly involved in these matters for many years and I know and am familiar with him that he is purely motivated for the sake of Heaven . Therefore I am confident in him, that with the help of G-d this book will be very helpful in bringing peace into Jewish homes and be successful in bringing about the desires of G-d


  1. If rav Yaakov was still alive, would he take issue with you, or with his son?

  2. Not so obvious, although the sons may have not been active poskim in their fathers' times , eg Rav Feinstein; auerbach, Kanievsky, Kotler ztl.

  3. Would he also have signed the ban on the book by his other son?

  4. obviously not
    A large part of the book is what he heard from his father

  5. Exactly _ but all or most of the gedolim did sign.


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