Saturday, March 25, 2023

The battle for Israel’s soul: If either side wins, everyone loses

I suspect that I speak for the vast majority of Jews in the Diaspora and probably an equal amount in Israel when I say, please work harder to find a consensual resolution. End the vile rhetoric on both sides.

There are no dictators and there are no anarchists, there are only Jews trying in good faith to address a highly complex situation as best they can. Please lower the volume and give the process time to succeed. May God bless you all.

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  1. It's interesting. From 1788, the year the U.S. Constiution was ratified, till 1860, the year the Civil War started, was 72 years. From 1948 when the State of Israel was founded till today is 75 years.

    It could be that when democracies keep kicking social issues down the road that after a few generations the democracies crack.

    In the U.S., the States sidestepped the issue of slavery, only to have it come back to bite them. The abolitionists had enough political clout to outlaw slavery, and they were going to wield that power. This set the stage for the Southern states seceding.

    The interesting thing is, had the abolitionists just bided their time, the slavery issue might have been resolved by the fact that the cotton gin technology would soon make the economic logic of slavery disappear.


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