Sunday, August 20, 2023

Even gedolim are required to keep the Torah

I just received the following email - expressing great disgust at my efforts to expose the terrible thing that the Kaminetsky's have done in collusion with Rav Nota Greenblatt. The letter writer obviously feels gedolim inherently are infallible and that anyone who says otherwise - you shoot first and don't ask questions. 

Unfortunately my view is not some warped fantasies of a blogger who harbors hatred towards Torah Judaism - something which is implied in his criticism. The opposite is true. My life has been devoted to preserving and enhancing the Orthodox Jewish community - for many years.The whole chain of events pains me greatly as I am a great admirer of Rabbi Kaminestky and Rabbi Greenblatt. So while I love and admire gedolim - I love Torah and truth more.

My view is actually held by the clear majority of rabbinic figures in the Orthodox world. These rabbis  are now trying to deal with the delicate and embarrassing situation of gedolim acting as Reform Jews in trying to ameliorate the unpleasant situation of a young woman they felt an obligation to use their full power to help.

The transgressions of normative halacha and halachic procedure done by these gedolim are so blatant - most high school students can fully understand the problematic halachic issues and the misuse of psychology to justify it. The only issue is whether to deny that the emperor has no clothes - in a vain attempt to preserve the illusion of rabbinic authority and infallibility.

I am thouroughly disgusted by both you and your daastorah blog. how dare you criticize rav Shmuel kaminetsky shlita, you don't even come to his toenails. I am ready to vomit from the comments you posted after the rav Ahron Feldman article. I hope the next article you publish will be asking mechila berabim from him and promising to close down your vile blog. You even attemt to claim he's not a Posek and attack his seforim while in the same breath admit you've never read them and rely on others for your opinion. What gall you have. Have a great week, I hope you'll think about what I am telling you.

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