Sunday, March 19, 2023

Leaving religion 8 reasons -Rav Saadiya Gaon

 Emuna ve’Deos (Introduction 7) I should add to this a list of what are, in my view, the causes of disbelief, falling into lies and a spirit of resistance to the truths of the miracles and speculation concerning religious belief. I see eight of these often. These eight are: 1) the natural burdensomeness of effort for humans 2) The stupidity of many of them. 3) Man’s instinct to fulfill his desires in terms of, food, feasting, sex and property. 4) An aversion to inquiry and an inability to listen attentively or engage in sustained thought. 5) People’s brazenness and pride which causes them to not concede there is any wisdom hidden from them nor any science that stands before him that he has yet to master. 6) Something someone heard in the name of one of the dissenters which touched his heart and worried him and he is thus stuck in worry his entire life. 7) A weak proof he heard from one of the monotheists and he thinks, therefore, that all of them are like this. 8) Someone for whom hatred exists between him and certain monotheists and this causes him to, hating their God.

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