Monday, March 27, 2023

A threat to democracy or much-needed reform? Israel’s judicial overhaul explained

Complicating matters further, should the bills pass parliament the Supreme Court must then potentially decide on laws curbing its own power. This raises the possibility of a constitutional standoff. Would the Supreme Court strike down the laws, and if so, how would the government respond?


  1. This has always been why the protests against the overhaul are so hollow. Let the government pass the laws. The Supreme Court will simply veto them. Why all the discord?
    But the protest leaders know what Bibi knows - in order to push through his reforms, he needs the country to see clearly that the Court is an elitist, dictatorial group that runs the country like Iran's Supreme Ayatollah Council runs Iran. With that outrage he could ensure more popular support for the changes.

  2. Bibi is going through his How to lose friends and alienate people.
    Unfortunately, I don't like to bring Pharaoh into it, but he keeps hardening his heart, and people don't like that kind of leadership. He's eroded the popularity of his own party, dismissed his most experienced military expert.
    The judicial changes require discussion between legal and political experts, and then maybe a referendum

  3. You are mistanly think this is simply a matter of compromise and referendum
    The protestors against reform only want Bibi to resign so that the secular citizens can maintain power

  4. The seculars have a global view of how a country should run. The Chareidim think they can suck the treasury dry without any consideration of what happens next. They have no economic policy, foreign policy, environmental policy, health policy, or any other policy. I think the seculars should keep running things

  5. The solution is compromise, whether it will be accepted is a separate matter.
    The problem with Bibi 's short vision is that he shoots his own messenger, although Gallant doesn't seem to be officially fired yet. When Ben gvir agrees to a pause, Bibi gives in to blackmail.
    The majority in the Knesset will not last forever.
    The left have very successfully leveraged this controversy to their advantage.
    Again, this was not foreseen, but when the top military man in the likud warns him of this, his behaviour was simply disgusting. This broadening the opposition to the histadrut

  6. The Right lost this by letting the Left set the narrative. As soon as the anti-government protests started, the Right should've organized equal size counter-protests. Right wing leaders should've been at those rallies shouting about how the Left is trying to stage a coup instead of letting the Left misuse the word. Instead we were given the impression that the whole country opposed Bibi. That's why he's in trouble.


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