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Meir Pogrow: Rav Chaim Malinowitz' response to the question of whether Pogrow's Torah shiurim should be removed

update: Just informed that that Torahdownloads has removed the recordings

update:Just was informed that Kol HaLashon has removed the recordings

כתבנו מעט מזעיר ממעשיו הגרועים.ואף זו ברמיזה בלי פירוט.

לדעתי, ואני מדבר רק בעד עצמי,  זו בזיון התורה ללמוד תורה מן נואף, ממי שעושה  מעשה זמרי, ממי  שעבר על איסורים חמורים במזיד מאות פעמים בחייו --וד''ל. לדעתי זו בושה וחרפה לכם  להגיש  שיעוריו  לציבור. לא מדובר במי שנכשל בעבירה--מדובר במי שחי חיי פרא אדם , לוכד נשים במרמה והרבה הרבה פעמים הרס בזה חייהן.

איזה בושה! איזה חילול ה'! איזה בזיון! וכי תורה היא צעצוע שלנו?

אני מלמד זכות עליכם שאתם לא מבינים המדובר פה, כיון שלא פירטנו יותר ממה שכתבנו.

אני מדגיש עוד פעם שאני מדבר אך ורק בעד עצמי.

מסתמא יש לכם רבנים לשאול להם שאילות שיש לכם, לכו תשאלו אותם.

חיים זאב הלוי מלינוביץ

 Rav Gershon Bess wrote

 I agree completely with Rabbi Malinowitz 

Translation of above =====================================

Question: Should Kol HaLashon remove the shiurim of Meir Pogrow?


We have written in the  psak of the Beis Din only a small fraction of his disgusting deeds and even then it was only done with hints without going into detail.

In my view, and I am only speaking for myself, it is an insult to the Torah to learn Torah from a predator of women - from one who does ma'aseh Zimri, from one who has transgressed extremely severe prohibitions deliberately at least hundreds of times in his life. That description should be sufficient for you to get the picture.

In my view it is an embarrassment and disgrace for you to offer his shiurim to the public. We are not talking about someone who had a temporary lapse and succumbed to temptation. We are talking about someone who lived an unrestricted licentious life - trapping women through deception and many many times destroying their lives.

What an embarrassment! What a chilul HaShem! What a disgrace! Do you think that Torah is a mere trivial plaything for us?

I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that you have not understood the seriousness of what we have talked about in our psak since we deliberately have left out the details. But the answer as to whether the shiurim should be removed is obvious.

Let me emphasize and repeat that I am speaking only for myself and not the other dayanim

You obviously have your rabbinical advisors to ask this question. Please go and ask them for their psak.

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