Sunday, August 20, 2023

Rav Yitzchok Scheiner: Retracting a psak of Mekach Ta'us and publicly acknowledging a mistake had been made

Attached is a letter from R Yitzhak Scheiner to gedolim that requested that he account on paper his interaction with Rav Elyashiv at the time when another prominent Rav wanted to be matir with mekach ta'us. 

He writes that he was a messenger from R Aharon Shechter and R Feivel Cohen, he went in to him with the son of R Sholomo Miller in the name of his father. 

The most important part of this letter is, that the Rav actually retracted with dignity even though he was of the opinion that he was absolutely right. He ends of the letter with a plea, that everything should be done to be מתקן this פרצה!!!

The point of my posting the letter is to show that major rabbis eg., Rav Belsky did not have a problem of publicly retracting his psak when there was a major rejection of his psak of mekach ta'us by many rabbonim - not just Rav Eliashiv. That was a case where Rav Belsky thought he was correct. In the present case there is no evidence that the Kaminetskys or Rav Greenblatt still think their heter is valid - they simply are refusing to publicly retract or criticize it - despite universal condemnation of the heter. 

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